How To Promote Your Blog: 5 Kick-ass Social Media Tactics to Accelerate Business Growth

 how-to-promote-your-blogA guest post by Mary Brown.

There was a time when I did not consider social media an important aspect of how to promote your blog.

Boy, was I wrong.

I run a firm which deals with the exporting and importing of cosmetic products, I had an account on Twitter for the company but I did not really use it.

After consulting a marketing strategist, I started using social media in earnest. I would like to say that the results were amazing but the truth is not always as impressive as we’d like, but there were results nonetheless and. I saw people talking about my firm, discussing my products and I must say, I felt quite proud! It gave me a slight feeling of accomplishment.  

There were other kinds of results as well, like a slight increase in sales (the most important one!). The tips in this article are from my own personal experience. I hope you find them helpful.

If you happen to be a small business and you aren’t taking part in social media marketing than you’re limiting your business a great deal.

1. Have content strategies 

This is perhaps the first thing that you need to take care of before starting out any sort of social media activity. The most important thing to remember is that to attract customers your content on the social media needs to be relevant and useful to the kind of consumer you want to target.

When planning out your strategy you ought to figure out the number of posts you will be making per day. Too many posts will annoy and irritate future consumers while too little will not attract them.

Finding the balance can be quite difficult but 3-4 is a good number to begin with. Strive to find a balanced number of posts per day, to avoid posting too often or too little. You could use the example of other more established companies from your particular niche to get an estimate.

2. Focus on a platform that your customers prefer 

It will not do you any good if you use multiple platforms to advertise your one business, personally I have always thought it is best to rely on quantity rather than quality.

Begin with just one social platform. But it would not do to simply focus on any old social platform which has a large proportion of your target audience.

By focusing on one platform you will be able to put in real effort and share content that is not only relevant but captivating. You can afford to start using another platform once you’ve built a large enough following on the first.

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3. Be a regular and post consistently

 This is perhaps the most important tip anyone can ever offer. This is the key to the mint. You may think this is rather obvious, but I feel it is not so common with the newer generation of entrepreneurs.

The thing is, consumers enjoy reliability and are likely to invest in a product which they are familiar with at some level. But don’t rely on auto-posting softwares as they eliminate the human element from your posts.

4. Respond to everyone

This is point is of great importance, you need to show the consumers that you genuinely care about their opinions and the best way of presenting this is by responding to those that take the time to write to you.

This is especially true for the negative comments. See, social media is a double-edged knife, I mean, social media is a great way of marketing but it also acts as a portal of communication for your unsatisfied consumers. Posts/comments of such a nature will discourage potential customers.

The only way to deal with negative comments is to reply to them and try to resolve them, this way you show that you as a business take customer satisfaction seriously. But be sure to respond in a timely manner, respond to everyone and do it quickly.

5. Participate and contribute in groups and discussions 

Share your views on the prominent topics of your industry. Dish out advice and take part in debates.

You need to show your consumers that you are well-informed about the workings of your industry, and the only way to do so is to talk about them.

There are numerous discussions/groups on all forms of social media that are made with the sole aim of sharing relevant information. Be a part of such conversations, this will definitely attract a large number of consumers and allow you to build a large fan base.

I hope you found this article helpful and I wish you great heaps of good luck.

I present ideas to empower companies to make evolutionary leaps in their go to market strategies and helps entrepreneurs catapult their small business into the 21st century by utilizing these business strategies on Fourquadrant. A  free spirit residing in Salt Lake City Utah I have been a writer since 5 years with over 500 published articles. I can be reached on twitter @googleclone.

16 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Blog: 5 Kick-ass Social Media Tactics to Accelerate Business Growth”

  1. You have mentioned some great points here, but I think it is important to add that these won't work if you have a page that you have inflated with paid likes. I fell for this a couple of years ago and eventually I had to admit defeat and close the page down as I had over 3,000 likes, but only one or two were looking at the content as they had hid the page once they were paid for the like.

  2. Thanks, Ryan, our upcoming Success Story! Persistence is a great quality to have when it comes to promotion.

    Have a great week!

  3. Fantastic read!

    Focusing on one or just a few platforms. Is essential. I thought that "being everywhere" was the key to driving traffic successfully, but once I honed in on Twitter, I quickly grew 35,000+ followers and began crushing it.

    Focus, then broaden!

  4. Some really excellent tips here!

    I'm starting to realize how important it is to network and interact with fans instead of just publishing random articles and expecting people to share them on social media. Unfortunately, I followed some bad advice, and now a lot of my social media fans are fake, and never interact with me or my links… So I'm considering starting from scratch. But it's a learning experience!

    • Thanks for sharing, Timothy. As I always tell my clients, who you know (especially other bloggers in your niche) is more important that your actual writing. We don't like to think this, but it is very true!


  5. Hi Mary and Sue Anne,

    This is a great post – promoting your blog is the one thing that many bloggers don't spend much time doing. They tend to write their blog posts, but then they wait around … expecting magic to happen.

    Focus on a platform that your customers prefer – I believe that's a great strategy because you can certainly be consumed by social media. Especially when you try to master all of then, what ends up happening is that you end up not active on any of them. So it's a good tips that you shared there.

    Be a regular and post consistently – I'm not sure if you mean to write a blog post everyday or not, but I'm a big believe in NOT writing a blog post everyday. Reason being that it takes away from the blog promotion that you could be and should be doing.

    Respond to everyone – That's solid advice that I still see some bloggers NOT follow. If you have people that took time to comment on your blog, what purpose does it serve you to just accept the comment but choose not to respond? Responding to comments shows that you value their time enough to respond to their comment in the first place.

    Overall, great article.

    Hope you both have a great week ahead.

    – Andrew

    • Hi, Andrew,

      Nice to see you on the blog!

      I believe that bloggers shouldn't post too often. The best ratio of time spent- 20% writing and 80% promoting. That usually allows you to only post once, maybe twice a week tops.

      Great to read your comments.

  6. I enjoyed reading this content. These are five great points if you want to truly push your blog to the next level. I especially like your views on responding to everyone. Too many times I see bloggers that do not take the time to interact with their readers and before long those readers move on.

    If someone takes the time to comment on a blog post that means they are interested in what has been written. This is a perfect opportunity to build relationships by interacting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Nathaniel!

      I totally remember when I had my first blog and didn't get any comments at all 🙁

      I so appreciate comments now and the fact my readers take time to leave comments. I think it is a sign of respect to "comment" back.

      Good to see you on the blog!


  7. I also think that it is important to upload photos or videos of the business. Meeting other business owners or attending an event will also a big help for the business and business owners to improve and think a unique products which the other business owners haven't tried yet.

  8. I also think that responding to everyone will be a big help for good communication to the customers or the clients. These will definitely help me in promoting my blog. Thanks for sharing these article.

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