Smart Tools That Make Managing Your Social Media Easy

Every blogger knows that it is imperative to publish great content.

Once you write or create something great, the next step is to publish it onto various social media networks.

social media toolsHowever, with new social networks cropping up regularly, it can be hard to keep track of what to post, where to post and when to post!

The following tools will help make your life as a blogger easier by making the posting process a seamless one and by helping you see what your audience is saying about your brand.

1. Buffer

social media toolsBeing a blogger means remaining active on various social media networks. Sometimes, managing multiple posts across various platforms, each in a different format, can become overwhelming and you may lose track of what to post.

Buffer is a great tool that makes managing social media posts on multiple platforms an easy task.

The tool lets you schedule posts to be shared at the best time possible throughout the day while allowing you to post on multiple social media platforms, either with the same message or by customizing the post for each social media platform.

Using the Pablo extension, you can even format your images to be of the perfect size for various social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Using the Pablo extension, you can even format your images to be of the perfect size for various social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

If you are a blogger who posts regularly across multiple sites, then you must explore this tool.

2. HootSuite

social media toolsAs a blogger, it is important to stay in touch with your audience. This means being aware of what your audience is interested in, what they are discussing and overall, knowing what’s trending.

HootSuite allows you to see what your audience is saying about your brand and lets you engage with them.

This tool also lets you manage all your social media networks, scheduling content for a future time and making the posting process a lot easier.

With the social media analytics option that HootSuite offers, you can see exactly how your work on social media is being received by the audience.

To not only manage your posts but to get to know your audience and what they think of your brand, this is the tool to have.

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3. Post Planner

tools for social media marketingThis is a great tool to have, whether you are an individual running a blog or a larger enterprise with multiple employees.

Post planner works mostly with Twitter and Facebook, with some work on Pinterest and while you can’t publish to Instagram, you can add content sources from it.

It lets you see which of your content goes viral, which one has a higher audience engagement rate and which keywords work better than others.

This tool would be best for those bloggers who are not sure how their content is being received by their readers. If you have published hundreds of posts over a certain period, for example, Post planner will show you exactly how they were received by your readers.

Survey Any Place

With today’s technology, there’s no excuse for boring surveys. They offer ingenious ways to engage people and get you better insights. Create fun, interactive quizzes, assessments and surveys that flawlessly integrate with apps and social media like Facebook.

For many more tools that can have a positive impact on your work as a blogger, head over to Best Blogging Apps. Being a successful blogger requires engaging with your audience and regularly posting great content.

When you are working across multiple social media platforms, it can become tedious to keep track of what to post, where to post and when.

That’s where these three tools come to the rescue, making your life easier and improving your skills as a blogger.

Share in the comments your favorite social media marketing tool!

Harsh Agrawal, a blog scientist and CEO of ShoutDreams Media, started his entrepreneurship journey in 2008. His superpower is his passion for blogging & interest in understanding customer psychology.

He is a speaker and spoke at many events such as WordCamp, IBM Business Connect, Socialathon to name a few. His award-winning blog ShoutMeLoud has more than 832K subscribers and receives nearly 4 million pageviews per month.

13 thoughts on “Smart Tools That Make Managing Your Social Media Easy”

  1. Hey Harsh,

    It has been a long time using Buffer. It's the best choice for me to go with Buffer. It allows 20 posts for each day which is enough for me. Its simple dashboard has really helped to schedule the posts on Twitter, g+, Linkedin and Facebook.

    This black Friday sale, I tried to buy the social media automation tool, but I was quite confused between HootSuite and Post planner. So couldn't buy one.

    At the end, decided to stay with Buffer. The premium plan of buffer seems costly to me. So I am using Free one only that is also useful.

    I have used the free plan of Hootsuite. It was easy to use..

    Thanks for the post bro


  2. Harash,

    Great post and extremely valuable information, my friend. I use social media a lot and it's actually too bad that I didn't understand its power years ago when I first started. I have 5 social media sites that I'm currently using and one of them I have been using considerably.

    The thing that most people don't realize is that you don't have to create a ton of material to become noticed on them. Here's a couple of things I do to really get noticed on social media:

    1. Whenever I publish a new post, I post an announcement with a link to the social media channel. Using a tool like Buffer would be a big help in this. You can quickly announce to quite a few social media sites using a tool like that without having to go to the sites.

    2. I've been writing for years, so what I like to do on social media sites is to re-purpose much of my content. I'll take blog posts I did years ago, update them and then post them on my LinkedIn blog, and social media sites as full-length posts.

    3. I try to keep track of aggressive entrepreneurs on these sites and make sure I add valuable comments to their posts if it has relevance to my niche (copywriting, marketing).

    So, using tools like the one's you're promoting would be a big help. I'm planning on getting on the Hootsuite train as soon as possible because keeping track of these sites and staying active is a set of tasks that is very time consuming and confusing.

    I'll keep you updated on my progress.

    Once again, excellent post!

    Happy New Year!

    Mark Elmo Ellis

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by. I am glad you liked the article. The points you mentioned are highly informative and something that many people can follow. I have been using buffer as well and it has been of great use till now. Do let me know about your experience with Hootsuite.

      Happy New year to you too



  3. Hi Harsh,

    Nice write-up. Buffer is one of my favorite in the list. All tools are very useful for managing social media in an effective way. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am using Buffer already for two years. It is very practical to pre-schedule posts on your profile page on FB, since that is not possible on the profile page itself.

    Another thing is that when you have problems their service is fast and excellent, even understandable to a non-native speaker like me.

    Just a question: how do you get the Pablo extension on Buffer. Maybe you could add that to the post?

    Thank you for all the information,

    Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

    • Hi Florence,

      You can download the Pablo extension from chrome. Once it has been added all you need to do is to click on the extension and it will take you to the pablo extension browser bar. You can now create the image as per your requirements and share it on buffer. Just give it a try and let me know if it worked out or not.



  5. Hello Harsh

    Great post definitely informative,insightful and very useful . I have been using Buffer and Hootsuite and they have saved my time and aggravation. I am definitely going to look into post planner . Thanks for informing me about it. Again thanks for this value-packed post and have a prosperous new year.

  6. Thanks Harsh ..

    I have been a great fan of your blogging techniques and I always find something new and noteworthy of your posts.

    Post Planner for social media is one such tool that needed the attention, its great and its pretty accurate. You get good results socially when you use it appropriately.

    Thanks for the advices.

  7. Social media play important role in business and this social media managing tools are very helpful for me thanks for the info.

  8. Thank you for sharing huge social media tool collection.That actually working for me and giving good results.

  9. Thanks for sharing a lot of social media tool collection. It's actually working for me and giving good results.

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