How to Keep Blogging When Business is Booming

Whatever you’re doing with your blog, keep doing it because you’re business is red hot right now. The phone’s ringing, email enquiries come in every day and more people than ever before are hiring you.

Business is great but what do you do when your blog marketing strategy starts getting results, when business is booming and you can’t keep up with your blog any more?

Small business owners always want more business and because of the instability of self-employment we tend to take on all the work that comes our way. That’s because there’s often a fear that work could dry up in the future, and because most businesses have natural seasonal slumps so when business is good you’re grateful for it and happy to work hard during those times.

In our web and blog design business we adapt our work hours depending on the flow of our clients. If there’s a lot of work on (October, November and December are usually our busiest months) we put it as many hours, nights and weekends as it takes to get the jobs done well.

Whenever there’s a quiet period we work less and spend more time at the beach. Fortunately a lot of our clients take time off after Christmas and at the beginning of January when the school holidays are on so so that makes it easier for us to spend more time with our kids then.

Being self-employed means you don’t have the luxury of paid vacations and often work long hours when business is booming. But how do you keep blogging when you’re so busy working on the paid jobs you hardly have time to turn around, let alone write and publish a new blog post?

How to Keep Blogging When You’re Busy

1. Focus on your paying clients

Don’t worry about your blog right now. You’re obviously doing something right so just leave it be. It really won’t matter if you don’t publish any blog posts for a week, a fortnight or even a month. Really. My experiments into what happens if you stop blogging proved that.

Remember that no one ever unsubscribed from a blog because no new posts were published. Blog readers unsubscribe or lose interest in your blog when your posts are irrelevant or boring, not because you haven’t written anything new for a few weeks. Or even months.

Focus on keeping the clients you’ve got happy and remember that it’s much easier to get new business from the clients you already have than to convert a new lead into a paying customer.

When you wrap up business with a client make a point of calling them to say how much you enjoyed working with them, then mention that you’re growing your business right now and you’d love it if they recommend you to anyone who might need your services.

A few five minute phone calls to clients like that could lead to thousands of dollars of new business and will be much faster than writing a new blog post and promoting it.

2. Keep the blog ticking over with quick blog posts when you can

Remember not to stress about keeping your blog up to date. It’s optional but if you only have 30 minutes and want to write a blog post here are a few ideas for getting great blog post up fast:

  • Be inspired by another blog post.
    Choose just one post you love on another blog, summarise and link to it. Most bloggers will be delighted with the free publicity and many bloggers (like me at both Get In the Hot Spot and Successful Blogging and Leo Babauta at Zen Habits) have uncopyrighted their work so you can use the entire blog post if you like. Crediting the source is recommended.
  • Post a question.
    The aim is to craftily get your readers to write the post for you. It should also be fun for them and get them feeling involved in your blog and build your community. Tailor the question to your niche and target audience. Make sure the question is quick to answer and that you have time to promote the post on social media to make sure you get the comments you need. Here are some examples of questions:
    Fashion blog – I love red! What’s your favourite colour? What colour flatters you most? What colour instantly brightens your day?
    Internet marketing blog – I love Hootsuite for my social media management. What tools, apps or software do you rely on?
    Travel blog – Which country has the best food? I vote for Thailand. How about you?
  • Look for guest posts
    Email or tweet a few treasured readers whose blogs you love, otherwise you may get so many guest posts you can’t use them all. Remember adding guest posts still takes time – you will have to read them, edit them,  format and promote them but it could still be faster than writing your own post and is a useful way to get a new voice on your blog or cover a topic you’re not an expert on.
  • Adapt old blog posts
    Choose a popular blog post and put a new spin on it. This post has been adapted from a guest post I write for Nikki Parkinson called How to keep your blog banging when you need a break but you can also use blog posts on your own blog. Link to the original post if relevant or just change the format of your post, for example from a How to… into 5 Ways to…. You don’t need to change much because most readers won’t notice although if you’re using a guest post you wrote for another blog you might prefer to do a complete rewrite or just post the first couple of paragraphs and let readers click over to the other blog to read the whole thing.
MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  Best of Successful Blogging 2011

3. Don’t apologise

If you need a blogging break because business is booming take it and when you have time for your blog again there’s no need to apologise for your absence. Just write a relevant blog post about your recent experiences such as:

Remember that if business is booming that’s cause for celebration. When business slows down again take time to breathe and recover from all that hard work then come back to your blog refreshed when you’re ready.

Whatever you’ve been doing on your blog keep doing it but keep doing it at a pace that works for you and allows you to sustain your business, income and sanity.

What do you do when  you’re so busy and don’t have much time for blogging?

14 thoughts on “How to Keep Blogging When Business is Booming”

  1. This is really sound advice, Annabel. I'm really devoted to my main blog so it's hard to let go, but if I'm really busy I'll cut back from two to one post a week. And, if I need a break I'll take a break off.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Good to hear you're in control of your blogging. I know this is a huge worry for new bloggers and people who are thinking about blogging so I hope it reassures business people that you don't need to keep blogging at break neck speed all the time, it's something you can dip into when you have time 🙂

  2. Very wise words, Annabel. With my blog being the business, I've had to get smarter at how I prioritise within that. When it comes to my to-do list, the next day's post is first for a tick off and then it's onto any work I have to do for sponsors. That way I've taken off the pressure from my publishing schedule and get on with the stuff that enables me to keep the blog going but may not have a deadline that day.

    • Hi Nikki,

      Sounds like a great plan. I like doing my blog posts first of all too but I have to be disciplined to finish them fast so there's time for other things too! Perfectionism is painful – hitting publish is brilliant.

  3. I was just beating myself up that the last post on ClickWP has been about WordPress 3.5 and now 3.6 is about to be released. So your post and point #1 especially is a great relief. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. if you are feeling sad and not getting any motivation, you should go through your blog once. Your previous articles may help inspire you and shall be a great motivating factor.

  5. Something I love about blogging is that you can let it slide a bit and then get back into it, what a relief after working on projects that were so different. The flexibility is great. I think I should write shorter posts sometimes and just use one photo, just to speed things up.

    Also I can update and re-post posts, that works well for me and is very relevent to the blog and readers, in fact I should do it more.

    But the trick is to not stop… to take a break but then GET BACK TO IT!

  6. This is another great post, Annabel!! 🙂 I have just upped my blogging from 2-3 times a week to 5 to help with my traffic and hopefully get hired more often. I love your tips.

    I am currently working two jobs so I like to create content one or two days a week (or at least the headlines), and that way I don't have to worry about it during the week.

    • Hi Kalee,

      Great to see you here and I love your point. Creating several posts over a few days is way faster and a great way to make sure when things get busy you have some great blog posts up your sleeve 🙂 Well done!

  7. Great post, Annabel. I'm a big ran of recycling old content to squeeze the most out of it. You can retain all the links and social signals on the previous post and reap in the benefits of freshening it up with no where near the effort of starting from scratch!


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