A Proven Technique To Better Blogging

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A guest post by my colleague, Ernest Thompson

I am what you would call a frequent blogger. I write my own articles for my own blogs, and I guest post on other blogs. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all of my writing experiences it’s this:

The written word is great and everything, but the Internet loves a video.

Don’t worry, my writer friends, you will never be replaced by video hosts entirely. Written content is going to be the main draw for learning and sharing information for as far into the future as I care to see. But as this article here on Successful Blogging states, video blogging is taking off in a major way. Adding video content into your posts is a sure way to better your blogging skills.

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Have You Made Your First $1k From Blogging Yet?

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A guest post by my friend and colleague, Elna Cain.

If you’re a new blogger, then I’m sure the thought of making money from your blog has crossed your mind at least a dozen or so times, right?

Of course, when you first start out, you’re not thinking about making money. You’re just excited to have a blog and write!

I bet you spend hours coming up with the perfect blog topic and perfect image.

You promote your post all over social media, and you’re not ashamed to do it either.

You’re excited.

You have a blog, and you’re sharing your thoughts, tips, and opinions to others.

It’s only after a few months of blogging does the idea of monetization become an idea. Naturally, you start looking for ways to make a living from blogging.

But, six months later, that dream seems to be shattered and what little money you earned – if any – doesn’t even pay the hosting bill.

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11 Ways to Make Your Blogging EASIER

ways to blogOne of the toughest things about blogging is the self-imposed pressure to always have a terrific, earth-shattering, life-changing blog post that makes people catch fire just reading it.

You know what I mean…

…You’ve got that little voice whispering in your ear that if your posts don’t measure up to some impossibly high standard you’ve set, then all is lost and the world will know that you’re a fraud.

The good news is, it simply isn’t true.

You don’t need every post to be a 2,000-word masterpiece or the final definitive word on your topic. Instead, all you need is content that gives your readers what they want.

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