The Empathy Habit That Could Save You 2 Years Of Blogging Time

Target audience examplesLook back.

Do you remember why you started your blog in the first  place?

  • You have so much to offer the world.
  • You want to write to build a community with your readers
  • You want to have fun, to spread your message, and secure a better financial future.

You can still do all that – you just need more “eyeballs” on your blog posts and more people signing up to your email list in order to reach these meaningful goals you have for yourself.

It’s so doable.

You just need a step-by-step plan.


50 Helpful Tips For Bloggers

Create your own blog

A guest infographic by my colleague, Cent.

We have all seen many blogging tips, some good, some great and even some mediocre ones.

Traditionally, you would have to crawl the web and spend a lot of time to cherry pick the best. What if you could get hold of a visual guide with 50 of the best blogging tips from the experts all in one place? 

Check out this Infographic by

The tips are from well-renowned bloggers Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, Amit Shaw, Ana Hoffman and Corbett Barr. They are the cream of the crop. Each expert blogger’s top 10 tips makes up this epic list of 50 tips.  



how to make a blogA guest post by my colleague, Anne Bechard

It never ends, does it?

The endless tug at your attention.

One more person yanking away at a piece of you. One more detail needling you before it goes away.

It’s all terribly urgent. And you’re the only one out there who can get it done, right?

You want to get a life. You want to blog about all the fun, interesting sides of you. But you know you’ll never have the time to.