[Infograghic] Breaking News About Your YouTube Tool Box

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11 thoughts on “[Infograghic] Breaking News About Your YouTube Tool Box”

  1. [ Smiles ] I am not into making YouTube videos as yet, but the information on the infographic would be a great guide for me to follow the day I choose to experiment with YouTube videos.

  2. Youtube Video can do wonder if optimize properly and not only help you make money but also help you make your blog a brand in this competitive online world. The same thing that work for blog also work for youtube that most of the time you need to spend on promotion to get loyal followers and once you get your target you will have lot time to relax and youtube pay you well. Thank you for sharing these tips.

  3. Hi, Sue,

    Gotta admit it – have been underutilyzing YouTube! I had heard about some of these tips, but have neglected to put them into practice. Others are completely new to me, so thank you for sharing!

    I’m making sure all of the videos I host on Wistia are also on YouTube – for maximum exposure, then will start to implement some of these great tips. Love infographics!

    Spreading the word… ?

    Ciao Ciao,

    Carol Amato

    • I don't use YouTube enough either, Carol. I'm glad you liked the infographic as much as I did!

      Appreciate your comment,

  4. Sue Anne Dunlevie very useful and informative post. Looking forward to see more post in future. God Bless You!

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