How To Get Unstuck When You Create Content

You can’t turn a blind eye to content creation anymore. Businesses of all sizes have realized quite well that marketing without content is almost impossible.

You must have noticed that more businesses than ever are now creating content to excite and satisfy their audience.

But what really makes the cut is how well-crafted your content is and how often you publish on your website or blog.

Just as the level of competition in your industry rises, you need to push out more and more content.

If you don’t produce quality content consistently, your online marketing efforts will not yield the desired results.

So, it’s crucial to make sure that you never get stuck or halt your content creation. Never, ever – unless you are OK with jeopardizing your business.

But businesses often struggle with content creation.

After a startup or small business has published a bunch of articles or blog posts, they start to wonder what to write about next.

Topic ideas betray them. They get confused and irritated.

If this sounds like you, here are some practical ideas that you can use to not get stuck with your content creation.

Keep an Idea Journal

Ideas can come anytime – no matter where you are. You may get ideas when you are driving a car or using a lift.

Ideas often strike when you least expect them.

You can’t wait to capture ideas because, by the time you reach home or sit down to write, they might have gone forever.

What you should do instead is take hold of ideas the moment they hit your mind – using a journal or a notebook.

So, wherever you go from now on, carry an idea journal with you to jot down ideas without waiting a minute.

A little journal or notebook can easily fit anywhere in your handbag, but it can prove to be your best friend that you can refer to for writing new pieces of content for your site.

Plan Ahead

Failing to plan is planning to fail, right? Whichever aspect of your business you want to improve, it requires planning in advance.

Many businesses fail with their content creation only due to lack of brainstorming the topics in advance.

If you’re truly serious about your content marketing efforts, you should never forget to plan.

If you run a business blog, create a list of categories that you’d like to cover.

Being aware of 8-10 main categories that fall within your niche helps a great deal when you want to keep your content creation on the right track and maintain consistency.

Likewise, you need to think about the types of content you’d like to publish to boost your marketing – well in advance.

Depending on what your current requirements are, you may need to focus on just 2-3 content types at a time or expand into a variety of content types.

Going a step further, you might also like to decide upon the length of each type of content.

Use a Content Calendar

Better yet, use a content calendar.

A content editorial calendar is where you document all the essential details of your content creation plan.

What will you post, and when will you post it? Your content calendar has the answer – at the least. But it does a lot more.

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When using a content calendar, you can document who will write a particular article or blog post and what tone or style of writing they will follow.

A content calendar allows you to plan content on specific themes for each month.

Equipped with a content calendar, you can plan content for several months in advance.

A content calendar keeps your content strategy organized in the first place. It helps you build a framework for the story you want to tell about your company.

It provides a holistic view of all the content marketing activities you perform to fulfill your business goals.

When you have the bigger picture by your side, it is easy for you for you to turn your content ideas into broader strategies for business success.

You’ll be happy to find out how using a content calendar can save you time and be strategic in your approach.

Everyone loves a content calendar, and you will too.

Hire a Freelance Writer

If you’re getting stuck with your content creation because your in-house team is too small or inefficient, it’s time to hire expert help.

Full-time employees are expensive, and hiring freelancers is the best thing to do as your content marketing aspirations get bigger.

Most entrepreneurs or startup CEOs bring freelance writers on board because

  1. either they lack great writing skills or are short of time
  2. they want to amp up their content creation and gain an advantage over the competition.

Hiring a freelance writer is a profitable decision.

If you’re planning to take your content creation to a whole new level and give your brand a better positioning, you should work with freelancers.

But finding good freelancers isn’t always easy because anyone could easily claim to be a freelance writer these days.

Skilled writers know how to turn a dull piece of writing into something that appeals to the target audience.

They are quite adept at picking a complex topic and presenting it to readers in a simplified and understandable manner.

They can help you create copies that attract people and convert prospects into buyers.

So, before you start looking for freelancers, make sure you interview multiple candidates.

Evaluate them on the basis of skills, working experience, and previous track record.

Also, make sure that the freelance writer you hire is in line with your understanding.

Final Thoughts

Content will continue to be the backbone of marketing.

However, now that more and more businesses are creating content, you need to devote more time to your own content creation.

Prepare yourself to produce and publish lots of fresh content.

Consistency is what will help you beat out the competition and fulfill your business goals.

Jane blogs at and She has a special content creation course to help you create awesome content for your blog on a regular basis. Check it out here!

24 thoughts on “How To Get Unstuck When You Create Content”

  1. Hey Jane!

    These are helpful tips to be consistently creating new content for your website. The most helpful tips here, I'd like to say, are keeping an ideas journal and planning ahead.

    Your mind is constantly thinking, and ideas come and go. The challenging part is to remember everything later on. This is why it is important to write down the ideas that you get when you get them. Don't trick yourself into thinking that you will be able to remember later. This has happened to me, a lot.

    It is better to be safe than sorry later, right. So, getting into the habit of writing ideas as they come will help you a lot with this. You can now write these ideas on your smartphone, so you always have somewhere to save new ideas. No excuses now.

    Planning ahead is also very helpful. It has helped me become a better blogger and content creator, so I know it works.

    Thank you for sharing your helpful tips here!

  2. I have finally started working hard on SEO and am beginning to understand the importance of keywords. As I work toward being more intentional with a content calendar, is there a strategy to determine which keywords or topics will be popular in the coming months? Related to that, is it important to publish posts when a topic is popular? Or can I publish the posts and then promote them through social media when the topic is popular?


    • Hey Karen,

      Great question – this highly depends on your niche. Coupon, deal sites have a pattern of seasonal keywords. So are the sites that publish news pieces.

      Products or self help articles on certain topics are popular at certain times of the year. For instance, when Halloween approaches you might want to publish Halloween costume ideas or decoration ideas (if yours is a Home decor blog) or Halloween recipes (if you run a food blog).

      However, having a wide range of keywords for your niche in a master list is something you should have.



  3. As I nod to your idea journal Jane I see my Word docs saved. A few are simple blog post ideas. I thought how last night's village party here in Thailand was like good blogging, or gave us successful blogging analogies. I recorded the title immediately. Stowed away for safe-keeping. Now I can grab it anytime to write the post and publish either on BFP or on another blog.

    We've some 60,000 thoughts daily guys. No way to remember all or even a few hundred – being honest – so grab ideas and record immediately via a journey or just save the title via a Word document. Return later to write or if you feel it now, write the sucker. Sometimes from idea to post completion some 20 minutes spans. Then I go live with the thing.


    • Hey Ryan,

      That's brilliant. The more we are willing to grab the ideas before they evaporate, the more we can create. I really feel sorry for myself in the early days of blogging when I would promise myself to write down an idea when I get the time.

      I've lost way too many ideas in the process!



  4. Hey Jane,

    It is undoubtedly true that marketing without content is almost impossible. And it is also true that in most cases, after a few posts there is a dearth of ideas. This is one of the major problems.

    The only way to get results is to produce quality content consistently. Your article gives the most effective tips regarding just that – producing quality content consistently.

    Very useful article. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Have a great day!


    • Hey Naveen,

      Glad you found the article useful. Yes indeed consistency plays a major role! Thanks for your comment.



  5. Hey Jane,

    When I started to blog I was following the same first three steps and still following. These steps are very essential if you really want to have a good content on your site. I really liked this post, Jane thanks for sharing.

    • Hey David,

      The first three tips also helped me grow my blog pretty easily I would say. Without a system in place content creation would be something impossible for me.

      Thanks for your comment.



  6. Hey Freddy,

    You are totally right. Our minds are so busy these days – an idea can escape any moment. And we are so advanced with technology we don't have any excuse not to record an idea.

    My master running list of ideas is my saviour!

    Thanks for the insightful comment!



    • Hi Jane,

      Awesome tips as always. Creating content is NOT easy. Content marketing is becoming more popular these days with the increase in awareness of “educated buyers”. People are looking for more information and educating themselves before making a purchase online. That’s where content marketing comes into play to make things easier.

      But creating informative content is not easy. So we have so many options like; hiring a freelance writer, allowing other bloggers to post on your site, or simply interviewing others so you can create nonstop content.

      As you suggested, keeping an idea journal and an editorial calendar always works great especially when you’re building a content marketing strategy for your site. It’s also important to spy on your competitors to know what works best for your target audience too. Sometimes you create better content by sneaking into your competitors websites.

      Great tips Jane. Keep rocking.

  7. Hey, when I get stuck with writing content, I prefer to use interviews to talk with like minded bloggers and infopreneurs. I come up with question ideas, and they deliver the content. Win-win.

    Did you guys interview other people for your blog?

    • Hey Codrut,

      Interviewing is a really smart strategy and it is definitely a win-win!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



  8. I just take too much time writing and crafting my content, Last post I made was on 24th feb, and before that I posted on 4th Jan (almost 2 months gap).

    However I only post quality content (2000+ words) thats why it takes so much time, but I'm on my way to hire freelance writers.

    The only fear in my is is that what ordering content from marketplaces like fiverr, contentmar won't give me crappy plagiarized content. I haven't ordered till now but I'll do one soon.

    This post is helpful, and that's what I was looking for.

    ps: Last post I made was of 4k+ words.

    • Hey Mohan,

      It is OK to take time! Creating epic, long form content does take time and you cannot do it daily! Go easy on yourself 🙂

      If ordering content, I would suggest relying on a reputed content company rather than going for cheap ones to avoid poor quality and/or duplicate content!



  9. Hello Jane,

    Great tips here. Being a blogger, we all have a to produce quality and relevant content on the daily basis. It will help us to keep our blog fresh and full of useful information that resonates with our readers. I personally getting posts ideas from my readers and also from sites like Quora and other online communities. Thanks for sharing these great tips here.

    Have a Great Day 🙂


    • Hey Vishwajeet,

      Well said! It is absolutely true that we have to be producing content on a daily basis. It helps with keeping our blogs updated on a regular basis.

      Quora is a great platform to get blog post ideas because that's where people ask real questions!

      Thanks for your comment.



  10. Hi, Jane! Super great and insightful post here. Glad to see you here on Sue's space.

    I really love the idea of working around with your journals. As for me, I use Evernote which has been really helpful as I don't need to be working around with physical books. With Evernote, I get to put down every new idea that pops into my head and I've been using this for a while now.

    Another thing I love about Evernote is that I can access it on any device (with internet connection).

    Thanks for the post 🙂


    Simon Zaku


  11. These tips are great for people who have writer's block and can't figure out what to with their blogs.

    Me? I have too many ideas! LOL

    And not enough time to execute all of them!

    I like your point about keeping a calendar. I used to keep one, and write three posts a month for my site: one for bloggers, one for writers, and one for freelancers (because I am all of these, and there is often a lot of overlap!).

    Now I do things a bit differently, because I have realized where most of my clients come from. So I am now trying to serve them better with my posts. 🙂

    Wording Well (my business site) has evolved so much over the years, and I am proud where I am now, helping many people on many different levels… and helping others become authors too!

  12. First to thanks Jane for sharing this amazing post with us and make us part of it. Really, Jane, this was a very informative post for me and I learned a lot of things from it.

    thanks again & good job. Keep it up

  13. The one technique I really liked and you also have mentioned in other words is "brainstorming before you start writing".

    Breaking the whole article in small part and working on it really works, This is what i love to follow and recommend as Jane to break in chunks, collect points and make full paragraph.

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