How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Blog (This Is Exactly How I Tripled My Traffic In 12 Weeks)

My 3 Step Successful Blogging Blueprint is an 8 minute crash course in attracting free traffic



155 thoughts on “How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Blog (This Is Exactly How I Tripled My Traffic In 12 Weeks)”

  1. Hi, Sue,

    Very nice video! 🙂 Glad to see your presentation and hear your voice again. Awesome that you use Wistia too! Who knew! 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more with what you shared. Wish I had started Blogger Outreach earlier in my business because it’s just so powerful, and I’ve benefited so much from building strong relationships with like-minded influencers in the industry.

    Great takeaways, Sue – have already shared this out…

    Talk soon,

    Carol Amato recently posted How To Create A Call To Action In Each Blog PostMy Profile

    • Hi, Carol,

      You are like me – I could kick myself that I didn't do blogger outreach when I was new 4 years ago. People didn't talk about it then – it as the "secret handshake" of the old internet guys.

      But you and I know better now and we teach our clients and readers how to do it!

      Thanks for commenting and sharing, Carol.

  2. I really appreciate this video! I had been building a blog – and had to take a break due to some family needs – and really can't get back on the bandwagon. Blogging is so dynamic – and changes happen fast. I appreciate your matter-of-fact view of social media and gaining blog traffic. That is encouraging!!!

    • I'm so glad it helped you, Debbie! You can always get back to blogging. Traffic will come with promotion.

      Thanks for commenting today.

    • Hi, Raza,

      You are right – my first video on this blog! Follow this plan and you will get more traffic.

      Thanks for your comment today.

  3. Hi,

    I enjoy your emails and firstly want to say thank you. I'm still figuring out what kind of blogger I am with my way of presenting my content. I am a paper crafter and find that I'm not really changing anything in my usuall crafting day but just documentingas I go. This is where I get caught up. If I choose to do a pictorial tutorial my time is spent watermarking and writing up each step and of course loading images up to my blog. I admire those who do a one take wonder instructional video, being human and not editing out gafs etc but not sure if this is me. It would be no extra finacial outlay to me as I have all the equipment. Then there is the audio slide show as you have done here and it's not something I had ever considered until just now. How do you prepared yourself before recording one of these and is it easier?

    • Hi, June,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Yes, I believe the slides are easier to record. You can have notes in front of you and basically read off them when you have slides – no one sees that you are looking at your notes 🙂 Try it out!


  4. Thank you for the very informative and helpful tutorial. As a new blogger, I find this type of free training extremely valuable. I am looking forward to following you and you blog!


    • Thanks SO much, Craig!

      I'll be doing more trainings soon – keep your eye out.

      I appreciate your comment today.

  5. Great Tips. Will this all methods work for our corporate business sites also? We don't have 500 words content on that. Does that affect?

    • Yes, these methods work for every type of blog. You don't need to write long posts ever single time – but I recommend writing a long post at least once a month.

      Thanks for your comment and question!

    • Hi, John,

      Thanks so much for your compliment and comment! You are so right that it is a trifecta of good 'stuff'.


  6. Hi Sue,

    Great video here.

    The key thing that I picked up from this was the tip regarding blog commenting and sending out an email to influencers/friends you have letting them know about your guest post on a major site. That's very smart actually and is something I'll be doing for every guest post I do from here on out on a major influencers' blog.

    Thanks for that awesome tip.

    – Andrew
    Andrew M. Warner recently posted 3 Optimization Experiments To Growth Hack My Blog (and Why You Should Do Them Too)My Profile

  7. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the presentation.

    Now just to find some guest blogging opportunities.

    If you are a new blogger and want to guest on each other's blogs feel free to contact me through my website.



    • You'll find them, Dale! Shadow the big guys by commenting and sharing their content and they will remember you when you write your "pitch" email. And you'll find writers for your blog because they will be shadowing you.

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  8. Hi Sue,

    I took a look at the video. Thank you. It was very helpful. Here a few things I took away that I know I am not doing:

    Spend 20% of my time on writing and 80% on promoting. I am definitely NOT doing that. I would venture to say I concentrate on the reverse (80% writing; 20% promoting).

    Ally myself with influential bloggers in my niche. I have NOT done this. I have mostly allied myself with bigger bloggers who are not in my niche at all. Although I do not teach blogging for business, I am drawn to those communities and love commenting on posts like that. Go figure.

    As a newer blogger, do not concentrate on social media. Mercy! I have concentrated a great deal of time on social media and it has not netted me many new email subscribers. In fact, I pulled back from social media at the beginning of the year because I wasn’t getting the traction I wanted and I couldn’t figure out what wasn’t working.

    I think my only question is that I didn’t fully grasp what “reverse guest blogging” is.

    Thanks again for recommending the video.


    • Hi, Sherri,

      I so appreciate your honest reflection!

      Switching that 80/20 split will create a whole shift for you in new traffic and subscribers. Also, "reverse guest blogging" is when someone else writes for your blog. Find someone you took a course with or is in a Facebook group with you and ask them if you can exchange blogs for a day.

      Let me know how it goes!

  9. Very good video Sue, my take out is not to spend more time on social media instead focusing on producing great content and getting connected with niche blogs.

    Definitely will apply all of these valuable suggestions!

    Thanks Sue!

  10. Hi,

    The traffic is very important for any blog/website. Being a new bloggers, they need to understand the optimization methods to give a quality to a readers and as well as a search spiders. If you want a blog traffic, then make sure you will not become impatient.

    The video is well clear, and piece of a quality for the new comers. Never indulge in any black hat activities to gain short term benefits.


    sunil k
    sunil k recently posted blog trafficMy Profile

  11. Great material, Sue Anne. I'm sure you are right about the formula for blogging success. Not only am I likely to make more money following your strategy but I will have more fun. Great writers love to read, and with your method I can spend time reading and commenting on blogs related to travel without feeling guilty about it! Thanks.

    • Hey, Carole,

      Thanks so much! I so appreciate your comment today.

      Let me know, anytime, how I can help you.

    • I'm so glad it helped you, Sudarto.

      If you do what I say, your traffic will be significantly higher in 3 month's time.

  12. Thank you so much for this information! You have confirmed I'm on the right track with networking and reaching out to others in my niche. I'll be sharing your website with my blogging communities. Please keep creating excellent resources for us.

  13. Hi,

    Really awesome Guide. I've started following this guide hope my Traffic will increase due to this Guide.

    Thanks for this awesome Guide.

  14. hii Sue Anne Dunlevie, such a very informative blog. I will use your tips to increase traffic on my website. Thank You for sharing it.


  15. Sue,

    Thanks indeed for your honest discussion about blogging. I have been blogging seriously since 2013. I have had the ups and downs in this journey. There have been instance when I just felt I didn't want to do anymore. You have simplified ways of blogging without being overwhelmed and getting burnt out. I have been a student of Jon Morrow too and have interacted with the best content marketers or freelance consultants out. I joined Jon's certification course just to get a feel of how to build content, and not so much to do freelance consulting or ghost writing.
    Benito Semommung recently posted How to Dominate Your Competition with Content Marketing Strategy to Impress Google AlgorithmsMy Profile

  16. Thank you so much for sharing these tips! I'll admit, i've been blogging for almost two years and have had no clear direction or plan about how to gain subscribers and viewers. I'll definitely be following your guidelines.

  17. HI Sue,
    I am very new to Blogging but I see the potential for making money and not just enjoying myself! This information was terrific. Clear and specific. Thank you for sharing.

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