10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First Blog

When an experienced blogger reads their very first post, they will see how far they have come.

Writing gets better with practice. But we can also lose something. That’s why it’s good to look back and see what experience taught us.

From this point of view, it’s easy for experienced bloggers to say what beginner bloggers should do.

Do you know why? We went through all the steps to start a successful blog. I wish I knew a few things back then. I know where I made mistakes, and I know what I would’ve fixed if I could go back.


These are the 10 things I wish I knew before I started blogging:

1) Stay Focused

Whenever you look through tips on how to make a blog, this is the first one you get: choose a niche. I ignored that advice. I decided: “I’ll just write whatever I feel like writing.” So, the blog turned into a hot mess of book reviews, feminism topics, yoga tips, productivity articles, and whatnot.

I wish I found a precise answer: “what should I blog about?”

2) Be More Consistent

I just wrote whenever I felt like writing, and it usually took a month before a new post popped up. That’s a huge mistake. Since I didn’t post regularly, the blog turned into a diary. No one felt like visiting it since they didn’t expect to find new content there.

Since I created a blogging schedule, and I made a true commitment, things changed.

3) Work With Other Writers

Do you know what students do when they can’t write a paper on time? They conduct an online search: “who can write my assignment?” And they find a reliable writing service to complete content for them. It’s the same thing that bloggers can do when they schedule a post but they can’t complete it.

If I worked with professional writers from the beginning, it wouldn’t have taken so long to make the blog popular.

4) Write for Other Blogs

I was too “shy” to reach out and submit guest posts since I was afraid of the webmaster’s criticism. I wasted time on the way of becoming noticeable.

I recommend all new bloggers to engage in guest posting ASAP. Choose good blogs and write good content. It’s how you get noticed.

5) Invite Guest Bloggers In

Those great blogs that feature your guest posts – they are doing you a favor as a new writer, but they also gain the advantage of receiving content to feature for free. Since I opened my blog for guest posts, I developed great relationships with other bloggers. But I also got more content to publish.

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6) Engage the Readers

When I started blogging, I was all about content and I wanted to deliver the best quality I could. But to get the readers engaged, there sometimes needs to be incentives.

Giveaways are awesome, and I took too long to realize that.

7) Try to Earn through Blogging

My biggest mistake was to approach blogging as a hobby. That’s why my marketing efforts were below average. That’s why I didn’t bother to engage the audience much.

At one point, I got a message from a brand asking for collaboration. It went really well. That’s when I realized: if I approach blogging as a job, I could become very successful. And that’s exactly what I did.

8) … But Place the Audience First

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing this for money or just for fun. The audience always comes first.

9) Design Matters

I started my first blog on a free template. It was awful. The opportunities came after I decided to invest more in the design. I paid for a premium theme, but I also hired a designer. Having an easy to use and sleek design will keep people coming back.

10) Maintain the Spark

When blogging became a job for me, it felt like too much pressure. What sponsor should I accept? What giveaway should I organize next? What should I do to become more popular?

That shouldn’t happen. The initial enthusiasm is what keeps blogs fresh and authentic. Always remember why you started and keep your brand as aligned to the starting goal as you can.

Experience Teaches Things

I wish I knew everything there is to know about blogging. But I’m still learning. I wish I listened to experienced bloggers more. When I started, I didn’t even know: what is a blog? I took a long time to learn more about blogging, and I wasted a lot of time by trying to figure out things for myself.

There’s an immense base of knowledge we can count on. If we connect and learn from each other, we’ll develop a community that will make us all better at what we do.

Melissa Cartew left her job in public administration to become a blogger at ukessay.com. It’s been three years, and she never regretted that decision. She travels through South America, enjoying life while doing what she loves doing.

16 thoughts on “10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First Blog”

  1. These are definitely spot on tips and ones that even I, after blogging for 9 almost 10 years now, wish I thought about. I appreciate you sharing these. I'm passing them along as they can be very valuable to many.

  2. Consistency is the key to success. Believe me, I failed three times because I wasn't consistent. Now I have a successful blog just because now I am consistent.

  3. Hello Melissa,

    Great Points you have shared here for newbies who want to start their blog. Design definitely matters a lot. Your blogs need to be look professional and easy to navigate. If you won't focus on this, You will definitely lose your visitors and potential subscribers. Thanks for sharing helpful tips and insights here.

  4. Great post and solid advice. I also learned a HUGE lesson that I'd like to share with your readers. I've started doing all of my writing outside of my site – meaning I write in Google Docs or Word on my machine. I also make backups of my sites and keep in some some sort of version control. I lost an insanely profitable affiliate site when my hosting provider shut down overnight and my most recent backup was over a year old. Never again! Thanks again for posting such awesome info.

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Some nice tips here for beginner bloggers.

    The first thing new bloggers should focus on creating awesome contents and promote those contents as much as possible.

    As you said consistency plays a vital role in blogging success.

    Another thing a new blogger shouldn’t avoid is the list building. An email list is an important asset of a blogger.

    New bloggers should avoid trying to make money as long as they don’t get a decent amount of pageviews.

    However, thanks for sharing these nice tips.

  6. What a wonderful list.

    What I may add is actually having a goal for your blog and whom your desired reader (or future customer/client) is. That way you can always target your messaging for that reader rather than trying to get everyone involved/interested.

  7. Hi Melissa Cartew,
    You write a very good post by categories in points to which looks great. After reading it feels so easy to adopt the step for blog writing. Your content is bound to finish the post which is most important thing in any content. Great job, Ilearn a lot from this post.

  8. Hi Melissa,

    I have ever try to write my blog but i couldn't. Now, after reading this blog regarding how new blogger write their blogs i must say i ll write my first blog and keep in mind this post ever. Thank you so much to making me happy.

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