4 Essential Blog Promotion Strategies

When it comes to growing a popular and successful blog, most beginner bloggers make the same mistake: They focus on writing a lot of content, rather than promoting their blogs to grow their audiences.

While it is important to create high-quality content, you should be spending 20% of your time writing and 80% of your time promoting your posts.

Here are a few of the best ways to get your writing out there and seen by a larger audience.

1. Maximize the power of social media

You can always tell who knows what they’re doing on social media and who doesn’t, just by looking at a blogger’s profile and posts. When it comes to succeeding on social media, you must do these 3 things:

Know where your audience hangs out.

If your audience is on Facebook, focus on growing your Facebook page and maximizing your reach there. If they are hanging out on Twitter, spend most of your time writing great tweets and learning about hashtags. First and foremost, you want to be where your audience is. Don’t waste your time promoting yourself where you won’t be seen by the right people.

Write engaging posts that are optimized for specific platforms.

Learn what goes into a great Facebook post, a viral tweet, a shareable pin, etc, and then optimize your posts for each social media platform.

If you share the same post across all of your social media platforms, you won’t get the traction you want, so take the time to learn the different platforms and how to use them effectively.

Include beautiful photos that are sized for that platforms where they’re being shared.

For every blog post I publish, I have images for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media posts with images get noticed and shared a lot more than those without, so take the time to make your promotion visual.

2. Join blogging communities

There are lots of communities that are designed to help you get more eyes on your blog. Each of them works a little differently, but if you take the time to not only share your own posts but give back to the community as well, you will get great results.

Get started on Triberr

Triberr is a community where you join tribes, share other people’s blog posts, and connect your RSS feed so that they can share yours, as well.Pinterest group boards

Join relevant Pinterest group boards and pin your posts to them regularly. It’s best not to pin to all of them at once, but to space your pins out throughout the week. If you’re looking for a board to join for posts about blogging, request to join my group board, Blogging Pros Group Board.

Facebook groups

Many bloggers use Facebook groups to not only promote their blog post but to build relationships with their audience members as well. Join Facebook groups in your niche to get information about what your readers are interested in, and participate in sharing threads to get your posts seen. For more on how to use Facebook groups to grow your blog, read this post.

3. Build relationships with influencers

The best way to get your content seen is to build relationships with influencers who have audiences larger than yours. You can do that by commenting on their blogs, creating roundup posts, and guest posting.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  7 Branding Guidelines You Need To Define For Your Blog

Blog commenting

Write down 20 influencers you want to connect with, and comment on 2–4 blogs daily. But don’t just write short generic comments. Write comments that the influencers will notice. The best blog comments not only help you build relationships with influencers – they also get the attention of other potential readers.

Roundup posts

To make a roundup post, choose a question that your audience is very interested in, and ask a group of experts to answer the question in 300 words or less. Then put all of their answers into a post, along with links to the influencers’ blogs.

When you publish the post, email all the experts and let them know it’s live. Many of them will share it with their audiences – getting you in front of lots of people you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Read this for an example of an epic roundup post.

Guest posting

I recommend that beginner bloggers write just 2 blog posts on their own blogs each month. Why? Because they should be spending most of their time guest posting on other blogs. Guest posts get you in front of a larger audience.

Once you’ve commented on an influencer’s blog and included them in a roundup post, you can reach out and ask them if you can guest post on their blog.

4. Promote old posts

Many bloggers make the mistake of promoting their posts right after they are written, and then letting them collect dust in their blog archives without ever promoting them again. Big mistake. You’ve put the work into writing a terrific post – why not turn it into a continuous traffic generator?

Cross-link between blog posts

Have you noticed that almost every tip in this article links to another post from my blog? I’ve published a lot of valuable content over time, and I want you to be able to find it and benefit from it. By linking to old posts, I add value to this post and I get more eyes on my other content as well.

Repurpose your content

If you’ve published a blog post that has gotten a lot of positive attention and feedback, think about repurposing and sharing it on new platforms. Create an infographic to go with it, or make a slide deck that you can share on SlideShare. For example, I turned one of my blog posts into a slide deck and have gotten over 100k views of it. How can you leverage your old content?

Promote your old posts on social media

One of the best ways of getting more value from your old posts is by continuing to promote them on social media. You can use Tailwind to loop your old pins on Pinterest and Edgar to create a content calendar that constantly gets shared and re-shared.

If you want to grow your traffic and your audience quickly, take time to promote your blog every single day. By using these pro tips, you will have a successful blog in no time.

What do you do to promote your blog? Share in the comments below.

64 thoughts on “4 Essential Blog Promotion Strategies”

  1. Thanks for this great info. I've been blogging for a while and now to promote my new book, and I need to focus on the promoting, as you say, more than the writing. But I'm a writer and don't like doing the "dirty work." I appreciate the reminder.

  2. Hello!

    Fantastic strategies, Cross link between posts is certainly a game changer. I, myself is proof. and I never knew that guest posting is so important,,.,.thanks for the information.

  3. Hi Sue,

    These promotion strategies are simply great and very useful. These strategies sound traffic booster for every blog. I also want to add one more to this great list Be Active in online Forums. Thanks for sharing…


  4. Hey Sue,

    I had to bang it in to my head that promotion was more powerful than continuously pushing content. I finally started connecting and promoting.

    I used the strategy presented by Eli Seekins in his guest post on SB and the majority of bloggers I reached out to responded warmly and were extremely helpful. I'll be putting together a report of my results to share at the end of next week.

    The next phase is re purposing content. I've been studying how Gary Vaynerchuk does it. He gets SO much mileage out of his content it's nuts. So do you!

    Thanks for the helpful tips.

  5. These 4 Essential Blog Promotion Strategies is hot cake to promote your blog or website.

    For example, since i became a blogger some months back, i use Facebook groups promotion to promote and post my blog post MANUALLY in 100 different facebook groups within 2 days because you can only post to 50 groups per day ( as Social Media Manager on Fiverr, i practice what i preach) for massive exposure, which definitely generating traffic to my blog.

    Also, am using Pinterest to pin my pictures or photo and likewise Blog commenting where i get traffic coming from Enstine's Blog and other blogs am active.

    Recently, i have been using Cross link between blog posts which had increased the time rate the visitors use on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing these Blog Promotion Strategies.


  6. Hey Sue,

    The two things that I see most small businesses struggle with are:

    – Changing messages for each social platform.

    – Promoting old content.

    A lot of entrepreneurs just prefer to shotgun the exact same text/image across all platforms and don't take care to realize that people on Twitter want to see something different than a person on Facebook or Pinterest. Thanks for calling this one out because I find my success rates go up greatly when I customize my message for the specific platforms.

    Promoting old content is another brilliant suggestion. I think people just forget about this one. It's such an easy thing to do compared to writing something new. Promoting old content is just so important to the overall success of your website. This is also why it is important to not write the same article multiple times. Before you write an article, consider if you've already written it before, or something really similar. It might be better to update that older piece of content and re-promote it as a more comprehensive and authoritative piece.

  7. Hi Sue Anne,

    Yes, excellent stuff. Beautifully concise blog packed full of good strategies. We focus heavily on Twitter due to the significant size of our audience there. Our strategy is to have a pre-prepared pool of content ready to copy paste and schedule out to our audience. We also a large collection of high quality branded visual media to attach to each SM post. The combination of the two gives an almost infinite number of posting options so that no two tweets (or whatever) will ever look the same!

    My takeaway here form your blog here is to have a good look through my old media of 300+ blogs and select the besties for re-posting in with our media. Love it.

    Have a good weekend, David

  8. Hi Sue,

    First time here.

    Sure, these points are the essential ones. I agree with you, especially, guest blogging, but I haven't tried it yet.

    Planning to do so, soon.

    Blog comments? I opened mine recently.

    Hoping to do more.

    Thanks for sharing, Sue.

    Francis Quarshie recently posted Want to Get More Blog Comments? This is howMy Profile

    • Pinterest sends a lot of traffic to blogs – you'll see the results, Babs.

      Thanks for your comment.

  9. Hi Sue Anne – thanks so much for mentioning Triberr in this blog post. Humbling to be part of anyone's successful promotion strategy. Love seeing how bloggers take advantage of the power of the community. Cheers.

  10. Hey Sue Mam,

    That's a nice info for sure. Social media can get us shares and sometimes backlinks too.

    Recently I found a website which tells the popularity of any hashtag on social media, it is something like hashtagify.me, I used Buffer to set the appropriate posting time and used hashtags by doing a research on this website, it gave better results. There may be more tools like that, in case you haven't tried it yet, just try it.

    Thank You,

    Karan From Focusandl recently posted Most Trusted Esign Services to Sign Documents OnlineMy Profile

  11. Thank you for all this info, Sue. We are actually on holiday in the south of France but I just had to read this article via your email. I'm looking forward to exploring the links and your older posts when we get back to 'work' next week!

    I like to read a lot about how to make our blog more successful, but you've introduced many new ways in this one post, I'm going to be making notes!

    With best wishes for continued blogging success for you, your readers and, of course… us! 🙂
    Nina recently posted Our 10 top tips for learning French whilst living in France.My Profile

  12. Hey Sue,

    There are many blogs running on the world wide web. But are they all successful? I don't think so. To make a blog popular, there are many aspects to look upon.

    Connecting with the influencers is really important if you want to build a strong position in the blogosphere. Blog commenting is always the best thing to do.

    An informative post indeed.

    Enjoy the day.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted How To Delete WordPress From Your Website Using cPanel?My Profile

  13. With the strong presence of social media and huge number of email subscribers it become more easy to spread the word about new post, product or service. Bloggers outreach is also one of the most effective tool to make your content get shared and likes by more readers.

    Your tips are always influential. I believe that you should also write a post about how to get published on huffingtonpost.
    Vikki Kotlarz recently posted 15 Minutes on eAskme Daily to Change Your Life : Contest & GiveAwayMy Profile

  14. Wow Sue!

    Your four proven tips are pretty awesome!And extremely practical Sue.

    And you can sort of use each proven strategy, and or a combination

    of one or two of them,and build on each other.

    Because building strong relationships with influential bloggers,

    and ultimately get guest blogging opportunities, seem to go hand in

    hand.Thanks! As usual, you've offered some incredibly sound and proven advice!
    Mark recently posted Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Should Treat Their Business Like A TV Series Not The Movies!My Profile

  15. Hi Sue,

    A very useful information. I personally like point #1 as social platforms are the best way to get more engagements.


  16. Nice article.The points u covered is very fruitful ,now a days promotion is best option to earn like and hits.Thanks for such article very much.

  17. Thank you for the wonderful post! I just started my blog to promote my freelance writing as well as share my personal writing. Reaching out to other bloggers to guest post for them will have to be my next step!

  18. Hi Sue,

    I was thinking about getting on with a couple of things that you have mentioned here (which I have still not explored).

    Getting started on Triberr and Guest posting.

    I have heard a lot about Triberr, even created an account long back but have hardly used it. It looks a great place to connect with like-minded people (checked out the infographic as well). I will start exploring it right away.

    A lot of bloggers advocate for guest posting and you are right as well. It can actually help in substantially expanding your reach along with getting noticed by relevant people. The second thing that I need to get started on 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this excellent post, Sue. Have a great day ahead!

    ~ Arpit Roy
    Arpit Roy recently posted Blog Commenting: Tips & Marketing GuideMy Profile


    First I would like to thank for the nice article. These essential things will definitely bring more readers to their blog by adopting the guidelines. Guest posting, blog commenting and cross link between the posts will produce better results as you mentioned in the post.
    Aravinth recently posted LiquidWeb Coupon: Maximum Discount Promo CodeMy Profile

  20. Hello, Sue!

    Great tips, as always useful inforamtion simplified to push thoughts into the right direction. Can't help becoming a fan little by little. Thank you for that!

    I wonder, what's your opinion on giveaway-ish blog promotion strategy? Is it really helpful for new visitors attraction?

    Would appreciate your answer. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

    With respect,

    Kaiden Hall

    • I have done several giveaways – it depends on how targeted the prize is for your audience. They have worked well for me.


  21. Hi sue!

    I think this is my first time on your blog. How ever when ever I see post like this I see things that are already discussed more then 1000 times already.

    But you have discussed few things that are new to me like tribes community, and you are right about new blog authors they don't really spend a lot of time promoting what they wrote. (including me)

    Usman Nasir recently posted 5 Steps to secure newly installed web serverMy Profile

  22. Valuable tips. Too many content creaters still do 80-20 create-promote mistake. We should all spend more time promoting valuable content we already have.

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