How to Grow Your Twitter Following and Blog In One Fell Swoop

How to get free twitter followers for free instantlyYou’re cranking out killer blog posts on a regular basis now. You’ve got some riveted readers. But like all human beings, you want more.

How do you get more readers to discover your content and better yet, keep coming back for more?

Building a presence for your blog is really an exercise in personal branding. There’s a real person behind that blog, and it’s you –unique, lovable you.

The more people engage and network directly with you as a person, the more they are endeared to you, connected to you, and want to stay in touch with you.

And that’s why you need to build a Twitter following to nurture that one-on-one and one-on-many networking that results in a loyal readership.

Here Are 5 Tips for Growing a Twitter Following For Your Blog

Tip#1: Spiff up your social profile

Twitter folk make a snap decision when they land on your profile – follow or don’t follow.

So make that first impression counts:

  • Make use of imagery for an immediate first impression
  • Make your bio very clear about who you are and how you help people. Include the topic you cover, what they’ll get from following you, and a link to your blog.

Sue’s profile is a perfect example of this.

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Tip #2: Add “Follow Me” Links…Everywhere

The moral of the story is…don’t make people search for you.

There are so many places you run into people online that offers an opportunity to get a new follower.

Here are a few places where you can add a call to action to follow you:

  • On your website header or footer or sidebar (a.k.a. on every-single-page of your site)
  • In your emails (both personal email signatures and email blasts like newsletters)
  • In your bio (both on your site and anywhere you guest post)
  • In presentation slide decks (for webinars, in person presentations, etc)
  • Within the body of your posts. I love this one. Just as people are really deep into a post, you hit them with something like this:

“Hey, if you’re liking the tips in this post, follow me on Twitter to get more like it”  

Creating a button like this is super simple. You can do it here with Twitter’s free tool.

Tip #3: Make the First Move

There’s nothing wrong with @tweeting someone you’ve never met. It’s the starting point of a (maybe) relationship.

Look for people you’d like to have as followers and reach out and engage with them.

Here are some ways to find those tweeps:

  • Search bios to find the type of people you want to network with using FollowerWonk (e.g. search bios for the keyword phrase: social media blogger)
  • Search for people who shared an article you really loved using BuzzSumo. I love this because you share a common interest that you can use to strike up a conversation.
  • Search for people talking about the same topics you blog about using Rignite. This is as simple as setting up a search stream to check tweets that mention a keyword phrase.



Tip#4: Follow to Get Followed

This is one of those touchy subjects. Before you rush off on a following bender, please note that this isn’t a quantity game.  The idea is not to follow a mass number of people and then go back several days later to unfollow the ones that didn’t follow back.

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Instead this is building on what’s recommended in tip#3. Once you’ve put yourself out there by directly and authentically reaching out to people who have similar interests, solidify your new friendship with a follow. Since you’ve had some back and forth with them, following will show them you are interested in staying in touch.

They’ll then be more likely to retweet you and engage with you again in the future which will expose you to their followers.

Simple. Easy. And a must if you plan on building a relationship.

Tip#5: Run lots of fun contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are just straight up fun for everyone. You and the participants. It’s a win-win.

And the prizes don’t have to break the bank. Here are some ideas for prizes:

  • $20 gift card to Starbucks, Amazon, or other retailer that is relevant to your blog’s topic or industry
  • Free copy of your book (if you are an author)
  • Free copy of an influencer’s book (bonus: this is great networking for you with the influencer)
  • Premium content (like an educational course that you usually offer for a price)
  • Free consultation (if you are a consultant or service provider)
  • Other people’s products/services (via a partnership where they agree to give away their product in your giveaway).

Once you’ve decided what you’ll give away, you’ll need to decide what you want people to do to participate.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Twitter hashtag contest – this is where you ask people to tweet something and include a certain hashtag to be entered. It’s great for getting content shared.
  • Hashtag photo contest – similar to the one above, but it includes asking the participant to include a photo of something. These can be really engaging and great at generating buzz on a topic
  • Comment to enter – this could be done via your blog’s comment section. Or it could be done on Facebook, by asking people to leave a comment on your post for a chance to win.

Oh, looky here. Here’s a real world example:

We’re offering 6 months free of Rignite to one lucky reader of Sue’s Successful Blogging.

All you have to do to enter is:

  • Tweet this blog post
  • Include the hashtag #TwitterTips and @RigniteInc
  • The winner will be announced on June 21st

In case you don’t know what Rignite is, it’s social media management software for monitoring, engaging, and managing social campaigns.

Bonus Content:

For more in-depth Twitter tips, check out my mega guide on how to get more Twitter followers. You’ll discover 47 action items to help you grow your following + a Trello board for prioritizing what you want to do first.

Kim Cooper is Sr. Marketing Manager at Rignite. She helps businesses get better results from their social media activity. She blogs about tips, best practices, and social media success stories. You can connect with her on Twitter via @FullyMarketed or @RigniteInc.

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  1. Wao,

    This is a good resourceful content in-deed.

    I can't count my lost twitter followers all because i made a huge mistake of using a crab portfolio on my Profile.

    Well – i've learnt my lessons today .

    Hopefully, i shall meet up to follow the trend .

    Hello sue, This is my first visit to your blog and it's worth coming again next time.

    Have a great time . .

  2. @ tweeting people is very useful as long as you are saying something worth saying. Making it easy for people to follow you is also very wise.

    Sending me a auto-generated private message on Twitter results in an immediate unfollow.

  3. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for those great tips on "twittering", and getting more follows.

    I have also noticed by my last post that using the hashtags in the right places, with the right words can also get you some followers.



  4. Hi Kim and hello Sue,

    Well this is the post everyone interested in Twitter marketing should be reading Kim.

    I think there is nothing better than tweeting valuable @people. twitter is for humans and not for bots so as you said, we should connect and follow more and more like minded people.

    Adding follow me links also is a wise move. Thanks and have a great weekend 🙂

  5. Hi Sue, it is worth to read your posts every time I get an email from you but sometimes it is more disturbing to read about the endless applications or website which are offering services to fetch social followers.

    Is that alright to use these services with our blog/website?

    Mohinder Paul Verma

    • Hi, Mohinder,

      I get those all the time also and never use them.

      Let's ask Kim what she thinks.

      I appreciate your comment and questions.

    • Hi Mohinder! If those websites you're talking about are offering you free followers then I'd recommend avoiding those. It's a waste of money because your followers won't be engaged with you. However, if the websites are offering tools that make it easy to search and discover people with similar interests that you then genuinely and authentically reach out to and strike up a conversation with, then I'd say they are worth using to make it easier to engage one-on-one with relevant people.

      Hope that helps!


  6. Thanks as always for the comment, Ryan!

    Did I hear you met my friend Shannon in Bali? Need the details!

  7. Great advice, Kim. I've recently started putting more focus on Twitter (over facebook or any other social media network, for that matter), so thanks for putting this post.

    I am already doing contest / giveaways, and so far have generated good amount of followers, but I think I need to start following others to boost the count.

    • Hi, Dev,

      Great to hear your experiences with Twitter. Thanks for sharing them!

      How are you doing contests and giveaways on Twitter? KingSumo Giveaways or something else?


      • Actually I do giveaways on my blog (mostly when doing product reviews), using Rafflecopter. This also helps increase engagement on the blog.

  8. Increasing number of social media followers is the sign of success. I really like to have thousands of followers. Thank you for sharing to improve twitter followers.

  9. Hey Sue…..

    This is Great Post and very Helpful tips to Increase Twitter and my Favorite Strategy to Get Twitter Follower is Follow to Get Followed by using this Trick i Get 550 Twitter Followers in Less than 20 Days and i think it,s Great.


  10. Hi Kim and Hi Sue,

    This is a wonderful post and will be a jewel for any social media marketer. I love the tips Kim outlined too especially #3: Make the first move. I see twitter as an extension of human interactions and friendships. Sometimes, you see a person and know immediately that both of you can be good friends or make something world-changing. I have felt like this way atimes and had to make the first move, to introduce myself and create a connection.

    In real life this can be tricky and must be done void of selfish reasons. Same with on twitter. That's why i am not going to unfollow someone because they didn't follow me back. Doesn't rub off nicely.

    But I agree with Kim, that you should find like-minded people and make a first move (especially when you have very few followers).

    And giveaways are a golden way to build your followers. However I strongly support that the giveaway must be related to the product/service you offer. Otherwise you will attract free loafers who will never engage with your blog content.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing,Kim and Sue.

    • Hi, Chioma,

      Making the first move reminds me of something Josh Coffey told me once – Twitter is like a cocktail party and you need to go up and introduce yourself to people.

      I totally agree with you about the giveaways. They work really well when your audience desires them.

      Thanks for your feedback.

    • Hi Chioma! Thanks for the thoughtful comment! I couldn't agree more with you about Twitter being an extension of real world relationships. There are so many really cool and crazy smart people out there to be met and Twitter just makes it easy to find them and say "hi" and then take it from there. Sounds like you're doing well with Twitter with that mindset.

  11. 1 Hi Mi,

    I give my 15 precious minutes to read your whole post :). In your post you have shared with us some great ideas through which one can get huge visitors through Twitter.

    I wish you the best of luck on your blogging journey.

    Have a great weekend!

    With Regards,

    Kenny – MuchTech

  12. What a terrific resource on Twitter Sue! I'm going to check out Rignite. I used to love Tweetadder long ago due to how you could target followers based on their interests and what they've added in their profiles, but since their software changed I haven't been using Twitter nearly as much as I used to. I tend to prefer Pinterest, which I grew organically to about 10K. I find Twitter is excellent for outreach and starting conversations, especially with blog readers as well as influencers.

    • I'm so glad you enjoyed Kim's article as much as I did. They are a great company – plus you may win the contest.

      Wow, nice job on Pinterest! But, I agree with you – Twitter is great for starting conversations and blogger outreach.

      Thanks for your comment today,

  13. Hi Sue,

    Thank you very much for putting together this resource I am currently trying to put more focus on Twitter to grow my personal following there.

    By putting a follow me link I have managed to get more followers thank you again.

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