Content Marketing: A Cheat Sheet For Content Marketing Hacks


An infographic and guest post by my colleague, Russel Cooke

Optimizing your work on social media means looking at the format of each of your platforms and making sure you are making the most of each.

It’s a good idea to post around the clock with the help of a social media scheduler so that people in different time zones catch your content on their schedule, rather than yours.

It’s also important to integrate all your social media platforms with each other as well as your website.

Each of your pages should ultimately point back to your website — and each piece of content ought to have share options available with widgets for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and so on.

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WordPress Beginners Tutorial: Avoiding the Top 7 Newbie Mistakes

On most Thursdays, I’ll be bringing you tutorials on techie things we bloggers need to deal with. This tutorial is by my colleague, Jack Bishop. 

WordPress is a leading out-of-the-box solution for website owners who need a quick blog or site without the extra cost and hassle of custom coding.

With WordPress, you can have a website up and running in minutes. With the ease of installation comes some common mistakes, especially if you’re new to WordPress and handling a website altogether.

Here are seven common newbie mistakes that you should avoid.

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