It’s Time To End The Confusion And Discover The Simple, Step-by-Step Way To Create A Profitable Blog...month after month.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You’re sitting on a plateau with your blog. You know there are things you could do differently. The problem is, you’re not really sure what those things are.  
  • Or maybe you are in the very early stages of blogging. And no matter what, you are struggling to stay afloat…  
  • Or you’ve spent money on countless products and courses which just resulted in wasting your time and focus. 

If any of these ring true, trust me, I get it. It's really not your fault. You've had outdate info to work from.

Not to mention, I also found myself stuck in a rut at each stage. So yes, I know exactly what you are going through.

In fact, my specialty is helping people who are in this exact position, break through to the next level.

I can't count the number of times someone has said something like this to me:  

"During my first coaching call with Sue, I knew I had made the right choice to work with her as a brand new blogger. Sue's motivation helped me to identify my target audience for my blog, write my first 3 posts, and create my first optin freebie within one week!"  


"Well, before Sue, my blog traffic was horrible. I was getting 4-5 readers a day. Thanks to Sue, I published my first round-up post. The day it was published I got just under 450 visitors and the next day, I got 1350!" 

and even:  

"As a new blogger, Sue was instrumental in my learning curve. Having each call just added to my knowledge base and has propelled me onto the road of building a successful blog." 

When I first started I out, I didn't know how to build a foundation for a real blogging business, I didn't know how to earn money with my blog consistently over time, and I didn't have a plan to put in place or even a goal to work towards.

Nothing was working out for me. I was ready to quit after 4 and 1/2 months of blogging and convinced I would never be able to build a real sustainable blogging business.

I followed course after course. I was constantly hemorrhaging money.

Do you know what I’m talking about? 

Have you...

  • also spent money on countless products which just resulted in wasted time and lost focus?
  • spent endless days of going around in circles, trying to bring in readers which led to confusion and frustration.
  • put so much energy into your blog getting just minimal exposure with not many people seeing your offers.

Like I said, that was definitely my issue....

Until One Day, Everything Took A Turn For The Better...

I'd been in the dark for so many months, it's no wonder I was ready to throw in the towel.

It all changed when I found the right mentor to help me discover how to consistently grow my income each month.

Because of this, I'm now able to work on my own time whenever and wherever I want. I can spend more time with my friends and family and I'm very lucky that I can be my own boss.

The thing is, I talk to bloggers every day who desire this also.

People who want to achieve their goals, without making one mistake after another. Who want to be able to finally build a real, sustainable, blogging business.

Back when I was sitting in your position, I would've loved to have someone fast track me through all the junk I had to go through in my first five months.

Giving me a direct road map to show me the right way to do things, without wasting so much time and money, would've helped me get to this point sooner.

Which is why I'd like to do that for you.

Here's what I'm introducing to you...

It's called...

A 4-month one-on-one coaching program that will take you to where you want to be...making (more) money. And it's easy, fun, rewarding and profitable.

What my clients are saying... 

For Those Who Are Ready - Here’s What’s In It For You

Now, remember, this is going to be your journey. This will guarantee you build a solid foundation.

Here’s just some of what you and I will cover: 

A 90-minute one-on-one Kickoff Call to craft your irresistible online offer to start selling to your audience. (This is the part where you transform from confused to excited and empowered.) 

For the first month of coaching, we meet twice a week. (To get you and your blog ready for more traffic & sales). We will then meet weekly for the remaining months of coaching. (This is the part where I hold your feet to the fire, troubleshoot any problems and build your strategy.) 

You will receive the recordings for each call. (so you can repeat this success formula every time you want to sell a new offer). 

Plus you'll get...

  • surprise bonuses when you complete certain assignments (these are hush-hush, but I can tell you that they are goodies that will help you with the promotion of your offer) 
  • My priority client-only email address and text number. (This is the part where you have someone on YOUR side every day. PLUS valuable connections for joint ventures, i.e. roundup posts) 
  • Plus a bonus training: My “Roundup Posts: Attract More Traffic & Subscribers". 

Ready to go full time with your blogging business and achieve your financial & personal goals?

Now, I have no doubt that you’re smart enough to get these results on your own.

The problem is time and money. You can continue on your path of trying and failing and going around in circles to achieve your goals.


You can work with me and learn quickly, with the least amount of expensive mistakes.

But don’t worry.

Every penny you invest will give you an even bigger return because you will have access to the same techniques that took me months to master.

Back when I started, I read book after book, listened to audio after audio, went to webinar after webinar, made one expensive mistake after another... and then FINALLY! I hit it and was able to achieve my goals and then some!

With this one-on-one coaching program, you'll save years of trial and error and thousands of dollars making the mistakes I made when I was new.

To be one of the two new clients I take this quarter, click one of the buttons below.


But… You Have To Take Action To Get Real Results

No matter what stage you are at, you need to take action to see the results you are looking for.

I can only take 2 new coaching clients for this quarter.

I’m doing this because I want to dedicate the time to help you take action and get successful quickly. [Plus, most of my clients stay with me even after this program is over!]

I am looking for action takers and doers. I want people who want to get to the next level.

I am here, ready and waiting to push you forward. All you need to do is choose your payment plan and click below to get started on the path to change your life forever and never look back.

Before you go, I wanted to send out a big thank you for reading this.

I’m truly excited for you to get started with Successful Blogging's Accelerator Coaching and to see your results. If you'd like to speak to me on the phone before you join, I'd be glad to do it. Feel free to drop me an email at 

Talk to you soon, Sue 

P.S. You can skip over this offer and keep doing the same things that you have been doing...but then you’ll stay right where you are. Start achieving the results you deserve right now. Join Successful Blogging's Accelerator Coaching now.


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