4 Easy Ways To Get Traffic For New Bloggers

Let me guess. You just started a blog.

You just started a blog.

You’ve been super pumped about it. You spent all this time and effort getting your site up as quickly as possible. You poured your heart and soul into creating your very first blog post and did your best to make quality content.

boost blog trafficYou even set up your very first email list and made sure to put an opt-in on your blog where readers can subscribe.

Maybe you even made a free gift that your subscribers can download.

You got everything set up — just right — and you couldn’t have been more proud.

You expected everything to blow up — that people would love and appreciate all the work that you’ve been doing. That you would get loads of traffic and shares.

But there’s been nothing. Just crickets. Your blog feels like a dead zone.

Don’t worry. Here are 4 tips to bring traffic to your blog, even when you’re new. So you can finally show people all the awesome work you’ve been doing and get the attention you deserve.

Blogger Outreach

A lot of beginner bloggers focus on content creation — which it totally fine. It’s important to practice your craft and learn how to create super valuable stuff. But the problem is that they think just because they are creating good content that people will find it, share it, and loads of traffic will come out of nowhere.

But sadly that’s just not how it works. If you’re a fresh new blogger with no sources of traffic, you have to go out there and get it yourself. Traffic doesn’t just magically fall out of the sky.

That’s why reaching out and building relationships with popular bloggers in your niche is important. Because they already have traffic and subscribers. Instead of trying to hunt down people who will like your blog one person at a time, you can go to where groups of those people already are.

Blogger outreach is a pretty broad strategy and includes things like email, leaving comments, sharing content, connecting on social media, roundup posts, interviews, and things of that nature.

The whole idea is to build relationships with popular bloggers in your niche.

If you don’t know exactly where to start, check out my post How I Got 103 Shares and 42 Comments When I Had Zero Traffic and No Email List.

Also, make sure to check out Sue’s strategy for connecting with influencers.

Expert Roundup Posts

Expert roundup posts are great for new bloggers for several reasons. They connect you with popular bloggers, bring traffic to your blog, and help you create quality content that you don’t have to stress about thinking of yourself.

The basic idea is that you invite experts to answer a certain question that your readers would like to know. They benefit from participating because it builds their authority and you link back to their site.

Here’s an example of one of my expert roundups, 72 Pro Blogging Tips For Beginners.

Before you start working on your first roundup post, it’s best to do a significant amount of blogger outreach. Experts are more likely to contribute to your post if they know who you are.

Start by making a spreadsheet of all the popular bloggers in your niche. You’ll want to find at least 50 – 100 different blogs, or as much as possible.

Then start reading all the content on these blogs. Leave thoughtful comments on their posts, subscribe to their list, download their free gifts, reply to their emails, and send them thank you emails for all the ways that their blogs have helped you out.

Once you’ve made some genuine connections and grown some relationships, publishing your first roundup post is easy.

For more tips on how to do expert roundup posts, check out:

Guest Blog

Guest blogging is intimidating. I get it. (At least it was for me when I first started blogging.) The fear of rejection is powerful. But you can’t let it hold you down.

I know that popular bloggers feel like mythical creatures that are above your social class, but the truth is they’re just people. Just like you, me and everybody else.

And though they’re busy, it’s not impossible to connect with them. And you’ll soon find out that most bloggers are really friendly and awesome people.

Pitching guest posts can be especially stressful. But when you do things like blogger outreach

and expert roundup posts, it becomes super easy because you’ve already made connections and built relationships.

Guest posting is great because it continues to grow your relationships with other bloggers, brings traffic to your website, and builds your credibility.

Check out this post to get more help with guest blogging: The Definitive Guide to Guest Blogging.

Social Media

Social media is like the wildcard. I don’t recommend it for every new blogger. In fact it’s probably not for most people. That’s because it doesn’t really provide any results right away. It takes a significant amount of time to grow. If you already have a decent social media presence then obviously that gives you a head start.

Here are some basic tips for getting started with social media:

  • Pick 1 platform to start. That way you can learn fast, become an expert, and get results quicker.
  • Follower 50 – 100 people in your niche every day to help you get your first 1,000 followers
  • Share other people’s content that matches your niche. Try to provide as much value as possible.
  • Be authentic. Let everybody know that you’re a real person.
  • Be patient. Growing a social media following from scratch takes time. Just don’t give up. If you’re going to use social media as part of your traffic strategy, then you want to focus on growing your account first before you start trying to use it to generate traffic. Build up your social media presence, gain some followers, then use it to drive traffic to your blog. To master the basics of social media, check out my post: The Beginner’s Guide To Social Media Marketing.

The #1 Trick Is To Be Patient

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get epic results right away. Getting lots of traffic takes time, and it can be difficult at first. But don’t let that get you down. And don’t you dare give up.   

Focus on your goals, and why you want to accomplish them. Keep going, and keep working hard, even when you don’t feel like it.

The more you work, the more momentum you build. Don’t give up because your snowball hasn’t reached critical mass. Just keep pushing it downhill and it will get there soon enough.

Blogging is a bit like building a house. You need to start by building a solid foundation, and then all the other pieces slowly come together one at a time.

What have you done to drive traffic to your blog? What has and hasn’t worked? Tell me about it in the comments below. And let me know if you have any questions.

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  2. Guest blogging is, indeed, one of the powerful ways of building strong and high-quality relationships that may helps in multiple ways, including developing business opportunities and professional connections and setting brand value.

  3. This helped really a lot. Very motivational and inspirational.

    I did get some backlinks but not through blogger outreach,, because every time, I think that why would someone prefer to give me links just by mails and all that. But still I am gonna try all these. Thanks once again

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