12 Tenacious Tools & Plugins Proven to Grow Your Blog

Grow your blog with these 12 tenacious tools and plug-ins

A guest post by my colleague, Matt Banner.

As bloggers, we thrive on the tools we have available to us. An idea and a domain can only carry us so far. Sooner or later we’re going to need tools and plugins to empower us, and grant us the ability to spread our content higher and farther than ever before.

When it comes to the tools and plugins you’ll need, there are three categories that we’ll cover today:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Blog Promotion and Social Media
  • Design and Conversion

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the best list of tools and plugins this side of On Blast Blog.

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Why Blogger Outreach Will Make (Or Break) Your Blog

Why blogger outreach will make or break your blog

A guest post by my colleague David Schneider.

Whether you’re a business or a blogger, blogger outreach has a place in your content marketing strategy.

Consider Buffer, who grew to 70k users with content marketing, primarily guest posting.

As well as Sue Anne’s post, How To Get Traffic To Your Blog, listing Blogger Outreach at the top.

Blogger outreach can be an incredibly effective method for increasing your traffic.

And luckily, bloggers are generally easier to get a hold of than journalists, and there are much more definable metrics to judge how much authority they have.

But how do you find them, analyze them, and reach out to them?

Let’s discuss!

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Show, Don’t Tell! How Blog Writers Attract Readers With Word Picturing

How to write a good blog by showing, not tellingA guest post by my colleague Cari Bennette

Have you ever wondered why some bloggers are so darned good at getting into your head?

Reading their posts, they don’t seem to be extraordinary writers. In fact, many of them seem to be, well… kind of simple. Plain spoken and folksy.

Yet they draw us into their stories like a mystical Svengali, mesmerizing us with descriptions of our problems and needs. As though some hidden ego cam is recording our every thought.

Impressive, isn’t it? And maybe a bit scary, a gift bestowed only to the blogging demigods. Leaving us mere mortals to sigh with admiration, pining for a fraction of their glorious talents.

Well, take heart, because they’re not actually more favored by the Fates. They’ve simply learned how to tap into our emotions by using words to create vivid mental pictures. They know how to grab our attention, and keep it all the way through the post by applying a few simple tactics.

Tactics that you’re going to learn in this post. So keep reading to learn how to use the descriptive power of words, and take your place among the blogging elite.

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The “F” Word And Creating A Blog

The "F" word and creating a blog

I woke up in a quiet, dark hotel room. I had a long day yesterday, working with my sales rep down in Miami.

I should have been happy, but I wasn’t. 

Here I was, on a business trip for my job that I absolutely loved, yet all I could do that morning was cry as I struggled to get out of bed and to straighten my stiff joints. 

Although things were going great in my sales management career, I couldn’t say the same when it came to my body. In fact, the intense pain was often more than I could bear. 

Between the debilitating muscle aches and dreaded morning stiffness, I was suffering. Constantly.

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