A 16 Step System to Writing Amazing Copy That Sells (Without Sounding ‘Pushy’)

how to do copywritingA guest post by my colleague, Ben Murray.

You finally did it.

You started a blog and created your first product. Now it’s time to finally start making sales online.

However, there’s one big issue in the way. You’re going to have to convince people to buy it. Specifically, you’re going to have to write some sales copy that will actually turn visitors into customers.

If you’ve been taking a look around some of your favorite blogs and courses, you’ve probably realized there isn’t a lot of solid information when it comes to writing sales copy that actually converts.

Especially about writing copy that doesn’t make you sound like a used car salesman and all you care about is making money.

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Expert Bloggers Share Why New Bloggers Must Say No To The Alternatives

blogging expertsA guest post by my colleague, Enock Machodi

The internet hosts an environment where most people can easily get lost or, lose track of their initial intentions.

From the deceptive marketing strategies that prompt you to click on promising links to the eye-catching advertisements that pop up on most websites you visit, the online world will most definitely present you with many more options that intend to get you distracted.

Ask John Chow and he will tell you he knows that too.

As a new blogger, you will most likely find yourself in the same situation.

Blogging as a newbie is a tough job.

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