How to Monetize Your Blog with Advertising (Live from Problogger Event)

live-bloggingToday I’m at the Problogger Conference in Melbourne, Australia where over 300 bloggers have gathered to listen, learn, and share blogging tips.

We’ll also be meeting, greeting and taking copious notes.

I’ll be sharing my notes here live from the event so, even if you’re not here in person, you can still get all the hot blogging tips instantly and share a bit of the excitement.

Let’s get to it.

How to Monetize Your Blog with Advertising – with Phoebe Montague

Phoebe is a full-time blogger and teaches blogging.

How do you find advertisers for your blog?

What you know and love is a great place to start and there are a lot of advertising opportunities within that niche.

Be ready to cold call, say you’ve used their product, once you get some advertisers people will start coming to you but you need to have blog traffic before you can monetize and get interest from advertisers.

Always carry a business card, spruik your blog, tell people what you do, no one else will.

See who’s advertising on other blogs and targetting blogs or blog readers.

Go local. Advertisers like that.

Ad agencies like NuffNang in Australia, BlogHer or Google Ad networks, can help you find advertisers and cut out a lot of the work.

You won’t get the big campaigns to begin with but they will come if you do a good job for the agency and your sponsors.

On the negative side you may lose control over your content, you will be paid on a 30-90 day basis. You may alienate advertisers that don’t work with the network.

Phoebe takes payment in advance.

She has fostered relationships with advertisers saying she’d like to meet them and building on it from that.

How do you put a value on yourself or your blog?

Create a professional-looking media kit.

Keep the design clean, promote yourself:

“Why you will love Lady Melbourne”

Advertisers are investing their time and money in you so don’t be afraid to make yourself sound as good as you are.

Add testimonials.

Add media mentions, get mentioned in print.

Create a rate card at a glance. This is on her blog but the media kits has more details.

Show them the advertising options and add terms and conditions. You can basically copy or adopt these from someone else’s media kit.

These days monetization isn’t such a dirty word but how do you grow and keep up those relationships?

1. Be clear about what you will and won’t do. If you’re unsure about if an advertiser is the right fit for your blog talk to them about it. (I just rejected an advertiser for this reason – Annabel)

2. Be polite. Many thanks for considering me for your latest campaign. The X XXX looks gorgeous but it’s not the right fit for my audience. Many thanks for thinking of XXXX blog name. Warmest, YOUR NAME

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3. Respond to every email.

4. Meet people face to face where you can.

5. Advertisers live a little extra tweets, Facebook, updates and newsletters. Nurture that relationship.

6. However, do not work for free. Get used to saying no more than you say yes.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Recommends Natalie


– Money

– It’s okay to endorse products you believe in

– You can prove long-term relationships

– You will experience things otherwise not available and you may get exclusive content.


– If you choose something that’s the wrong fit your readers will let you  know about it.

– Once you’ve been paid you are working for them.

– You have to meet deadlines so not as much flexibility.

How to do sponsored blog posts well

Write in your normal tone and be you.

Be honest and enthusiastic, not fake.

Include a lot of photos – advertisers love photos.

Only take on sponsored posts from products you’d buy or use.

Add value to your readers – do giveaways.

Create a win-win-win for you, your advertisers and your readers.

Warning: Blogging income slows in January and February

There is a lot of work with giveaways – taking photos, writing, sending prizes so now Phoebe charges $150 for giveaways and they are the easiest way to make money on the blog. The condition is the readers get a prize and Phoebe gets the product too.

If someone asks if she can be paid in shoes she replies when I find a landlord who will take rent payment in shoes:)


Who should I contact? The media department

What about if you have a global audience but the prizes are restricted to local readers – how do you avoid alienating your global audience?

Tell the client they will get a better result if they post overseas. If not alternate the giveaways, one week local only, one week international.

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  1. A lot has been written on the topic of making money online from blogs. There is a lot of wonderful information out there – but also a lot of hype and sometimes dangerous information.

  2. Annabel, great post. Someone told me that with targeted advertising, say link advertising, it affects your Google rankings and my brother who is an expert with Google SEO said that's not true. What are your thoughts please? Thank you!

  3. When talking about blog monetisation, I always think in affiliate marketing for setting a stable revenue stream and then do a higher amount of money once in a while with specific campaigns from advertisers.

    The thing with affiliate marketing, honestly, is a pain in the ass (sorry), but recently started to use a tool called, have you heard about?

    Basically is solving the pain of managing multiple affiliate networks, and in my opinion in a beautiful way.

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