17 No-Fail Ways to Attract Loyal Readers to Your Blog [And A Freebie]

When people sign up for my email list, the first email that goes out asks them what they’re struggling with in their blog.

And one of the most common things they tell me is that they struggle with attracting loyal readers.

It’s one thing to get blog traffic and quite another to get quality traffic – people who are in your ideal audience, and who sign up for your email list and become fans of your blog.

In my 5+ years as a blogger, I’ve learned a lot about what draws a hungry audience to my blog.

These 17 strategies have all proven to be golden.

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Create Great Content

1. Epic posts

Epic posts are the backbone of your blog. They are the posts that you become known for and that readers come back to again and again.

Epic posts help your readers with their most pressing pain points. They are typically longer than other posts and contain a whole lot of your knowledge.

For examples of epic posts, check out these:

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Pinterest Traffic 

The Ultimate Blog Post Publishing Checklist

2. How-to posts

How-to posts are a great way to bring value to your readers. They offer clear, step by step instructions for achieving a specific transformation.

When readers get a quick win from your how-to posts, they start to trust you. And trusting readers are loyal readers.

Here are some examples of great How-to posts:

How To Monetize Your Blog: 7 Case Studies For Newbie Bloggers

How To Create An Effective Visual Marketing Strategy For Your Blog

3. List posts

5 Reasons I love list posts:

  1. Having a number in your headline inspires curiosity.
  2. You can link out to blogs you respect and build relationships with other bloggers.
  3. They’re a great way to share a lot of value. (Like in this post, for example.)
  4. You can do list posts in which you curate other content, thereby leaving less writing for yourself. (That’s a win in my book!)
  5. List posts get more shares and traffic. Who doesn’t want more of that?

4. Share your story

Your readers will come back again and again when they feel like they know you. The best way to accomplish that is by sharing your story. In this recent post, I shared about my blogging journey – something I don’t often write about. It was one of my best-received posts!

5. Write Great Headlines

No matter how great your content is, no one will see it unless you write great headlines. Your headline is what determines whether a reader stops by to check out your blog or not.

For a great resource on headlines, check out Jon Morrow’s Headline Hacks.

Also, try out the Coschedule Headline Analyzer. It’s a fun and free tool that will help you improve your headlines.

6. Optimize for SEO

Search engine optimization isn’t as daunting or as scary as it sounds. To start out, install the Yoast SEO plugin on your WordPress blog. It will help you optimize each blog post for SEO without leaving the post screen.

For more great advice on SEO and blog traffic, check out my friend, Brian Deans’ blog, Backlinko.

Be Everywhere

7. Guest post on blogs with a similar readership to your own

When new bloggers ask me how many times they should post per week, I always recommend that they start out by posting on their own blog twice a month and guest posting twice a month.

When you’re just starting your blog, you have a very small audience. The best way to get more eyes on your blog is by writing high-quality guest posts for bloggers with larger audiences than your own.

8. Comment on other blogs every day

Blog commenting not only helps you build relationships with other bloggers (who then come and check out your blog), it also builds back links to your blog, which is great for SEO.

When you comment on other blogs, follow these rules of engagement:
1. Comment on blogs in the same niche as yours (that way you’ll have higher quality back links.)
2. Leave a thoughtful comment that adds to the conversation and creates engagement.
3. If you are commenting on a popular blogger’s post, try to be one of the first to do so. Subscribe to Google Alerts so that you know when they publish a new post.

9. Get on Slideshare.net

Slideshare is a great place to share a different type of content with your readers. Over 70 million people use SlideShare, but most bloggers aren’t leveraging it to their benefit.

My Slideshare deck (below) has received over 90k views over the past year.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  Should You Buy All of Your Available Domain Name Options?

If you’ve written a highly engaging blog post, put it on SlideShare and find new readers for your blog.

10. Use social media (with caution)

I don’t believe in spending a ton of time on social media.

However, if you choose 1 or 2 social media platforms to become an expert on, and then spend all of your social media time there, it can pay off big time.

Check out this massive round-up post where 110 bloggers share their best social media tips.

11. Install Social Warfare on your blog

Social Warfare is the best social media sharing plugin I’ve found for WordPress. You can make the buttons match your blog colors and it loads super fast. Check out Social Warfare here.

But the best thing, you put in several images per post and they are always the right size for each social media channel. Go ahead – share this post on Pinterest and see! Go ahead – I’ll wait ๐Ÿ™‚

Build Relationships with Other Bloggers

12. Publish roundup posts

Roundup posts (like the one on social media above) brings tons of new traffic to your blog because the bloggers you feature will often share your post with their audience.

My client Gareth Jones went from 5–10 visitors per day to 5k in one week when he published a roundup post on his blog. They really work.

13. Emailing your favorite bloggers and connecting with them through email

Another great way to build connections is to directly email your favorite bloggers. You can usually use this format for their email: name@websitename.com. For example, my email address is sue@sb-clonetuesday.mystagingwebsite.com.

Of course, you don’t want to email a blogger cold. First, leave some thoughtful comments on their blog. Then reach out and connect through email and ask if you can include them in a roundup post.

14. Do joint webinars with other bloggers in a complementary niche

A great way to grow your audience is to join forces with another blogger and do a joint webinar. You can do a webinar for their audience and have them do one for yours, as well.

You will offer greater value to your audience and get in front of new people at the same time.

15. Start a mastermind group

A year ago, my blogging friends Andrea BeltramiDaniela Uslan, Tor Refsland, Jane Tabachnick, and I started a mastermind group.

We get together on GoToMeeting every month and talk about what we’re working on in our blogs and businesses. It’s been a great way to grow my business and to get great advice from people I respect.

Start your own mastermind group by reaching out to people you meet in Facebook groups, or join a paid one led by an influencer.

16. Build relationships with course creators

Whenever I take an online course, I make it a point to build a real relationship with the course creator. For example, I took Tara Gentile’s course, Connect to Sell, and then afterward, I reached out to her and asked her to do a guest post for me.

Because I had already built a relationship with Tara in the course by showing up for the live calls and asking lots of questions, she was happy to guest post for me.

The next time you take an online course, taking the extra step of getting to know the course creator is gold. It’s an excellent way of getting more connected online and finding new ways to grow your audience.

17. Make valuable connections between other people

I absolutely love connecting people. It’s one of the perks of being my client – I always make valuable connections between people whom I think could benefit from knowing each other.

How does that benefit me? Well, I’ve just provided extra value for my friends and colleagues and strengthened my relationships in the process.

When you help people make valuable connections, you will create not just loyal readers, but loyal friends as well.

Attracting loyal readers is really easy when you know the right steps to make it happen. By creating epic content, being everywhere, and networking in the right places, you will attract more of the right readers to your blog.

By creating epic content, being everywhere, and networking in the right places, you will attract more of the right readers to your blog.

Click on the image above to get your free eBook “Blog Writing Magic”

88 thoughts on “17 No-Fail Ways to Attract Loyal Readers to Your Blog [And A Freebie]”

  1. Sue, lots of epic pointers in this post! I absolutely love Social warfare as well and am using it on my blog. Being everywhere…this is so important but also so extremely hard to do. I've been struggling with guest posting vs writing for my own blog. Twice a month is a good benchmark and I'll try that out. Your Slideshare presentation looks great! Have been hearing all the raves about Slideshare. Hope to try it out soon! Off to tweet this now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi, Meera,

      I so appreciate your comment today! Yes, twice a month for guest posting is great – try to get 2 regular gigs and it makes life easier.

      Thanks about the Slideshare – someone did that for me and it's gorgeous.

  2. Hi Sue,

    Great article you've got here. Attracting loyal readers, Oh boy! Huge chunk of work but once done the rest takes care of itself cause the strategy you used in getting them actually comes to stay and works on others as well.

    I'm particularly familiar with guides, list posts and how -to posts: There's no denying! If written well these guys could boost one's credibility and win a visitors heart.

    The last 2 points is what I'm weak and I've found out that it's one of the most crucial things to do. Building relationships.

    At least I've got one with you. I hope to do more of that as time goes by. Thanks for the beautiful article Sue, Tweeting this.

    Babs From BabsReview recently posted Easy Social Share Buttons Review: Cheap & Effective Social Sharing Plugin For WordPressMy Profile

  3. Thanks Sue got this via email, really great tips advice and profitable all round, must add your blog to the list am writing. Thanks again,

  4. You're right Sue, loyal readers are hard to come by and epic contents does the magic.

    For me, list posts works well, but I've been trying to do a roundup post with my top influencers. I've also been doing my homework on how to approach them, however, as an introvert it's quite difficulty for me to approach them.

    But with this post, I've been encouraged to try.

    Thank you. And this is a very helpful post.

    And oh, my previous comment wasn't published.


    • Hi, Tessa,

      Thanks for sending your comment again! I'm proud of you for doing a roundup post. Set a date 3 weeks from now when you'll publish the post and send me the published post to promote it on social media.

      You can do this!

      • Oh thank you very much, Sue, for the encouraging words! I sure will inform you when it's done.

        Thank you again!


  5. These are such great tips as always Sue! I am working myself on a lot of the steps you mentioned and doing more networking/relationship building with other bloggers. I like getting to know other bloggers better than just doing it all on social media posting. I get to know other bloggers better and it feels much more authentic. Thanks!

  6. Hi Sue

    I think all the points mention in this article is so valuable that no one can miss reading any above tips. Love to read this post.


  7. Hi Sue,

    What a wonderful blog post.

    I enjoyed most of the points here, but I think that not everyone could run a mastermind group.

    From your perspective, I will like to know the ROI on your time.

    • Hi, Micheal,

      My mastermind members are my friends and we help each other progress and grow. I don't figure out the ROI because they always help me out! It is free of charge for the 5 of us – and you can set up a mastermind with your online friends.


  8. Sue,

    I couldn't agree more! Creating epic content and networking in the right places are the linchpins of success when it comes to online marketing, especially in tough niches.

    It might take a long time to create and promote high-quality content, but it's the tried-and-true Brian Dean method that has propelled many to where they are today.

    Thanks again for another great post! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bob Barocas recently posted SEO for Lawyers by a Lawyer Turned SEO ProMy Profile

    • You are so welcome, Bob! Brian taught me about powerful pages of epic content.

      Thanks for your comments today.

  9. Hi Sue!

    Still struggling to come up with great content in my posts. I've taken all your advice to heart and plan to check out your various links. Thanks for a good post on how to get loyal readers.

    • I will talk about it more in some upcoming posts, Enstine.

      I always love when you stop by and comment!

  10. Really enjoyed reading this article. I use most of these examples. Will be trying the new ones learned today. Love your posts. Keep em coming.

  11. we should implement that in practically then only we can understand that exact thing clearly, but it’s no need to do it, because you have explained the concepts very well.

  12. Hello Sue,

    Absolutely amazing tips shared by you to attract and grow more blog audience, if we are here for long term then we must look forward to build some loyal visitors and it will definitely help in long term.

    Thank you for sharing such awesome tips.

    • You are so right, Veronica!

      Long-term strategies work out and just require patience. Thanks for your comment.

  13. Hello Sue,

    You're quite on point with all that you talked about in the article, I do most of what you mentioned and I have seen appreciable result from it, but there are still some areas where I am seriously lagging behind.

    In terms of building relationship and networking with other bloggers, I need to do better, guest posting is another area where I need to give more attention and I definitely know that putting more effort on these areas where am glaring not doing enough will help me to achieve a better result.
    Obodo Charles recently posted How To Make Money With A Low Traffic BlogMy Profile

    • I totally understand, Obodo. It needs to go onto your schedule. Spend 1/2 hour a day building relationships.

      Thanks for sharing your story!

  14. Thank you Sue, you're blogs always resonate with me. For me you're the 'Tom Tom' of blogging…..guiding with sensible blogging advice!



  15. Hi Sue,

    There are some excellent ways here. Some I know for sure because they're what I use to attract loyal readers to my blog. Experts usually talk about why traffic is important and although it is important, it's loyal readers that make blogs successful (returning readers).

    Traffic comes and goes and doesn't always stick around or convert. Loyal readers, on the other hand, do. And they're more likely to share your content, subscribe and buy.

    Connections matter. Both between you and your readers and between you and other bloggers (not always only in your niche).

    – Tom
    Tom Southern recently posted 6 Little Talked About (and Possibly Controversial) Reasons Why Your Traffic Conversion Rate SucksMy Profile

    • You are so right, Tom! Loyal readers are the key to a successful blog along with the connections to other bloggers.

      I always appreciate you stopping be and taking the time to leave a comment.

  16. Wow Sue!

    I'm relavitely new to blogging and have been bouncing all over the place with all the advice and tips on offer. But this post brings many things into focus for me and there's so much to get my teeth into now! I just recently implemented content upgrades. Now round up posts and guest blogging are definitely now on my 'get it done' list. I remember doing a bit of Slideshare last year – perhaps I should revisit. I've also just started making Pinterest 'optimized' images for each post – another promotional learning curve!

    Thank you so much.

    Matt recently posted How To Start An Online Business Which Remains SuccessfulMy Profile

  17. Your blog is awesome..You have clearly explained …Its very useful for me to know about new things..Keep on blogging.

  18. Thank you for the shout out Sue. It is a privilege and great fun to be in a mastermind with you. There are so many benefits! The one that I want to mention here is that mastermind peeps are very generous with commenting on posts and sharing your content ! A great way to get the conversation rolling on your posts!

    thank you Sue!!

    • Great point, Jane! My mastermind gets me through the rough days and celebrates with me on the great days.

      Thanks so much,

  19. Wow! This post is short, but it's concise and provides a ton of value and wonderful ideas to grow your blog. It gave me some ideas that I never thought/heard of.

    All of these 17 points are solid points for marketing your blog content online.

    I will take these 17 tips into account for growing my readership.

    Will share this post on Twitter. ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. Wonderful stuff, Sue! Thanks for taking the time on it ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do a good amount of what you've listed, but there are other things I either hadn't thought of, known about or have time for. Hopefully someday! lol

    Meanwhile, considering you're on WordPress (are you?), I wonder if you've had any issues with people not being able to comment due to passwords or whatever. I know my setting is only for name and email of a commenter, but it still seems to be problem. I need to contact them!

    Again, thanks for a wonderful post. I became aware of your blog through a tweet by Jon Morrow ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi, Donna,

      It's great to meet a new reader. And thanks for connecting. Jon is one of my mentors and a wonderful blogger.

      I do have WordPress. Check your settings again and try CommentLuv or Disqus for your comments. They are both free.

      Let me know if you need more help!

  21. These are such great tips as always Sue! I am working myself on a lot of the steps you mentioned thanks for sharing such a nice and informative article great work

  22. Hi Sue

    I liked the heading about "Share Your Story" the most. Personally I am much frank and friendly to people in real. And blogging should not bear any difference. When it's about getting genuine readers, being genuine and open to them would be the best idea.

    • Sharing stories is a great way to attract loyal readers, Rocco. You are spot-on about being genuine and open – then people like and trush you, right?

      Thanks for commenting and sharing.

  23. Hi Sue,

    Informative post indeed, well on track. Every point seems very beneficial. Sure I'll have to put all these into practise. Thanks for the "Blog Writing Magic" Ebook. I appreciate
    Lucia Micheals recently posted Buying The Right Bunion ShoesMy Profile

  24. Sue, thank you for this awesome post! I'm definitely going to utilize this information starting TODAY.

  25. Hey, Sue. This is some real stuff from you. I liked that how you kept the points short & sweet rather than over exaggerating them. Social Media & SEO is the thing everyone should focus on and learn, like you mentioned in the article.

    I really enjoyed reading the article. Keep the great work up.
    Deepak Rana recently posted 50 Best Web 2.0 Sites List Of 2016 For SEO BoostingMy Profile

  26. I recently started following the path of doing webinars and it has started giving me good amount of direct traffic which is great.

    I will surely try with some other steps listed here.

  27. Hey, thanks for sharing all of this info! It's lots to digest, but doing the work can only make it all worthwhile in the end.

  28. I'm a new blogger, buy have two websites for different topics: one for massage and chronic pain, the other is just a general blog about my life.

    I've read the tips and several other blogs on this subject, but I'm curious… What is a round up post? I know that sounds so dumb, but I am extremely new to blogging!

  29. Your top blog posts may not be driving as much traffic as they used to; as because you may find it more challenging to get new readers for your works as you need to fight with new players in the field. I finally agree with the observations derived by many about how strategic placement of CTAs and Attention boxes can control the traffic game for any blogger.

    With my own experience; I would like to propose; I made tests with my author bio long ago and you know what I saw double of results when I updated my Author bio with my own photo. Readers draw to your blog when they see a real person is on the blog. They don't like dummy blogs much.

    Anyways, thanks for the page and sharing info, it's very valuable and interesting and very much looking forward to reading more of your work…

  30. This is a very helpful blog post. Starting a blog and growing its base is a huge work. With the right kind of approach you can easily build the audience and make your blog successful. The post states some very interesting and helpful. Thanks for sharing the post.

  31. You’ve reminded me of a number of things I need to shoot for. I have yet to guest post and I am a little worried about making those connections. Thanks for giving me the encouragement to keep trying

  32. Recently i decided to give Comment on other blogs every day a good shot. To be honestly with you the outcome has been massive.

    I not only get consistent readers from other blogs but also build quality friendship with blog owners as they also visit my blog as well leaving behind their own valuable comments as well.

    Glad you made mention of it on The Post, cause its effective.

    Paul Nwachukwu

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