The Secret To Finding A Great Guest Blog Gig

guest blogging

A guest post by my colleague, Naomi Goldberg

Running a popular blog for small businesses means that it is part of my job to find reputable guest bloggers, but how do we find guest bloggers who are really experts in their field. and can contribute useful, actionable content? How do we weed out the real influencers from the self-marketed “experts”

I’ve divided my process into 4 steps. I hope it helps you to find experts contributors or to offer your own expert blogging services to others.

The First Step: Finding experts in your field

We use a host of excellent tools to help us find experts to guest blog for us.

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Why Customers Are Your Best Source of Content Ideas (and How to Write for Them)

content strategyA guest post by my colleague, Sarah Landrum

You’re out of ideas. You’ve exhausted your usual options for gathering ideas: reading the news, scanning your Twitter feed, and even twirling the same pen over and over, hoping that a thick blob of inspiration will somehow ooze out of its tip. But nothing’s coming up. None. Nada.

What do you do?

There’s still one thing, actually. You can turn to the people who, actually, are your most valuable source of ideas: your customers. And here’s why they’re “valuable”:

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