6 Storytelling Strategies to Snag Subscribers & Sponsors

storytelling strategiesA guest post by my colleague, Jacquelyn Ward

Success Starts with Storytelling

What does it take to attract a loyal following of subscribers and sponsors?

Some bloggers make it look so easy that it makes you wonder if there is a secret formula.

The truth is, successful blogging starts with storytelling.

Successful blogging requires a variety of factors. Yet, storytelling is the most fundamental skill to learn. If you cannot master the art of storytelling, subscribers and sponsors will overlook you.

Don’t fret! This article will teach you 6 storytelling strategies to snag subscribers and sponsors.

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5 Specific Ways To Make Your Comments Epic & Memorable

blog commentsA guest post by my friend and colleague, Jaime Buckley.

I lie for a living.

I know, I know, not the best opening line for a guest post—but you’re awake now, right?

Besides, that’s not…technically true anyway (See? Fibbing by the third sentence.) It’s more like shaping perspectives.

You see, I write fantasy fiction for a living. My job is to entertain. Specifically, I get your attention and then do what it takes to KEEP your attention. Along the way, I strive to make you laugh, cry, maybe throw in a scream or two if I’m feeling ambitious…but the point is, always to get your attention and keep it.

In the end, I can promise you three things about 99% of my encounters:

  1. You will have a good time when you hang out with me;
  2. You will never forget me, and;
  3. You’ll like me…and choose to be my friend.

No, that’s not arrogance. I promise (says the liar). It’s confidence.

Now, why is that?

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Everything You Need to Know about Using Photos on Your Blog

using photos on your blog A guest post by my colleague, Lisa Wipani

Photography used to be fun. Then you started blogging.

Skills that were enough for selfies are no longer up to scratch. Everyone else seems to know exactly what they’re doing and you have a sinking feeling that you’re doing things wrong without knowing it.

Blogging is a huge learning curve and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed.

There’s a vast amount of advice about the minutiae of blogging. It’s hard to know how it all fits together.

It’s the same with blog photography. Learning the right way to use photos begins with a clear framework.

That’s exactly what you’ll get here.

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