How to Do Blogger Outreach in Facebook Groups

facebook groupsA year ago, I learned about the awesome power of Facebook groups.

I went to a conference called Pioneer Nation in Portland, Oregon. It had a private Facebook group where conference attendees could connect before and after the conference.

A week or so after the conference, I noticed a post where a guy named Josh was asking for feedback on his website. I responded with a couple of suggestions, and asked if I could interview him for my blog.

We ended up talking for 2 hours. Now, a year later, I still talk to him every single week. We share our business goals and struggles and keep each other motivated. I am not sure if I would still be blogging if it weren’t for his constant support.

Facebook groups can, and often do, lead to real relationships that keep you blogging even when it gets hard, give you great post ideas that people are dying to read, and provide opportunities for you to expand your audience and your reach.


5 Reasons Why Blogger Outreach Will GUARANTEE You More Traffic

increase trafficYesterday morning I was talking to Keith, a new client, and when I asked how his blog traffic numbers were, he let out an enormous sigh.

He said that his blog traffic wasn’t growing consistently – that it had actually been stuck for the last 3 months, wavering between 35 and 50 visitors a day.

All he really wanted to know was:

“How do I get new readers to my blog?”

I quickly answered…

“Blogger Outreach. Outreach will get you the social shares, readers and engagement that you want and that you need.”

Here are 5 reasons why blogger outreach will guarantee you more traffic.


How to Create Compelling Articles That Will Catch Readers’ Eyes and Get Shared on Social Media

content marketing strategyA guest post by my colleague, Ivan Serrano

As a blogger, you already know you have a lot of competition. 

Creating compelling content that gets read is a challenge for many bloggers. Especially in an era where bloggers are constantly competing to publish the next viral article, it’s difficult to find the right amount of inspiration that will help you get noticed by your audience. 

Writing eye-catching articles that get shared on social media require several components. Let’s take a look at the most effective ways for creating compelling content that gets read and shared online: