Are You A Business Woman Who Wants To Make Money By Blogging?

Here’s How Successful Blogging Can Help You…

sue-anne-dunlevieHi! I’m Sue Anne Dunlevie from Successful Blogging, and if you ever asked yourself:                   

  • How do I make money from my blog?
  • How can I sell my own products and services without feeling pushy?
  • How can I persuade someone to work with me?

Or if you’ve ever just needed your blog readers to do something (whether it’s sign up for your list or buy something from you) 

…You’re in the right place!               

Here’s How Successful Blogging Helps You Make More Money By Blogging

I believe that smart women bloggers who want to be successful need to be able to create anticipation and persuade others in order to build their online business.

But how can you do that without feeling scammy or salesy? 

Sue Truth #1: To be effective in selling, you do not need to be pushy. This, I promise.

Successful Blogging is a thriving community of women bloggers who want to become…more successful…more persuasive…more profitable.

And the best part? You won’t feel like you’re selling your soul to get your readers to buy.

About Sue Anne Dunlevie

Remember that kid who won the bike for selling the most at the school fundraiser?


That was me. I’ve always had a gift for sales—even back in those days.

But when I attended college in the 70’s, women didn’t go into sales as a career.

So, I did what anyone longing to be in sales would do: I became a teacher, of course. (Hey, it was the 70’s!) And while that was a lovely career, the minute one of my girlfriends landed a job in sales in the early 80’s, I knew I could, too. And I applied for sales positions so fast your head would spin.

Since then, I’ve sold linens to hotels, copiers to small business owners and medical devices to hospitals and wholesalers. I was great at it, I won awards for it, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

It became clear I had a certain talent that didn’t always come naturally to others, and so, twelve years ago, I first began coaching women on how to get clients and sell their products and services—with integrity, with success, and without the pushy car salesman vibe.

Fast forward to the present day, and here I am having more fun than ever, helping women with online businesses get more customers and clients, and sell more products and services.

Because, at the end of the day, sales is truly the heart of everything—as much as we may not like to admit it. I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many sharp, talented women in their fields who simply weren’t doing as well as they could have been because they were missing the sales piece. And to me, that’s a tragedy, because sales does not have to be this big, scary, looming concept.

It can be fun.

It can be easy.

It can be enjoyable.

It can certainly be profitable.

And it can change everything.

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