The Best Traffic Strategy To Quickly Skyrocket Your New Blog

Getting traffic is tough!

I have something that may change this for you today. A strategy that can easily kick-start your blog. I said traffic strategy in the title but you are in luck because it is actually a traffic and content strategy.

How disheartening can it be to see no growth despite following the number one rule, to create more content? You see nothing more than a trickle of traffic here and a trickle there but nothing that could sustain your business.

You know that you need traffic for natural link building and that you need links to build your presence in Google.

What is the best thing to do?

You need to start thinking a little more strategically for a start.

You need to know what your customers want and then you need to give it to them. With a little help from your community, you can then put your content in front of them and bring them back to you.

Sound simple?

That is because it is, this is nothing new, in fact, people have done this for years!

Let’s not waste another minute as we dive into the ultimate content and traffic strategy to kick-start your new blog.

Solve Your Audiences Problems To Really Boost Your Results

I want you to think about your niche and think about the biggest problem, and the most severe that your reader may have. Here are examples of some major problems…

  • Fitness – Weight Gain – How do I lose weight from my belly?
  • Health – Diabetes – My blood sugar is out of control, what can I do to help this?
  • Blogging – I’m spending money, but still no traffic to my blog, how can I get more visitors?
  • Social Media – How do I increase my followers?
  • Dog Training – How can I stop my dog biting me?

Do you get it?

You really need to focus on one question or one problem. Then you can focus on bringing visitors to your content. Do you really know who your audience are or what they are looking for?

These are big problems and some can lead to life or death, that means there is a sense of desperation. This means that people are more likely to part with their email address or their money.

If you can help them.

Post Content Strategy To Make Your New Readers Raving Fans

When you start a new blog you need to build trust and authority and your content is how you do this. How will people trust you just from your content though?

Put simply… they won’t!

You need to borrow authority from someone who is more established than yourself. In this three post method you are going to publish 3 epic pieces of content that let you borrow the authority of others!

  1. High-Quality Article – You want to provide an ultimate guide on one topic, that over delivers in every way possible. Your guide should be over 5000 words and feature external links to higher authority sites. This helps build trust because you are referencing the higher quality sites. You will also want to include at least 10 quotes from industry experts and link to them. For more info on this type of content check out
  2. Expert Roundup Post – For the perfect roundup you need to find one question that your audience needs solving, think of the biggest question ever sort of thing! Now reach out to 20+ experts (the more the better) and ask them to contribute a short answer. This is free promotions because most of the experts will share with you.
  3. List Post Article – Everybody knows how popular these posts are, you know the type. 10 ways to train your legs sort of post. Again include link and quotes from at least 10 experts on the topic. This is similar to the high-quality article except instead of a guide it is a list format.

This gives you three high-quality articles that are the best out there.

Start by looking at your competition and when you write yours beat their content in every way possible! For example, create a longer piece of content, look for unanswered questions related to the topic and make sure you cover it all.

With all these quotes and links you have the perfect opportunity to borrow authority from industry experts. You do this by reaching out to them but more on that later.

Where Does Your Audience Hang Out?

When thinking about getting traffic, you need to be strategic too. So your quotes and links have to be strategic.

You want to know that your audience has a connection with these higher authority sites. When you reach out to a blog owner, and if you have created an epic piece of content that features them, you can be sure that they will check it out.

If you want them to share it though, it has to resonate with their audience.

Do your homework and make sure the people you link to and feature have an interest in what your content is about. This will increase the chances of it getting passed around on social media.

As well as outreach look for places such as forums, Facebook groups, Twitter chats etc… and get involved in the conversation. This glues you to the community and helps position you as an expert.

All that’s left is to find a non-spammy way to drop your links. This isn’t hard, all you need to do is create value and then add your link.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  10 Sure-Fire Editing Tips That Work For Bloggers

Always think value first!

Guarantee Your Success With Help From Your Buddies

Now that you have strategically placed quotes and links it is time to reach out to the featured bloggers and get your content out there.

The best way to do this is to start with people you are more connected with first to get your initial boost.

The closest people you have is your friends and family!

They might not be interested in your topic directly but they will nearly always share your stuff because it’s you! You never know they may have friends or followers that are interested in your topic and they will see if your post is shared. This helps you to get some social shares and if you’re really close to them you can ask them to leave a short comment.

This will encourage others to comment!

Let’s begin some email outreach!

The first emails should be people you are already connected with because you know what they are interested in. You know what they like and more importantly, you know if they will share.

You have a relationship so it is easy traction!

The last thing to do is to reach out to the other quotes and links that you don’t know. This time you have to be nice and friendly. Do not try to sell something to these people. Relationship first, shares and anything else later!

Start with a gentle email to see if they are ok with you contacting them.

Hi, Name,

How are you?

I just wanted to let you know that I linked out to an awesome post you wrote on TOPIC. You really nailed the bit about…

Is it ok to send you over the link to my article that features you?


Your Name

If they say yes, then send over the link and ask them for feedback.

Hi, Name,

Here is the link really appreciate this.


If you have a moment, I would love to know what you think?


Your Name

Gentle and to the point!

Perfect for busy bloggers and this is usually enough to get them to share or comment on your post.

Doing this kind of outreach is the best way to bring traffic your way and this is the best way to get traction for your new blog. Anytime you mention someone let them know you have featured them.

For the expert roundup post, you have 20+ people that will more than likely share your content. They have been featured so they will want their audience to know.

So remember to email each and every one of them the link to the finished article to really boost your traffic.

This is a lot of outreach, but doing it will really get your blog off to the best start.

You Need Social Proof To Build Trust!

When you land on a new blog, you read an article or two and your like… this seems pretty legit!

You go down to comments to see there is none, you notice their social profiles are empty, they haven’t even linked to anybody and there is no hint of feedback.

How do we know what they say is true?

Can I trust this person and part with my email or my money?

Getting social proof is easy, comments are a good way to start. This is why I say when you ask friends and family to visit your blog, you should ask them to comment. These first few comments add some social proof!

Now when you ask for feedback from bloggers you are inviting them to give you a testimonial. You have two options, you could ask them to comment or you could type a two sentence testimonial. Being endorsed by an expert in your industry can work wonders when building authority.

Simply send them over your couple of sentences and ask if you can publish it with a  link back to them. Now, most will agree but some won’t, do not be disheartened… They might just want to see a wee bit more from you before they endorse you.

Start building your social proof from day one and then when your traffic starts to grow, you will have endorsements from experts that show what you say is right!

Wrapping It Up

When you devise a strategy and stop writing content aimlessly your setting yourself a firm foundation for success and growth. A blog is really a foundation to encourage people to do business with you.

Visitors coming to your blog and then never returning is pointless, write content that is going to transform your readers into subscribers.

All of these things put together will bring traffic to your new blog, but that is not all. You are preparing your readers to take action and hopefully spend some money.

What are you waiting for, put this content and traffic strategy in place and watch your blog grow.

What are you doing to drive traffic to your blog? Share with me in the comments!

Joe Elliott is the founder of One Man Wiki. He loves to help new and struggling bloggers make a full-time living from their blog. Start building your following and increase your traffic by downloading his Blog Post Promotion Checklist.

28 thoughts on “The Best Traffic Strategy To Quickly Skyrocket Your New Blog”

  1. Hi Junaid,

    I actually wrote an article about creating an expert roundup but I think my next post would be more suitable for your question, it is an ultimate guide to my blogger outreach strategy…

    If you want to see my roundup post you can find it here

    Quick Tips for outreach…

    Reach out via twitter and comment on their blogs to start getting on their radar. Feature expert quotes on other blog posts and let them know, do what you gotta do to get in front of them.

    Once you are on their radar…

    Catchy subject line and put the influencers name in the subject.

    Include social proof in the emails whenever possible. (Mention other influencers that you are featuring in your roundup)

    Tell them briefly why they are a good fit.

    Question has to be short and snappy.

    These are easy tips to implement but they can make a big difference…



  2. Thanks Ravi,

    Great to see you again, how are you my friend!

    Thanks for your kind words. List articles are a great way to get high shares people love them. Skyscraper guide articles are awesome and they can really boost authority…

    This is what new and struggling bloggers need to think of how can I get more authority! Social proof will do the trick!

    Cheers Man


  3. Thanks Gaurav,

    You are absolutely right bounce rate is so important nowadays, the best way to keep people on your blog is to know your audience like the back of your hand.

    Then you can produce content that drives them wild, interlink your posts and make it easy for them to find your best content.

    If you create the content your audience crave converting to subscribers becomes easier trust me.



  4. Hi Joe,

    You have nailed the topic and I would say that it is the best article that I read this morning.

    Most of the bloggers want to make money in their initial phase and thus they failed to target their readers and understand their needs & concerns.

    A blogger who has a precise idea about the targeting visitors can do well in the Blogosphere, do your agree with me?

    I totally agree with your other viewpoints like writing comprehensive content with high-authority outbound links, list post, email outreach and social media presence.

    Driving traffic to a blog is an art and we need to build the links safely and smartly to get high SERPs.

    Thanks for your awesome post, have a good day ahead!
    Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted GreenGeeks Hosting Review – My Unbiased Opinion + Coupon CodeMy Profile

    • Thank you so much, Nirmala for your kind words, glad I started your day off well!

      The points you make are so true… You will never make money if you are not targeting the right people. That be like putting a shoe on someone's dinner plate… would they eat it?

      Thanks Again


  5. This is really an interesting post for all of us. i wish i could have read post like this at that time. Any way this post is perfect for all newbies out there. hope it helps all of them.

  6. Hey Joe,

    I clicked through from my RSS reader because of the title. The title spoke directly to the problem I have with my own blog – which is 'traffic'.

    So the high quality in-depth post is the easy part, yea it takes time to research, outline and write.

    The Expert and List post are next on the list to add to my strategy.

    Wish me luck

  7. Hello Joe,

    This is my first interaction with your blog post. You have done really a fantastic job. Driving traffic to a blog is really a challenging job. The points you have mentioned here are really so helpful for aspirant bloggers. Social Media sites are really so helpful to increase your brand value and help you to build your online presence. Its really so helpful to me. Thanks again for this post.
    Vishwajeet Kumar recently posted Bing Ads Vs Google Adwords which one is better?My Profile

    • Hi Vishwajeet,

      You are so welcome, thank you for your kind words!

      Social media is perfect to get the ball rolling and expand your audience. Nowadays you have to be a bit smarter but you nail it and you could ride the viral wave!



  8. Hi Joe

    So in your title you promised one benefit but in the very beginning broke a good news of another advantage. This is called first pleasing the visitors and then helping their dreams come true.

    It is rightly observed that starting an online business is as easy as ABC but to make it a big success one needs to follow a proper strategy.

    Many thanks for sharing this lovely post.
    Mi Muba recently posted 10 specialized blog comment examples to get free trafficMy Profile

    • Hi Mi

      Thank you for your comment, you are absolutely right… Strategy is exactly what we need to make it successful!



  9. Hey Joe,

    Now-a-days, bloggers come with several ideas to serve audience – it can be entertaining or helpful in nature but from my opinion helpful ideas has its own characteristics to make audience satisfied.

    Helpful or problem solving contents are really very beneficial in developing a healthy realtionships. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best ideology with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

    • Hi Amar,

      I feel a lot of new bloggers are headless blogging, when you fine tune your strategy you can nail it!

      Thanks for your comment



  10. Hi Joe Elliott! Your idea is very interesting to write a blog on a single topic. Other also suggest me that same and I will start my blog as soon as possible.

    Thanks Joe!!

  11. Please i recently moved my blog from blogger to wordpress, at the same time migrated to HTTPS and since then my traffic has gone soo down, please what do u suggest i do to get my traffic back, please i need ur response

  12. Hi Joe, Thanks a ton for this fantastic post! To add to your list another great content format is Infographics. After publishing the infographic one can reach out to relevant bloggers and ask if they can feature the infographic on their website, this will help generate referral traffic.

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