How Do People Make Money Blogging: Corinne Kerston’s Success Story

Please introduce yourself to the Successful Blogging team, Corinne.

My name is Corinne Kerston. I’m a full-time freelance writer. I have started a few blogs, only 2 are still up and I’ve written a few eBooks, but I’ve learned over the years that my first love is writing content for others.

Thanks! Now, let’s get personal! Where do you live? Do you have a family? What do you do for work and play?

I live in Hawaii with my wonderfully supportive husband and two kids.

For work, well, writing is my work.

I’ve always loved books and writing. I even majored in English. It was only after my second child was born that I decided to be a work-at-home mom and pursue writing full-time.

It’s been wonderful. I get to do what I love, meet some amazing people online, and be there for my young children. For play, I don’t have much time for that! But now that my younger child has started going preschool in the morning, it gives me a few hours to myself. I’ve started walking with my best friend and getting into yoga.

Tell us about your blog, Corinne Kerston   

My marketing blog resides on my writer website. I write about marketing tactics, blogging advice and customer relations. Basically ways to boost a small business.

My bi-weekly newsletter also adds value for my readers. I send blog updates, but I also share some of the biggest business and marketing news from around the web, and often add a link to a freebie that can help with business, an interesting piece of news or a product that I think is just awesome.

What have you been working on lately?

I recently published a Kindle eBook entitled “Blogging From Start to Profit: Everything You Need to Know to Make Money Blogging.” It can be found here.

It’s about blogging for profit, but starts at the very beginning. I take the reader through picking the right niche that will not only make them a profit, but will be something they want to write about for years to come.

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From there we set up a blog with one purpose in mind: to make money. I go over content, traffic and of course, different ways to monetize.

I read it this weekend and it’s a great read! What do you think are the smart habits effective bloggers should develop?

Keep on trucking. Reaching celebrity status or making enough to earn a living doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and dedication.

Also, blogging regularly is important. It helps keep you on a schedule, but also lets your loyal readers know when to expect something new from you. 

What bad habits do you think effective bloggers should ditch?

Thinking you’re not good enough. Or that your blog isn’t. Cause the truth is: it is.

While you may see imperfections and things you need to fix, others don’t. The best thing to do is just write and get content up there.

Where can people find out more about you? Is there anything else you’d like to share?

You can find out more about me on my writer website

Like I said, I love to write and help businesses boost their traffic and sales using content. I’m even available for hire if any of your readers are looking for quality articles, blogs, website content or eBooks. 

11 thoughts on “How Do People Make Money Blogging: Corinne Kerston’s Success Story”

  1. I totally agree when it comes to ditching the negative thoughts. I'm also a stay at home mom who is a blogger. Initially I didn't think anyone would want to hear what I had to say, but I've been pleasantly surprised at how fast my followers have added up. After the first few signed on I realized that maybe I was worth reading after all and as my confidence soared my writing got better. So far my blog is just a personal one with essays and humorous posts, but I would like to learn about turning it into a profitable endeavor. This book looks really intriguing. Hey, what have I got to lose? And I might just gain . . . some money. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post. About 2 years ago I was downsized from my job, and couldn't find anything else. I started a web based business and blog, and have had good success with it. I'm not to the point I want to be yet, but can see how I might get there. Books like this have helped me along the way, and I appreciate people like who are willing to help people like me. I love working at home and on line. If my old boss came back to me right now and offered me my job back I'd tell him to go jump in a lake.

  3. I enjoyed reading about this internet entrepreneur, thanks for sharing Sue. I just looked at Corinne’s website and she offers a lot of great services. I also write content for business websites and blogs, and love the job. I can't believe how much the internet has opened up opportunities for freelance writers. You can actually make a living while working from home, something that is wonderful for a stay at home mom like myself. I always felt kind of bad about getting an English degree in college because people said there wasn't really much you could do with it. Well, I'm putting it to good use now. Great website and I'll definitely look into this book.

    • Hi, Hildy,

      That's right about the English majors getting teased in college. They are having the last laugh now!

      Happy blogging,

  4. Hi Sue,

    Its good to know about another blogger. Though I have visited Corinnes's blog but still its a motivational article.

    She has shared about here life and family.

    I like it when she emphasize that many bloggers think their blog is not enough good as compared to others. I mean how can they think like that.

    They all do hard work and for sure one day success will meet them. Patience is required to reach the goals.

    Hard work never get wasted.

    Thanks for letting us know about Corinne.

    Hope you are doing great this weekend.:)


    • Hi, Ravi,

      So good to see you here on the blog!

      I've always heard that misery is comparing yourself to others. And that's so true with blogging.

      Enjoy the rest of your day!

  5. Well I don't know about out them having the last laugh over say engineers (it wouldn't take my link but the Sept 8th 2014 post on the Curious Cat Engineering blog shows the data on return by major for investing in education) 🙂 But it is quite surprising how important writing is to making a living online. I wish my pure writing ability were much higher. Now I figure my strength is ideas and I have to have ideas that are very good because my writing often gets in the way, instead of adding to my ideas.I figured I would not have to write that much as a kid – more interested in math and problem solving and thinking creatively. That is all good but when trying to create content online great writing skill is a huge advantage.

  6. This was inspiring — thanks for sharing your story! I always thought it would be cool to make money from blogging, but never really put in enough research/time to figure out how.

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