How To Grow Your Blog In The Very Best Way

If you are searching for the best procedures to extend the online reach of your blog—you are in the right place.

You may not be the internet superstar now but you can develop into one if you follow this guide.

And here is how to do it:


Make sure you create a high-quality content. It needs to be fun, interesting, informative and in high-demand.

If you lack good ideas…

  • listen to your customers.
  • Don’t forget your comment section.
  • Read what your readers think and answer their questions.

This will help you to create a clearer picture of what your readers want and need.

Also, communicating with your readers will establish a relationship—and having someone on the other side to tell you if you are doing a right thing or not is priceless.

Design and other visual features

Pay attention to the details such as the design of your blog. It has to be modern, up to date and up to speed. If you don’t know how to make your blog pleasant on the eyes – get a professional help.

Another thing you should pay attention to is getting the right images for every post. It is important you get your reader’s attention, and use interesting photos to your advantage.

Load time

Your blog load matters not only to Google but also to your readers. People are impatient. If you don’t provide your visitors with pages that load under two seconds – they will find someone else who will.

You can find many online tools to check your load speed, and eventually to check what’s eating up your performance.

Distribute your blog posts

  • Promote your blog on other websites.
  • Be a guest on someone other’s blog and invite other bloggers to guest post on yours.
  • Let other bloggers promote their blogs on yours and do the same in the exchange.
  • Mention influencers in your posts, and link to their blogs.
  • Use social media to extend the online reach of your blog.


Your blog optimization is maybe the most important thing you should pay attention to when trying to extend the online reach of your blog.

There are many ways you can use Search Engine Optimization to your advantage. Find the tactic that fits your blog the best, and go with it.

Create high-quality content, produce concise meta descriptions for your pages and pay attention to your keywords. The methods to optimize your blog change on a daily basis, but if you try to be up to speed, the chances are – you will find a way.

Create landing pages

Landing pages are a great source of traffic for your site. Use them as much as possible to extend the online reach of your blog.

Landing pages should be specific to your offers – redeeming discount codes, free downloads, or offering free trials. Also, make sure they contain the details users need to learn more about your blog and convert.

Betty White was never quite sure what she wanted to do, so she started exploring different job opportunities in all spheres of life. That was an ongoing issue until, five years ago, she found herself in copywriting. It started with an internship and then quickly developed into something more. Today, she finds herself working with a team of professional writers, doing what she loves.

34 thoughts on “How To Grow Your Blog In The Very Best Way”

  1. Only having a blog is not sufficient. We must ensure that it will reach to the maximum customers as well and for this purpose, this article really helped me out. Through this article, I came to know various amazing tips for having our blog maximum reach. Thank you for sharing this article.

  2. Hi


    Providing useful content for the reader's is very important and it helps in growing your blogging business in a right way. Your content must be useful that can solve the reader's problem.

    A blog design must be user-friendly and up to date. Yes, blog load time matters a lot and if your blog pages take more than 3 seconds to load, so readers will leave your blog. So, it is very necessary to speed up your blog load time. Social media platforms are one of the best ways to promote a blog and reach with potential customers.

    You have provided great tips and it will help in maximizing blog reach.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Have a great day.

    Praveen Verma
    Praveen Verma recently posted Top 10 Tips to Optimize your Google Play Store AppMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the tips, I agree that if consistent efforts are not put into the blog or website, the traffic stats will start to stall and their will be decline in the ranking as well. Regarding content optimization, i would like to add that, the older posts have to be rebuffed every now and than which helps in getting a good crawl instead of the bot declaring those posts as outdated, leaving a negative dip in ranking. Increasing audience engagement just like you have mentioned has a great positive impact if implemented strategically.

  4. thanks for sharing this valuable blog about how to increase reach of a blog. its very informative for those who started writing blog keep it up and please share this kind of informative blogs.

  5. Hi Betty,

    Having a blog isn't enough, I realises it after some month after launching my blog when traffic didn't improve much.

    Then I realises, we have to do more just than writing an article, then I started commenting on others blog, making relations on social media and it was very helpful.

    We have to move always step by step, and the steps never ends there, one will appear always after when we reached one.

    Thanks for sharing a nice piece of content!

    Have a nice day?

    Ashutosh singh
    Ashutosh singh recently posted 11 Best WordPress Security tips to Secure Your WebsiteMy Profile

  6. Start networking with other bloggers on a regular basis Contribute to the top blog’s in your niche Create your own tribe on Triberr and invite other bloggers Publish content your target audience wants to read Encourage social sharing with these tactics Make promotion part of your blogging process (and here’s how to do it).
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  7. Sigh I was hoping for more! I feel like these are basic web principles, but how do they help expand reach and visibility in such a competitive market? Do you have more suggestions for this?

  8. Hi Betty,

    The tips you here are great, and if one should apply them correctly, ROI will certainly improve. My takeaway here is the #1 tip, Content. Creating well researched content is the hallmark of it all, because it will always attract readers and remain evergreen. You highlighted the need to listen to your audience, which brings about the concept of creating user generated content (UGC). This type of content will dramatically extent the life of your post and blog because it already has what your target market is looking for, as a result, it will drive more traffic, engagement, and sales.

    Already share it on social!

  9. I Like the Way you have Explained!!

    Its very impresive and Informative, but there are many things to improve the Website like doing Digital Marketing activities such as SEO, SEM, Email-marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing. All this activities should take place to create awarness between people about your blogs and Website. Content should be Very Unique and Relevent and great Explained which bot can crawl Fast and show the result instantly. To make awarness You need to make the Website more Relevent and Brand Identity where Email- Marketing Helps you to build image by Sending the Mails.

  10. Promoting the blog in a proper manner will be the key for the success of bloggers. Writing a blog on a trending topic will help readers to get more information. Interacting with the customers or readers and answering to their doubts on comments section will drive more traffic to the website.
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  11. Something a lot of bloggers overlook is distributing their content to platforms with ready-made readers. I use WordPress and have plugins that cross-post my posts to Medium, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Steemit. The plugin takes care of the rel canonical tag so search engines know the original source of the content and I don't have to worry about having duplicate content across many platforms.

    I like that you've written (briefly!) about the visual aesthetics of the site. I hate sites that have been over-optimised for ads or have content that runs right across the screen, making it so hard to read. There are so many smaller things I forgive (if the content is good) but these two, I can't.

  12. Hey Betty White

    Great post here. You know what?

    I read a lot of blog post and I never heard of a post like this
    I love this topic which you made about how to grow your blog. Very ingenious.

  13. Thanks for sharing this informative and very useful article. I am a blogger and it really helped me out for my website. I have been looking for the several ways to extend online research of my blogs and here I found it. Thank you for various tips.

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