20 Bloggers To Follow On Twitter

There are 3 reasons why you should give importance to your blog: getting respect from others, income, and personal satisfaction.

With an estimated 2 million blogs posted every day, as you have noticed, getting noticed is not easy!

You need to have a firm and specific goal, know your market, and create uniqueness in your blogs. And these are exactly what these 20 successful bloggers have done.

Plus, they use Twitter to “sell” their blog posts.

Why These Bloggers Are Hitting It on the Nail

Here are 20 bloggers on Twitter who have managed to do just that. Hopefully, their success will magnetize you to continuing your blogging journey.

Successful Bloggers on Twitter

One important point to remember is that many people on Twitter are not bloggers. They simply retweet content or links and say a few words about something they feel emotional about while “in the moment.” In fact, many top Twitter accounts are these types of people who have followers in the millions.

This is not what a blogger does. She writes extensively and authoritatively on specific topics and then uses Twitter to drive traffic to her blog.

The successful bloggers on Twitter can be categorized then according to their topic or expertise. So, here are the top bloggers in their specific areas of expertise.


On fashion, the European Fashion Blogger Award held last January 2014, and the top 3 most creative bloggers were: Sara (Collage Vintage), Ebba (Ebba Zingmark), and Louise (Miss Pandora.

Sara of Collage Vintage (2009) is a Spanish blogger who hails from Madrid. She believes in taking fashion risks and enjoying fashion. She has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn which are all connected to her personal blog. On Twitter, she has almost 19,000 tweets and more than 32 thousand followers.

Ebba Zingmark is a young 17-year-old fashion blogger/model from Sweden. Admittedly she did get an advantage being a fashion model but her blog would not have made it to the top without hard work and dedication.

Miss Pandora is a gorgeous blog from by a young French woman, Louse Ebel. She says, “I don’t know the key to success but for me, it’s about staying true to yourself, and not listening to what others say about who you should be in order to be successful.” She is known for her effortless creativity, free fashion style sans branding, and for a blog that not only contains a ton of fashion but also content about herself and her view of fashion as it should be – for her.

All three of these Twitter enthusiasts are not only knowledgeable about fashion but they also are well versed in fashion trends and are not afraid to share their knowledge with others.


For yoga, the top bloggers according to Klout scores as of September 2013 are Tara Stiles, Active Yogi, and a trio that scored identical scores composed of Challenge Pose, The Y Factor, and It’s All Yoga, Baby. These Twitter yoga enthusiasts not only know how to honor the Namaste or spirit within their readers but themselves as well.

Tara Stiles of Active Yoga was a model who turned to yoga and blogging. Her friendly and welcoming style of blogging is so engaging, she is able to turn unbelievers into loyal followers. She offers videos, how-to’s, cooking tips, and even has weekly giveaways! In short, she has found a way to expand her yoga blog in a way that draws in more followers.

Start Standing is also about yoga and has great articles – check out this one to help if you sit all day!

Challenge Pose is a blog by Kathryn Budig and who also teaches yoga online. She is a jet-setter author and magazine contributor, and writer.

The Y Factor is owned by blogger Neal Pollack who is a yoga instructor but also a freelancer, car writer, and part-time health food comedian and It’s All Yoga, Baby is by Roseanne from Montreal who has over 6,000 Twitter followers and over 14 thousand tweets on yoga and other relevant (to her and her followers) tweets. These last 3 yoga bloggers have found one common way to get noticed. They are all part of a larger umbrella website on yoga, The Yoga Journal.

Mom Blogs

“Mommy blogs: are also very popular and the top U.S. bloggers according to Internet Media Research are Mom Blog Society, Cool Mom Picks, and Family Focus Blog. All of these Twitter moms understand the challenges that moms face and are there to offer advice and encouragement as well.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  The Beauty and Business of Blogging with Top Blogger Nikki Parkinson

Mom Blog Society is actually a compilation of blogs from different people around the world. This is itself is a great way to build traffic as evidenced by its success. They offer articles on a variety of topics like Disney products, beauty and style, DIY projects, living, and travel, food and drinks, parenting, and health.

Cool Mom Picks is a blog by 2 women, Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase, and it’s mostly about blogging tips on shopping and often feature guest bloggers.

Family Focus Blog by Scarlet Paolicchi is mostly about parenting and all that it involves such as cooking, gifting, special holidays, and taking care of mom and dad. She allows affiliate links and accepts donations, sponsorships, and advertisers.

Sport Blogs

Sports blogs are always a competitive arena and the race to the top is perennially tough. According to Ebuzzing Labs, the top sports blogs as of February 2014 are Roker Report, Caught Offside, and Who Ate All The Pies. These Twitter enthusiasts are on top of their game and those played by others as well.

Roker Report is mainly about sports in Sunderland, U.K. The blog is very active in posting anything that it believes its followers would like to read about including rumors and analytics.

Caught Offside is another U.K. blog but about football. The most impressive feature of this blog is that it is beautifully presented and appears to be professionally run. It has almost 40 thousand followers.

The last sports blog, Who Ate All The Pies is a close competitor of Caught Offside because it also focuses on football. It is run by a rather large group of football experts and has been around since 2008.

Education Blogs

In the blogging world of education, the most recommended bloggers on Twitter are Cool Cat Teacher, Mindshift, and Two Guys and Some iPads. These guys have the knowledge and aren’t afraid to share that knowledge with others.

Cool Cat Teacher is a blog owned by Vicki Davis and has a reach of over 146,000 followers. Her blog is a consistent top A-listed in the education field.

Home Room is a blog by the U.S. Department of Education. It has content for teachers, parents, and students up to college level. It has over 370 thousand followers.

Mindshift was created in 2010 by KQED which is a public media forum for Northern California. It has over 43 thousand Twitter followers.

Two Guys and Some iPads is run by 2 guys, namely Brad Waid and Drew Minock who merge technology with education in a rather unique and playful way.

Top Blogs

To top the list, one has to ultimately go to the top earners in blogging where income every month can go as high as $800,000. The only woman to earn over $100,000 a month is Gina Trapani of Lifehacker. The top 3 male bloggers who earn from $400,000 to over $500,000 a month are Perez Hilton, Pete Cashmore (Mashable), and Michael Arrington who has earned as much as $800,000 a month with his blog, Tech Crunch. So, if you’re serious about making cash with your blog or online ventures, you should definitely check out these money-making gurus.

Lifehacker created by Gina Trapani and owned by Gawker Media is essentially a tech blog that has gone beyond technical content with life tips. It has 4 international editions, a podcast, and has received accolades from Time, CNET, Wired, and PC Magazine, among others.

Perez Hilton blogs about celebrities and society parties and is known to be a party guy “in the right place at the right time.

Mashable, which is a Brit-American news website and social media blog, was created by Pete Cashmore in 2005. It now has 2 offices in New York and San Francisco and has over 15 million social media followers.

Finally, Michael Arrington is the guy who founded TechCrunch which covers the development being developed and coming out of Silicon Valley. Definitely a controversial personality online, no one can deny him his due when it comes to blogging and creating successful blogs.

So, which are your favorite top blogs that are on Twitter? Or is it one not listed here?

26 thoughts on “20 Bloggers To Follow On Twitter”

  1. Hey Sue,

    This is a fantastic list and some of the bloggers you mention are ones I already know and several of them I don't and are worth following.

    Like Saliba, I feel there should be more of internet marketing gurus on this list but since you said you will be updating that in the upcoming "Top 20 post".

    Thanks for sharing this though and I have just followed Michael and Lifehacker. 🙂

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted How to Start a Business in Nigeria (2550 words)My Profile

  2. Hi Sue Anne,

    Well done to the Top 20. Maybe you can inspire the rest of us or at least follow our blogs….

    Really appreciate your efforts.

  3. Actually, i was searching for help via google so it brought me here. Mere glancing at the writings and it was awesome…i wish i could create and write a blog just as yours…..I'm a first time reader though

  4. Thanks Sue, Great List.

    Following top bloggers is a proven method to become success in the industry. Neil Patel who is the founder of QuickSprot is the top of my list.

    These top bloggers are very useful to generating content ideas, titles, keywords.

  5. Hi sue! Nice list you've got here. The importance of following successes cannot be overemphasized. Good job!


  6. Hi SUE mam,

    Thank you for making this awesome list. I have been following Mashable, Lifehacker on twitter since 2015. Also, I have been following TechCrunch, The Verge, CNET for last 2 year. Again thanks for sharing Education Blogs twitter list. Now I will follow those blog.

    Another blog which I like is Wikihow. Their content is just awesome.

    Thank You

    Shubha das recently posted Paytm Wallet Offers Today, Add Money Promo Code May 2017My Profile

  7. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the post. It is always nice to see people making a success by blogging. It is very motivating. I must say, I see a lot of moms that make an income by blogging.


  8. Hi Sue, great article thanks for sharing. I noticed I was #69 in the Global top 100 S.E.O experts to follow on Twitter in 2016. This year I seemingly dropped down from this, which only proves the constant competition. I'm a successful Affiliate Marketer and a bit of a Blogging addict, and obviously have to improve my game. Back to writing then…
    Deon Christie recently posted Be Adequately Prepared For Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

  9. Ah, some names are terrific 🙂 Who Ate All The Pies, Two Guys and Some iPads..

    I'll def check out the Education bloggers and see what they're doing right.

    My favorite Twitter blogger to follow would have to be Bill Slawsky. He's known for keeping an eye on what Google patents so you can prepare for the next big change from the search engine.

  10. I just saw myself on the list! Thanks so much for including me. I do love twitter and I have made a lot of fun connections there:)

  11. Great roundup of bloggers Sue! There is a woman earning over $100,000 a month now though since you wrote the above – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. She's an affiliate marketing expert among other talents. I wrote a review of her online course (see link interested.)


  12. really awesome article all are commenting very nice. It's very massive that one can earn $10000 for a month. Thanks from Exoticbd

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