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food blogging tips

How Blogging Turned a Foodie into a Food Professional

During a recent mini cruise on the Queen Mary 2 (you can read all about that here) I was delighted to meet fellow blogger and

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New Freelance Writing Course Reviewed

Who Else Wants to Get Paid for Writing?

Interested in getting a freelance writing guide to help kick start your freelance writing career? The Web gobbles up content and freelance writers are in demand

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Important Legal Guidelines for Small Business Owners

Important Legal Advice for Small Business Owners

I’m a big fan of Chris Guillebeau’s products, in particular the Empire Builder Kit which teaches you how to build a meaningful lifestyle business in one year

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How to Write a Pitch and Get Noticed

How to Write a Pitch and Get Noticed

Would you like to write a pitch that works? Because I’d like to read one and I’m sure I’m not alone Much as I love blogging there are frustrations and one of

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Blogging mistake

Will You Make this Blogging Mistake?

The road to blogging success is strewn with abandoned blogs. Most bloggers quit blogging after three months yet the benefits of blogging are rarely seen for the first 6-12 months of blogging. So why

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How Blogging Improved My Business and Why

How Blogging Boosted My Business and Why

Five years ago I didn’t have a blog and had never even read one. I started a travel blog to learn about blogging so I could better help my clients and to launch

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what blog advertisers want to know

5 Things Blog Advertisers Want to Know

Blog advertising and sponsored blog posts remain a hot topic for bloggers. My personal blog advertising story and guidelines on sponsored blog are post

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Problogger Event Virtual Tickets

Problogger Event Virtual Tickets: 3 Reasons You Should Get One

Thinking of getting a Problogger Event Virtual Ticket? That’s a smart move. The Problogger event is taking place on Friday and Saturday and I’m spewing

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Instagram Tips and Tricks from Lauren Bath

Best Blogging Success Story Ever With Instagram Tips and Tricks from Lauren Bath

heard one of the best ever Blogging Success Stories at the Social Media Tourism Symposium. Lauren Bath sat on a panel with me about working with bloggers

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