22 Killer Gift Ideas for Bloggers

Updated May 16th, 2019

What gifts can you give to your blogging friends? What gifts would you like to receive?

This gift wish list has essential items we bloggers need including many free things like plug-ins or tools.

But it also includes splurge items bloggers don’t know they need until they get them.

Leave a comment telling me what’s on your gift list for you and your blogging friends.

Free Gifts for Bloggers

1. Gift your time. Make a recommendation to new bloggers or help them out. You could offer to help them set up their Facebook page or give them tips on how to get started on Twitter. Or if you’re clever with the techie stuff you could help install some plug-ins.

If you’re time poor? It doesn’t take long to send someone an email saying:

“Hey, I noticed you’re not on Twitter yet. I think you’d connect with some great people there. There are some great Twitter tips here to help you get started.

Happy *insert celebration name here*!”

I regularly recommend these to new bloggers:



Google Analytics

MailChimp – To manage your email subscribers. It’s currently free up for lists with up to 2,000 subscribers which should be enough for new bloggers then there’s a monthly charge after that.

– A social media management tool that let’s you manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one dashboard. I love it, I use the pro version which saves me huge amounts of time for only $9.99 a month.

Gmail – Get all your emails forwarded to one place and stored online so you never lose them free.

Rapportive – It’s a free add-on to your Gmail account which shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox so you can immediately connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Dropbox – Free automatic storage of all your file. Use it all the time!

Evernote – Saves your ideas and allows you to input or access them from your computer and most mobile devices.

2. Free eBooks

It’s the thought that counts. Just email them the book as a small gift with a message:

“I thought you might like this eBook. Happy *insert celebration name here*!”

Create Compelling Content Successfully: Click here to get the free report. 

Blog Writing Magic Click here to get your free “Blog Writing Magic” eBook.

It’s the thought that counts. Just email them the book as a small gift with a message or some beautiful love quotes.

Essential Gifts for Bloggers

3. Web Hosting – Boring but essential.

4. Kindle  – My favorite since they first came out!

5. iPad or Surface Tablet
I have the Surface and it is brilliant for reading books, listening to podcasts and working on. I love taking notes on it then I can just copy and paste them into a draft blog post and share them fast. This has to be the best gift ever for bloggers who don’t already have one.

6. Web custom theme – Like Thesis, Headway, Genesis. We use the Genesis Theme for WordPress on this blog.

7. Books

Two suggestions: Uncertainty by  Jonathan Fields which is excellent or any book by Seth Godin: I’ve read four of Seth’s books so far. Start with Purple Cow and Permission Marketing.

8. eBooks

Problogger books – The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing, Problogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging and the classic 31 Days to a Build a Better Blog.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  5 Simple Steps to Create "Great Content" that You Hear About All Day Long

Gifts for Bloggers Who Have Everything

I have all the above and now I’m craving more. Like voice recognition software so I can write faster and stand up while I “write”. Then maybe a treadmill or exercise bike so I can keep moving and keep my bottom looking perky.

9. Conference Pass – They’re not giving away entry to blogging conferences so this makes a generous gift for bloggers. Ticket prices vary but anything from $150 for a one day conference to around $500 for a big event like BlogWorld.

10. Social media jewelry – I like these cute necklaces from Survival of the Hippest. jewelry

11. Guest blogging course – With expert tips from Jon Morrow. I took this class a few years back and still use what I learned today.

To sign up you need to add your email address to the box on right of his homepage then you’ll be notified when the next course starts. Even if you don’t do the paid course you’ll learn a lot from watching the free videos here then you can decide for yourself if this would make a good gift.

12. Voice Recognition Software – Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Software – I  highly recommend it. I use it to free up my hands and speed up my blogging.

13. A great chair and amazing office decor – we bloggers sit so much that this is a great present! With a Cushie Pillow for lumbar support.

Or, like me, get some rock memorabilia for your office! (Did you know I dated Bruce Springsteen for a minute when I was 17?)

14. Betsey Johnson Pajama Set  – Bloggers can spend all day in their pajamas so help them look great with these pj’s. I love the prints, design, comfort, and the little doggies. Even though I’m a cat person.

15. Chocolate – It’s obvious why this great chocolate is on my list. I eat it daily. Several times. Surely all female bloggers do.

16. Digital camera – I have two cameras, a big SLR and a small digital camera that fits in my handbag.

17. Video – I’ve got a cheap HD Video Recorder that’s brilliant. All touch screen and it does still shots or audio recording only as well as video.

18. Microphone – After learning about podcasting with Dave Thackeray, @thePodcastGuy, I realized my little headset isn’t good enough for quality sound recording. The Blue Yeti USB Microphone
that sits on your desk looks great.

19. Coffee or tea – Blogging is thirsty work. I drink copious amounts of Chai tea but other bloggers can’t blog unless they are fueled by coffee.

20. Exercise Ball
– I love mine but it’s got a slow leak. I’ll bounce on it when I get tired of strolling on the treadmill while I dictate my blog posts and emails to my new voice recognition software.

21. A Big HugA mother hugging her daughter.

That’s what we bloggers need most, but anything else would be a bonus.

22.  Groupon: By using Groupon discount codes on Plusvouchercode, you can get a discount on your gifts.

Which gift would you most like to give your blogger friends and loved ones?

Or receive?!


48 thoughts on “22 Killer Gift Ideas for Bloggers”

  1. Hi Di-licious,

    Oh of course, there will be endless other things depending on your blogging niche! Great additions, thank you:)

  2. Well what a brilliant list!!! I love it…love love it!!! I have to agree on the chocolate a steady supply is essential and the coffee how else are you able to get up at se7en when you went to bed at five… Another fab treat would be a stash of tubs of Haagen Daz (Dutch chocolate with extra chips) for the freezer… because a good snack from the tub when the rest of the house is sleeping is so inspiring!!! Actually all a blogger wants in their life is a forty hour day!!!

  3. You've outdone yourself. Awesome ideas if gifts to give the hard working bloggers you know and love. I''d love the guest blogging course by Jon Morrow.

    I'd add only one more thing – some R&R!

    All my best to you for a wonderful holiday season,


    • Hi Angela, oh I should have added that:) Some R and R with computer free time! We all need a wee break from blogging from time to time!

  4. Great ideas! I'm not buying for any bloggers this year, but I want to pass this on to my family so they'll know what to get me… ALL of it!



  5. great article.

    if only i could receive some of the cooler tech gifts you mentioned. actually i bought myself a present already. a creative vado hd which has an external mic jack (yippee!)

    as for giving?

    id love to give you a present! a free guest post for your blog!!! 🙂 (im serious you know)

    maybe im just taking advantage of the occasion. hehe.


    ps: yes serious.


    • Hi Dexter,

      That's lovely, thank you. Just send me the headline and topic. Then if it sounds good writing guidelines are here:

      Bring your A game – my readers have high expectations:)

  6. Brilliant post, awesome value as usual! I've downloaded your ebook, and subscribed to 'Ebooks the Smart Way', and checked out the jewellery at @thehippest (very cool). My recommended blogger gift is definately the video camera; I am in desperate need of new pj's (kids, are you reading this?), and I have a fitball for sale if you want it! (it's large 85cm for tall people, brand new and can be shipped). See you tonight at the bloggers meetup!

  7. Love this! I love my Uberkate necklace that I'll be wearing all weekend at the Asia Pacific Blogging Awards: one pendant says "I'm so blogging this" – the other has my twitter handle!

  8. I think you gave us a fabulous list, and I really like the idea of helping others who are just starting out. Perhaps I should do that instead of my usual Christmas letter.

  9. Hi,

    I love your list of the gift ideas for Bloggers! Would love the treadmill, and the Dragon Naturally Speaking program! Used to have a exercise ball until one of our boys put a nail through it!
    Love those Pj's…gorgeous!
    Blogging from the heart, with these cool ideas, sure will lead to success!


  10. Hey,

    With Valentine's Day close by this might be the perfect post! There are such great gift recommendations here that I really don't know what I might add to this?

    I did love the tech gifts… they make for such wonderful gifts and will definitely be cherished by bloggers in particular! 🙂

    Thanks for the post; you did take care for our gift choosing stress!

  11. What an amazing list of gifts!! Really, I thank you from heart for this; I tell you why. My best friend is an excellent blogger and recently, she has got a marvelous number of followers on Twitter and Facebook. And, I have planned to congratulate her for this success with some exceptional gifts. I have already got a glass jar gift enclosing several Congratulations Quotes. It is very beautiful but I feel I still lack something. But now this list will help me out. I am going to buy Kindle and get her subscribed to Evernote. Thanks again!!

    • You are so welcome! She will love her Kindle and Evernote is where I keep everything – I call it "my memory".

      Thanks for commenting,

  12. Don't say anything to your loved one just give him a perfect gift. The gift will say everything instead of you. Anyway, great idea!

  13. This is a genius list! A gift list that is service based. I'm sure any blogger even beginners like myself would love all of these!

  14. Hello Sue,

    You have mentioned very well in your post about gift ideas for bloggers, all listings are just awesome ideas. This is really an inspiration for all of us. Our daily schedule is too much hectic to manage all the things well, it is very tough.

    But I feel very relax after reading your story. Thank you for sharing a valuable story with us!

    Yes, Genuine bloggers are very hardworking & passionate about their new content, promotion, link building & reader engagement etc. We also provide personalized gifting solutions in our online platform to get unique gifting ideas.

    We are looking forward to your story!!



  15. You have shared an amazing list of gifts for bloggers. I really want to appreciate your work. I think it'll be very helpful for all. Its not only for bloggers, you can give anyone of these gift to anyone. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

  16. Thank you for the list and ideas. It is very useful for me because I have a lot of blogger friends. It is difficult to always find something new. I also have a small list so I can share it:
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    Blanket https://bearaby.com/
    Time planner https://toggl.com/

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