The SEO Alphabet [Infographic]

Search engine optimization is one of the key parts of Internet marketing, but can seem like the most complicated one.

There are, of course, hundreds of articles online trying to explain it and help beginners, but it could take hours to find and read them all. I noticed that when I started learning about SEO.

That’s why, after gathering a lot of experience in doing my own SEO campaigns and for my clients, I decided to list the SEO terms, explain the most important ones and put them into an infographic.


SEO Alphabet was created to help SEO beginners, but also to remind those more experienced about the basics they might have forgotten. When designing the infographic, I had a mental map design in mind. Mental maps are often used for simplifying the learning process. Each letter of the alphabet has one or more terms attached to it.

Without further ado, check out SEO Alphabet infographic below, and learn a thing or two!


36 thoughts on “The SEO Alphabet [Infographic]”

  1. Sue & Sanko,

    What a great info graphic!

    This would have been perfect for me to stick up on the wall when I was learning SEO. In fact i'm hoping I can print it out and put it up on the wall in our office – 1 as a reminder to me, and will also be a great reference point for new staff that come on.

    Love your work.


  2. Hi Sue and Sanko,

    You guys truly have great minds! That's an awesome infographic re: SEO Alphabet.

    W = white hat and WP 🙂

  3. Awesome infographic. Very eye catching, great content. This is a gem. 4.3k shares is not nearly enough. I'll add one more for you.

  4. Wow wonderful article. Just getting started with SEO to help my business take that next step. I know the word is going more digital and its time to make a change.

  5. Wow, thanks for the post! This was a good one. SEO is so incredibly important if you want your website/blog to do well and it's just something that a lot of people don't seem to grasp. Hopefully the way you broke it down makes sense to people 🙂

    I'll be back here for more content like this in the future!

    – Jesse, TechUnmasked

  6. I like your beginning post about SEO, but most of all, the visual can really help embed the concept of SEO in your mind even when you forget as you stated in the article.

    Thank you for posting this.

  7. Whole Digital Marketing in one single chart. This Is really amazing and knowledgeable .Thanks For sharing this really i never see this type of website . i read all your blogs.

  8. Hi Sue and Senko,

    Great SEO post, love the infographic SEO Alphabet. This is beautiful and useful I hope you can put it on Pixabay.


  9. Glad I found your blog, I always thought that inforgraphics are an awesome way to build links. People respond more to images than words.

  10. Absolutely wonderful infographic with great information! It was especially great to see that Deep Linking was included here. Keep up the great work!

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  12. Thanks for sharing, much easier to read your infographic than what other bloggers do. Completely forgot the importance of anchor text, thanks for reminding, I went back and fixed my overoptimization issue, have a good day.

    • Good question. By answering the comment you get another link to your post.

      Thanks for your comment and question, Billy.

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  14. Thanks, buddy for the informative guide but i have a little confused how i can make do follow backlinks.

  15. Awesome and unique infographic! Love this, takes a complicated and in depth subject and gives it an easy to read, fun and not so frightening feel – very useful as a tool for those new to marketing that need a place to start and it looks great too!

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