[Evergreen Blogging Profits] How To Develop An Online Presence

Establishing an online social presence and blog identity is important nowadays.

Having your very own website is important. But more and more people are turning to social media to seek out their favorite brands.  

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What Exactly Is Social Media Presence And Why Is It Important?

Having accounts on various social media platforms doesn’t mean you’ve got a social media presence. To make your social media presence matter, you need to be active by posting valuable content regularly and engaging with your audience.

When I say valuable content, I mean content that applies to your brand.

 This includes thoughtful posts, comments, updates, and even useful links from competing brands.

You have to show your followers that you are there, that you are in fact present. When they send you a message, reply to them promptly, especially if they post it on your timeline or somewhere other people can see the question, too.

Whether you like it or not, you’ll be judged by the timeliness and relevance of your response. Having a solid social media presence allows you to establish yourself as an influencer. If you’ve got a good reputation, people are more apt to follow what you say. When you recommend something, people trust your recommendation.

Because of this, you’d need to be careful with your recommendations. You have to vet products you recommend as affiliates, don’t just think of the money or the commissions you’ll make.

Choose products that resonate with you personally, your brand, and your audience.

As an influencer, it’s your name and your brand on the line. However, if you do the influencer thing correctly, it could mean another stream of income for your blogging business, especially if you typically get good conversion rates from your followers.

Providing good value is always essential to any business. If people know you’re not going to be selling them random items and are instead recommending useful products, you’re going to have them buying whatever you recommend!

How To Establish Your Social Media Presence And Identity

Creating social media accounts is easy. But establishing your identity and your presence won’t happen overnight. It’s going to be a full-time job trying to establish a solid presence on social media, so just start with one platform.

Here are a few tips to get you off to a good start with your social media presence:

Have a goal for your social media presence

There are lots of reasons why blogs should have a social media presence. For instance, you can use it to educate and inform potential customers about your brand. You can use it as an avenue for customer service or support.

You can even use it to generate leads for your business. Or if you prefer, you can use your social media accounts to be a central location for you to do business with both your potential and existing customers.

Identify the most important social media channels for your brand

There are far too many social media websites nowadays. The biggest ones are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Reddit. Depending on the nature of your business and your niche, some social channels may be more preferable than others.

Do your research and find out where you can reach most of your target audience. If the majority of your audience is on Facebook, then be active on Facebook. If most of them are on Pinterest, then make your presence known on Pinterest.

If you’re selling an evergreen product or service that caters to professionals or businesses, then consider having an active presence on LinkedIn.

Identifying the right platforms is important as it’s not cost-effective to be on channels where you’ll see very little return on your investment. So, make sure you do your homework before you create those social media accounts.

Establish your identity across social media and web platforms

To establish your social media and web identity, you need to be consistent with your brand colors, your logos, images, and even the tone or language used in your content.

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You should project a single and consistent brand for your blog so no matter where people find you, they’d recognize your brand anywhere.

Presenting a uniform front across your web properties, including social ones, is important to build the perfect identity you want to convey to your audience.

Publish timely and relevant content

Without content, your social media presence will amount to nothing. If you want to gain a sizeable following and you want to be respected by your peers, then you need to publish not just timely, but relevant content as well.

Don’t just post text content – use other media too

Don’t hesitate to use visually appealing images to accompany your text posts. Texts are great for conveying information, but as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

And with ever decreasing attention spans and instant gratification, many people would rather look at an image or watch a video than read lengthy articles.

It’s a fact too that images and videos get shared more than text. So, if you want to maximize your organic reach on social media – that is, you’re not paying for ads – then use attractive images and videos to grab people’s attention.

Don’t hesitate to share other people’s content

There’s no problem sharing other people’s content if it adds value to your users. You can even send these third-party sites a direct message or tag them in your post to let them know you’ve shared their awesome content.

They might even thank you by returning the favor and sharing one of your posts with their followers! It’s a win-win situation for the both of you.

Create a community

Creating a community on social media simply means getting people involved and engaged with your brand. This is why groups and forums work so well. It’s because we like to belong to a group of similar-minded people.

When you post something, ask your followers to comment and let their thoughts be known. Ask for their opinion and tell them you’d value their input. Start a discussion on relevant topics, tag people if you need to get the ball rolling.

And don’t leave anyone hanging – if anyone asks a question, be there and answer as soon as you can. Don’t wait for someone else to chime in. Let people see you’re active and engaged with your community.

Being an active part of the community ensures you’ve truly got a social media presence. You’re helping build your blog’s visibility online by leaving digital footprints on social media.

And if you post valuable content and write smart responses to community discussions, then you’ll be seen as an authority figure and thought leader by anyone who follows you on social media.

Are You Ready To Start Building Your Social Media Presence?

Being a successful social media influencer is a huge responsibility to your followers. Remember that social media is where people hang out to connect with their family, friends, and acquaintances. It’s where people go to unwind after a long day at work.

Don’t stress them up by bombarding them with things they didn’t sign up for.

Your followers chose to follow you because of your brand and what you bring to the table. They were drawn to you because you offered them something of value.

Continue what you started and give them value often. If you do this, you’ll soon find yourself as someone that people look up to, respect and admire. At this point, you’d have firmly established your online identity and social presence.

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