Just The Facts About Blogging

Ever since the blogging trend started, almost every website has a blog and everyone with a hint of experience in any field became a writer.

But that wasn’t just beneficial for those who wanted to quit their jobs. People worldwide with questions got their answers and engaged with people that help them with their problems.

But these days, what started out as an individual’s game is now for everyone. Blogs are becoming popular and more interactive than ever. In fact, those that blog are getting better results in their marketing for their online businesses. In terms of site traffic and impressions and conversions, blogs play an important role.

Blogging and SEO

Whether you wish to improve and increase your brand awareness or wish to enhance and broaden your lead generation, blogging is the way to go. According to a recent survey, 53% of the marketers with an online business say blogging has become the best way to have customers stay interested and informed.

In Terms of Website Impressions

In the research,  most of the people who were visiting blogs didn’t have the time or just didn’t want to read entire paragraphs or pages of blog posts.. Of those who took the time out to discuss the problem, 36% stated that reading bullet points and headlines were far easier and more helpful rather than wasting time reading entire paragraphs.

In Terms of Lead Generation

2017 was a big year as almost 50% of the market were blogging to help their marketing campaigns. This has meant a large increase in traffic and leads. Blogging has become a top priority for the rest of the market that doesn’t yet blog so they can boost their promotions and their businesses.

To rank

They also discovered that websites with a running blog scored higher than most of their competition. In fact, search engines prefer sites with more indexed pages, as it means more information and resources for the search engines and also for the readers.

Providing a site that has a lot of quality information, it’s helpful to their visitors and,  in return, search engines ranked these sites higher.


Whether your site is about traveling or about your small business, having a blog means you can post anything from your services to the latest information that your clients will find useful. Reviews are another great use for blogs. You can find app reviews, like the WhatsApp tracker, hotel and food reviews on many sites.

Blogging is the future, and the future is now as the market shifts to enhance user experience on their sites.

19 thoughts on “Just The Facts About Blogging”

  1. It is awesome to see the perspective of blog being the future. For a while most information was pointing to the death of blogging and encouraging us bloggers to focus more on social media, take more pictures, start podcasts, and other creative outlets to supplement our blogs. In fact, many writers seemed to have abandoned their blogs to be influencers in other outlets such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

    Finding the balance between investing time into your blog, but also making time for social media is challenging. After years of blogging, I can say that I still get the SEO thing very VERY wrong, but at least it seems like there is still time for me to get it right!

  2. Thank you for sharing this informative and great post. It really helped me out. I am a blogger and this content is really helpful for me. Although I have been writing blogs for the websites but not getting the proper and quality traffic but these tricks I can implement for my blogs as efficient blogs and SEO plays an important role in Digital marketing.

  3. Thank you for this informative article since I am newbie in blogging. For me, it doesn’t matter if I didn’t earn money in blogging at least you show your thoughts in everything. Honestly I am not really good in writing articles but I currently learning through reading other’s blog like this. I really impressed this article!

  4. Short and sweet, Sue (as you said, just the facts).

    Speaking of bullet points/impressions, some websites have embraced the use of a summary – either at the top or at the bottom of the content. For example, Reddit posts generally have a TLDR section, which means ‘too long; didn’t read,’ and explains everything in one sentence or two. Im personally a fan and will try to use this when appropriate.

    Anyway, thanks for the quick and informative read. What are your blogging goals this year?


  5. Hi,

    I own a website and that is powered by Wix. I am not familiar with html coding. So i used to create website with Wix. I wanted to create a blog in WordPress. But Wix doesn’t support WordPress blog. I want to transfer domain to WordPress, so that i can publish articles easily. Can i transfer my domain to WordPress????

    Thanks in Advance.



  6. There is no doubt that blogging is one of the best ways to increase website traffic and lead generation too. I am also focusing on include bullet points in my content. Thank you so much for this special post. This post motivating me to write more blog and article.

  7. Very informative artilce, as a beginner, I have learned many new things from here. I think if you want to rank your website in search engine, you have to produce quality content first, then next step is onpage and off page SEO. Thanks to sharing your brilliant thoughts with us.

  8. Hi sue,

    I think this article will help me in many ways since I am a noob to blogging. There are a lot of ways to improve our site traffic but as a beginner, I am thankful for your post and also want to know more about blogging tips.

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