How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners [6 Ways]

Do you love blogging?

If yes, do you know you can learn how to make money blogging, even if you are a beginner?

Yes… that’s possible! If you have a passion to do blogging every time, believe me, you are the most valuable asset in today’s digital era.

Although there are various ways to monetize your blogs, yet, there is no shortcut for success. Do something consistently to get something. The blogging without mistakes can win the trust of your audience more easily and lasts longer.

Today, I’m going to present here 6 powerful ways to make money blogging that help you in getting a good deal of income.

1. By Educating

Education is a priority for everyone. If you are an expert blogger, you can present your expertise to some needy candidates looking for the best ways to write blogs. The formula is simple-

“Educate them and earn.”

Just provide others with a learning opportunity and then, bring some dollars in your account. What you have do is to educate and inform others with the content you write. When people start engaging with your content, it is the right time to monetize it.

Ok… let’s take an example of Neil Patel Obviously, you’ve heard about him!

Everyone knows that Neil Patel is a famous blogger and through his blogging skills he educates others regarding different topics in Digital Marketing. And, he attracts a massive amount of visitors on his site.

If they can why can’t you? Yes, you can do it too. Just show your expertise and grab the attention of your audience.

The three brilliant ways to make money from blogging for someone with your blogging skills. They are –

  • Sell Online Courses
  • Offer Coaching Service
  • Webinars

Sell Online Courses

“Convenience”; this is what every people are looking for! And, online courses can provide them with a convenient learning process. Let’s understand why and how.

Everyone is busy doing his own stuff. Most people have not enough time to go to a particular institute to get expertise in a particular skill due to their busy time schedule. They prefer to buy some online courses through which they can learn in their leisure time.

Here, you have an opportunity to sell your online courses to such needy people. Just prepare a course material. Label a price on them. And, launch it. In this way, you get money and they get value for that money.

You can sell your online course in various forms as suitable to you like-

  • PDF Guides
  • E-books
  • Video tutorials

It is better if you provide them with a certificate after they have completed their purchased course. Apart from that, you can provide them with a badge after unlocking every session for the course they have applied for. A certificate or a badge is the best way to motivate them to learn and attend sessions.

Offer Coaching Service

If you that much of ability that you can teach others, becoming a coach can be the best option for you. And, do you know, people also love to hear from a person who has expertise in a particular field.

Figure out the challenges that most bloggers face in their blogging journey. Then mentor them with an ideal solution that helps them to cope up with their challenges.

3 Ways To Coach

a.) Through online sessions

By taking online sessions for a few bucks, you can train others on how to do blog, what are the different types of blogs, which blog posts are relevant to which platform, and such other topics. When they understand how easily they can start successful blogging, they will start appreciating your value to too. Thereby, building your own reputation as the best Online Coach.

b.) Through Offline sessions

Apart from online sessions, if you can arrange your own space where candidates can come, sit, and learn, then go for it. Open your own education center and mentor people with your brilliant ideas. Show them how they together can change the world with successful blogging. What else can attract more than making a good amount of money by just thinking and writing, i.e., blogging?

c.) Through Guest Lectures

Contact with some universities and colleges. Provide guest lectures. Show them the importance of blogging skills and others in today’s digital marketing era. Offer your coaching services to the interested students. And, that’s how you can bring money in!


Webinars are, actually, the web-based seminars and the best way to address a group of people online using video conferencing software. Thanks to Internet Technology! It has made possible to get connected with millions of people within a few seconds.

Why don’t you use such a technology to monetize your blogging skill?

Plan a webinar session with a strong aim that compels people to come, join, and learn.

There are many webinar software that you can select to go live to address the seminar on the web. One of the best webinar software is Go To webinar”. You will get lots of features from this software that helps you in growing your business by reaching far to the audience.

How To Educate With Webinars?

As you are an expert blogger, you know how beautiful you can present any topic to others.

  • Just come up with an idea of what you have to address people on webinars.
  • Organize your topics into attractive presentations or recorded videos.
  • Use some poll questions to ensure that your audience is engaging.
  • Offer your paid guides if any.

Organize a Workshop

Bloggers often have a curiosity to know how to make 6 figures income through blogging. To all those bloggers who have a passion to blog, you can organize a workshop. Let them know, for example, the tricks of earning more than a 9 to 5 job.

In this way, the more people engage with your interactive and interesting workshops, the more you can earn.

Now, it’s time to think about which idea you can start a workshop for bloggers. For example, a workshop for bloggers may be on-

  • Understanding blogging and its uses
  • Building a blog site on WordPress
  • Pro-blogging techniques
  • How to monetize your blogs, and so on…

2. Freelance Blogger/ Content writer

Nowadays every business is going online. That’s why they have to make their strong online presence on different online platforms. For this, the company needs someone who can maintain web content for them. They are really looking for such bloggers having relevant skill sets. They require regular blog posting on their sites to attract and engage the right customers on their site.

Here, as a freelance blogger or a full-time blogger, you can join these companies in exchange for some monetary value. Your blogs must be like bringing value to the readers. Then only your purpose of blogging can be satisfied.

One important thing that you must focus on is-

“Don’t stop learning.”

If you stop learning or exploring new things, you can’t write a good blog. Why? Because today everyone wants to know something new every day. Through your blogging, you can provide them with new and updated information on whatever topics you are writing.

3. Consultation Services

Start your own blog and prove how positively people are responding to your blog. It’s just an example. Similarly, if you have Social Media Marketing skills, start your own blog and put your efforts to make your content viral on Social Media. In this way, you will get social signals as proof of your Social Media Marketing and blogging skills.

The reason I’m I asking you to do is to get a proof that…Yes! You are an expert and have the ability to provide your consulting services to others.

Remember, people won’t come to you until you are not an experienced person. So, try to collect proof as it helps in building up confidence among you to speak in front of the public.

The 2 important tips that you can’t afford to forget with monetizing your blogging skills through as a consultant-

  • Know where the knowledge gaps are. Because, a person opts for a consulting service when he is confronted with some unfamiliar problems, markets, or methodologies.
  • Stay on your client’s radar by focusing on the quality relationship. Listen carefully the problems of your clients and start speaking.

4. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is another the best way to monetize your blogs. Before understanding how it works, let’s first discuss what drop shipping means.

Drop shipping refers to the process of selling goods directly from the manufacturer to the retailer without holding a stock of inventory in actual.

When we talk about monetizing blogs through drop shipping, it means that you are blogging about a particular product to facilitate its sales without holding the inventory for that product yourself. Through your attractive blogging, you can engage the audience with these products. Usually, companies pay bloggers to write fascinating articles about their products based on certain commission.

Drop Shipping Through Shopify

By launching an e-commerce store on Shopify, drop shipping can be done. Shopify lets you open a business without the hassle of managing, packaging or shipping the inventory. You can include links of products that you want to sell on your Shopify store. When customers arrive on your site, he places an order. The supplier gets notified by the Shopify about the order placed. Further, the supplier ships the order directly to the customer.

Drop Shipping Through WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin that lets you create your own e-commerce store on WordPress. When new orders are placed on your WooCommerce store, the wholesaler gets an emailed notification and they deliver the products to the right customer. You need to add the details of supplier after installation of WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress store.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you are blogging for a particular company which sells the new model of cars.

  • First, a customer land on your website. He or she reads your blog gets engaged because of your fascinating writing skills.
  • If he finds the product useful for him, he places an order through your site and pays the required amount to you.
  • After that, you forward the placed order to the concerned company along with the paid amount after deducting your commission.
  • Then, the drop shipper processes the order to the customer.

In this way, you can monetize your blog through drop shipping.

5. Sponsorship

So far we have studied multiple ways to monetize your blogs. Among them, writing a sponsored blog post is also the most effective way to earn.

Writing a sponsored blog post means that you have to write a blog on your website about a brand or its products or services in exchange for money. Either you are writing a post for them or they themselves are providing a well-written article, sponsorship demands that particular article must be posted on your site from where the company can get quality customers for their products.

I would like to recommend you that choose wisely what content you should allow being sponsored on your site. Whatever it is, just ensure the brand you’re working with is a good fit for your blog.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Through Affiliate marketing, you can get in touch with a company who is in need of advertising space. In this way, you can turn your blogging site into an earning machine. Let’s understand what does Affiliate Marketing means.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting or marketing the other company’s products in exchange for a certain percentage of commission.

In the words of  Pat Flynn

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

The 4 Parties Involved In Affiliate Marketing

The Merchant

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He is the creator, seller, brand, retailer, or vendor. You can say that this party actually creates the product for which you will be an Affiliate.

The Network

It is an intermediary between the merchant and publisher. It can be a network who handles your payment or the product delivery.

The Publisher

The publisher sometimes also known as an affiliate. They are the ones who promote the products on their site.

The Consumer

They are the ones who purchase the product from the publisher’s site. The affiliates try to market them the products of merchants.

How does it work?

As a blogger, you include links to a product or service offered by a particular brand through an affiliate marketing program. Whenever someone clicks on that link and convert into a buyer of that particular company, you’ll receive a percentage of commission on that. That’s how it works!

Here are 5 easy steps that show you how affiliates work-

  • Register on Affiliate Marketing Program.
  • Get a tracking URL of a product.
  • Market the product on your site by pasting that particular code on your site.
  • Acquire quality leads.
  • Receive your commission.

Points To Be Kept In Mind Before Joining An Affiliate Program

  • Promote only those products that are relevant to your niche.
  • Before promoting products, check clearly whether the company is well-reputed or not.
  • Don’t promote such products that can be hazardous to someone.

How To Get Connected With Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Here I’m providing information about the 2 best ways through which you can easily get connected with the best Affiliate Marketing Program. You can select among a wide range of products according to your niche to be an affiliate. Here, we go….

a.) JVZoo

JVZoo is an SAAS, i.e., Software As A Service, that helps you by facilitating online sales, marketing, and delivery. It helps you in connecting with millions of global customers and affiliates for your online business. Trusted by consumers and preferred by top marketers, it is the all-in-one digital commerce platform.

b) ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the largest online retailers having a vast library of over 6 million unique products in order to reach millions of customers at the global level. If you want to grow your business with ClickBank, you can get the right tools and resources that help you in creating, publishing and marketing their products.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know 7 most effective ways to make money blogging. It’s time to take action! Without wasting time and without doing blogging mistakes, just monetize your website. Improve your blog writing skills with the best blog writing tips and rock the world.

Bilal Safdar, the Digital Marketing Expert of LiquidDo, having a strong desire to help people grow who are struggling with online marketing.

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  1. Thank you for this wealth of information! I plan to make a course for my blog and maybe launch a webinar. Building a course is very exciting however, the marketing side of the course is a bit of a drag. Self-promotion is something I struggle with.

  2. Awesome comprehensive list! This is what every new blogger should know. I love your suggestion on providing certificates or badges for motivation. I will keep that in mind when I build my courses

  3. Hi Bilal,

    Indeed a well-detailed blog post for everyone that wants to know how to optimize their blog post. One thing that I liked about this post is that it includes all the information one would need. Most of the blogs just mention stuff without going into detail actually how to implement it.

    I would also like to add that the blog monetization varies from niche to niche. If you have a review website, it's almost impossible to generate income with education. I'm talking about hosting review sites and some other niches where you can only make money with Ads, affiliate offers.

    It also depends on the form of traffic channels you use. For example affiliate offers can convert better with ads rather than selling educational courses where you need to have a bound with your readers before them purchasing your course.

    Hope it adds some value to this great post.



  4. I have been using multiple ways to make money blogging. Ads, affiliate marketing, reviews etc. are few of them. I strongly believe that one should always be ready to discover the new ways to monetize his blog. Glad you have shared these.

  5. Hi bilal, I went through these following points in affiliate marketing,
    Register on Affiliate Marketing Program.
    Get a tracking URL of a product.
    Market the product on your site by pasting that particular code on your site.
    Acquire quality leads.
    Receive your commission.
    This was really fine piece of extraordinary knowledge you shared regarding affiliate marketing, I would share my ecommerce site where I am thinking about introducing an affiliate programme adcomIndia

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