Do You Want More Traffic? Try These 4 Advanced Strategies

As a blogger, you always want more sales from your blog.

To increase your blog’s overall revenue, you need more traffic. Not just any traffic, it has to be search traffic.

The more organic traffic you get from Google, the easier it is for you to increase your overall income of your blog. Search engine traffic is the most qualified traffic where people are more inclined to buy from you if they find your stuff useful and relevant.

search engine optimization tips

If you are struggling to increase your search traffic, I’ve 4 SEO strategies for you that you can implement on your blogs to get better results.

Are you curious to find out the proven SEO Strategies to boost your organic traffic? Let’s jump into the details.

1. Take Your Link Building Strategies to the Next Level

I know most people are still using the same old link building techniques like blog commenting, forum posting, guest blogging etc. Although they are good places to begin your link building strategies but they are not really effective as you think.

If you want more traffic from Google, you need to think beyond guest posting to build links to your blogs. Here are few most effective ways to attract a lot of backlinks with your content.

Visually Appealing Infographics

Infographics provide a lot of information “quickly”. They attract a lot of people’s attention and online people love Infographics content. They are not only easy to digest but they quickly go viral on social media sites. Not to mention that, creating compelling Infographics is the surefire way to build hundred of quality backlinks.

Either hire someone to design your Infographics or do it yourself. You can use tools like Canva to easily create great Infographics for free. All you need is to pick an interesting topic that creates curiosity among your target audience and provide real data to make them go viral.

Don’t forget to include easy options to embed your Infographics if anyone wants to use them on their sites. That way you can build backlinks without spending a lot of time and energy.

Email Outreach
Link building through email outreach is working like a charm these days. But if you don’t do it right, it can backfire, so make sure you are not sending “sales pitches” or spam emails. If you are wondering how to attract quality links to your sites using email outreach, here are few proven tips for you.

  1. Follow reciprocity. Before you ask anyone to link back to your sites, make sure to first link out to them and do it often. If you are linking out to other bloggers and letting them know about it, you are sure going to attract their attention. Sooner or later they will start appreciating your work and they won’t hesitate linking back to your content if they find it useful to their audience.
  2. Keep your emails short and simple. Don’t write essays or include long and boring paragraphs. They can turn off anyone’s mood and nobody has time to read your long emails. Write with a knife and keep your emails concise if you want to get response.
  3. Use their name. Don’t write random or bulk emails. No one replies to anonymous emails. If you frequently mention their name while writing emails, it can add more value and you will get higher chances of getting a response from others.
  4. Start using Buzzsumo. It’s a great tool for finding relevant prospects. Once you enter any of the relevant keywords that match your target audience, you will come up with a list of top posts. Start pitching them and make sure to add value before you ask anyone to link to your sites.

Skyscraper Technique
Brian Dean introduced the concept of Skyscraper technique. It is widely used and really effective if you want to increase your content exposure. It basically involves in 3 simple steps.

  1. Finding popular content: Go and find out all the popular posts on the top blogs in your niche. Create a list of them and check out what you can do to make them better. You can also use tools like Buzzsumo for finding top posts in any niche by just entering the keywords you want to rank for.
  2. Creating content around it by making it better: Once you have a list of all the popular blog post ideas, make them better. For instance, if “5 tips to get in a better shape” is doing well in your industry, you can create a post something like “50 tips to get a better shape within 3 months”. Are you getting me? You need to make the already proven content even better, detailed and visually appealing.
  3. Promoting it to the right people: Once you have made the content “epic”, reach out to the people who commented on the existing popular posts. Email them if they are interested in linking out to you. That way you can get more social shares, comments, and links.

If you are a beginner and want to learn more about using this technique, you need to go through this article on the Skyscraper technique.

2. Deepen Your Keyword Research

One of the simplest ways to find better ranking keywords for your blog is to start using proper tools. Keyword research tools such as Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro, SEMrush etc can really help you find golden keywords in any niche.

The key here while doing keyword research is to find less competitive long tail keywords. You just can’t aim for the short tail keywords like “SEO”, “SEO training” etc.

You can’t expect to rank in top 10 search results for those keywords because they are highly competitive and are usually targeted by biggest brands and authority blogs in the industry.


If you are wondering what are long tail keywords, let me simplify. Long tail keywords generally contain 3 or 4 or even more keywords in it. For example, “seo training for college students” is a really good long tail keyword with 5 keywords in it.

If you start targeting those long tail keywords to create your blog content, you will soon start noticing more search traffic flowing through to your sites.

Here are few tips for finding long tail keywords that will help you quickly increase your overall website search traffic.

  • Before you even begin your keyword research, come up with a list of all the questions your target audience might type on Google to reach your sites. Once you have a list of all of it, it becomes really easier for you to deepen your keyword research.
  • If you are a beginner, start using Keyword Planner (free tool) for keyword research. Once you get familiar with it, you can go for premium keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro, SEMrush etc to find better keywords. Usually, premium tools give you more features and they make it easier for you to find lots of low competitive keywords.
  • While using long tail keywords for keyword research, make sure to aim at finding the keywords that have monthly search volume between 100 to 2000. Don’t go beyond it and aiming for the highly competitive keywords can make it harder for you to increase your search traffic.

If you are a beginner who doesn’t know anything about keyword research, I suggest you to check out this tutorial on finding better keywords.

3. Harness the Power of Your Email List

Although you can’t directly affect your search rankings with your email list but you can smartly use your list to boost your SEO.

You can use your email list to drive traffic to your new blog posts. If they are compelling enough, they will share your posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Did you know that recently Twitter has given Google access to its tweets. That means, if any of your posts is getting more retweets, it will have better chances for ranking higher in Google.

Whether you already know it or not, increasing your social shares directly impacts your overall search rankings. If any of your web pages are getting more social shares, they tend to rank really higher because Google crawlers give top priority to the “user experience”.

If someone’s sharing your stuff on social media, then there’s definitely a value in your content. Google rewards such content which gets more social engagement.

You could even ask your email subscribers to share your latest content, comment or link to it. If they really like your content and find it informative, they will definitely do the favor.

4. Do an In-Depth Analysis of Your Website’s SEO

Most people wonder why they are not able to see any traffic growth on their sites even after writing quality content.

Are you also one among them? If yes, you might want to conduct a full site audit of your sites.

Doing a full SEO audit of your site can really help you boost your search traffic. It helps you quickly find all your website issues such as not using alt tags, long blog post headlines, using broken links etc.

I use SEMrush for doing a full site audit of my sites. It helps me easily find all the issues my website has and provides all the link building strategies I can use it for spying on my competitors. Here’s a detailed tutorial on using SEMrush to improve your SEO.

You can also use SEO audit tools such as SEOptimer and Raven tools etc to easily find and fix your website issues. Following are the few areas where you need to mostly focus on if you want to boost your website’s SEO.

  • Crawlability issues: Check whether your site has any issues with content crawling. Fix it immediately if you have any crawling or accessibility issues.
  • Content issues: Check whether your content is original or not. Find out if your content is missing any title tags, meta description, too many links etc.
  • Image issues: Check whether the images used in your blog posts or web pages have an ALT tag or not. If not, you need to make sure to include at least one primary keyword to optimize your images.

Final Thoughts on Increasing Your Search Traffic

The better you understand SEO, the faster and better results you will get. The majority of the people who fail to build successful blogs because of just one reason: they just don’t know how SEO works.

If you understand your target audience well and give what they really want through your content, you will always stay ahead of your competitors.

By using the 4 advanced SEO strategies mentioned in this guide, you will be easily able to increase your overall search traffic. Just make sure you are putting more time and efforts to learn the art of writing for people.

Do you have any more SEO strategies in mind that can boost search rankings? Share your thoughts in the comments.

52 thoughts on “Do You Want More Traffic? Try These 4 Advanced Strategies”

  1. Thank you Anil

    When I was using Long Tail Pro (the best keyword tool I've used) I found that I was becoming a bit of a slave to finding that perfect low competition keyword or two and over-optimizing for them which made my writing look a bit wierd. And I didn't even do that well ranking for them in the end anyway.

    Since then I've stopped obsessing quite so much over keyword research and find that I'm now writing more naturally and regularly, and like you say for people. I pay some attention to SEO and focus keywords via the Yoast plugin, while I don't follow it's prescriptive recommendations to the letter, I do find it helpful to quickly optimize my posts to some degree.

    I like the suggestion of doing an SEO audit though. So I may sign up to SEMrush's free trial and run their site audit.


    • Keyword research is extremely important. But keyword stuffing is not.

      Don't stuff the keywords. Instead of it, optimize your posts by using just one or two times with the long tail keywords that you want to target in headlines, image alt tags, meta description etc. That's enough to get better rankings. But also make sure to get incoming links to those pages to make them rank well.

  2. This is a terrific post. We always love your content, but have a hard time finding time to implement your ideas. We spend so much time working in our business that we find it hard to even set up a blog let alone post great content to it. Aside from paying someone tons of money to do all of this for us, what can we do to get more traffic if these tips seem out of reach? Thanks!

    • It is hard to do everything, I agree. Write great content and write guest posts and roundup posts for Traffic. Do one-page SEO and social media (your favorite one, maybe two. Then add in one thing at a time and see if it helps.


  3. I have problem also in this seo…i think i was writing good content…and it was improved day by day..but still dont have trafik….


    I like the point of doing seo audit on my site.will try to do in my website.


    I will get back to this article to explore more on this topic.


    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Anil, this is awesome. I got to admit I started well with doing blogger outreach but it takes an enormous amount of effort and time. Now I love the skyscraper technique you mentioned, wow what an awesome idea. I can already think of half a dozen posts that I've read from around the web that I can create better versions of.

    I'm also using Long Tail Pro to help find keywords on topics worth writing about, but again my experience with keyword research is pretty limited.

    I recently carried out a content audit on my blog, and whilst doing so I did a keyword analysis for my blog. I was able to improve a lot of the content that had poor SEO score, and this combined with my content audit really increased my search engine traffic.

    Thanks again for such a useful post. All the best for now – Fabrizio

    • Blogger outreach takes A LOT of time. Agreed. But it is well worth the effort.

      Content site audit is one thing that gives you profitable blog post ideas. And getting more out of your content strategy.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. I've been working on increasing my search traffic, and it's definitely a lot of work. Recently, I've been seeing results, so it looks to be paying off.

    I think the best thing I've done to increase my search traffic is to use long tail keywords with low competition.

    I'll be taking your advice and checking out SEMrush. I'm interested in having a full SEO audit. I'm betting that would be very helpful.

    • Long tail keywords are golden. Always. They are low hanging fruits.

      Just make sure to use the right tools such as SEMrush, Long Tail Pro etc to find low competitive keywords. Then, it all boils down to your content.

  6. Excellent tips for search engine optimization. Nice to see that you've mentioned all the elements like on-page, off-page, and on-site. Those link building strategies tip actually works like a charm. Although Dean's link building method does take time but it's worth it.

    Email is and will be an excellent source of conversion and instant traffic for a long time. Overall, a very actionable tips a. Keep the great work up.

  7. Hello Anil,

    Proper Keyword research and email outreach are two vital factors which you have shared here. One one hand proper keyword research can drive good number of organic traffic where on the other hand email outreach can help in promotion and affiliate sales.

    Thanks for mentioning all crucial points in the article.

  8. Hi Anil,

    First of all, thanks to Sue for hosting this wonderful post.

    SEO is not everybody's favorite thing to do, but it's really important to get people to know what you're up to.

    So this is a great guide to go by. Get started and just integrate it into the way you do business from this point forward.

    Yea, make this a turning point 🙂

    Now, I confess to using SEO sparingly, but I really like your suggestions about using infographics, email marketing and social shares as part of your overall strategy. Those things appeal to me because, let's face it, we want the free traffic from the Search Engines… but first and foremost, we want to give our readers great info that improves their lives in some way.

    By making those 3 things part of your SEO strategy, you're actually improving your ability to get noticed because you're contributing great content.

    I think people often shy away from SEO because they think it's all metrics, but you've shown great ways to make it much more than that, too.


    • And I always get excited when I see that you have stopped by and taken the time to comment, Donna!

      Thanks so much,

    • Hi Donna, glad to see you around here.

      SEO is hard. Especially in the beginning no one likes that complicated stuff.

      But it's a lot of fun once you start getting results.

      Just make sure to write great content that your audience are craving for, use the right keywords and try to find out creative ways to get links that content. That's it! Your search traffic will skyrocket.

  9. Anil,

    These are some great tips. I think you nailed it when you discussed email outreach.

    You can make an incredible Infographic or skyscraper-style post, but if you don't do the actual emailing, you'll never land high-quality links.

    Quick question: how many people does a "regular Joe" (who does not have the benefit of getting linked to solely because of reputation) normally have to email before s/he can expect to start hearing positively back and getting links (assuming s/he has made a terrific piece of content)?

    Thanks again for this great post!

    • I'll throw my two cents in also. Try to share their content first on social media and send a complimentary email before asking for help sharing a post, Bob. Then I get great response to my emails (about 70%). Much better than sending cold emails, right?


      • Wow. I second you Sue.

        Before seeking help from someone else, make sure to first help them first.

        Follow them on social media, start sharing their stuff, link out to them frequently, send emails – then write epic content and let them know. Chances are, you will get links or at least shares from other bloggers.

  10. Thanks for such a valuable post . Its totally different from every other post .Great work done . Your post shows all your effort and great experience towards your work . I am feeling very confident about seo after reading that post . I am very thankful to you . Its my request please post more and more post . Really its a knowledgeable and great post .

  11. Hey, These Are Such Amazing Tips, Specially The Link Building Strategies You've Shared Are Superb. I'm Gonna Follow These Strategies.

    thank you And Keep writing Useful Articles.

  12. I just love to always contribute, really dont know why… Heres my contribution, to increase your search traffic, Make Your Blog Sticky

    With the changes to the way Google works out search engine rankings, it’s no longer enough to throw a few keywords around your posts and get a few backlinks happening. Google is now looking closely at other factors relating to visitor activity on your blog.

    These include monitoring time-on-site and pages visited on your site.

    So it’s not enough to generate traffic to your blog, sign them up on your opt-in form or

    page and then send them on their way. You need to make your blog sticky enough

    that visitors will want to hang around and read what you have to say. You’ll also want to encourage them to dig deeper into your content archives and see what else they can learn from you while they’re already there.

    Not only does this keep those people on your site longer, but it also increases your page

    views at the same time. These have already become important considerations for how Google views your site, so keep them in mind.

    • Wow, great insights.

      I also recommend you NOT to give too much emphasis on keyword stuffing. Always make sure to optimize your posts both for Google and readers and your search traffic will grow in the long run.

      And don't forget to build links from other blogs as they are vital.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Absolutely amazing article on search engine optimization, I think it's all about experiments which you do on your blogs to optimize them. Nobody going to tell you in-depth how to rank anything or optimize but Anil has mentioned all the crucial points which you need to focus on.

    Thank you so much Anil and other contributors on the comments section.

  14. This is a well-written article that you've put together on Sue's blog, Anil.

    These four strategies are essential for getting traffic to your blog.
    I see you added Brian's famous skyscraper technique in this post, it's very effective.

    And while we should do blogger outreach, it's also key to use SEO for your blog for organic traffic.

    I loved reading this post Anil, I will share and bookmark it! 🙂


    • Yea, the Skyscraper technique has been around a while and attracting a lot of buzz.

      It's effective, simple and anyone can implement it to get the best rewards from Google. Thanks so much for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions.

  15. Hi Anil,

    Super wonderful entry you've got here.

    Personally, I'll deployed all the tips in this entry either directly for my numerous blogs or for clients (when I handle their SEO challenges for them).

    As a SEO expert however, I have observed that many of the organic traffic challenges my clients have are based on:

    1. Poorly coded free WP themes

    2. The so called SEO plugins

    3. Poor site authority.

    First, poorly coded themes do not allow search bots the much needed free access to a site as they should have. This means, the 'gates' are locked fully or partially. When such happens, many otherwise excellent entries on such a site cannot get indexed or show up in search.

    The solution to this is to check out and only use the best premium themes available today. A great example is the Genesis framework, used with any of the numerous premium child themes.

    Second, the so called SEO plugins have misled many newbies instead of helping them. These plugins suggest and suggest to a point that one's writing ceases to ring natural and instead, takes the mechanical route.

    Sadly, organic traffic comes to the authors who know how to write in a natural manner while including their keywords in their content in a brilliant fashion. Personally, I teach my students the basics of onpage SEO and ask them to shun the SEO plugins…

    …so far, this has worked brilliantly.

    Finally, it is worth pointing out that, with all the 'SEO steps' taken, some sites would still not rank even for the low competition keywords. The reason? Little or no authority. The solution is to build and develop authority/trust signals like the DA/PA, an authoritative link profile (not all links are created equal) etc.

    Then, and only then, will the bulk of Webmasters/bloggers smile, 'organically'.

    Sue, thanks for hosting this wonderful guest of yours.

    You two, do make the day great!


    Akaahan Terungwa

    • Great points.

      I always recommend my readers to buy a search friendly premium theme (I never recommend them using a free theme). SEO plugins such as LTP, SEMrush, Yoast are really good but one should also note that they should not try everything under the sun.

      Thanks so much for letting out your inputs with your comments. It's so much helpful.

      Keep coming back!

  16. I am brand new to blogging. Thank you for this helpful information. Understanding SEO is like exploring new territory, I hope to learn more on my blogging journey.

  17. When I start a new website, getting traffic is a thing that can't be missed. For short terms, social networking is a good method to get more visitors, especially Reddit.

    But for long terms, optimize your articles to get more organic traffic is the best method.

  18. Hey Anil,

    Link building is something I've been thinking a lot about recently.

    I've done some email outreach and it has been working incredibly.

    I like point #2. Keyword research is something I don't do a lot of, but I know I should.

    I've never done an in-depth analysis of my blog before. Maybe it's something I should consider.

    Thanks for the great tips!

    • Keyword research is a very important. It will show us how many searches we will have and how hard to get it rank in search engines. My simple tip to do keyword research is find competitors, and then use Semrush to analyze the whole website and get potential keywords.

    • If you are not doing keyword research yet, you should do it asap.

      Not only it can help you boost your search traffic but it also gives you lots of chances to boost your sales. If you want any more help, feel free to ask here.

      Keep rocking!

  19. Hi Anil,

    Thank you for the wonderful tips revealed in this post. I'm actually new to blogging and not really familiar with the concept of SEO and link building. I hope to learn more about and I think I'll have to checkout this blog regularly so as to achieve that. I agree with you on the issue of email list. I have a couple of subscribers on my blog, not much though, but I must say the result I'm seeing with such small number of subscribers is overwhelming.

    Once again thanks for sharing this article, keep the good work going.

  20. It’s really a long and informative blog post about increasing traffic. There are many new things which I have learned from here.

    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Thank you for sharing some extremely powerful and

    practical advice Anil!

    I particularly like and know I can apply your very first strategy!

    Because even as non techie as I am, I can definitely

    use Canva!

    And i can consistently create some helpful infographics.

    All for advanced strategies are extremely eye opening. Thanks

    so much for sharing them! And thanks Sue, you always over deliver,

    with regards to sharing extremely practical content!

  22. Hi Anil Bro,

    First of all, I want to many many thanks to you for these four SEO tactics which mentioned here. Yes, most of bloggers didn't know the exact link building techniques, and I'm one of them. It's the very hard stage of blogging to get natural and effective backlinks to boost organic traffic.

    Thanks again for sharing such awesome guide.

  23. Hi Anil,

    Infographics are an awesome way to create natural backlinks and also drive manual traffic. People are more keen on exploring information through them. Also thank you for discussing about the tips for effective email outreach.

  24. Hi Anil. I enjoyed your post. I agree that it is always a good idea to check and refine your keyword strategy. I really liked your suggestion about getting help from your email list. They are already on your side if they have joined your list, so why not ask them for help every now and then, as long as you don't abuse. Great advice.

  25. Absolutely amazing article on search engine optimization, I think it’s all about experiments which you do on your blogs to optimize them. Nobody going to tell you in-depth how to rank anything or optimize but Anil has mentioned all the crucial points which you need to focus on.

    Thank you so much Anil and other contributors on the comments section.

  26. Hi Anil !

    Great article. 🙂

    These 4 methods will really help me to take my blog next level. Thanks for sharing such a valuable article.

    -Ravijit Chavda

  27. Search engine optimization is definitely something which can help us not only gain more traffic but increase number of leads or sales. Your tips are helpful for all no matter a beginner or pro blogger.

  28. Hello Anil,

    I appreciate your effort put the things together in this post. Every point which you are mentioned in the above content are certainly true. In my opinion social media networking also may helps to increase the site visitors as because the today world is working through online. So what you say Anil? Am I right?

  29. Hi Anil,

    Thank you for sharing the content. The way of your representation is very impressive also very easy to make other about what you are actually saying. I also read about the "Skyscraper Technique" and applied this technique to one of my Blog. It created little changes in my Blog. I was still waiting for the good results with it.

  30. Absolutely amazing article on search engine optimization, I think it’s all about experiments which you do on your blogs to optimize them. Nobody going to tell you in-depth how to rank anything or optimize but Anil has mentioned all the crucial points which you need to focus on.

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