Hey! There’s Something I Want to Tell You

anncandy2012 has been an exciting year for me on the blogging front. First Successful Blogging was listed in the Top 10 Blogs About Blogging by a panel of influential judges then I exceeded my goal to earn $10,000 from advertising at my travel blog Get In the Hot Spot.

But it hasn’t been plain sailing. These are my three biggest blogging fails of 2012:

1. My blogs crashed. Repeatedly. 

As traffic grew my blogs got slower and slower. It was time for us to switch to a dedicated server. But the new servers made things worse and crashed repeatedly. Despite constant contact with the blog hosts they never remained stable.

In the last 14 years we have never had a problem like this before with a client or our own sites and, for a web designer it was devastating. It lost us heaps of traffic too.

Finally, and reluctantly, because it involved yet more time and expense, we’ve fixed the situation by moving to a new host, WP Engine which is dedicated to hosting WordPress sites.

2. I made promises I never kept.

At the beginning of 2012 I wanted to do a more free live webinars. I held a few webinars organised by other people but none of my own. I love blogging but I also love personal contact with people. I get that from private one-on-one consultations but I also want to do more free webinars so I can help more people and give and get that live feedback and personal connection we all need.

I never delivered on my promise because it was a lot to organise and I was worried no one would turn up.

So if I want to make those free webinars happen I need to find an easy solution (a Google+ Hang Out might work) and take the pressure off by knowing that it doesn’t matter if it’s just me and one other blogger online. That’s all we need to get started.

3. I got distracted.

At the beginning of this year I got invited on my first overseas press trip and travel invitations continued to arrive throughout the year. I fitted in as many trips as I could without driving my husband to despair and neglecting my kids too much. But I learned that’s not the core of my business and, while I love travel, and press trips can be fun, they are not that important to me either personally or professionally.

So going forward I want to focus on my core business of web design, keep helping the other small business owners, writers and creatives that I most want to help and stay true to my own goals. Hopefully I’ll still have some time for travel (and even a few press trips) but I want to be clearer on my personal boundaries and stay more tightly focused on the clients I want to help most.

Thank You Dear Reader

All of the above is just a preamble to the main thing I want to say to you: THANK YOU.

  • Thank you for reading Successful Blogging and sticking with me through all my mistakes.
  • Thank you for all your comments which have motivated me to write more.
  • Thank you for continuing to tell your friends about Successful Blogging by word of mouth and on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Thank you to all of you who have bought my ebook, workbook or audio book Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps.
  • Thank you for daring to put yourself out there on your own blog and for sharing your own dreams, hopes and failures.
  • Thank you for the HUGE part you have played in my passion for blogging.
  • Thank you for thinking about me when you or someone you know needs help with Wordpress blog design.
  • Thank you for enriching my world with your presence, ideas and creativity.
  • Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey we call blogging.
  • Thank you for being part of this community and helping us all to keep trying, keep failing and keep getting better.

What’s the Plan in 2013?

First of all I am going to have a rest. My kids are on holiday now until the end of January. The temperature is soaring and the beach is calling. So I am going to honor myself, my family and you by turning off my computer and enjoying that time.

14 years ago the Mucho Man and I set up our own web design agency to fulfil our dream of working from home, living in a place we love and spending more time with the people we love.

January is the time for me to make the most of that. To rest and recharge so that I can come back here and back to you with renewed drive next year.

So that’s the only promise I’m making right now because I know that’s one I can easily keep.

I’ll be back with more blog posts in February. I’m looking forward to it. I will still be checking emails and working with new and existing clients. I will still be writing (but not publishing any blog posts), I will still hop onto Twitter, read your blogs and have fun with Instagram.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re planning I wish you joy, happiness and success now and in the new year. If you are looking for blogging tips and inspiration right now:

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Finally, once more, because this is all I wanted to tell you,

Thank you,


11 thoughts on “Hey! There’s Something I Want to Tell You”

  1. Happy Holidays, Annabel! I cannot tell you how much your blog has helped me along my journey and I wanted to stop by and thank you for that. I cannot wait to see what your blog has to bring and teach us in the upcoming year. Have a good rest and enjoy spending that time with your family! 🙂

  2. Hi Annabel and the compliments of the season to you and "yours"! I always look forward to your missives even if I am old and slow and take time to understand the detail of the content ( between dipping my Milk Arrowroot biscuits in warm sweet tea)!
    I wish you a wonderful and relaxing break, a real creative re-charge with your family. May you emerge from the waters of the beach refreshed and ready to fire in 2103! Go well and may the New Year be simply the best yet!
    Cheers from an ancient blogger!…..Angus.

  3. Thank YOU Annabel for being a great blogging mentor. Thank you for being real. Thank you for helping so many of us hang in when we might have given up. Thank you for your generosity and support over the years.
    Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy time off…you've earned it.

  4. Annabel, Thank you for the many ways you have helped me and other bloggers to gain self-confidence and benefit from your experience in this area. You have been a mentor and an example to us. I'm impressed by ALL you did achieve in 2012. Happy holidays and the best of luck for 2013.

  5. Hi Annabel! I've been enjoying a leisurely read through your blog this morning over my coffee. I'm about to change direction slightly and your post on developing a series is inspiring, thank you. I'm also having a little break, much needed! Have a wonderful rest and Summer with your family. I think I will be in Noosa in May. I hope we can catch up. Laney x

    • Hi Laney,

      Look forward to seeing that series and yes, it would be great to see you when you're in Noosa – keep me posted so we can make it happen.

  6. Hi Annabel, have a great January off with the family, enjoy the great weather you are having, it is raining and snowing here, a right miserable mixture lol.

    Thank you for your excellent posts, advice and for connecting with us and sharing our work too.
    Speak soon 🙂

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