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Winna, Winna, Winna!! [You Can Be Too!.. Read On...]

I have some great things for each of you to get today. So, even if you don't see your name as the winner of the giveaway...

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So, the winner of the $2,500 giveaway is Dawn of Beginning Me Again. Congratulations, Dawn, for winning a blog migration and premium theme setup and makeover and a consultation call from me, a logo package from Dre at The Branded Solopreneur, 5 custom blog posts by Daniela at DanielaUslan.com, a month of WP maintenance from WP Radius, and a year of free hosting by BlueHost.

Wow! You are going to LOVE this!

Here are the goodies for everyone else...

1. BlueHost is having a great sale on hosting. Everyone will get the discounted pricing through July 7th of $4.95 per month for the year; $3.95 per month for 2 years and $3.49 per month for 36 months.

2. Udemy is giving the first 50 readers who click and sign up for  "Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer", with the code SUCCESSFULBLOGGING, the course for FREE! (free ones were given out within 10 minutes)

It is one of their most popular courses. It is usually $299 and was featured on Inc.com.

3. If you sign up for WP Radius with this link - the service I buy each one of my mentoring clients and myself - you will get help with ALL your WordPress tweaks, In addition, I will give you a free 60-minute consultation, worth $125.

With WP Radius, there are no more WordPress headaches! They are worth every penny and I send them a tweak (fix my pop-up, change a widget in my sidebar, and update a plugin were just this week's tasks and it's only Thursday morning!)  Just email me at sue@successfulblogging.com after you sign up, and we'll schedule your free consultation call.

4. Social Warfare, my favorite social media sharing plug-in (see it above and below this post) is on sale - 33% off the usual price of just $24, through July 5th, 2015.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  How To Come Up With A Blog Name: 10 Effective Ways To Choose a Name For Your New Blog

5. Pick up my friend, Ryan Biddulph's newest book on Amazon. (I'm in it!) 27 Influential Bloggers You Need To Follow for just $2.99 (or free if you are a Kindle Unlimited person like me!)

Whether you are the big winner, Dawn, or a new hosting owner or one of the free 50 readers for the writing course, congratulations!

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21 comments on “Winna, Winna, Winna!! [You Can Be Too!.. Read On...]”

  1. Sue, thank you for making us all winners. Great giveaways! I just signed up for the writing course.

    I am really enjoying your blog. You offer such valuable, actionable content and ideas.

    1. Hope you got the writing course! I know you are a WP Radius customers.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Sue,

    Thank you making an brilliant contest which inspire blogger. Give a big congratulations to dawn. Dawn get some extra ordinary reward from this contest. Winner of 2500 he is from here. Great and Intersting contest.

    Hope we will see this type of contest on your blog more.

    Kind Regards

    Yasin Rishad

  3. Hey Sue,

    This was an awesome contest and I told everyone I could think about.

    I want to congratulate Dawn on winning this wonderful package and I'm sure she really appreciates knowing everything that she's won.

    Thank you for hosting this and to all that contributed. That's really wonderful of you to give your services to this wonderful cause.

    I wish you all the best and have a fabulous end to this already awesome week.


    1. Thanks, Adrienne! I had so much fun doing this giveaway and the "before" and "after" of Dawn's site will be a case study soon 🙂

      Always appreciate your comments,
      Happy 4th!

  4. Hi Sue,

    Wow! Congratulations to the winner, she must be jumping up and down now!

    Thanks for the heads up on the goodies.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Happy to have joined the contest even if I didn't win. 🙂


    1. Hi, Luna,

      She did the happy dance and has already picked out her new Genesis child theme!

      Thanks for commenting,

  5. First, congratulations to all of the contest winners!


    Thank you, thank you thank you!

    Taking a writing class was my next goal, but I was going to have to wait to pay for one. I saw the email, clicked the link and I've been taking notes all afternoon, after Successful Blogging, of course. I could hug you!

    Thanks so much!!!!!

    1. So glad you were able to get one of the 50 free classes today, Valeire! That's wonderful.

      I so appreciate your comment telling me,

  6. Hi Sue!

    I guess we're all winners today!

    Great giveaways!! With tons of value. 🙂

    Thanks so much!

    Best of luck,


  7. Hi Sue!

    I just updated my blog post promoting your giveaway, announcing Dawn as the winner. (Linked to her blog and to this post) That's very cool!

    Also, noticed that sale on Social Warfare this weekend - very cool! I'm going to be promoting that myself. 🙂

    1. Saw your pingback! Thanks so much for both the promotion post and updating it!

      Love my Social Warfare 🙂

  8. Thank you, Sue! Going to check these out. You are a rock star! So appreciate all of your great tips and sharing!

  9. Always a pleasure to give you a shout out re: your books! Everyone should pop over to Amazon and check them out. I just sent all my clients over to pick up "networking" since it teaches a similar way that I do!

    Thanks for your comment,

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