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5 Reasons You're NOT Making Money from your Blog

If you’re not making money from your blog, it may not be for the reasons you think.

I’m going to be completely honest with you.

Most bloggers aren't making money.

But it’s not because there is something wrong with them.

It’s because they’re not doing the right things that will help them make money.

Are you making the following mistakes? If so, they may be the reason you’re not making money from your blog.

Mistake #1. You focus on yourself and aren't focused enough on your audience

I hate to break it to you, but people don’t care about you.

They care about solving their own problems. The more you help your readers with what they care about, the more they’ll stick around and recommend your blog to others.

But most bloggers don’t focus on their audience. They focus on themselves.

They write about what they had for breakfast. They write about their dog’s birthday. No one cares about that other than them. (And maybe their dog.)

Stop doing that and you’ll already be closer to making money from your blog.

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2. You aren’t getting to know your audience well enough

On a similar note, if you’re not making money from your blog, you’re probably not doing enough to get to know your audience well.

In order to write what really matters to your audience, you need to get to know them extremely well.

Here are 2 ways to get to know your readers better:

  1. If you’re a coach, listen to what your clients tell you. Write down their common struggles and use them as blog post ideas.
  2. When someone signs up for your email list, send them a welcome email asking them to share their greatest struggle with you.

I ask the “What’s your greatest struggle” question in my welcome email, and I get dozens of responses every week.

Because of that, I have a long list of ways to help new bloggers (and I have a steady stream of people who are excited to buy from me).

Here are some of the pain points I’ve come up with from the emails I’ve received:


  1. Have trouble starting a blog
  2. Don’t know what to write about
  3. Don’t know how to make money from their blog
  4. Need technical support

You’ll be astonished at how much better you get to know your readers.

Once you know what your readers struggle with, you will know what to blog about and, more importantly, what to sell to them.

3. You aren’t getting enough traffic

It’s all well and good to know what your readers care about, but if they’re not seeing your blog, they won’t be able to purchase from you.

Many bloggers think they have to become SEO experts in order to get traffic. That’s simply not the case.

I teach my clients how to use blogger outreach in order to get more high-quality visitors to their blogs, and I’m going to share 2 of the best ways with you right now.

1. Do roundup posts

Come up with a compelling question and then send it to 20 or more bloggers in your niche. Then create a post compiling all the answers you receive.

Here’s an example of a roundup post on Successful Blogging where we asked 110 Entrepreneurs to share their best social media strategy with us.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  The Impact of Good Blog Content and Design on Organic Traffic

2. Write high-quality guest posts for influential bloggers in your niche

One of the best ways to get more readers is to guest post for other blogs. In fact, I suggest that when you start blogging, you guest post even more than you write on your own blog!

Once you’ve developed relationships with other bloggers by doing a couple of round-up posts, the next step is to ask them if you can guest post on their blog.

Of course, you need to do your homework on their blog to know if they accept guest posts or not. If they do, most bloggers include a page on what they are looking for from guest posters.

A successful guest post can bring in hundreds of new readers (and potential buyers).

Want to learn more about how to get traffic to your blog? Read this post.

4. You don’t have a process for converting blog visitors to customers.

It’s one thing to have a popular blog, and quite another to have a blog that actually makes money.

In order to convert visitors into customers, you need to set up an effective sales pipeline.

When you join my Profitable Blogging Simplified group coaching program, you’ll learn my in-depth process for creating a sales pipeline that really works, but for now, here’s a breakdown of the process that transforms readers into buyers.

Awareness (I.e. Traffic) —> Leads (I.e. Subscribers) —> Prospects (I.e. Highly engaged subscribers) —> Sales (I.e. Customers)

To create brand awareness, you need a great plan to get more blog traffic, as I mentioned above.

The next step is creating a great lead magnet (based on your readers’ pain points) to get leads onto your email list.

Once they sign up for your list, you should be able to lead readers to a sale by writing a series of well-crafted emails that get them interested in your product. (Which is also based on what you’ve learned about your customer's struggles.)

I recommend LeadPages for growing your email list. Click here to check it out.

5. You’re assuming that you need a huge list in order to make money from your blog.

Is it easier to make money if you have a large list? Yes, it is.

Is it impossible to make money if you don’t have a list? Absolutely not.

Even if you don’t have an email list at all, you can still make money by creating Facebook ads to your lead magnet, and then sending new leads a well-crafted email series.

You can also create a very personal Sales Invitation to a small group of readers who you know are interested in your product because they’ve been very active on your blog.

If you offer a product for $97, all you need is 10 customers to make your first 1K with your blog.

And that’s totally doable if you know what your readers want and have a process for getting them interested in your offers.

Wrapping It Up

  1. You’re writing about yourself too much
  2. You don’t know your audience well enough
  3. You aren’t getting enough traffic
  4. You don’t have an effective sales pipeline set up
  5. You’re getting in your own way by assuming that you need a huge list to make money

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What are you doing to monetize your blog? Share with me in the comments!

5 Reasons You're NOT Making Money from your Blog

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31 comments on “5 Reasons You're NOT Making Money from your Blog”

  1. Hi,

    These are all very good points. Another issue that I see a lot is an unorganized effort. If you don’t really have a strong plan or if you jump around from one approach to another very quickly it is hard to have sustained success and make money.

  2. This is another Wonderful post from you, Sue! This list is a great checklist for every new and also old bloggers and thanks for sharing this 🙂

  3. Hi, Sue. Hope you're doing great.

    The way you discussed the big thing is just outstanding. Every point has many meanings. Thanks a lot for giving the advice in a perfect way.

    Best regards.

  4. In the end, what the audience wants is to be given more priority than what we feel they will like or what we decide to write on. The thought of getting to know my audience never crossed my mind, the closest i've been was just to respond to their comments and enquiries. Getting in contact as you've stated above by sending welcome emails is something i've never tried out. Think this i'll be doing this to see how effective it'll be. Thanks for the steps outlined in this post, twas a good read.

  5. It is a very good advice, according to your points, I never write about myself, I write things to help my readers, you are right I do not know them well and I dont have a sales pipeline. I have received 1152 good comment but no one has signed up to give their email. Do not know why.

    1. Are you offering a free Lead Magnet in exchange for their email address? With a great headline? That will make a big difference!

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Well said.. I love that point…. if you’ve a huge list or amount of readers, but don’t know how to convert them into customers, then you’re losing a lot. I also agree with the point of not getting to know your audience… However, the only way to get to know your audience is by engaging them, trying to know what they’ll appreciate.

    Thanks! BTW very nice post...

  7. Oh boy, i used to be intimately familiar with #4.

    Many people have a blog and a healthy mailing list, but dont necessarily know how to transition from giving useful tips to making a sales pitch. Moreover, it's easy to avoid selling in fear of backlash and rejection. And then, even if they DO make a sale, it's quite common to severely underprice your product due to that same fear.

    If you're confident about your abilities, don't be afraid to show them off and charge what you're worth.

    Enjoy your weekend, Sue!


  8. Sue! Again I just adore your blog and you really!! I love the way you are honest and to the point but still so encouraging while doing it!! You inspire me each time I come to your blog ??????

  9. Hi Sue,

    Awesome Post!

    Yes, focusing on one's audience is essential to be a successful blogger. If readers don't get the solution of their problems why they will read one's blog.

    Asking the question "What's your greatest struggle" is a nice idea. In this way we can know what problems our readers are facing than we can provide solution through our blog post.

    SEO doesn't work instantly, it takes time. Doing roundup posts and writing guest posts helps in getting high quality visitors.

    I will tweet your post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  10. Hello Sue,

    These are some savage tips about blog post 🙂

    This is of great help for newbies bloggers and also who are struggling with their blogs, as they can not indulge more traffic

    to their web site.

    Tips #1 and #2 are the main mistakes done by the bloggers, I have done these in my early stages. Earlier I was always thinking

    to drive out my self from any problem rather than helping my clients. It hampered me a lot. I never get to know my clients

    what they actually looking for and what short of help they seek from me.

    Thanks for the tips to share among us.


  11. Hi Sue,

    Its always a pleasure to read your blogs! Yes you are absolutely right, if you want to generate money through the blog, first think about your audience as you can not engage them with out providing some value, solving their problems or give them a fresh, new perspective about some thing. I also started blogging with the same intent and right now I am not even thinking about making money out of it, just sharing my experiences and tips that would benefit people.

  12. Hello Sue,

    The #2 option is really a major reason for bloggers who are not making money from their blog. Without understanding your audience needs, bloggers cannot be able to get success. Understanding your audience needs is really very important as it will help you to deliver right products and services to your users, which will help them to sort out their problem. Thanks for this great piece of content.

    Have a Great Day:)


  13. Thanks for this post Sue. Totally agree with your steps. One of the most critical questions that one needs to ask is - What exactly do you want your customers to do once hey land up on your blog?

    Is it just enough to have your content (however awesome it may be) be read, shared and commented upon.

    I sometimes see websites with great content relying only on Google Adwords for revenue!

    It's really important to have a strong Call To Action on your website (like the way you have it for Profitable Blogging). What are you selling...a course, corporate training program, a yoga workshop......you have to be selling something to get some real benefits out of monetizing your site...

  14. Hi Sue, I strongly agree with you about list.Having thousands of subscriber is good but if you have less than thousand, you can still make more money if you built strong relationship with them.One of the most difficult task in blogging is how to convert blog visitors to customers.I'm still work hard to increase my subscribers. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Amazing Post, SEO takes time.

    Asking the question “What’s your greatest struggle” is crucial.

    This is really an excellent article. Thanks for sharing with us.

  16. Hi Sue,

    You spoke like the expert you are. No. 5 was what kept me down for couple of years before I finally broke out and started monetizing my site through my social media platforms. If I had known then, I would have long started what I'm doing now.

    Large or small list? One can still make a reasonable amount of money from his blog.

    Thanks for sharing.



  17. Thanks for these suggestions. Putting the needs of the audience first is a big one that I need to work on. I have a lifestyle blog so I'll need to focus more on the audience and less on what I'm interested in writing. Or at least give the audience more thought when writing those posts.

  18. You hit the nail on the head with this one. I think so many bloggers become so consumed with their desire to make money that they lose sight of how to actually make money. Your tips are spot on and are tips I also share with my readers and email list.

  19. Content is the king and also the above tips of yours will help people

    This was a nice read, Sue.


    Pardeep Patel

  20. Traffic! Traffic!! Traffic!!!

    That's my biggest challenge. I'm not getting enough to hit my target. I have got all the system worked out but if more traffic can come in, we will have it done. I guess it's time to try Adword. Facebook traffic is wicked on Adsense.


  21. It's never easy to make money from your blog. You have to be smart and look for opportunities to make sure you are getting what you are looking for. Trying out different methods to make money no ones knows which will be better for you .

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