Storytelling: The Easiest Way To Enchant Your Readers

A huge amount of information is being pushed online every day – from blog posts to videos, images, podcasts and more – that even the thought of it makes the head spin. Just think that for every piece of content you produce, there are dozens of other people who are doing the same thing, in the same niche and competing for the same customers.

So what are the chances for your content to get noticed? And not only that but to be remembered? How can you create loyalty among your readers and have them come back to your website, to your newsletter and your social media accounts day after day?

The answer is storytelling.

We as people are wired to listen to stories, learn from them, to search for patterns and meaning, ever since the first caveman stood around the fire sharing their daily struggles. We all love a good story that teaches us something or gives us a shortcut that we can use in our lives.

But What Does Storytelling Has To Do With Marketing?

Well, it’s got everything to do with it because the more memorable you are, the more likable you become and so the easier it will be for people to buy from you and come back to your website and even refer your business to their friends and family.

Storytelling is the difference between old and saturated marketing tactics and the new storytelling way of building an audience and creating lasting relationships with your audience. Storytelling helps you connect to your readers and get them excited in a way that PowerPoint slides will never be able to do.

Here are two key methods you can use storytelling in your marketing mix to create magnetic relationships with your audience:

1) Share Your Founding Story

Every entrepreneur has a reason why they started their business. What’s yours? What matters to you, besides making a profit? Why should they choose you over the guy next door? What does your company stand for?

All these answers will help you fine-tune your mission and brand statement that can be like a red thread throughout your sales funnel and marketing strategies.

Everybody’s got a story and each story is unique and this is going to be your main differentiator in a marketplace where so many products compete on price. Sharing your story can help you differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are selling coaching services, software, yoga retreats, marketing services, or anything else, by sharing your defining moments in your business, your struggles, how you’ve solved problems will help people relate to you and trust you with their money, their time and energy.

Sharing your founding story gives you a great chance to talk about your passions and values that stand at the core of your business. This means you can invite your readers to take a look at where you started, why you started your company, what’s your mission, what’s the story behind it.

2) Share Your Customers Success Stories

If you’re in business you have at least one happy client. Take their story and turn it into a testimonial for your own business, or even better, turn it into a case study. Ask them how your product or service improved their life or business, what has changed in their life or business as a result of using your product or service. Did you help them make more money, get more free time, reduce stress?


Stories Create Experiences

Stories create experiences that make long lasting impressions on your audience that go way beyond numbers and PowerPoint slides. By creating a unique experience through your story you help your audience connect with you on a different level and when they are ready, they will buy from you over your competition.

Marketing through storytelling takes content creation to a whole new level and makes your business more relatable and inspiring, by creating an emotional and memorable connection with your audience. Stories are also effective because they give examples of what’s possible. Stories make people think that if someone else did it, they can do it too.

The sooner you start using storytelling in your marketing strategy, the faster you will be able to grow your audience, keep more customers and have more faithful followers that are willing to spread the word on your behalf.

Final Words

Today more and more people start to pay attention to the core mission behind brands and will choose to do business with those companies that have a clear purpose and mission and a strong “Why” behind the counter. You already have a reason for getting in business so why not share it? Start beating your own drum and make your story the core of your whole marketing.

You don’t have to be Hemingway way to write a story. All you need to do is go back to that moment when you decided you wanted to start your own business because you wanted to share whatever you’ve got with others and make the world a better place because of your product or service. Just take all that fire from the beginning from when you got started and use it to connect on a deeper level with those people who are looking for guidance on their own path.

Your goal is to help these people visualize achieving the best version of themselves as a result of using your product or service and make them see themselves successful and fulfilled and give them the tools to get there.

Show your customers that you trust me enough to be open about your story, about your struggles and your defining moments and they will trust you with their money, time and energy.

Whether you’re preparing to launch a new product, some new software, a new course, whatever it is, turn this event into a story and tie to the bigger picture of your business. This will engage your audience and have them feel part of your journey.

Tell your story in the context of their own problems and make them you understand that you’ve got what it takes to help them overcome obstacles on their path. So, bottom line is, the more authentic you are, the higher your chances of success.

We’d love to hear your founding story and see how you can incorporate to into your marketing. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sarah Williams is a Berlin-based entrepreneur and blogger who specializes in dating advice.  Her interests include gender relations and the underlying mechanisms that drive human interactions.  You can check out her website targeting male audience -Wingman Magazine.

11 thoughts on “Storytelling: The Easiest Way To Enchant Your Readers”

  1. Hey Sarah,

    No doubt that the power of storytelling is way more than the conventional methods to allure your readers.

    There is always a reason to start a business and the story gets bundled throughout its success days.

    You can make your readers want you with your appealing storyline.

    Thanks for enlightening it.


  2. Storytelling is a great way to market yourself because it's a better way to build a personal connection with your audience. The more you tell them about yourself and engage with them, the more they are going to resonate with your storytelling.

  3. What a great article Sarah & Sue!! It's so true and hat a good story is a whole lot more memorable than simple "marketing speak" … Thanks for the reminder. This post is going in the "read & re-read" file!

  4. Hi, Sarah!

    The story does add value to the message. I learned about storytelling a couple of years back, then I posted the story of my blogging journey on my blog. It's still there.

    I learned that examples, stories, and personal experiences attract the eyeballs, and help creators engage the audience that would have gone otherwise.

    I think storytelling helps in every type of content creation, whether it's a YouTube video, Instagram post, or a blog article. The stories do help.

    I liked this blog post. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Sarah,

    So agree with you about sharing our own stories inside of our blog posts. I have to admit, I am not that great at opening up. Still learning how to do this.

    However, I have noticed that on the blog posts that I do share tidbits about my story or my personal journey, those articles get a lot of engagement.

    I have personally found that I love reading people's blogs that share their story. I don't really enjoy reading blogs that just share information after information. What I really like is hearing about the bloggers personal story or journey.

    I agree, the more authentic you can be with your readers, the more likely that post will get more shares and comments. Hopefully, that will result in more email subscribers as well.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day 🙂


  6. Sarah,

    I LOVE your idea of storytelling with content and especially the way you explained it. I agree totally, especially about implementing case studies – that can be huge! Thanks again for this great post, and thanks Sue for having Sarah guest post!
    Bob recently posted About Bob BarocasMy Profile

  7. Hey Sarah,

    As someone whose first passion is storytelling, I incorporate little personal anecdotes- either about me, my business, or my customers- in my blog posts as well as in emails to my subscribers. It always helps to engage readers and makes them connect to your brand and product.

    Thanks for the great post!

    Cynthia recently posted How to gracefully say NO to anythingMy Profile

  8. Firstly thanks to sarah williams for sharing this post for the readers.

    A huge amount of information is being pushed online every day – from blog posts to videos, images, podcasts and more – that even the thought of it makes the head spin.

    The Easiest Way To Enchant Your Readers just follow these points:

    Share Your Founding Story

    Share Your Customers Success Stories

    Stories Create Experiences

  9. Sure, It is a really good post. Storytelling is a way through we can bring a lasting audience. really like this process. Its a powerful method to share your good things to everyone.

    Thanks again for sharing this post.

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