Using Pinterest To Quickly Promote Your Blog

Pinterest is growing rapidly and I decided I wanted in.

I have a lot of content that I could be promoting on Pinterest.

But then the questions started in my head – How do I get followers? How do I get noticed by Pinterest influencers?And what the heck is “repinning”?

So I figured I’d go to the bloggers that were already using Pinterest and ask them directly! 

Here is their best advice:

Michele McGraw of Scraps Of My Geek Life

using-pinterestDo not just repin from Pinterest. Go out and find new posts and images to post. I try to find at least 5 new things to post to Pinterest every day (be sure the images are Pinterest-worthy.) I find my repins are higher on the days I post something new rather than always repinning others.  

Jeni Elliott of The Blog Maven

JeniPin with your target market in mind. Not just the things that you personally write about, but also lateral content they’re also interested in. This applies not just to what you pin, but how you craft your pin descriptions, board descriptions, and profile. Think of your target market every time you sit down to pin, and you’ll have much greater results than if you only pin according to your own tastes

Pepper Ferguson of Pepper Scraps

using-pinterestMy best tip is make your images vertical and add text to your images. Vertical images are more eye-catching as people scroll through their feed. The text on the images lets them know as they are scrolling exactly what to expect from that pin. 

Kelly Cannon of The Take Action WAHM

using-pinterestI think the best thing I’ve done with my Pinterest account is to create one board for my blog, named after my blog. And every time I write a post, I immediately post to that board first, and then when I share or repin, I always do it from that original pin.

It serves a few purposes, but what I like best is that if someone comes to my page, that’s the first board at the top, and if they want to know who I am, everything about me is pinned to that board. 

Irene McHugh of Compulsively Quirky

I kusing-pinteresteep up with the latest Pinterest news & developments!

I check their Blog, Pinterest for Business page, and Pinterest for Developers page frequently. I’m not a programmer, so sometimes I need help with the technical language. I love listening to Cynthia Sanchez’s Oh So Pinteresting podcast for assistance in this area. She interviews interesting and knowledgeable individuals who keep me current! I appreciate her tips too. The action steps she suggests are achievable and make a difference in my Pinning!

Kirsten Thompson of Sweet Tea And Saving Grace Blog

using-pinterestCreate highly pinnable graphics – “long and lean” as I call them.  Some of my simplest projects have become very popular on Pinterest because I created highly pinnable collages that show multiple images from the same project.  Pinterest loves vertical images, so every post should have a pinnable vertical image that includes a high-quality image, the title of the post, and your blog name or URL in a watermark.  It’s worth the bit of extra time it takes to create these images for the return on investment – increased blog traffic!

Thomas Hanna of

using-pinterestYou’re always going to find the standard tips you read everywhere: use high-quality images; focus on a long vertical with bright colors; craft a killer headline. But the most surprising piece of advice I have received is to practice skillful social listening on Pinterest. Find the people who have pinned your content by going to[YourURL]. Then, leave them a comment thanking them for pinning it. This is so easy, yet it is such a rare occurrence that this simple gesture roots you in the mind of those people who have already encountered and enjoyed your content. This is a powerful way to build a devoted following. 

Mandi Welbaum of Moments With Mandi

MandiMy best Pinterest tip is to pin like your followers. Your followers do not pin from just 10:00-10:30 am every single weekday. Sure, you can schedule your pins out, but remember that your perfect follower (and possible blog reader) sleeps, eats, works, takes care of children, has doctor’s appointments, etc. They don’t have a schedule of when they pin, they pin when they can. Since I’ve started using Pinterest as just a regular person vs. blogger trying to drive traffic, I’ve seen my number of followers increase quickly. Of course, my tip may not work for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to play with your pinning strategy to gauge results. Take a strategy and try it for 2 weeks, analyze, tweak, and happy pinning!

Chelsea Marrs of Chow Down By The Bay

using-PinterestMy best Pinterest tip is to join community boards! You can search for them and message the hosts for an invite. Community boards give you a lot more exposure for any pins you post there, as well as providing more inspiration for yourself!  

Jessica Kobrin Bernstein of Peek A Baby


I guess it would be to set aside a few minutes once or twice a day to look at all the boards you are following and pin things that grab you–the Pinterest iPhone app makes much shorter work of this than opening up Pinterest on your computer. 

 Melissa Haydon of Served Up With Love

MelissaWe eat first with our eyes. If a photo looks delicious, it will get noticed and pinned. Use natural lighting, props, colors and textures in your photos to make the food stand out.  

 Susan Maccarelli of Beyond Your Blog

SusanBreathe new life into old posts by going back and creating pin-able images with keyword-heavy descriptions and re-pinning them.  While you may feel these posts have run their course on other social media outlets, Pinterest can be a great platform to showcase them and extend their value to your site. 

Kristen of Musings Of An Average Mom

using-pinterestMy best Pinterest tip would be to join group boards, especially if you haven’t built up a large Pinterest following yet. (I just wrote a blog post on building your blog with Pinterest)

Some group boards have thousands of followers and the group board can be found among every pinner’s personal boards. It’s a fairly easy way to get the greatest exposure with least effort.

You can ask for an invitation to group boards you like (the guidelines are often listed in the board description) or find a Pinterest directory. 

Anne McAuley of McAuley Freelance Writing

using-pinterestMy best Pinterest tip is to be focused. Once I identified WHY I use Pinterest, I was able to focus my boards and pins on what really matters – growing my Pinterest following, and attracting other bloggers and prospective clients. Each time I click to pin or repin I ask myself, “Is this pin of value to my target audience?” If the answer isn’t yes, I don’t pin it.

 Ashley Faulkes of Mad Lemmings

Thusing-pintereste biggest tip I give on Pinterest is to make use of Pinterest Group Boards. So if you are not making use of these yet, now is the time!

To dive a little deeper. Pinterest group boards are boards where there are multiple pinners, with a single owner (either you or someone else). So you can create one, and invite people to pin – which alleviates the pinning workload, but comes with some responsibility. The easier version is getting on someone else’s board. A great tool for this is Pin Groupie which can help you find relevant and active boards. This way you can spread your pins (and others, don’t just pin your own) even wider, by leveraging audiences you had no access to before. Cool huh!

If you want even more tips and info on using and leveraging group boards, I wrote a lengthy post on this to help you out. Get busy finding some great boards to join today. You won’t regret it.  

Sagan Morrow of Living In The Real World

SaganIt’s hard to choose just one, but I think my best Pinterest tip would be to take the time to really understand how Pinterest works. Just like any form of social media, you’ll see best results if you understand what Pinterest is and how to best use it for YOUR brand. Do your research, experiment with different ideas, pay attention to the analytics, tweak your strategy, and above all have fun with it! 

Carrie-Anne Foster of

CarrieDo you use Google Plus to create mini-blog posts? Get more exposure from those posts, by including a photo and then pinning the Google Plus post link to your Pinterest boards. You can do this for your other social media platforms, and it creates great cross-platform exposure.  

 Jo of Jo, My Gosh!


When I write my Pin descriptions that mimic the language that pinners use when writing notes to themselves, I can increase the engagement on that particular Pin. “LOVE this baked chicken recipe! Pinning for meal planning, healthy eating” is much more inviting than “Check out this baked chicken recipe on my blog! #healthyeating #mealplanning #chickenrecipes. 

Allison of The Glass Half Full

AllieMy best Pinterest tip for blogging is to photograph correctly & of course, give attribution & use your best design to create your post image.

 Jessi of The Budget Mama

JessiMy best Pinterest tip is to make sure that every Pin has a description, not just the title restated. You want to make people click-through to read your post immediately, not just repin your pin.  

Kristi Dement of Bed and Breakfast Blogging

using-pinterestKnow what keywords your customers use when searching for your product(s) or service(s).  Create many different Pinterest boards that each target specific keywords used by your customers when they search for pins related to what your business does. (Check out my recent post on Pinterest Strategy). 

Amber of Amber Does Freelancing

AmberThe number one Pinterest tip I can give you is to be true to your brand in your Pinnable images. Create a certain recognizable style. Always use the same font, logo or watermark, and other elements when you add an image to a blog post. Over time people will start to recognize you for your pictures on Pinterest. Those pictures give them an incentive to take a look on your blog to see if you’ve updated lately. That means more traffic for you, all by simply being true to your brand. 

Harleena Singh of Aha! NOW

HarleenaMy best Pinterest tip is to be consistent in pinning the posts or pins of others, and make sure you are on Pinterest and pinning away, at least twice a day!  

 Stacey Corrin of

using-pinterestIf I had to give you only one tip for using Pinterest it would be this: Pin regularly from actual websites instead of just repinning pins on Pinterest. The majority of content on Pinterest are repins from other people’s boards, this presents a great opportunity for you to up your game and improve the visibility of your pins in the smart feed.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  5 Simple Yoast Tips For Wordpress Users To Increase Their CTR

Pinning from websites means you’re adding fresh content into the mix. This kind of rings a bell within the Pinterest hamster cage and says “Woah, hold on a sec, here’s someone providing something new. We like them!”. If the images you’re pinning are high quality, look amazing and link to a valuable source, Pinterest will in turn see you as a valuable user. 

Bev Leestma of The Make Your Own Zone and Blogging Inspiration

using-pinterestI’ve done some thinking this past week, and I really don’t have much of a Pinterest strategy πŸ™‚  But I do think what has worked for me, and would be my best tip, is that almost all my pins are things I truly like and that fit in my niche of homemade and DIY projects.  People who choose to follow me on Pinterest know that they will find pins and more ideas on the same subjects that brought them to my blog.  And if they found me on Pinterest first and have then come over to my blog, they will again find lots of info on the same subject as the type of pins they found interesting. I think this gives some continuity to my brand and continues to give me an authentic voice on my subject.  

Lisa Sicard of Inspire To Thrive

using-pinterestMy tip is to pin things in your niche (my blogging pins did best in analytic’s)  – they did get more re-pins and clicks than other pins. Also sharing to Facebook, pinning on Saturdays and pinning several times per week work wonders too. 

Jill Levenhagen of Blog Chicka Blog

Scheduling whole boards with BoardBooster!  This has made my traffic grow so much!  I love to load up all Group Boards and then schedule my Blog Board to feed pins to all the group boards, every day without me doing anything!  

Ileane Smith of Basic Blogging Tips

using-pinterestPinterest is constantly tweaking their algorithm and what worked marvelously in 2014 is passé in 2015. You might notice that your Pinterest home page now features pins that are “picked for you”. What I noticed about those pins is there’s nothing exceptional about them in terms of the dimensions or their descriptions but they typically have one thing in common and that is recency.  Those picked for your pins are typically only 2 or 3 hours old. That’s why I think a critical Pinterest tip for 2015 is that we absolutely must use a tool to schedule our pins! My favorite is Tailwind but I’m using checking out Viraltag and Ahalogy. My new motto for 2015 – Always Be Pinning!

Adrian Fusiarski of Bzzzsocial

using-pinterestMy best Pinterest tip (or tips) would be (and this is what has worked very well for me) is to pin a lot, but also make sure every pin is top quality; obviously the image is everything, make sure its a great image no-less, complete with summary and the original URL (i.e. not simply linking to Google image search!).

 I go out of my way to find the original source of the image, which sometimes take a bit more effort but its worth it. Also, if I find a great blog piece without a nice image I’ll fire up my image editor and make one.

 I’ve seen articles advising on the best times to Pin as well, but I generally take these with a pinch of salt as the content I pin spreads across International time zones. Also, you’ll find that a good pin will have a MUCH longer shelf-life than something on Twitter or Facebook. People are still pinning my old stuff months later – that simply doesn’t happen on most other social networks!

Adrian Jock of

Adrian JockI’ve got many tips, but none of them is better than the others. They’re somehow interconnected. If you don’t apply one of them, you apply the others in vain – you won’t get very good results.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m not a big fan of the approach “the best idea/product/whatever”. Most of the time there’s no such thing. However, I’ll try to drastically limit the number of tips. But I’ll use a trick…

My best Pinterest tip includes one sub-tip and another one disguised as a warning:

Join as many large community boards as possible. Niche boards related to your pins, not generic boards like “Share your very best pins!”

– “A picture is worth a thousand words,” they say. That’s right, but I would add… For various reasons, some pictures shared on Pinterest are worthless. Wrong dimensions, etc. Beware!

Naomi Bruette of Sew.Knit.Create.

My lusing-pinterestatest Pinterest tip is to create a “Pins I’ve Clicked Through Board.” I fully believe that you are your best researcher for your audience. After all, if you are interested enough to write and research about it you should be your best audience. For many of us, Pinterest is a huge traffic driver for our blogs and websites. Honestly, when I want to know something I will generally search it on Pinterest before I go to Google.

There is a ton of advice out there for what makes a good pinnable image but what you are wanting is for people to click-through that image and not just pin it. Experiencing why you click-through to an article is better than just knowing by reading the research. If you would click the image than your audience probably will too! So when I do a search on Pinterest, and I actually click-through to the website to read the article, I will then pin the image to my “Click Through Pins” board. I then can go back and analyze what made me click-through the pins to the site and can apply the personalized research to my brand.


As each one of these helpful tips were sent to me, I started using each one. And I’ve been able to drive reliable, stable traffic from Pinterest to my site in just a few short weeks. Not only that, I created a community group board and have all these great bloggers, as well as others, as pinners on that board! You can check out our board here.

Let me know in the comments – are you on Pinterest? What’s your best Pinterest tip?

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  1. Great experts here Sue! I loved reading through all of this. Especially was interested in what Ilene Smith said about the "Picked for You". I had not noticed that one factor about them…that they are all new. But it happened to me the other night. 4 pins from the same board went crazy all at once (crazy like I don't see on food content that is not my niche). I know it was Pinterest showing these "appetizers" to other users in Picked for you. And within a few hour it was over! So TRUE! Consistent pinning all day long is important!

  2. Hi Sue,

    I have an account at Pinterest, but hardly ever used it. It's just there because there's a social icon on my blog and I wanted to fill it in. πŸ™‚

    I don't know how to use it to get subscribers or followers or whatever pinteresters are called.

    I recognize only three from this list — Ashley Faulkes, Harleena Singh, and Ileane Smith. Rest are new faces to me.

    This is an interesting post, with nice tips and great advice from the experts. Will re-read it again, later, and use the advice.

    Thanks for the post.
    Raspal Seni recently posted Your Domain Registrar Sucks β€” and What can You do About ThemMy Profile

    • Most of these great bloggers were new to me also. I found them on Pinterest and I literally started there 3 weeks ago! I just followed their tips and I have over 2000 followers and am 7 group boards.

      Thanks for commenting, Raspal,

      • That's cool, you found them on Pinterest. πŸ™‚

        2,000 is a great number. I am just a little above 500, on Twitter yet. Using Twitter for about 15 minutes a day.

        How much time do you give to Pinterest?

        So, the two most important tips is to repin and to join Pinterest boards. I took some notes from the post and saving them to Evernote.

        Thanks again for the hardwork of contacting these bloggers and putting the info into this post. πŸ™‚
        Raspal Seni recently posted Your Domain Registrar Sucks β€” and What can You do About ThemMy Profile

  3. It was very interesting to read through these Pinterest tips Sue. I like the advice of finding fresh things to pin rather than always relying on just re-pinning. I'm going to be renewing my efforts in that area. Thanks for including me in your list!
    Bev recently posted How To Make A Sweater PillowMy Profile

  4. Hi Sue,

    What a wonderful resource! Loved this awesome post, full of tips and great advice from so many pinners πŸ™‚

    Yes, I know most of them as they are into our blogging circles, and of course on Triberr, while the others would reach out and connect with, over the weekend perhaps.

    I know Ileane and Ashley and a few others, who share amazing tips. Of course, I am part of your Pinterest board, thanks for inviting me! I still have to create my own board, and your post further encouraged me to get started with it soon now. I guess with a huge following, it does make sense.

    I'd always love to within the niche, and also try other niches, no harm done! I think you cater to a much wider audience that ways, though the boards you follow, are better if within your niche or those that you can relate to.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and for adding my views here as well – much appreciated. Heading right off to share it all over now πŸ™‚
    Harleena Singh recently posted Icegram WordPress Plugin Review And GiveawayMy Profile

  5. Frankly, I'm more likely to use Facebook, Twitter and G+ to promote my site. Pinterest has not been tried yet. But with your tips, I'm considering have a try. Thanks.

    • Hi, Lucy,

      Yes, I used Twitter and Facebook before this and decided to replace Facebook with Pinterest. I've been more than pleased with the traffic!

      Thanks for commenting,

    • Hi, Angela,

      I've been blogging for 3+ years and had never used Pinterest, just Twitter and Facebook. But with Facebook dying down, I wanted to learn another social media channel. This is a great way to learn – ask the experts!

      Thanks for commenting,

    • It was a pleasure, Stacey. I didn't know to pin "fresh" pins right from content until you told me.

      Thanks for commenting also!

  6. Thanks Sue for sharing this interesting compilation of tips for Pinterest. My favorite was thanking people for pinning, I didn't know I could do that. I also liked the idea of making a mini-blog post through Google plus and sharing this.

    You rocked this one Sue!
    Tina recently posted The ‘Fraidy Cat AppearsMy Profile

    • Hi, Alexandra,

      This is also just what I needed to start with Pinterest just 3 weeks ago. These bloggers were very generous with their tips and it has helped me immensely.

      I'll check into my social mashable buttons right now – thanks for telling me!

  7. Sue Anne, thanks for sharing this with us and thanks for letting me be a part of the post as well. I haven't heard of several of these bloggers so I can't wait to check out their blogs. I love using Pinterest and do see it as a way to get traffic to websites and blogs. It does take time and does not happen overnight though. I've seen too many people give up too fast using Pinterest saying it didn't work. All good things take time, right? I hope you have a great rest of the week!
    Lisa Sicard recently posted Facebook Page Posts – Who is Seeing Your Posts Now?My Profile

    • Hi, Lisa,

      Thanks so much for your participation!

      All good things do that time – just like building a blog, right?

      Thanks for commenting,

  8. Great tips – thanks to all!

    I really want to get into the board I started some months ago. But I haven't quite found a way to effectively create images for the abstract comments I talk about in my world of advanced memory skills. I have to work on figuring that out.

    • Thanks for your tip, Kirsten. It hit on my personal weakness.

      Long a lean. Nope.

      My posts are more like me: Fat & Happy.

      Think of a 5' 9" Hobbit….and you'll be thinking of me.

      (now go get some professional help to rid yourself of that image….)

      I'm guessing here that infographics would work well in that category, right?

      I did a 31 day WORLDBUILDING board, based on my 31 days of posts for writers…but I don't even know if it went over well. Guess stats are another thing I'm not quite getting yet.

      ….wondering if I should just go back quietly to my 5 meals a day and smoke a bowl of pipe weed from Westfarthing….Hmmmmmm.
      Jaime Buckley recently posted Parenting: You Can Do This One More DayMy Profile

  9. Hey Sue Anne!

    I'm baaaaack….and SO glad I signed up for your updates or I would have missed this.

    Fantastic topic. I've not gotten into Pinterest as i should have (being a cartoonist and all)…and have been using it for years as a dumping place for my writing ideas! Then people started following (why, I'm still not sure) and repinning and BAM!

    …I get told, "Hey, this is a big deal–start paying more attention to your Pinterest."


    At first it kind of felt like a bad rumor going around that just won't die….

    That's what Pinterest was to me–other than my persona stash of ideas.

    Good news is that I personally feel Pinterest in the only "fun" Social Media platform out there. Can't stand the rest, but this one naturally 'clicks' with me.

    Love the tips. Love the feedback. Especially Thomas Hanna of's comment:

    Say Thank You.

    Wow. Manners…who knew! I could see how that one item alone could set you apart from so many other pinners.

    The biggest tip, unless I missed something here–was to join boards/groups. Have not done that yet.

    Never even thought of it.

    Soooooooo, now that you have educated me, Sue, I guess it's time to use my passion and jump into this more seriously. =)
    Jaime Buckley recently posted My Minds Eye 3: Abuse isn’t always what you thinkMy Profile

    • Hi, Jaime,

      I know! Why didn't we do this sooner? It's so much fun and can be addicting (just warning you – I think I spent 4 hours one night creating images on Canva!)

      Come over and join my group board. Just follow it and than I can send you an invite.

      Come over and play with all of us,

  10. Sue,

    Thanks so much for including me in this great group of bloggers/pinners! I thought Thomas Hanna's tip to personally thank people who pin your content was a great idea. There are so many great tips here thanks for taking the time to put this compilation together.

    • Hi, Naomi,

      It was fun to do and the tips, including yours, were so helpful to me since I was just starting out on Pinterest after 3+ years blogging!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment,

    • Hi, Brian,

      Loved your post today on Boost Blog Traffic!

      Pinterest is better than I thought it would be for traffic to a blog.

      Thanks for coming over and commenting!

  11. It's blissfully quiet there, Jaime, especially in the evening after the kids go to bed (which means my cat and dog!). You can just pin and relax!

    Blogs are for talking and Twitter and Google+ and Facebook…Sometimes I need a little "me" time and Pinterest does it.

  12. Hey Brian, this might seem like a cheat–but I haven't commented on your post Sue just mentioned–not yet anyway.

    It was SOOOoooo detailed, I'm still digesting it. Seriously.

    Dude, it was like a Vegas Buffet after you just lost all yer cash at the tables and you just want everyone to shut up and leave you alone as you gorge yourself.

    …not…like I KNOW what's that like….just what I heard.

    But epic post Brian. I've bookmarked the post–which I don't usually do.
    Jaime Buckley recently posted How To Find (or Grow) That Magical Love You’ve Always WantedMy Profile

    • I thought I was the only one that hit up the buffet after losing at roulette (Try the Rio buffet – yummy international foods!)


      • I've been asked to leave before.

        Wellllll, that not totally accurate. They wanted me to leave–in their eyes…but I refused.

        It was after a convention and I was in a foul mood (inconCEIVABLE, right?) after my partners and I had won a national award for a client worked for (long story–another time)….and I stood in line for 45 minutes to eat.

        I walk into the main area and there are all these young ladies standing around, blocking the whole line (me and probably 12-15 others) from getting past. They stood about, poking and prodding food, talking about it but not taking anything.

        Lost it. Epic loss, too.

        With my lung full of air, I bellowed, "SCOOP AND MOVE! SCOOP AND MOVE!! THIS IS A BUFFET LINE, NOT A SCIENCE CLASS!!" adding with a annoyed grumble, "If ya wanna fill up with low calorie stuff, the water fountains in the corner…"

        I know, I know. Bad man.

        ….I tipped the waitress REALLY well to repent.
        Jaime Buckley recently posted Why EVERY Mommy Blogger (and mommy) Should Connect With This BlogMy Profile

      • If you wanna talk about food, hey, I'm always up for making a new best friend.

        'Course, we can keep it REAL interesting and discuss food, movies, monkeys, annoying boy bands, how to properly punch a man in the face who insults your wife (or mom)…

        I may be fat…but I'm flexxxxxxible.

        Tell you what, let's talk about a movies themed around punching annoying boy band members in the mouth for insulting our mothers while waiting in the buffet line with our pet monkeys.


        Jaime Buckley recently posted Parenting: You Can Do This One More DayMy Profile

  13. Totally relate to you Anthony–even though I do parenting as a blogger, it's hard to do posts without having to make my own creations. Stock photos don't do it.

    You know Sue–even though I've used Canva, I found making stuff from scratch in Photoshop was easier for me. Not an easy task for most folks, I know–but 10 years sitting in front of the program gave me some methods and now with kids sharing presets on DeviantArt, I have one click solutions now =)

    Jaime Buckley recently posted Parenting: You Can Do This One More DayMy Profile

  14. Hi Sue,

    Great post!

    I really love it when bloggers do these kinds of post, it promotes and inspires community within the blogging world.

    Great tips and advice. As a new Pinterest user, these tips have really added extreme value to me. I must say your post here is the best most informative post on Pinterest that I have come across yet.

    Thank you!
    William Ballard recently posted How to Take Massive Action in Producing a Book That Readers Can’t Wait to Read This YearMy Profile

  15. Hi there Sue,

    Great Article!!!!

    Of all the wonderful ideas you were able to put together the one thing that really made me happy to read was by Thomas Hanna of on "practice skillful social listening on Pinterest" along with any other types of media or content.

    As someone who leaves comments and reads peoples remarks or questions, a simple reply by the writer or blogger would be such a courtesy. Just acknowledge that someone is interested in what you have to say.

    I get so annoyed when I see that someone has asked a question (Which should be answered) goes unanswered by the writer. If you want the followers, interact with them as though you were running a retail store or even a gas station. I have been wanting to bring this up for a long time. In some ways, the readers are your customers and would appreciate being written to or answered when a question is involved.
    Kathy Carter recently posted Treasured Times Rubber Stamps Inspirational Blog: 1st Easter Release Party!!!My Profile

    • I so agree with you, Kathy! Thomas got it right with his phrasing of social listening.

      I get upset when I see bloggers that don't reply to their comments and/or social media posts.

      Thanks for taking time to comment!

  16. Wow…that is a LOT of great information all in ONE place! Thank you, Sue Anne, and also to all of the contributors for generously sharing their tips! I bookmarked this for future reference.

  17. Wow! Wow! And Wow!

    I pinned this post at a time when I had no time to thoroughly read and process these tips.

    So…I just finished reading and I'm impressed by the variety. So many ideas I would not have thought of on my own.

    Sue Anne, thank you for including me with all of these creative forces. And thank you to all of the other contributors as well. I'm off to Pinterest now to make some immediate improvements.


    Irene McHugh recently posted How to Organize Your Tax Documents in EvernoteMy Profile

    • I know exactly how you feel – every time I got an email from this group, I'd apply the tip and my followers and repins would increase that day!

      Thanks so much for participating and for commenting,

  18. Hi, Sue,

    Wow – What a great article! Boy have I been neglecting Pinterest! I didn’t think IM had that much of an in-road with this platform, as I’ve only seen a trickle of traffic from my blog board, but now I see that your expert’s advice that I’m not following is the reason why! Thank you for sharing.

    Love Harleena’s tip, and will surely start following this.

    OH MY WORD, Ileane Smith’s tip is GOLD!

    Can’t thank you enough, Sue – will be focusing more on this in 2015.

    Have a great weekend.

    Carol Amato recently posted Carol Amato Moved to Tampa VideoMy Profile

    • Hi, Carol,

      I didn't do Pinterest for over 3 years, so I was neglecting it also. These tips are super, aren't they? The traffic is steady and more than you expect!

      I appreciate you commenting,

  19. Hey Sue Ann,

    Pinterest is another one of those platforms that I'm not active on. I joined it back when it first came out because as you know, people were hyping it up and saying you have to join. Of course then they started sharing all the information about images being copyrighted and by you sharing them you could be penalized. That freaked me out so much that I just stopped using it. I've yet to go back.

    So going down the list here and hearing what people are suggesting is still confusing to me. Like "share things that are pin worthy". What does that even mean? What I think would be a great image and post might not for others so how do you know?

    I too thought that bloggers and the internet marketing niche just couldn't do well there because it's more visual like recipes, animals, kids, travel, products, etc. Who wants to go to Pinterest to be pulled back to someone's blog?

    I just have never taken the time to truly understand how to use it. I've been focusing mostly on other social platforms so diving into this one although I've heard it's a great resource is just time consuming. Maybe someday I'll finally take the plunge.

    Thanks for sharing everyone's great tips.

    Adrienne recently posted 16 People I Highly Recommend and WhyMy Profile

  20. So many amazing tips – I feel like my head is about to explode with excitement. Pinterest is amazing. Could not agree more with joining collaborative boards – my pin reach has increased exponentially since doing this. Thanks for the brilliant tips!!

  21. Thank you for the great information! I found this on Pinterest (and re-pinned it) πŸ™‚

    I am working on building my very first blog and learning everything as I go, mostly through YouTube and Pinterest. Pinterest is my "go-to" site when looking for information and part of what inspired me to start my own blog. I so appreciate having all the wonderful knowledge and inspiration to draw from that I wanted to give back and share my projects with others.

    I would love your opinion…I currently have about 100 followers and 5,500 pins on my personal Pinterest account. I haven't decided if I should create a new account with only content from my blog or if I should just incorporate my blog pins onto my existing account. What do you think?

    Thanks so much and I will be subscribing!


    • Hi, Jennifer,

      Thanks for your question. I believe you should switch to a 'business' Pinterest page and get rich pins (all on Pinterest info site). You can then make a board for your blog posts (mine is called 'Best of Successful Blogging') and still pin your personal stuff to that business page.

      In other words, your entire page will now be for your website (and get your website approved – real easy) and still pin your personal boards on that business board.

      If you need any other help – email me at the email address on my Contact page.

      Thanks for commenting! And welcome to the Successful Blogging Team!

  22. This is so helpful! I was originally just going to use Pinterest to share pics from my own blog posts, but now I see what a hindrance that is. I am going to start implementing these great tips asap! Thank you!!

  23. Great comments! I have a "simple" question that I cannot find the answer to anywhere! I am trying to use Pinterest to promote my blog, but I do not want to pin a photo from my blog. I am creating a separate photo to add to Pinterest with text on it and then linking my blog to that photo. Will this still work for SEO? Thank you!!

  24. Great post!

    I really love it when bloggers do these kinds of post, it promotes and inspires community within the blogging world.

    Thanks Sue for sharing this interesting compilation of tips for Pinterest.

    What a marvelous collection I know where I’m going to come when I need some Pinterest tips now.

  25. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the Pinterest tips, as usual, you're the best.

    I am starting to take Pinterest seriously and I plan to reduce my activity on all others social networks.

    I can't spread myself too thin.

    • Stick to just Pinterest. It's my biggest social media channel for traffic to my blog.

      Thanks for commenting today!

  26. Such a valuable article! You allowed me to get the best tips without having to visit every single one of their blogs and posts. Yet, I've taken some name down because I want to know what they know. I will be surfing on your site. I'm sure there's more to glean. Thank you!

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