Imagine How It Would Feel To Have A Professional, Gorgeous Website...Without Paying A (Expensive) Designer... For Just The Cost Of The Hosting You Were Going To Have To Buy Anyway

You’re smart and hard-working and you KNOW you have a lot to offer the world with your message. You also know that having a good-looking website is important but DIY’ing it all by yourself isn’t working and you’re not ready to invest hundreds or thousands in a designer to create a fancy site (yet).  

What If... could get an expert to set up WordPress on your new hosting account (free of charge!) so you could skip all that tech overwhelm? ...and that expert installed a beautiful premium theme that you could customize yourself and 2 paid WordPress plugins as a free gift for you? ...all for just the cost of hosting?!?  

  • You’re stressed out and overwhelmed attempting to navigate the tech side of blogging. (Free or paid theme? Bright colors or a minimal design?) You’re just starting out but you're already considering throwing in the towel.
  • You have been overwhelmed and stressed out trying to figure out the whole website thing (How do you install WordPress? How do you upload a theme? Why do you need to pay for a theme? And why doesn't a theme ever look the same on your domain as it does on the demo site?)

Here’s the truth. It’s easy to get stuck in the technical side of blogging. 

In fact, getting stuck is a huge reason so many bloggers never even get started blogging or, if they do start, their websites never look pro. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This is going to be quick and easy!


Step One 

Buy your hosting from Sue's affiliate link at BlueHost (where they'll hook you up with the special Successful Blogging price and a free domain name!)

Step Two 

Send an email to with your BlueHost welcome email and password.

Step Three 

Sue's team will install WordPress as well as your (free) Premium theme, along with all necessary plugins. They will also install 2 paid plugins as a special bonus - WordPress tutorial videos and an (expensive) backup plugin.

Step Four 

You'll get an email back from Sue saying your site is ready for you to customize. She will point you to your theme's videos so you can add your brand colors and fonts. And she'll send you a list of free image sites and other free resources so your site looks just like you want it to.

Get a premium theme WordPress website set up for you today so you only have to do the fun part - customize your site.

So, take advantage of this special deal (it's only for the next 48 hours).  

1. Buy your hosting with Sue's affiliate link from BlueHost. 2. Send your BlueHost Welcome email and the password you created to 3. Have fun branding and customizing your new website!

If you have any questions, just drop an email to and I'll be glad to answer them!