Get More Traffic, A Contest and A Freebie

 guest-bloggingAfter slaving over a new blog post, do you ever hit the “publish” button and pray that people will read it?

This happens so often that the most common question I get asked by my clients and readers is “How do I get more traffic?”

My answer? Guest Blogging.

The Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Writing a blog post for another website allows you to:

  1. Meet other bloggers who address your readers’ problems
  2. Increase your visibility
  3. Get new eyeballs on your site
  4. Communicate your experience and credibility
  5. Get natural back links from Google

All of which are excellent goals.

But it’s not always easy to get the attention of a big name blogger.

So what’s the easiest way to start?

It’s with a circle of 3 to 5 blogger friends. You decide to help each other market your posts through guest posting to each other’s sites and through liking, pinning, and tweeting each other’s stuff on social media.

Finding The Right Blogs

How to go about finding these new friends?

Some of the best ways are:

  • Connecting with them on Twitter or Facebook
  • During an online class after interacting with both the teacher and fellow students
  • By following big name blogs and checking out the people who leave them comments
  • Inkybee, a service where you can find other bloggers in your niche and see how many readers they have

Start With Smaller Blogs

By starting with smaller blogs, you have a better chance of getting selected and then you can work your way up the guest posting ladder.

Also, make sure you offer content that is relevant to the blog owner’s readers. Study the type of content they already publish and create something along the same lines. Look at the average word length and see if they usually include photos or images so you can keep your style in line with theirs.

A Contest and A Bonus For You

Would you like to guest post on Successful Blogging?

I’ll be picking one winnerr from all the readers who leave a comment on this post.

Share with me what topic you would want to write about for your guest blogging post on Successful Blogging. It’s time for some self-promotion, baby, to win a spot!

Plus, here is a free bonus – my latest guidebook on “How To Guest Blog Successfully” that goes into more detail about guest posting for more traffic. Just click on the image below:


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15 thoughts on “Get More Traffic, A Contest and A Freebie”

  1. Hi Sue Anne

    What a fantastic idea you have come up with. To win a guest post on Successful Blogging! Well as I have continued to struggle with having followers on my Blog I am in this one boots 'n all!

    As to what I will write a post about…….well it WILL be relevant to 'Baby Boomers' as that's what my Blog is about. Exactly what Topic it will be right now….unknown. It will be a surprise for us all….even me! Thankyou for the opportunity to be on Successful Blogging Sue Anne.

    I best be off and get my grey cells activated into a Blog mindset now. You'll be hearing from me 🙂


    Judy Hackett recently posted The Ultimate 10 Point Survival Guide for Baby Boomers and International FlightsMy Profile

  2. Oh, boy, do I need help, Sue Anne. I write and post about our place among the gum trees, all the wildlife we share our home with, and some projects we are working on (like growing our own veg and getting to eat it before the possums and the wallabies do!). I have a small band of followers (read SMALL), and my most popular (LOL) posts have all been either photos of Seventy Seven Acres or recipes – neither of which I consider my strong point!

    I'm inspired to head off and write a new post right now (lack of a wide ranging readership has led to an erratic posting schedule – which, of course, compounds the problem).

    Thanks for all the tips!

    Niqui 🙂
    Niqui recently posted …autumn flowersMy Profile

  3. Hi Sue,
    what a great idea! I love your tip today about teaming up with a group of other bloggers… now to find a group.

    My blog is tacked onto the back of my website and I've yet to get myself organised to develop a regular approach to writing for it. I write for children and have my very first own book in the pipeline for publication right now, so I'm really looking for ways to reach my one day readers, but have only just realised that it is all set up to reach other writers. Talk about know your audience… perhaps that would be my topic 🙂 !


    • So, Cate, what do you want to write about? Have you polled your current readers? Or checked for how much traffic there would be if you continue to write for other writers?

      Figure out your audience is the 1st key. Try that and let me know how it goes!

      • Thanks, Sue Anne… it's easier to find a relevant key word for writers, and it has a big response in wordtracker, so this looks like the better choice. I'm thinking that two distinct blogs is the answer, what are your thoughts?

        Cate 🙂

        • Cate, I usually don't recommend doing two blogs because of the amount of work involved! But it can work for some business owners. The most important thing to remember – you are a business with a blog. What will represent your business the best?


  4. Hi Sue Anne,
    I stumbled across your blog the other day while doing a Google search about whether I should write one blog with multiple topics or just start another blog. Or two. I ended up loving your blog and becoming a subscriber. I'd be thrilled to write a guest blog; of course picking a topic would be an adveture since I obviously have a hard time picking a topic for my own blog. I guess that's half the fun. If you could see me right now, you would know that I'm waving my hands in the air, squealing, "Oooooh me! Pick me!" much like an overzealous third grader. Win or lose, I am excited to be here and to learn to make the most of my brand new blog!

    • You are too young to remember, Aimee, but you are reminding me of Horshack right now from the TV show "Welcome Back, Kotter"! He was always going "OhhhOhhhUhhhOhhh" when he raised his hand in class! Yes, you are a contender for the guest post spot. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the guidebook.

    I would like to write a post reminding guest bloggers to use their manners. There is so much on the internet that is impolite. Let's bring back etiquette!

  6. Hey –

    Thanks for the ideal tips on guest blogging and traffic generation. I'm trying to learn all I can from you.

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