30 Free Tools To Fix Your Blog’s SEO

best seo toolsA post by my colleague, Justin March.

The following free tools can help you find common SEO issues that annoy Google and frustrate your visitors.

This post aims to help you improve your SEO knowledge and give you tools to help:

  • Get the Essentials Right
  • Track Down Broken Links
  • Detect Duplicate Content
  • Test and Fix Site Speed
  • Improve Text and Imagery
  • Visualize Your Blog
  • Diagnose Traffic Drops
  • Conduct Detailed Analysis
  • And Finally! Hit the Bar! (The Tool Bar)

Don’t think these points matter?

Rand Fishkin tells us how Google can now Judge a sites user experience and content quality in this video:


How To Get Instant Traffic For Your Blog

How to get trafficWhy do some bloggers succeed and some just never make it?

Is it their content

Is it the traffic they get?

Is it all the people they know?

How do some bloggers earn 6 figures a year and most make less than $100 a month?

The reason is that successful bloggers follow a blueprint, a ‘formula’ for success and profit.

I call it the Successful Blogging Blueprintwhich is the heart of my signature course, Successful Blogging School.


4 Incredible Tips to Build a Profitable Blog that Makes Money

Blogging for money

A guest post by my colleague, Anil Agarwal

Building a better blog isn’t easy.

90% of the people quit blogging within their first 3 months of journey.

And we all know thousands of new blogs are going live each and every single day. So it’s highly impossible for someone with zero online reputation to build a profitable blog.

We read top blogs to know what’s working for them and what’s not. If you are wondering how to create a successful blog from the scratch, this post is for you.