7 Things that Influential Bloggers Are Doing that You’re Not

influenceIf you’ve been blogging for a while, you know that writing a blog post is easy… but accumulating a large following and becoming influential is not.

When I started blogging, I probably made many of the same mistakes as everyone else. But I adjusted my approach as time went on and my results improved noticeably.

I’ve also reached out to a lot of bloggers, ranging from newbies to highly influential people with massive followings, so I’ve gotten to know quite a few people.

So what exactly is it that influential bloggers are doing that you’re not. If you’re struggling with growing your blog, then you’re probably not doing one or more of these things:

1. Taking Action Instead of Writing All the Time

The most successful bloggers are true experts in their fields. That means that they don’t just blog all the time, but instead spend a good amount of time taking action.

For example, a well-known food blogger spends a good amount of time cooking and trying out new recipes and the bloggers you admire in the online marketing niche are actively testing out new marketing ideas or using the techniques that they write about on their own business.

A few topics that I can write about authoritatively now include the following:

– SEO for blogging – Because I grew my search traffic by over 1,310% in 2014.

– Pinterest marketing – Because my e-commerce Pinterest account ranks #1 for the highly competitive keyword “baby shower” on Pinterest search

– LinkedIn Publishing – Because I’ve gotten hundreds of followers and subscribers from LinkedIn and got about 1 out of 3 posts featured on LinkedIn’s content channels

When you take action, you learn a lot of things you won’t learn from just reading other people’s content. Plus your writing becomes more believable when you have real results to back it up.

2. Actively Networking with Others

Being social and networking with other bloggers can help you out tremendously. A lot of people think they can just blog solo and build their own massive following out of thin air.

Building relationships with other people and bloggers can accelerate your growth.

I’ve reached out to a lot of bloggers by email ranging from complete beginners to influencers with thousands of followers.

Most people might expect to get more replies from less influential people since they get less email. Interestingly enough, it’s the most influential people that were the most likely to reply.

When I do a cold email outreach, I might get a 10% response rate or less. But I’m also a lot more likely to remember and follow the people that do reply.

Ann Smarty, Brian Dean and Neil Patel are just a few people that replied to me when I was getting started with blogging and even tweeted out some of my posts. And I’ve shared plenty of their posts since then too.

As it turns out, corresponding with other bloggers through email, blog comments and social media is a good practice for making your brand more memorable. Building a strong network can lead to increased social sharing, collaboration and other opportunities.

3. Selling Something

Most influential bloggers I know are selling something. While some bloggers use affiliate programs and ads, selling your own product or service allows you to make more money with less traffic.

A lot of newer bloggers get so caught up in content creation that they don’t spend any time learning about selling.

Most highly successful bloggers spend a good amount of time on blogging. It’s much harder to grow your blog if you have to spend time on other unrelated things, like your full-time job or freelancing.

If you can make your work life align with your blogging, then you’ll be able to justify spending more time on it. Spend time coming up with a good monetization strategy.

4. Blog Promotion

Creating content is the most enjoyable part of blogging for most bloggers, but blog promotion is something that a lot of bloggers struggle with. Top bloggers are really good at promoting their own content.

– Guest blogging is one of the most intuitive ways to promote your blog, but a lot of bloggers don’t do it or don’t do it consistently enough. It’s easier to just create articles on your own blog, but if you don’t have a large audience yet, then it’s worth the extra effort and editing to get featured on other blogs.

Here are a few other tactics that I see other influencers using:

Expert roundups – An expert roundup is a great way to include multiple bloggers in your blog post while providing valuable content to your readers. Roundups are a great way to go viral on social media because the bloggers that are on the roundup usually share the post with their followers.

Mentioning other bloggers in your post and letting them know about it – If you write a high quality post and mention other bloggers in it, then they might also share it with their followers.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  How to Make $1000 With Your Blog...even with a tiny list

Publishing on LinkedIn – LinkedIn recently opened its publisher platform to its members and publishing on LinkedIn is a good way to tap into the large and growing audience on LinkedIn.

Before I started focusing on promotion, my blog traffic grew very slowly. Once I started promoting my content, I achieved much more noticeable results, including some posts that got shared over a thousand times.

How much time are you spending on blog promotion? If you aren’t spending at least as much time on promotion as content creation, then you might want to consider increasing promotion time and efforts.

5. Managing Their Time Carefully

Top bloggers are a lot better at managing their time than other people. Bloggers rarely talk about productivity, but time management is critical to success in any business.

As a blogger, you need to constantly test what are the most effective uses of your time as well as where you are wasting time.

For me, social media was a big distraction and time waster. While I do still engage in social media, I usually only do so at specific times during the day.

To increase effectiveness, I’ve started to systematize everything I do, just like for my other businesses. There are also plenty of productivity and blogging tools that you can use to improve your effectiveness.

Most high traffic blogs are pretty consistent at the rate in which they create content. Proper time management allows influential bloggers to create content on a consistent basis.

6. Being Consistent

Consistency is one of the biggest keys to success in blogging and business. Many bloggers that are influential today struggled when they were just getting started.

But the reason that they ultimately became influential is that they kept blogging and didn’t quit. They learned things along the way and improved their results.

And as their blog grew, their audience and traffic grew as well.

I believe that sheer persistence is one of the keys to success in anything you do, including blogging. If you want to succeed with blogging, be consistent and keep at it until you succeed.

7. SEO

Most blogs I see completely ignore SEO, but even some social media experts have admitted that they get more traffic from Google than from social media. Traffic from search engines is ongoing and can accumulate over time, so SEO is an important thing to focus on.

Some bloggers don’t do any SEO because they think it is hard or because they don’t understand it. While SEO isn’t the easiest thing in the world, here are a few simple things that every blogger should be doing:

Keyword research – A lot of people stopped doing keyword research because Google’s Keyword Planner and Analytics don’t display as much data as they did before. However, keyword research is still important if you want to get SEO traffic.

Google Keyword Planner still provides data on high traffic keywords, but you will also want to research long tail keywords. Long tail keywords typically account for more than 90% of a site’s search traffic and are easier to rank for.

Here’s a compilation of over 90 keyword research tools and ideas that you can use to get keyword ideas: Small Business Ideas Blog Keyword Research Tools

Internal linking – Linking back to older posts within your site is important because it helps with SEO and sends new visitors to your older content.

Some bloggers forget to link back to old content. But internal links are so important that some of the blogs I’ve guest posted for require that guest posters include them in the post.

Optimize title and meta description – The title tag is one of the most important factors for on page SEO. Most bloggers will just copy their blog post title into the title tag field.

If your blog post title is already optimized for SEO, then you can use the same title. But if not, then do some keyword research to figure out what phrases people might use to find your content and include those phrases in your title tag and meta description.

To Wrap It Up

Are you struggling to gain influence in your niche? What other things do you see influencers doing that most bloggers don’t? Let me know if the comments below.

Brian Lang is the founder of Small Business Ideas Blog where he shares tips and ideas from over 10 years as an online business owner, blogger and internet marketer. Be sure to download his free resource, 50+ Free Tools & Resources to Grow Your Blog if you want to learn more about blogging.

101 thoughts on “7 Things that Influential Bloggers Are Doing that You’re Not”

  1. Hi Sue Anne. I have lots to learn in every single one of these areas! I'm learning as I go along though. I've found that Twitter has been a useful way of making contacts with relevant bloggers in my niche. My niche is broader than some in that I cover, infertility, multiple sclerosis and generally responding to suffering and to the insensitive comments that others can make. Although I'm not blogging professionally, I do want to do it more frequently and am taking steps towards making time for that. It is sometimes hard to fit it in alongside my other commitments though. I now write five ideas for blog posts, or other writing ideas (I also write short stories and am looking to publish them) before going to bed each night. I'm finding that very helpful for generating ideas. I think through my day and any experience, conversation, event that inspires me in some way. It's a good way to briefly reflect on my day too.

    • Hi, Rachel,

      I really appreciate your idea on writing ideas for posts, etc. every single day. That's how you get better at this craft of writing.

      You have a great topic that a lot of people need to read and hear.

      I appreciate your comment today!

  2. [ Smiles ] Hats off to Brian Lang for a splendid guest post.

    Many of us write articles, but seldom take the time to do proper keyword research.

    For quite sometime, I have been pondering whether or not, if LinkedIn would prove beneficial to me as a blogger.

    At the moment, I have my hands filled with social media.

    • Hi, Renard,

      I also enjoyed Brian's article. SEO is important – I get about 50% of my traffic from Google organic search.

      I agree with you – no time for LinkedIn 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

    • Hi Renard. LinkedIn might be worth taking a look at if your target audience is business or career focused, especially now that they opened up the Pulse publishing feature. I personally plan on spending more time on LinkedIn, but I guess it depends on your niche.

  3. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for allowing me to guest post for Successful Blogging. I'll keep an eye out on the comments in case anyone has questions.


  4. Great post Brian! Thanks for featuring him, Sue.

    Do you have any more details on your LinkedIn promotion methods?


    • Hi Chris. I wrote a few posts about the topic. Asides from the one on Firepole Marketing that was mentioned in the article, there’s also a good article on my own blog and Blogging Wizard. Just search “LinkedIn Pulse” on Google plus “Small Business Ideas Blog”.

  5. Great informative post Brian & thank you to Sue for hosting it. I am starting to get the feel of how things work and other bloggers have been great with their support. I'm still struggling with what to sell or even a free giveaway when people subscribe. Any suggestions?

    thanks and have a great day!

    • Hi Sue. One thing I usually do when I enter a new niche is to see what other people are successfully selling as this gives me an idea of what people are willing to pay for. You can also test out selling other people's products or affiliate offers to see what works before investing time into creating your own products or services.

      Finally, consider asking your audience what they are struggling with and what they would buy. Sometimes your own audience will give you the best feedback.

  6. I loved the way you explained that thought in detail. I mean, I could feel it but could have never articulated that like you did! I’m happy to know that you find the choice empowering. Thank you @Sue Anne Dunlevie

  7. Great advice! I have not looked enough into long tail keywords and I know that. Reading this has given me an idea of what I need to do this afternoon. Thank you!

  8. Hi Sue, totally agree that social media is a big time waster, I have to definitely cut down my time in social media. Regarding selling, I am dubious whether my readers will be ready to buy from me or pay for consultation with me. I really want to start a consultation package on nutrition for babies but afraid how the readers might respond to paid consultation. 🙁

    • Hi, Hema,

      I'm glad you have cut down on social media.

      This is what I recommend to my clients – do 2-3 consultations for free in exchange for testimonials. Then you'll feel more confident and will be able to offer the consulting after that.

      Thanks for your comment and your question!

  9. Hey Sue,

    Another great email filled with information. The one thing you have previously said is – Social Media is a good tool, but it is time consuming. I agree with you. But it is my crutch at the moment. When I feel stuck on something or feel overwhelmed I go to Social Media to get a fix from those I am in contact with regularly, but before I know it an hour or two has gone – that time management you talk about is what I am adjusting to and I need to mix that with discipline.

    I have been doing as you advised looking for other bloggers, networking (and while I am enjoying it) do you know this is not as easy a task as I imagined, but I am sticking at it and getting results.

    I get excited when I hear from you, then overwhelmed, then excited. But I am taking on your words and turning them into action with results.

    So thank you.

    • I love that you are taking action, Rachel! That's the key – focus on three things and get good at them.

      It's SO common to use social media as a pleasurable crutch when we need to do something that we aren't comfortable with yet. Use social media but set a time for 20 or 30 minutes and then, back to work.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  10. I could not agree more with the post because I can truly relate to it. I remeber when I started blogging initially was write and write and publish without realizing that only writing and publishing would not lead my blog anywhere. Then I realized the importance of blog promotion. Thank you for these few more things I need to put into action.

  11. Hi Sue Anne and Brian,

    Thanks for those great tips. Following you is great help as I am new to blogging, and struggling to get my blog going.

    Reading your posts introduces me to other great bloggers, too, and each blogger has a little something to add.

    I guess I need to be patient…

    Have a lovely day!


  12. Nice to read this information about blogging.
    Well, currently I created a blog on WordPress, now i have getting some difficulties in blog promotion.
    But after reading your article I hope I must get positive results.

  13. Great tips Brian. I like how this gives a streamlined set of steps as a counterpoint to both content creation and (an all too often heavy) reliance on social media.

    As a (successful) outside, technical salesman I definitely agree that selling something is important. It can help establish authority and create value for your readers. People do not mind paying for something if it provides value to them. In fact, by setting a price (versus giving away for free) you are letting them know that you consider your offer to be important enough to charge for.

    Have a great day!

    Dale Hampton

    • Hi, Dale,

      I was in sales and marketing in corporate America, so I totally agree with you!

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Thanks Dale! I've also found that people take paid products more seriously and are more likely to consume the content and put it into action if they purchase. It also allows you to focus more time on helping your audience and customers.

  14. Hi Chris. I wrote a few posts about the topic. Asides from the one on Firepole Marketing that was mentioned in the article, there's also a good article on my own blog and Blogging Wizard. Just search "LinkedIn Pulse" on Google plus "Small Business Ideas Blog".

  15. Ryan – that's awesome! 18 products is really impressive!

    I see a lot of bloggers creating content on their blogs, but afraid to sell. Selling is an entirely different process and mindset, but people that can make money from blogging and focus on it full time have a big advantage over people who are just doing it on the side.

  16. Thank you Sue and Brian,

    Just a very quick thank you for this valuable post.

    At the moment, and for the next few weeks, I will be deeply involved in helping my local Member of Parliament get re-elected (and it's not looking good).

    Hence, I only have had the chance to glance through your guidance but even I can see that it is invaluable. I shall therefore save it and when my circumstances change, I will be able to give it the time it deserves.

    In the meantime, thank you very much indeed.

    Kindest regards, Zara.

  17. Hey Sue,

    You are very efficient in getting your point across. Honestly, your posts have been my favorite to read, and I am learning a great deal from you. Thanks for that. I am also realizing new things as well as getting great reminders and confirmation on others. I am so thankful I found you! I would love to have you as a guest blogger, but not sure that it would fit with my blog, since mine is a healthy/wellness blog. You come across as a very classy Lady and I feel that you really care about helping us learn to become great bloggers. keep up the great posts!

  18. An excellent post. Thanks for sharing. Point #1 is so obvious to me. I stopped reading and thought of the many many people writing about things they don't do themselves. Or selling products they do not own and use. A good post like this stops me often to think about what I am reading. I'm forwarding it to my social media followers.


    Joe Aro

  19. Great tips! I've gotten back into guest posting due to Susan's recommendation and I'm so excited to see the results!

    I'm NEVER on LinkedIn though. I didn't know it was a good place to be for blogging…I'm usually on Twitter or Instagram.

    Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    • Hi, Amanda,

      I don't do LinkedIn either – we may need to change that, right?

      Thanks for your comment on Brian's post!

    • Hi Amanda. LinkedIn's decision to open up its publishing platform to everyone make it a much more interesting place for bloggers and content marketers. I'm planning on experimenting with it even further as this is a pretty recent change, but so far the results are encouraging.

  20. Being influential is the key of success of the heroes of history and even today influence plays the big role to make a product or service hot selling and to make a brand. Your tips are really helpful to make blog a brand in 2015.

    Thank you again for writing one more really helpful post to motivate people with your tips to be influential.

  21. Hi Brian,

    Lots of great reminders on what I'm missing out on in my own strategy.

    Was wondering if you could expand on the idea of a "cold email outreach"? What kind of things do you send in a cold email? Do you send the same email to multiple people, or craft a specific email for everyone? Do you actually send links to influencers, asking them to share your stuff?

    This might be a whole blog post in the making – or maybe you already have one?

    Thanks, J

    • Hi, Jane,

      I know that Brian will answer you also but, yes, I craft a special email to influencers but I never send it cold. I do what Brian says and "warm" them up with a previous contact, commenting for a while on their blog, etc.

      Thanks for your comment today!

    • Hi Jane – great question! Email outreach definitely could be an entire post (possibly even an ebook) on its own as there are many ways to do it, some better than others…

      My cold emails are usually templated & short, but personalized with name and other details if possible.

      When I first started doing "content outreach", I would ask people to share it but now I mostly just use outreach to create awareness of the content without explicitly asking for anything.

      Some people will do things like link to the other person's content first before doing outreach.

      What Sue does is relatively safe and a good approach. I have done cold outreach with influencers before, but for content sharing, I like to make sure it's really good and preferably something they can benefit from.

  22. Hi Sue Anne and Brian,

    How do I submit an article to be published in LinkedIn? I went to LinkedIn after reading your article but couldn't figure it out. Can you please send a link?

    Thank you


    • Hi, Janice,

      Brian is the LinkedIn guy, so he'll answer you today.

      Thanks for commenting and asking your question.

    • Hi Janice. There should be a "publish a post" button when you first log in that you can click. LinkedIn has rolled this feature out to everyone in English speaking countries, so if you are somewhere else, you might not have access yet. But they are going to roll it out to all members eventually.

  23. What an informative and well written post. Thank you for sharing. Marketing your blog is so important for success!

  24. Hi Sue

    Another great post. I would like to add one more thing: having realistic expectation

    I see many new bloggers starting out with unrealistic expectation. When these expectations are not met, they just give up. They don't understand that blogging takes time. It's not a get rich quick scheme.

    On the other hand, influential bloggers have realistic expectations. This allows them to stay motivated and keep on blogging. This "persistence" is a major quality of any influential blogger. I wrote a guest post on BloggingCage about this.

    Anyways, the point is: be realistic. Don't expect to make thousands of dollars in the first few months. It takes time. Keep blogging and you will become an influential blogger in the long run.

    Thanks, Sue. I am back from my vacation 🙂 The new optin form looks better!



    • Hi, Neil,

      Brian did a great job on this post!

      Oh, yes, realistic expectations. It's hard for beginning bloggers to hear me say it takes 6 months to get going in a new blogging business. I recommend building their audience and list for at least 3 months before they sell anything.

      Thanks for your comment and compliment!

  25. I think one of the mistakes that I have made in the past is building a blog without a specific monetization strategy in mind. Being willing to "sell" is therefore definitely a step that stood out for me. It's something I've started working on recently – I've been "refining" a number of my blogs, focusing them rather more on specific topics and markets, that in time will help me to attract my "perfect" visitors and so open up more monetization opportunities.

    • Hi, Richard,

      That is good to hear! I was just talking to a client this morning and selling is just helping people get to their goals.

      I appreciate your comment.

    • Hi Richard. I see that a lot with bloggers as selling is a completely different mindset than blogging.

      A lot of the most successful content marketing companies are good at targeting their content towards their product, like KissMetrics. At first glance, I thought they were just creating digital marketing content like everyone else, but when I tried to guest post, I found that their content creation strategy is pretty specific.

  26. Thanks for this post. I agree that something most bloggers don't talk about is time management. I'm learning there are so many things that look innocent enough but without focus (why you're doing it), they are major time wasters. Social media would be one of those–it is important to be actively using it but I think many of us get easily sucked into the social media vortex and forget why in the world we even logged on. 🙂 I really appreciate your insight. Thanks!

  27. Hi Jennie. Social media is a huge distraction for a lot of people. It's probably one of the most fun aspects of blogging. I try to regularly look back at how I'm spending my time and focus on what's working best.

  28. Hey Brian,

    This is the blog post that everyone should be following if they want to build their blog up. I can attest that I do #2,#6, and #7 on how much it has helped a lot as far as traffic. Commenting, mentioning, and sharing blog posts of others helps you get traffic and known throughout your circle of people. Once you build rapport with those people, then eventually your blogs popularity will also go outside of the circle.

    You definitely want to be consistent and add SEO. They say that organic traffic converts the best and just adding the SEO you mentioned can help your blog get found on search engines.

    I really have to work on the others. Especially promotion. Yes I share my blog on social media and blogging communities, but strategies like guest posting, round ups, mentioning other bloggers, and publish on LinkedIn will help a lot. I've already done one guest post and it worked out quite well. I'll be looking forward to doing more as well as doing the other tips you mentioned!

    Thanks Brian for sharing these great tips! I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi, Sherman,

      Thanks for your great tips.

      I want to highly recommend promotion – 80% of the time I dedicate to promoting – guest posting, emailing bloggers, etc. It has grown my business exponentially since I started doing that.

      I appreciate your comment on Brian's post.

    • Thanks Sherman! Guest posting is a long time favorite strategy that many top bloggers used when they were getting started and is still a powerful strategy today. Looking forward to seeing your blog grow!

  29. Inspirational for newbie bloggers like me. Thank you. Sue, for this article. I have directly jumped into the affiliate field and selling products seems to be very difficult for me, in fact getting traffic is also very difficult. As a newbie what should I start with as a blogger?

    • Hi, Pooja,

      It's hard to sell anything until you have traffic and a list. If you watch my video on How To Get Free Traffic

      You can definitely start with affiliate products and eventually create your own products. Usually you only convert 1% to 5% of your list. So getting traffic and subscribers should be your #1 focus.

      Thanks for your comment and questions.

  30. Bloggers with lots of readers nearly always focus a fair amount on marketing (the exception are some people who were famous before blogging and so had lots of fans doing marketing for them).

    After writing content worth reading, marketing is the next most important factor (I consider 4 of the items listed as marketing) in gaining engaged readers. Design of the blog can make a big difference too.

    • Hi, John,

      I was just talking to a client yesterday about how important promotion and marketing was versus writing more blog posts! So I agree with you that marketing is a top activity.

      Thanks for your comment.

  31. Hey Brian,

    Great post here on Sue's blog.

    Point #1 speaks to me so much. I've transformed myself into a do-er, rather than just write. You can never evolve and grow if you're just stuck in the same position all the days of your life. You have to do experiments and get out there and participate in things.

    And if you do them successfully, you'll be able to be an authority on various topics. That can open many other doors for you.

    I just started getting involved with LinkedIn so I'm interested to know how this does for me … and especially with the publisher platform.

    Great post here, Brian.

    – Andrew

    • Thanks Andrew! Not only does experimentation help you create interesting new content, but another positive effect of running your own marketing experiments is that your blog usually can benefit from those experiments as well. Thanks for your comment!


  32. Hi Brian and Sue,

    I too am juggling with the chicken and egg scenario of "content" vs "promotion and marketing".

    It is tricky to have one without the other…. at least it is for me anyway.

    Reaching out to others online (as per your point #2 above) has its benefits.

    Like you, Sue, I am trying to manage my time effectively as well. I am sure that while Brian has provided an excellent post for his and your readers, you are probably making use of the time you spent NOT writing this post efficiently somewhere else (as per point # 5 above).

    I am surprised by what I have been able to learn and achieve while keeping "my" content ticking along with guest writers.

    Thanks for the excellent tips Brian, and for the equally useful links off to other excellent ideas and suggestions.



    • Hi, Matthew,

      Excellent points made here in your comment! I always say it's 20% writing and 80% promotions.

      Thanks for telling us your story.

  33. Thank you for this article it has been insightful and encouraging. I have been blogging for 8 months and it start with the idea of just telling my stories about my relationship with God and other things and I found out I really love doing it so I keep at it, but sometimes it seems very lonely in the world of blogging. I have make a lot mistakes but keep adjusting as I recognize the mistakes and this has assist me in doing better, not yet great, but articles like yours is helping me. Thanks again, keep doing what you do and if it's not too much to ask is it possible for you to look at my website and give me some pointers please, no pressure. Thank you blessings.

  34. Thanks, Matthew. One of the reasons I love guest posting is because it is content creation AND promotion at the same time. Plus, it can be a win for the host blog as well since the promotion is a collaborative effort.

    Choosing where we spend our time (#5) is one of the trickiest parts of running any business, especially for bloggers. Although it's not something many bloggers write about, it's a really important subject.

  35. I liked the idea of mentioning other bloggers in your article and let them know later. In fact I have tried this technique for one of my article and got 2 twitter share. That is an awesome stuff I learned recently and will continue to do the same in future also.

    This is an awesome article.

    • Keep doing it, Santanu. Later this month I'll teach you about doing more blogger outreach by doing a group interview (roundup) post!

      Thanks for commenting,

  36. Great post, especially if combined with your 8-minute video crash course on blogging which stresses the fact that investing too much time in promoting on social media at the very beginning is not an optimal strategy. Content creation is obviously the most important thing, but we often forget about the fact that you first need to concentrate your energies on creating a great product! All these tips are extremely useful! You can't put all your eggs in one basket and therefore you need to work on networking, promotion, guest blogging…Thanks Sue!

  37. Great Post!! Sue

    I like your published post for giving such useful information.

    It was pretty amazing.

  38. Great post! I love the part about taking action instead of just blogging – it's SO important! Also guest posting and doing blogger outreach…and selling something. Pretty much, everything you wrote was spot on.

  39. Thank you, I love informative article because i do write same to my blog. I am a relatively new blogger, and I have learned so much from your blog. am so delighted

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