Who’s Your Ideal Blog Reader?


ideal-blog-readerYou’ll never succeed in blogging if you focus on the money but you can if you focus on the people.

I’ve tried to focus on being a hard-nosed business woman but it’s hard for me.

Too hard. You see, I don’t have a nose for business. That’s not really who I am.

What I love more than money and anything else is people.

I love finding out what makes someone tick, what motivates them and why they do what they do. I love connecting with and helping people.

I’m fascinated by people from all walks of life and I’m giving myself permission to indulge that because if you focus on people instead of money, succeeding in business is a much easier and rewarding path to walk.

Now, instead of trying to bend myself to the rules of business, I follow my heart.

There’s only one of me and there’s only so much writing, consulting and web design work I can do. There are only so many people I can help every year.

But I love blogging because it lets me reach a wider, global audience and sell my book.

Things are going well. Book sales are increasing, Successful Blogging readership and subscribers are growing each month and the search engine ranking is excellent for a relatively new blog. We’re only six months old!

Those things are good but my readers are more important. Why? Because you’re the people who have made that happen by leaving comments and sharing the posts with your friends and followers.

Are You My Ideal Reader?

If you answer yes to some of these questions it looks like a hot date. If you answer yes to all of them this could be a match made in heaven.

1. Are you interested in social media but don’t know much about it?

2. Are you keen to learn about and eager to make the internet work for you?

3. Do you run your own small business or are you just setting one up?

4. Are you ready to invest time and money setting up your blog or website so it will get the results you want?

5. Are you a woman aged 35 or older?

That’s the big one. I want to get more women on the internet and into blogging, especially all those women who don’t know anything about the internet and think they can’t do it. That was me 16 years ago and do you know what? We can do it.


Let’s get it on.

Who’s Your Ideal Reader?

Now I have blog readers and lovely people leaving comments I can write with specific people in mind.

Every blog post I write I ask:

  • Is this what my dear readers need most right now?
  • How can I best help you?
  • What can I do to make the solution simpler.
  • How can I leave you feeling motivated, uplifted and inspired to put the tips into action?

But in the early days, when readers were few and far between, I imagined my ideal reader and created a mini profile about them.

How to Focus on Your Ideal Blog Reader

See that hot chick in the photo up top? She’s actually a friend of mine (thanks Teresa!)  but I’ve borrowed her image and created an imaginary persona for her as one of my ideal readers. Here it is:

Name and Vital Stats: Kim, aged 36, married with two kids.

Why Kim reads my blog: She’s setting up Sunny Scoffing – foodie tours on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

More details: Kim has a background in catering but she wants to be her own boss and work better hours. She’s spotted a gap in the tour market and, although she doesn’t know much about computers or technology, she reads several foodie blogs and is keen to try blogging.

Those final details are the juicy stuff that makes Kim a real person and someone I’d like to work with. My ideal reader isn’t just a vague outline. She’s someone I can relate to, with specific problems I can help solve and goals I can help her work towards.

That tight focus on my ideal reader is why this blog, my business and my income is growing and why I can confidently say that, if you focus on people first, then the rewards will naturally follow on from that.

Thanks to blogging, even though I may not have much of a nose for business, people are sniffing me out.

Do you know who your ideal reader is?

Please tell us a bit about them here to better help you focus on them next time you write a blog post. As a bonus your comment should help you connect with some new readers too.

46 thoughts on “Who’s Your Ideal Blog Reader?”

  1. My ideal reader is someone who will connect with me and share themselves a little, so I can share more of myself with them.

    • Hi Carolyn, it is great when you get that feedback from your readers. It helped me stick with blogging to begin with and find my voice and gain confidence. But this outline is very open! I'd love to know more:)

  2. My ideal reader is interested in natural health, would like to learn about herbs and herbal healing, perhaps wants to improve their diet and lifestyle. But she (or he) is busy and occupied with many other things. There are kids to care for, friends to socialize with, a job to attend to, a life to live. But my reader really would like to get more informed about healthy living.

    S/he doesn't have the time to read long books on the subject or search through long dry articles on the internet. I try to present relevant and helpful information in an entertaining (sometimes funny) and easy-to-understand way. My ideal reader gets something out of this and can apply the information in his or her life.

    • Hi Sarah, this is a great profile. Plenty of scope for topics that will interest them including kids health, staying healthy when busy and how to attain natural health. Sounds right up my alley actually:) Great to see you here and thanks for sharing:)

  3. Well here is a confession, I read this and thought gulp: I have never thought about my ideal reader… I know galactic fail in the world of blogging!!! I thought a little bit more and my blog is all about answering questions, … that readers ask… I couldn't survive without reader questions!!! But I need to think about my ideal reader a whole lot more!!! I guess my ideal readers are those that respond and pitch in and ask more and then ask a bit more and then say what works for them and ENGAGE!!! I love readers that engage… I need to think of ways to engage my readers more… Wow, the comment that is an entire thought process from start to finish… thanks again for a great post that got me thinking!!!

    • Hi Se7en, glad I got you thinking. Sounds like you have a fabulous community. What are they commenting on and asking questions about? What are their pet peeves and greatest fears or needs? You are obviously giving them something they want:)

  4. This is an interesting exercise for sure. I don't know if that many people start blogging with this kind of vision. It kind of develops as you go along… what your true purpose is, who's interacting, etc.

    In my case it's been people, women mainly, who had a less than idyllic childhood and find my stories and how I have dealt with the past helpful.

    What I've learned is the importance of establishing a community within your blog, which all comes back to comments. I don't mean just a short, 'nice post' comment. I mean someone asking a question or telling a bit of their own story. The very best is when readers begin to comment on each others comments! That's when you've really made it.

    Thanks for this mental exercise Annabel!


    • Hi Barbara, sounds like you instinctively have a good idea of who your ideal reader is. I agree about the comments and if your posts resonate with readers they will want to leave them. Yes, that's when all the fun really starts!

  5. Umm, it is really hard to say who my ideal blog reader is.

    I guess a person that is interested in what I have to say on the topic.

  6. Perfect post for somoene like myself who is about to start a blog.

    I hope to blog about spirituality and pursuing one's passions.

    I'm going to immediately create my profile of an ideal reader! This is one of the best tips I've read!

  7. Oh boy, who is my ideal reader? That's a tough one. My blog is mostly about my invisible Jewish boyfriend from a former life, Daniel, who talks to me with nightlights.


    Does that narrow it down? No? Well, it's also about our evil rabbit, Ms. Fuzzy Snuggles, my awesome "real" boyfriend Jonathan, our whack-a-doo parrot, and various paranormal or spiritual topics as they pop randomly into my fairly, uh, eccentric noggin.

    And yet for some inexplicable reason people other than my mother occasionally do read my blog, and for the most part I would say that they are quirky, creative, individualistic types like myself.

    Overall, I intended the blog to connect with people who are either in similarly strange situations (and amazingly there are some), or more broadly, who have lost loved ones and are suffering from grief, spiritual damage, or loneliness as a result.

    I hope to give people a more optimistic view of the Universe and the invisible support system that most are unaware that they have, and to reduce their fear of both living and dying, since in some significant ways, both conditions are an illusion.

    • Hi Anna, wow, what a great summary of your blog. Thank you! Love that you honed in on the quirky, creative, individualistic types. I hope my readers fit that description too:)

  8. Annabel, I love how you always make me think about new ways to better my blog. This is another great and practical exercise! For me, my ideal reader is someone who wants something different for their life. They feel stuck, stagnant in a job or situation they dislike and are looking for a way to feel inspired. Just a shift, a few new ways of looking at the world, a change in perspective and they are off. I would love readers who are open, inspired people, willing to share their journey and experience with others. As far as the age and more specific info, I haven't really thought of that. But will after reading this! Thanks Annabel!

    • Hi Brandi, great to find out more about your blog readers. Sounds like they might be going through some life changes and you'll be helping them work through them and come out the other end smiling:)

  9. Reading the comments, I'm struck by the fantabulous diversity of blogs out there!

    My ideal reader?

    Someone who loves to travel, gets home and wishes that they had actually started that (still blank) travel journal they've carted around with them for the entire trip as they're already realising they can't remember the name of that cute little restaurant in now, 'where was it'?!

    I'm about to start a new series of posts giving tips and tricks for *simply* summarizing your trips, without the bore of doing obligatory journalling homework each night 🙁

    Should be fun, and just what my readers want for learning how best to highlight their holiday adventures 😀

    • Hi Linda, love the profile. That sounds like me and I'd love to get one of your maps for the kids as well when we tour Aus. The series sounds great. I will be checking in.

  10. My ideal blog reader is a busy woman aged 30-45. She wants to look and feel great but doesn't have a lot of time for browsing. I think about what advice she may need on a given day and hopefully deliver that!

  11. I have spent quite some time thinking and working on this…but it still evolves and moves ever so slightly (suppose like our own lives and personalities) now and then. My ideal blog reader is someone who wants to exercise their writing muscles by improving their work from being OK, 'that does the job'….into something that tells a story, persuades and makes something happen.

    • Hi Di, that's compelling. Gosh, I have a lot of blog reading to do! I agree it does move and change as you blog and once you start getting that reader feedback. It was easy for me to focus on my ideal reader here but my travel blog Get In the Hot Spot is still evolving:)

  12. Hi Annabel..as always good to read your thoughts and ideas. Having had a corporate career and having been privileged to work for and with some extraordinary people I can say that without exception none of the very successful worked for money. They had vision, a desire to create, a need to leave the world a better place. In some instances it was a desire to prove something to themselves or make a point to the world in general. The fact that wealth followed was to some a surprise and indeed a by product of their drive and enthusiasm. I suspect that this applies to blogging. Money as a goal will be elusive. The integrity of your writing and your focus on your "customer" will ultimately be omnipotent.

    • Hi Angus, thanks so much for your feedback. I really appreciate your wisdom as I know what I've written and what you've expanded on is really contrary to a lot of the make money online brigade who are far busier planning pop up subscription windows and the like:)

  13. My ideal reader answers yes to the follwog questions:

    • Are you highly motivated to have a flourishing career, personal life and lifestyle but don’t know how to achieve it?

    • Are you keen to learn how to excel at what you do best and to entice employers to hire you at top rates?

    • Are you stuck with a position or relationship that does no justice to your strengths and aspirations?

    • Are you willing to invest time and money in personal development that will land you the job and lifestyle you want and deserve?

    Are you a person with big aspirations in your thirties or forties?

    Thanks for a nice blog!


    Executive Personal Development Expert and Positive Psychology Practitioner

    • Hi Alletia, I like the personal development for people who want career change angle and the clear focus on a mature readership. It sounds good. My friend Jen at EverydayBright has a similar goal on her blog and I love that. I just checked out your blog. What a gorgeous photo of you. You should move it straight to the top of your site where people can see it immediately:) You look so warm and caring and that speaks volumes:)

  14. My ideal reader loves travel, outdoor adventure and immersion in foreign cultures. I write for people who may be afraid to leave their comfort zones, yet with some motivation, they may "just do it." I did. Since 2007, I've been roaming the globe via plane, train, bike, bus, boat and camel, writing about what I see, hear, taste, smell and experience in destinations encompassing the U.S., Italy, Holland, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and South Africa. Next stop: Colonial Mexico in October 2011.

  15. How funny! I though this was about blog readers like "Google reader."

    Oh, you mean people. No, I have no idea who my ideal reader is. That's one to really think about. I absolutely love the questions you ask yourself when you write a post. I'm going to copy those into a note I see frequently.

    I feel drawn to your blog precisely because you put people first!

    • Hi Sandra, lol, I have on my list to write about the RSS readers but I never do it. Real readers (people!) are way more interesting. Look forward to finding out more about who your ideal readers are and thanks for the lovely feedback. It's all worth it because look at the beautiful community we have here:)

  16. This is a good topic and rather confronting as I have too many topics on my blog… I know, I know… I really do know… anyway one ideal reader is a Sydney parents looking for great ideas on places to go with their kids, it's amazing how many Sydneysiders are Googling "child-friendly cafe" and 'great playgrounds."

    • Hi Seana, I see the problem you have but I think with a tight focus on parents who live in or are visiting Sydney you can also fit in posts on your other interests because they are all parenting related. You have a place to share the fun things to do and also the challenges we face:)

  17. Hi Serena, it sounds like a gorgeous place. We mothers need that lift, respite and the chance to hang out with other mums who know what it's like! Great you're going to write about this. Your comment should definitely be shared:)

  18. Your blogs are incredibly informative and spot on. From reading this last post, you have a really specific demographic, which I admire. Now, I'm not looking to really make money on my blog, but I do want to help people. I started my blog for two reasons: 1. Document and reminisce 2. Encourage other entrepreneurs.

    I don't want to exclude anyone who may be an entrepreneur who is nervous about doing a start-up. Basically, I want to show these people that, if you have the gumption and ability to laugh at yourself, then you have competence to take a chance. Other than that, I'm no expert.

    Is this totally off?

    • Hi Allyson, why thank you! This tip applies even if you're not trying to make money from blogging. Don't get me wrong. Men are very welcome here and I have plenty of male readers. But by writing to a specific readership it's easier to create a blog that really appeals to and resonates with that group. You can't please everyone so better to make sure you really do hit the mark with your key blogging audience.

  19. Just like any other marketing, when we write a blog it's smart to start with the end in mind, and to know exactly who we're marketing to. Great post, which calls this principle out well.

  20. My ideal reader would be someone who is interested in parenting and youth sport…. And hopefully appreciates a dry sense of humour.

    I have speculated in one of my Blog posts that….. Maybe some of these readers are struggling with issues of their own, maybe they are interested in what other sporting families get up to. Maybe there are some readers who are also dealing with apraxia and can take some solace in the fact they are not alone. Maybe some readers are dealing with passive aggressive bullies in the workplace or at school. Maybe some of the readers are also SAHMs looking to be part of a wider village of other carers who are also at home, with feelings of isolation, looking after children.

    I hope there is people like that out there…somewhere!

  21. I'm doing this exercise with a product right now, and will be doing it again when I reposition Website In A Weekend.

    I suspect, Annabel, our ideal readers are going to share a lot in common. There will be overlap! But not complete overlap. I'm going to stay just to the hard side of the technology. Not too hard, but a just little bit harder than even most WordPress blogs manage. Not all the time for tech stuff, just enough to keep the edge sharp.

  22. What a great article – thanks Annabel. I've realised from reading your post I've probably been a bit vague with myself as to who my ideal blog reader is. So determining that will be one of my weekend goals!

    PS. Except for the over 35 part, I said yes to the other ideal reader criteria questions!!

  23. Hi Anabel,

    My ideal reader is professional woman, suffering the daily stresses and signs of burn-out from doing too much both personally and professionally and having difficulty saying No!

    She has a career , lives a hectic city lifestyle and is aged 25-40.

    Am I even close to the mark?

    Thanks for inspiring , Grace

    • Hi Grace,

      Yes, I think you're on the right track with the niche and your blog readers.

      Be as detailed as you can so you can really write for and hit chords with them.

      Does she have kids? Can you come up with about three separate women (you can model on friends, clients or just invent) so when you write your blog posts you're writing with those specific women in mind. Use a photo of a real person so you can visualise them. Try to think about their daily life, (how long do they spend commuting, do they rent/buy their home, are they single etc), hopes and fears for the future, how they spend their weekends and anything else important.

      I think it's a great idea to target city women, and you should embrace that more on your blog and make sure it is clearly signposted, not just in the blog name.

      One thing I do notice is that some of your blog posts (I've only looked at the headlines of a few) aren't city girl specific. They could be on any personal development/womens blog. Eg:

      “Stress is the inability to adapt to a changing environment”

      3 Top Tips To Adapt To Change Gracefully

      “In vogue”: To be in the current fashion or style.

      I would alter these headlines (and maybe the content of the post – I haven't actually read that – sorry) for your city girl readers. I've bolded the words that will make them read it and think Yes! This blog post is speaking to ME, I want/need to read this.

      For example:

      5 Easy Ways to Ease the Stress of City Life

      3 Top Tips To Help Career Women Adapt To Change

      City Chic: How to Be in Vogue Everyday and Anywhere

      Hope that helps! I look forward to watching your blog and business grow and evolve:)

  24. I just like the helpful info you supply for your articles.

    I'll bookmark your blog and test again here regularly.

    I'm slightly sure I'll be told many new stuff right here!

    Best of luck for the following!

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