How To Get Instant Traffic For Your Blog

Why do some bloggers succeed and some just never make it?

Is it their content?

Is it the traffic they get?

Is it all the people they know?

How do some bloggers earn 6 figures a year and most make less than $100 a month?

The reason is that successful bloggers follow a blueprint, a ‘formula’ for success and profit.

I call it the Successful Blogging Blueprint the heart of my traffic course in Successful Blogging School.

How to get trafficIf one of the three components of this formula is missing, you don’t get the other end of the equation. Not even if you post every day.

Want to learn how you can use free traffic to drive readers to your blog who will then become subscribers and, eventually, customers and clients?

Let’s break it down.

Blogger Outreach

Remember that it is who you know and not so much what you know that counts in the blogosphere.

The first way to get started on getting traffic is to shadow the popular bloggers in your nicheClick To Tweet.

When I was a sales rep for a well-known copier company, the first thing you did as a spanking new rep was to shadow a top-notch representative for a week. You would ride with that successful salesperson to observe everything they did. And then you could take what you learned and replicate it in your own territory.

And this is a great strategy to grow the traffic to your blog. You are going to hunt down (not literally!) and shadow popular bloggers in your niche.

Shadowing the Top Bloggers

There are two ways to find the bloggers you are going to shadow. The first way is to put your niche into Google and run a search. Here is a screenshot of my search for “how to make money blogging”:


You can see that Problogger by Darren Rowse and Boost Blog Traffic by Jon Morrow come up first on Google.

Hunt down and create a list of 10 – 20 popular bloggers that come up when you search Google for your niche. Start shadowing them by reading their blog posts and following them on social media.

What Should You Do Next?

Share their social media posts and comment on each one of their blog posts for at least several weeks. This way you can start to show up on their radar.

Every time another blogger leaves me a comment, I comment back and take note of their name and their blog’s URL. If they then emailed me, I would remember them and open their email. Which will definitely help you out when you start to…

Guest Blog

Posting on another blog gets you:

  1. Credibility
  2. Free Traffic
  3. Backlinks
MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  The 3 Things You Need To Do To Make Money Blogging

First off, you’ll want to see if the bloggers you are shadowing take guest posts. Just scroll through their posts and see if there are other writers on their blog.

Since you have shadowed them, you’ll also know if they have an engaged audience. Make sure they get social shares and comments on each of their posts.

Now you are ready to find out more info about your targeted bloggers.

How To Know What Type Of Post To Write

The fastest way to find out to use Buzzsumo. It’s a free tool that shows which posts from the bloggers you are shadowing are the most popular.

Take a look at the top posts for one of my mentors, Yaro Starak.

Buzzsumo for post

His “How to” article came in second and a case study of his came in first.

So, if you wanted to guest post on Entrepreneurs-Journey, you would know what type of post to write to maximize traffic and social shares for the post you write.

I recommend looking up each blogger in Buzzsumo before you send them an email with several potential topics that you could write for them.

The best way to get traffic from guest blogging?

Get at least 2 blog guest posting opportunities each month.

It’s better to only blog once a week on your own blog and save the great content you would have used on your blog and hand it to another blogger as a guest post. It will drive more traffic than if you posted it on your blog and is a better use of your time.

Reverse Guest Posting

This is when you get guest bloggers to write for your blog.

The best way to do this is to make friends with 4-6 bloggers in your niche. Perhaps you took a class together or you met each other on social media.

Ask them if they’d be willing to write a post on your blog. They will share that post with their audience either by email or social media (or even better, both!) and you’ll get new ‘eyeballs’ on your site.

What You Should Do Next

So what’s your first action step to start getting more free traffic?

Start shadowing bloggers in your niche. Share their content and comment on their posts. Ask for guest blogging opportunities and have your blogging friends guest post occasionally on your site.

Go for it!

101 thoughts on “How To Get Instant Traffic For Your Blog”

  1. Hi, Ryan,

    One of my favorite books is "Eat, Pray, Love" and the movie was very good. That's amazing that your blogging connections and the results have taken you around the globe.

    I just read, this past week, your book "Blogging From Paradise: 13 Steps To Become An Unstoppable Networking Machine" and loved it! Great writing and super-duper tips on blogger outreach. Worth every penny.

    I always appreciate your comments here on Successful Blogging!

  2. Hi Sue,

    thanks a lot for your great post. Great info on outreach and how to actually build connections with other bloggers, which may lead to guest posting and mutual cooperaton in the future.

    I like the word shadowing, and that is why I`m shadowing you, you will become one of the big stars in the "help people make money with blogging" space.

    Ryan, I`m a big fan of the sow and reap approach. It`s like karma: when you help enough people get what they want, you will finally get what you want(Zig Ziglar).

    Thanks, Sue.

    Tor Refsland recently posted Why DUMB Goals Eat SMART Goals For BreakfastMy Profile

  3. Hi Sue Anne,

    Excellent points raised here of how to get traffic to your blog! It's all about taking a step forward, reading a blog post that interests you and leaving a darn good comment!

    I often get people coming to my blog just because I left a comment they resonated with. It's all about engagement and building relationships with others. Being honest, ethical, and putting others first without expectations will eventually get people to come to your blog.

    One must have a love and passion for blogging and also eager to learn. I think I learned more in my life as a blogger than I ever did! And that has to be another passion..learning!

    As for hanging out with the top dogs? hmm…I'll go to their blogs, comment and engage. But I also like to visit newbies. That is where I can lend a hand, PM them if I see something they are missing or just give them some input in a kind way.

    My take-away from this post is to do more shadowing. So I must thank you for that lesson!

    donna merrill recently posted Ready For Success?My Profile

    • Hi, Donna,

      Love, passion and learning – what a great way to run your blogging business! I consider myself a life-long learner and that has always served me well.

      Shadowing really does work – I have gotten guest blog gigs due to commenting and engaging some of the top dogs'blogs.

      Thanks for coming by to comment,

  4. Awesome insight Sue! I love to believe i'm an entrepreneur, I love innovation and originality but in the grand scheme of things, there is nothing new under the sun…We simply build on what is already established hence the need for a 'shadowing model'…a mentor. For a long time, i struggled with the concept of mentorship; still do sometimes because people have a tendency of making their mentors as there 'ALL IN ALL'….I love to think of them as foundational, they help you get on your feet, know the game so that later you can actually fly even higher than them…..much said lol…Thanks Sue
    Taonga recently posted Frustration To Invention-Why You Need To Get Rid Of Shopping ListsMy Profile

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Taonga! I love your comment "nothing new under the sun" – sometimes we need to remember the basics.


  5. Hi Sue Anne,

    You've offered some great advice. I haven't honestly spent that much time shadowing bloggers but I have tried to identify a core group of them who serve the same audience I do but in a different way.

    That has not only helped me connect with them but also connect with a whole core of others who are my primary audience through blog commenting and social media engagement.

    There is no better feeling than when someone comes to your blog and in their comments say they've seen you on so-and-so's site over and over again and they had to connect because of the comments that were left.

    I admit I don't do as much guest blogging as I should but I also have a strategy of intention behind where I will guest blog. I won't just do it anywhere if I don't think I can serve that audience well or if that audience isn't a good fit for me.

    Great post Sue Anne. I learn a new idea from you each time I visit your site!!!

    Have a great finish to your week!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted Businesses Succeed and Fail Based on Their Marketing – You Can SUCCEED!My Profile

    • Hi, Don,

      I always enjoy your thoughtful comments. I also love when someone comes to my blog and says "I saw you on Don's site" or some other blogger I admire.

      Happy blogging,

  6. What a really solid and extremely helpful post Sue Anne!

    You certainly covered all of the bases. And without a doubt, your prudent advice about shadowing the
    top bloggers in your niche is so spot on!

    You've got leverage some of what they have painstakingly taken the time and effort to build!

    That proven advice just flat out makes good business sense!

    Thanks for offering such an extremely practical business blogging blueprint!
    Mark recently posted Five Simple Ways To Unleash Your Creative Problem Solving Capabilities!My Profile

  7. I finally got back to your blog, Sue. I spent the whole weekend catching up with blogs I follow, whew.

    We do outreach each day in our company. It's effective coupled with Buzzstream!

    Reverse guest post = that's a pretty awesome thing to do and it's really effective but it does take longer to execute but in the ends, it still works great!

    Great advice Sue!
    Dennis recently posted Why Blogging Can Help Your SEO: A 110% Increase the Easy WayMy Profile

    • Hi, Dennis,

      Consistency is one of those things like a chain – you cannot break the chain because people are counting on you. I also like Buzzstream and reverse guest posting.

      Thanks for taking time to stop by and comment!

  8. Hi Sue Anne,

    Superb post. Alot of the points you made are top-notch advice.

    I like following the top bloggers as well. It's actually a great way to write content that's popular and could potentially get alot of shares.

    But the point you made about guest posting is really good. And I plan on making that my primary source in 2015. I know you said that you should "Get at least 2 blog guest posting opportunities each month." but it's difficult at times to get guest blogs on blogs that's in your niche.

    My advice to that is to make sure you go guest post on sites that are in your niche that could benefit both you and the person you're guest blogging on.

    But this is a great post, Sue Anne.

    I love you're site. I always learn something.

    – Andrew

    It’s better to only blog once a week on your own blog and save the great content you would have used on your blog and give it to another blogger as a guest post. It will get
    Andrew M. Warner recently posted How To Create Conversational Content That Captivates Your CommunityMy Profile

    • Great advice, Dennis.

      I also advise clients to look at niches that have your ideal reader reading their blogs. For instance, if you niche is anxiety, you can blog on a finance niche about how the stock market can make you anxious. You can be creative in the posts you seek.

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. Hey Sue,

    Wanted to stop by and check out your second part so I apologize for being late. Great stuff though and you explained this very well.

    Let's see, I comment! LOL!!! Yeah, I know…probably not the best advice ever to just do but it's worked well for me. I don't do a lot of guest posting although I have written my share. I know that when you're new you have to get yourself out in front of enough people. Guest posting is still a highly recommended way of doing that although I didn't have the best of luck in this area. I got some new visitors but not a lot. Of course I wasn't posting on really popular blogs either. It was cool though to get in front of a brand new audience.

    I just love my blog commenting but following people who are influencers and/or authorities will help you get noticed faster. That's if you can make that connection with them which of course is all about building those relationships. Something I just enjoy doing so much.

    So your first two parts were awesome and I know part three will be as well. Heck, you may have already posted it so I'll have to go and see.

    Thanks Sue and enjoy your week.

    Adrienne recently posted Who Else Wants To Learn From These 6 Authority BloggersMy Profile

    • Hi, Adrienne,

      You are the relationship building expert – you leave some of the best comments on the web!

      I totally agree with you that commenting is a great way to get on a blogger's radar. I approve all my own blog's comments and I usually take the time to jump over to the commenter's website.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment today!

    • Matt Cutts from Google did remark on guest posts, but the consensus is that he was referring to spammy links and spammy guest posts. I still guest post each month and have only gotten positive results – I have grown my traffic and subscriber list.

      So as long as you are offering value, you'll be fine, Sebin.

      Thanks for taking the time to ask your question,

  10. Thanks for sharing..! this is really nice article about getting traffic. Actually, I have some bookmarked site of the popular blogger, but it is just for online reading and comment.

    However, I never try to connect with those bloggers. Okay, thanks for your advice. I will start from today and right now. You are the first one.

    Oh, anyway I tried to write guest post for some blogs but my guest less approve since I my writing is a bit poor thus did you some tips for improve better content and get more approve from guest post?

    By the ways thanks for your nice article..! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kimsea Sok recently posted Complete SEO Writing Tips and Tricks for Better ContentMy Profile

  11. This is one of the best article, I ever read about promoting new or existing site.

    Thanks to author for the same.

    Sue, you are lucky that you get guest post with such wonderful article that people now prefer to search SML then Mr. Google..!

    • Hi, Susheel,

      The key to blogger outreach is to comment on their blog posts and share their social media for at least 3-4 weeks before sending an email telling them how much you like their blog (and not asking for anything at all in that email). Then keep doing the same things and then send another email asking if you can guest post.

      This system works much better instead of sending a "cold" email. I hope it helps you.

      Thanks for commenting,

  12. I'm a new one in blogging. my blog traffic is really bad. but in this post i have learned so many things. Thanks I will follow these tips.

  13. Another great post, Sue!

    You know I'm a big advocate of email outreach, but shadowing top bloggers is something I don't do enough of. I have a few (like yourself) that I follow closely, but I need to try and get round to following a larger range – there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day!

    I definitely need to work on guest posting too, but again, things have been so hectic recently that it's just not been possible.

    I hate using time as an excuse, but I have genuinely been putting more time into other areas of my site rather than content creation over the last month or so. Hopefully, almost everything will be in place to retain as many readers as possible from now on.

    Thanks for the kick up the backside, appreciate it!

    Speak soon,

    Luke Jordan

    Luke Jordan recently posted 11 Things All Bloggers Need To Get Their Heads AroundMy Profile

    • Hi, Luke,

      I totally understand the lack of time thing! Been hitting me big time, lately ๐Ÿ™‚

      One of my friends, Carol Amato, wrote a post this week on multi-tasking that really helped me.

      Thanks for your comment today.

  14. Hello Friend, Thans you for thsi post…!! and i am agree with you my brother..!! These all method which you mentioned in above post are excellent utilization of time…!! If you create backlinks from above sites then it will save your much time for sure..!! If you create backlinks from avove sites then it will save your much time for sure..!!

  15. Excellent advice, Sue Anne. Shadowing top bloggers takes a lot of time and may be very useful if you want to learn something from them. But if you hope for something in return you may be very disappointed. Most of the well established bloggers don't even bother to acknowledge you and that's when you start wondering if it's really worth your valuable time. I followed a couple of top blogger for almost a year now, periodically commenting on their blogs and other than a 'heart felt thank you' didn't get anything else. Maybe I followed the wrong people…

  16. Hi, Anda,

    I would start with the bloggers that are just bigger than you. Not the "A" list but the "B" and "C" list. As long as they get about 10-15 comments a post, start with them.

    Thanks for your story.

  17. The very next thing after writing a post is to get traffic. Traffic is the life of any online site, blog or app. Again you have shared tips in effective manner and they are surely worth applying.

    Every blogger need traffic no matter it come from search engines, social networks or subscribers. The more you gain traffic, the more your blog gain value and the more chances that you can monetize your affiliate program.

    Thank you Sue for sharing your knowledge.
    Gaurav Kumar recently posted Google Issues Internal Memo Regarding EUโ€™s Antitrust ChargesMy Profile

    • And thank you, Gaurav, for your comment.

      Great insight – promotion is more important than writing the post.

  18. I love your idea of shadowing other bloggers as it not only helps me learn successful tips about blogging but it also allows me to build relationships with these same bloggers. It's truly a win, win situation for any blogger. Great tips!

  19. Hello Sue, i am newbie in blogging and a student. I have started my journey 3 months ago,
    and trying to writing blogging tools reviews, but my traffic level is very low. I'm facing
    a problem that is, on the same date google analytics showing me 10 page views but google webmaster showing me 134 impressitions what is the different between them?
    lutfar recently posted Top affiliate networks in 2015My Profile

    • Hi, Lutfar,

      Getting more traffic is the key for you. Take a look at my video here.

      I'm not sure about the difference between analytics and webmaster. Go by Google Analytics for your traffic numbers.

      Thanks for your comment and your question!

    • Hi Lutfar, to help answer your question, the difference between the two outputs is that Google Analytics gives you the actual visits and page views, and Google Webmaster impressions are showing you the number of times your site appeared in Google's search results.

      So for example, whilst your site appeared 134 times in Google, you only generated 10 page views from those impressions.

      Like Ann said go by your Google Analytics data, but to increase visibility and impressions in Google search, you need to focus on writing more search engine optimised content, if that's your aim of course. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚
      Fabrizio Van Marcian recently posted 20 Smart Email List Building Tips For BeginnersMy Profile

      • Hi, Fabrizio,

        Thanks SO much for answering Lutfar's question in such a thorough way!

        I certainly appreciate it.

  20. I think this is a really constructive and useful post but I do believe that one of the most important factors for ranking for a particular keyword has been missed out. Backlinks with correct anchor text. Even if you were to implement all the methods above perfectly you probably still wouldn’t see any results especially for highly competitive terms without backlinks.

    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚
    Napster Raza recently posted Top 11 Best CPM Ad Networks For Publisher/Advertiser รขย€ย“ 2015My Profile

    • Hi, Napster,

      Backlinks are important and come from linking to the influencial bloggers in the posts that talk about them, as well as internal linking to other higher ranking pages on your site.

      Thanks for pointing that out!

  21. Hi Sue Anne, awesome post, I've definitely tried guest blogging, but truthfully I think the last guest post I wrote was probably back in 2013, shame on me. I love the idea of shadowing the top bloggers, but again that sounds quite time consuming, but definitely something I will try someday.

    By the way, I love the colour and style of your blog, Sue Anne, well done on this! Have a great weekend.
    Fabrizio Van Marcian recently posted Make Other Bloggers In Your Niche Your Friends, Not Your CompetitorsMy Profile

    • Hi, Fabrizio,

      So great to see you here!

      Shadowing the top bloggers does take time but I find it is worth it when I get extra traffic to my site.

      Thanks for the compliment on the blog – it had a major overhaul in March.

  22. Hi Sue Anne,

    It's such a pleasure reading your words here on your own blog after finding you on Adrienne Smith's blog writing a guest post (a wonderful example that what you're writing about WORKS!)

    I love that you reply to all comments and that you said you go to the blogs of people who comment on your blog and comment back. That act of reciprocity is both kind AND smart. You definitely know what you're doing and your passion transcends the screen.

    I LOVE that you practice what you preach. After meeting you recently through Adrienne's blog, I love that we connected on various social platforms, you invited me to a group Pinterest board, and now here I am on your blog! Making genuine connections is what I love most about blogging and social media and I'm so very happy to have met you! Looking forward to many more great conversations and sharing many more posts!


    Katherine Kotaw recently posted Why Google Should Google ‘Storytelling’ & Why Content Marketing is a ProductMy Profile

    • Hi, Katherine, I so agree with that. We make these intial connections with people and you can tell almost immediately if they are a 'giver' or a 'taker'.

      Thanks so much for 'shadowing' me down and finding my home base here on my blog!

      Iappreciate your comment.


      • Hi Sue Anne,

        As I was drifting to sleep last night I remembered I first found you on Pauline Cabrera's Twelve Skip blog and I kept telling myself to remember that so I could make the correction when I woke up! But I guess this also proves your point — when I think of you, now that we've met, I think of you being EVERYWHERE (which is why Adrienne Smith's name came to mind — I've seen you both so generously comment on each other's blogs!) Another example of you practicing what you preach!

        Katherine Kotaw recently posted Flowers for Pit Bulls & Social Good: Does Your Brand Story Make the World a Better Place?My Profile

        • You so made my day, Katherine! It will make Adrienne's day also.

          Thanks so much for your lovely comment.


  23. Hi Sue,

    Cheeers you just inspired me to take a new approach in blogging. Guest blogging isn't something I never knew but your post is something I definitely had no idea about.

    It's about shadowing top bloggers. Its about writing a guest post that provides value to their audience not just you and you just wrote about how to have the right approach towards guest blogging.

    If I say I am a fan of epic content that provides full value to the readers I must admit your blog is amongst the few that are close to my heart for the sole reason – value to your readers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yes like Katherine above I too came to know of you from a guest post of yours so yes this tactic works!

    Thanks for writing those valuable tips .
    Swadhin Agrawal recently posted 39 kickass Facebook marketing tips for socially awkward folksMy Profile

    • LOVE your story of finding me! I'll tell all my clients when they complain about doing guest posts so often ๐Ÿ™‚

      It really does work – I learned this from Jon Morrow and took his Guest Blogging class years ago when it first opened.

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Swadhin.

  24. You've really got some great advice here, Sue Anne, for instance, I wholly agree with your idea of seeking out top bloggers to follow and study. Excellent advice for anyone wanting to make their mark online.

    One step I'd like to add to your list is: Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your blog. This will help you to know who is best to follow and what it is you want to learn from them.

    Having a plan like can also stop you following without knowing where you're beling led. And can keep you on track for achieving your goals.

    • Hi, Tom,

      The clear idea is SO important, right? You can get pulled one way and then the other without a plan and some focus.

      I appreciate your comment today!

  25. Hello Sue Anne,

    Great read.

    I have followed your advice. I guest post at websites within my niche and have received great traffic! I also invited some of my fellow bloggers to guest blog for me when they can. I created a page in my blog, too, inviting every reader to submit a guest post if they feel like it.

    Thank you very much for this gold mine.



    • Hi, Rahul,

      I do reverse blogging every week – Dan did the newest article. It works very well.

      I'm so glad I was of help to you! Thanks for letting me know by commenting.


  26. Sue,

    What a great approach to generating traffic to your blog. I have networked with a couple influencers in my niche and it's great when they share my posts or leave a comment. I do my best to visit their blogs and share their posts.

    Developing a relationship with the big guys in blogging is a mutual one so for anyone who is new to blogging, start hunting down big bloggers and share their content. Leave comments and soon they will start to notice you!

    Great tips!

    Elna Cain recently posted 6 Rules for Landing Your Next Guest PostMy Profile

  27. Great post! I have gotten some regular traffic from Pinterest and Facebook groups, but I haven't tried shadowing any other bloggers yet. Do you think it's a good idea to start with the most popular bloggers, or is it better to approach the ones that are still a little more accessible? Do you have any power tips for guest posting? I'd love to learn more!
    Daniela Uslan recently posted 9 Secrets to Writing Like a ProMy Profile

    • Hi, Daniela

      Shadowing is great. You make a strong point – mix into your list of 10-20 bloggers some that are just ahead of you, traffic-wise. They be'll a little more accessible, but, remember, you can also approach the 'big guys'. It's amazing how open they are to helping the rest of us.

      I will be covering guest posting more on the blog and on my "Instant Traffic Class".

      Thanks for your comment!

  28. When someone writes an piece of writing he/she retains the plan of a user in his/her mind that

    how a user can know it. Thus that's why this piece

    of writing is great. Thanks! recently posted grestem.euMy Profile

  29. This is the best way. I tried your trick. I also got more visitors instantly.

    Really very awesome article. Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,

    • Actually referring to selling a product or service so you can earn money, Cent!

      I appreciate your comment.

  30. Sue, Sue, Sue….

    [Bangs head repeatedly against the desk….pens and pencils tremble and fall off the edge, onto the floor…]

    This is NOT a good article for me. Not-at-all.

    [What? …I didn't insult Sue, she's my friend, Chuck, I—what? Oh. I did?]

    Wait….I'm not saying this was a bad article!! NO, NO…quite the opposite.

    Excellent article, it just doesn't help me at all. It's the horrible frustration I've had on Kevin Duncan's site or Carol Amato's site—they are all top notice, brilliant bloggers, and I DO learn about forming my site, writing articles, but when it comes to actually making connections with other bloggers, well…

    …I'm sitting on the island of Patmos, looking out over the water, thinking, "I'm never getting' OFF this rock!"

    Let me explain, because this has become as frustrating as getting the smell of cat poo out of your car (sell the car, trust me on this one…).

    I have not been able to identify my niche/category because there AREN'T any top bloggers who write fantasy books and entertaining youth. There are websites, there are random articles….but to this day and I've been searching for as long as I can remember, there's NO ONE TO SHADOW.

    I tried shadowing Luke Jordan over at Intergeek, but then I fell out of the bush and he caught me.

    Totally embarrassing.

    The next challenge for me is–I can guest post. You know this.

    I've written for mutual friends and I have a curious background and skill set–so I can write about many, many topics—but that doesn't help get any traffic back to my website, because it's no longer targeted and when folks show up, they think, "What the–?" and leave.

    So I'm NOT saying your article isn't correct, IT IS–and I also know for a fact that it works.

    …but how do I make this work for what I'm actually doing?

    Some of our mutual friends have suggested that i make another website and build it on these principles, but that completely defeats the whole purpose of my personal passions, mission and frankly, specific talents.

    I'm a lone wolf in a…lone…wolf…situation?

    (sounded more profound in my head)

    I'm starting to think that my blog should change into something completely stupid.

    Not in a bad way—just unexpected and based on what I feel that day. Off the wall, fun, funny, curious, learning, exploring, reviews….heck, maybe is just needs to be about me and how I live my life?

    I'm just not sure anymore…and I've completely run out of cash for therapy.



    Awesome article.

    (P.S. I still think YOU'RE awesome too….so there.)

    Jaime (I'm-gonna-drive-to-wal-mart-and-buy-every-Ben-and-Jerrys-ice-cream-I-can-find-and-eat-until-my-sadness-turns-sweet) Buckley
    Jaime Buckley recently posted Pickled Eggs, The Flash and Why Bloggers Will NEVER Solve My Problem (but YouTubes Olan Rogers did!)My Profile

    • Hi, Jaime,

      I understand your pain! And it is a problem because if you cannot either:

      1) solve your ideal reader's problem(s)
      2) blog about an expensive hobby

      a blog usually isn't the way to go since it would be hard to make money with your blog.

      Now, you could do paid traffic, like Facebook ads. But I'm assuming you are looking like we all do, for free traffic.

      You can vlog (Youtube it up) about your life, since you are such an interesting and funny guy (!) and not write. You can publish books on a really regular schedule (like Steve Scott at – he makes great money writing inexpensive Kindle books.

      There are other ways! Blogging might now be your way until you figure this out. Check out YouTube guys and Steve Scott and we'll talk after that! OK? I'm here for you (and bring Ben & Jerry's to our coaching session!)


  31. Yes, free traffic is the only way i prefer to go—especially since when you do the right things, the results and momentum last far after the $$$ is gone.

    The publishing books on a regular schedule for me is like asking a fish to breathe water. It's…what I do. But I get your point, which is why this idea of doing short stories has been bugging me for months.

    With an average of 10,000 words a day, why am I not writing a short story a week? Even two??


    So, you're spot on, Sue…again.

    I will do more YouTube (have a channel with dozens of learning vids on it for writers) when I can gather the camera and replace my computer. Just don't have the equipment to pull this off.

    But I will. I've started a GoFundMe campaign and get past the $$$ barrier once and for all. To think I've gotten THIS far using pennies over the past 10 years—can you imagine what would happen if I actually had the TOOLS to do what i know how to do?

    [cue ROCKY theme song…]

    I know. Can ya FEEL it?

    It'll happen. Always does.
    Jaime Buckley recently posted Pickled Eggs, The Flash and Why Bloggers Will NEVER Solve My Problem (but YouTubes Olan Rogers did!)My Profile

    • OK, now I just jumped around my office singing "Eye of the Tiger"! Rocky movies were my motivation when I first got into sales. Loved them!

      You are on the right track, my friend, if you start publishing those short stories with a cover from my graphics person (top-notch!) on Fiverr. You won't need much money and you'll rake the money in – especially when you have a "series".

      I don't know if YOU know that I'm an Amazon Kindle author myself – my book "Stress Management Decoded" has been on Amazon for 3 years and I make sales every week. It really works!

      Let me know when you make a one-month plan of action – please email it to me so I can keep tabs on you ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously ๐Ÿ˜


      • Lol, Sue….I've been on track with my plans, month after month since April of 2014. Achieved the impossible (I've been told over and over).

        Sorry…not trying to sound defensive, just–been doing this a looooong time. This is about fine tuning to direct the things already accomplished. That's what we've discovered.

        It's about being seen. Once we have the attention, things sell.

        …but I'll consider sending you a plan. (wink)

        Now, I usually do everything myself—have 22 books on Amazon (and yes, making money on them–just not enough to get where I want to go), but I would LOVE a link to your favorite cover artist—because I think I should let someone else do this once in a while.

        Could you shoot me an email with the link to their Gig?

        They have to do fantasy, though–cause that's all I do.

        THANK you for that—love good connections and tools!

        BTW—son got married and she didn't know who Rocky WAS.

        Son was in such shock, he insisted on a marathon….especially when everyone in the house can hum or sing the theme song.

        We've converted her….you can breathe easy.
        Jaime Buckley recently posted Pickled Eggs, The Flash and Why Bloggers Will NEVER Solve My Problem (but YouTubes Olan Rogers did!)My Profile

        • LOL about Rocky!

          Sorry, didn't want to seem like I was talking down to you at all, I thought you needed a kick in the pants!

          I'll send you my graphic artist but she doesn't do fantasy – so I'd go elsewhere.

          Let me know how else I can help!

      • Oh goodness, Sue—not a problem!

        Just ask anyone who knows me online…and the only thing I need a kick in the pants for is to STOP working so hard/fast and spend more time with family (grin).

        I do appreciate your instruction, though, so if I sounded ungrateful, I apologize. The feeling was the exact opposite.

        Guidance is appreciated. I'm SO close…and when I was doing comic books, I was soaring!! Novels are a very different beast, I've learned. They are BETTER, though. I've seen that much.

        Now it's time to fine tune and get people to come to MY website to buy the books. That's my ultimate goal. I'd like to sell on Amazon, and everywhere else—BUT the best place to get deals and value is on my website.

        That's my thinking, anyway—because I can make more, interact more and be more PERSONAL with readers.

        Have not been able to find anyone who does good fantasy covers on FIVERR. Very discouraging.
        Jaime Buckley recently posted Pickled Eggs, The Flash and Why Bloggers Will NEVER Solve My Problem (but YouTubes Olan Rogers did!)My Profile

        • I agree about selling the books on your website. Try and to see about creating a store. I use and have been thrilled with them!


  32. Thanks, Sue Anne. As like all said. you had described some good points about the Blogging. from the comment list we can understand about your blog post. Yep Plenty of Comments which means Plenty of readers.

    SO definitely your strategies will work to derive traffic or generate any kind of traffic.

    Kind Regards
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  33. Thanks for the tip! I've only been blogging for a few months, so I do A LOT of reading of other blogs. I love finding free tools for growing traffic and this is right on target!

    I'm going to find my 20 niche bloggers to shadow today!

    I have become a bit overwhelmed with time-management-there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I love every minute of it, but if you have any time-saving tips for bloggers, I'd love you forever!!

  34. Aw, this was an incredibly good post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to generate a good

    article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and never seem to get nearly anything done.
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    • Set your mind to focus on one thing today and get it done, even if it takes several days.

      Let me know how it goes!

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