How To Get Free Twitter Followers In Just 5 Minutes

A guest post by my colleague, Dave Landry

Thanks to social media, the nameless, faceless company is a thing of the past.  Consumers want to see the people behind the product — the human face on the other side of the customer service line. They want authenticity. They want transparency.

According to The Guardian, “authenticity is the quality of being genuine, and ultimately of being trusted. Transparency is the quality of making something easily accessible.

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Online Business Success Stories: Marc Andre Of Profit Blitz

online-business-success-storiesIt’s great to hear from bloggers than run a successful full-time online business. I recently interviewed Marc Andre of Profit Blitz and Photography Planet to find out how he became a successful owner of two online businesses.

Hi, Mark, please introduce yourself to the Successful Blogging Team.

Sure, Sue. I’ve been working online full-time for almost 6 years now. And part-time before that, it was about probably one and a half years, working part-time prior to create my full-time online career. My blog,, is on marketing and  blogging. Right now, that’s a part-time project. Most of my time I spend doing my photography blog.

Oh, wow. That keeps you busy. I can’t even imagine doing two blogs.

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Twitter Etiquette: 5 Twitter Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

A guest post by my colleague, Brandon Turpin.

Are you trying to be successful on Twitter?

Do you struggle to get followers? Do your tweets not get shared?

Twitter can be one of the most successful… or frustrating ways to get new readers to your blog. If you are not doing the right things on Twitter, you are sure to spend hours with no results.

I want to show you the top five mistakes you are probably making, or will make, and how to fix them. 

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Start A Blog Like These Top 50 Successful Women Bloggers

start-a-blogIt isn’t always easy being a successful woman in business. It’s a hard climb to the top. There are glass ceilings. Less pay compared to men. And don’t get me started on the high heels you need to wear!

I was in an old boys’ club when I was a sales manager. I was the first woman manager hired in the South. That is the entire southeast of the United States – and this was just 15 years ago.

Blogging used to be an old boys’ club also. But these 50 women have broken the glass ceiling and have hit the heights in their field of blogging. Check out these “Top 50 Successful Women Bloggers”:

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