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The Best Way To Make Money Online

Trying to sell your product or service is a kind of terrifying when you are a beginning blogger.

You've put your offer for sale on your website. Maybe on your Work With Me page or perhaps even a sales page on your menu bar.


You haven't sold any - none at all. You've put your hopes and dreams into that offer and are left with nothing to show for it.

There has to be a better way...

What if there were a reliable system to help you sell your offers every single time?

That system is a little-used method that cranks up your sales...

...and is Preselling

Why is it that some products take off and some just wither away and die on the vine?

Believe it or not, it has less to do with how you sell and more to do with what happens before your reader gets to the Work With Me page or the sales page. It has to do with preselling your product or service.

Preselling is simply setting the stage for selling and it starts with creating anticipation for your offer. You are priming the pump with potential customers and increase the chances of them buying from you.

The Best Way To Presell?

Just ask some of the people in your audience to pre-order your product based on your idea alone. And aim to get 2-5 pre-orders for your offer.


Because if you are able to get 2-5 pre-orders for a product, service or course that doesn't exist yet, you know you can sell it to dozens or even hundreds of customers or clients once you have created it.

We use this exact method to create a Pocket Launch™ (a tiny launch to make sure your idea will sell) for my Profitable Blogging Simplified clients.

Make Bank With Your Blog

To continue this process of building a blog that earns you an income, give yourself a big advantage and join Profitable Blogging Simplified.


It is a 12-week program where you learn how to set up your own solid revenue stream to make $1K a month, each and every month. You'll master how to create your irresistible offer, how to presell it and then sell that offer so you create a consistent, sustainable income, even if you have a small list.

Join me for Profitable Blogging Simplified.

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57 comments on “The Best Way To Make Money Online”

  1. Hi, Ryan,

    You are so right - you create such a buzz with your eBooks by sending out the covers! It intrigued me enough to buy two of them over the last two months.

    I watch two TV shows this season that I love but I haven't tried Sons of Anarchy. I'm hooked on Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder on Thursday nights. They do this thing where one of the stars count down "1,2,3" before each show and you start saying it with them 🙂

    Enjoy Bali!

  2. Hi Sue,

    I love the way you have given good free value about the topic, and then go for the presell. That IS content marketing 101, and it displays that you really know what you are talking about.

    There is no doubt that your course will be helping bloggers sky rocket their business.

    Thanks for always sharing good content and leading the way.


    P.S. You should also check out the TV show “The Suits” – the show is very good and the teaser for the next episode is always amazing.

    1. Thanks, Tor, on the content marketing compliment!

      I also watch "Suits" - its very good and I love the admin assistant, Donna. She is sassy 🙂


  3. Hey Sue,

    Great pointers you're sharing with this blueprint!

    I haven't created my first product yet (I'm still a ways away), but I know preselling will be a big part of my promotion plan once I do. Thankfully, there are a lot of great examples I can follow online. Examples from bloggers who have seemingly perfected the art of preselling! 🙂

    Thanks again, Sue. Hope your weekend is a great one.


  4. Hi Sue.

    That's so true.

    Just like Kevin, I have no product yet, only services. But I do have an idea for sometime in the future when I've "made it".

    I definitely agree with giving value first. That's what makes them want to come back, even with nothing to sell.


    1. Hi, Nathan,

      I believe that is the best way to start your business - offer services. It's faster right out of the gate!

      Thanks for commenting,

  5. Thanks, Sue Anne. Not only to provide me the best information but also the way by which you attract the readers. Its really appreciated. Its why I read your blog. Hope you will continue your writing style.

  6. Really good stuff. I have been blogging for a couple of months and while I love it, it takes work. Probably the most important element is focus and consistency.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Content is and will always be the king, but the basic distribution of content has evolved making it a necessity to adapt and adjust with the advancement of social media and other means of content distribution.

  8. Thank you very much. There is no doubt that your course will be helping bloggers sky rocket their business. I love it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Ah, the art of the presell. It's an art no matter which way you swing it.

    I presold during my last course launch and built a pre launch email list.

    Using both of those together gave me the confidence to build the product and eventually turned into a successful launch.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Hi Sue,

    First of all thank you very much for this wonderful piece of advice.

    You're absolutely correct, Pre-Sale always work. I use it whenever

    I create an in-depth piece of content or I write a review about a product.

    I send an email in advance to my list informing them that I am working on something awesome.

    I send another email just one day before publishing the post, informing them that the article will be live tomorrow and finally send the email when I publish the article.

    This way I manage to create some curiosity among the followers and when I publish the content, It gets enough shares and comments on the very first day itself.

  11. Hi Sue,

    This is definitely great advice and one that I will be using when I create a product. Right now I offer services on my blog. I find that offering services before creating a product is the easiest way for me to get started.

    Once I create an actual product though and grow my email list, I'll definitely be using the presell method.

    There's nothing worse than creating a product that doesn't sell after you've put all the hard work into it. At least if you presell 2-5 before you actually create it, then you know you can sell more because there's a demand.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, have a great day 🙂


    1. Love that you started with services, Susan. By far the easiest way to start making money online.

      Preselling works great for products and courses, as you say. Spot on!

      Thanks for your comment.

  12. I am always excited when I discover something new. This is indeed an exciting concept that I am going to give a shot at. I am also really glad that you'll be posting more on this. Great job on the post.



  13. Hey there Sue!

    I really liked how you explained the benefits of it so well, in particular: "Because if you are able to get 2-5 pre-orders for a product, service or course that doesn’t exist yet, you know you can sell it to dozens or even hundreds of customers or clients once you have created it."

    Awesome content as usual, you really taught me something new. In the future if I ever decide to create a product, i'll definitely try this presell method out!

  14. Interesting regarding pre-selling just a handful of products. I guess that's why people say that the first dollar is your hardest dollar to earn- everything else is scaling.

  15. Great post Sue,

    Making money on the internet is relatively easy once you know how to connect the dots. Obviously, the best way to make money on the internet is by creating and selling your own products/services, however, this way of monetization is not newbie friendly as you rightly said, and that is where your course comes in handy.

    Coming to pre-selling, that’s actually the best way to launch any product/course because it will enable you to get first-hand feedback on the product before finally launching it to ensure you’re not going to create a product that will only be used by you and your family members.

    Thanks for sharing Sue

  16. Hey Sue,

    Best online money making guide mam, appreciate it. 🙂

    You have covered very well on the topic of preselling and the best of presell. As it is considered by the people, presell products are normally cheap and in this way they are attracted towards the product and you get more benefit of it.

    Also, to earn more, building a blog may be the best choice. Even investing less money on blog, can be earned more money from blogging. So, it's also a best way to earn money online and I highly agree with you. You ways indeed work well. Thank you mam.

    - Ravi.

  17. I have recently been consuming stuff on sales...

    ...It so happened that some months ago, I got inspired to write a book for bloggers who I perceive are making silly blogging mistakes. I wrote the book, published it on Amazon and that was it...no real sales since then. It's just lying on my book archive without making no dime. Sad, right?

    And now, I am thinking of writing another book but I am darn afraid to even start because I am thinking it might end up like the first and I am not about to expend my energy on working on something that wouldn't fly.

    So a friend from Facebook spoke about just the same thing you have mentioned here - preselling. Really, how does this work? Just sharing my book cover and slapping across social networks words about the book, the process of writing and the likes? Is that it?

    I would appreciate, Sue, if you could just explain it to me here.

    Thanks. 🙂


    1. Start by asking questions in Facebook groups, to your email list and Twitter followers - what are they worried about, what are their current challenges, what frustrates them? Get those ideas down and you'll have a great topic for a book, Anil.

      If you want, you can run covers past them also down the road. But find out their issues first.

      Hope this helps,

  18. The Pre-Sell idea is truly gold, Sue. How important it is to really get to know what people really want before you spend all the time and effort to create the product/service. One of my clients did just that -- ask people -- and filled his first online program, including 3 VIP's, for a total of 7 new clients that week. (But it wasn't just because of the work he did that week -- he did the PRE-work, the Pre-Sell, which seeded his success.) I love the term you've coined -- Pocket Launch™ -- around that!

    1. LOVE that story, JoAnne - it happens over and over with pre-selling.

      Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!

  19. Great post! Really insightful. I have not monetized by blog in any way, I didn’t even know where to begin. but you’ve given some helpful tips

  20. hey Sue,

    Great pointers you’re sharing with this blueprint!

    I haven’t created my first product yet (I’m still a ways away), but I know preselling will be a big part of my promotion plan once I do. Thankfully, there are a lot of great examples I can follow online. Examples from bloggers who have seemingly perfected the art of preselling! ?

    Thanks again, Sue. Hope your weekend is a great one.


  21. For me online teaching has been the most successful method to earn money. Maybe it's because I am good at teaching but I have been able to earn more through it then my whole teaching career at colleges.

  22. "Less to do with how you sell and more to do with what happens before your reader gets to the sales page." I think a good example for this is providing product reviews to create more excitement and anticipation to the customer. Paired with blogging, it will definitely make a good earn. Thanks for the share Sue! Nice read!

  23. I hope when you say pre-order you mean "actually send you money for the product in advance". Because people who say they would order a product when you release it eventually tend to be pretty flaky. Like 99% flaky. You can't just get the "yes I'd order that", you need the "yes I would order that, and here's my money to prove it".

  24. Hi Sue, this is something I've been searching for. I love this post because of the way you laid it out. I totally agreed with you... selling anything be it affiliate products, your own products, preselling is the way to go.

    For any aspiring blog artist or someone who just wants to make money online working from home would highly find this post very useful. In addition, using the concept of preselling in promoting affiliate is also great.

    Hope you wouldn't if I can link to this post in one of my post? Once again thank you for this post... because its a refresher.

  25. Hello !

    Awesome Post - Appreciate the way you presented the how to make money online - recently i started the blog about how to make passive income in affiliate marketing, cpa marketing and when i saw your post its give me more boost to do something more.

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