What Smart Bloggers Know About Creating Content Fast

What if you could write and hit publish on your blog posts in just half the time? 

With a few smart strategies, you can create compelling content quickly!

Let’s talk about some “hacks” that will help you blog well in a lot less time.

Be Yourself & Write What You Know

Often we get frustrated when we feel like we have to write like your favorite blogger. It takes forever and destroys our creativity!

So, just be yourself and write what you know. In addition to the words flowing more easily, you’ll spend far less time researching.

Start with Templates and Blogging Prompts

Chose your headline and format before you start writing.

Pro Trick: Use blog post templates to help you write your articles.

Here are some free blog post templates you’ll find helpful:

Be Inspired by Others

Are you reading other blogs regularly? Listening to podcasts?

Choose a few to subscribe to and follow regularly — it’ll help you generate ideas and give you a model of what works that you can learn from.

Borrow Blog Content and Add Your Thoughts

From YouTube and TED Talk videos to infographics, to free to reprint articles, there’s plenty of quality content out there that you can legally “swipe” to share on your blog.

Make it your own by adding your thoughts to what you share.

You CAN have an interesting blog post for your readers with just a few minutes of your time.

What do you use to create compelling content fast?

22 thoughts on “What Smart Bloggers Know About Creating Content Fast”

  1. Hi Sue,

    Most smart bloggers I know usually follow these steps to create great content;

    -They build a great blog to attract quality guest posts from established bloggers

    -They outsource their content creation part

    -They learn the art of creating compelling content really quickly

    Most bloggers who churn out more content never run of blog post ideas or hit writer’s block.

    That being said, using templates shared here can be extremely useful in writing content fast.

    Thanks so much for sharing these content templates Sue. I’ll give them a try and let you know if they are any good. After all, we all need to try new ways to churn out compelling content to be able to write faster.

    Keep rocking.

  2. Hii


    I think without thinking too much we should start writing a blog post on what we know or what we are expert in. Yes, we can use some tools that can help us in creating content fast. You have provided short but effective tips to create compelling content. I like all your tips.


    Praveen Verma

  3. the one aspect of writing blogs or composing video content for blog style is to be real and engaging and original. it is such a touch task because so much info is sent out to us on a daily basis and the important aspect is to attract the end user by having an engaging header or title or subject line.

  4. Fantastic information in an entertaining way! The blog gives so much insight into the subject matter that it does not only become quite easy to understand the concept but to implement it as well.

  5. Hi Sue,

    Smart bloggers always publish fresh content that adds value to their target market. How are they doing this consistently? Templates! They have a template that enables them to create content faster than you imagine. The template is like a road map that is already in place. It helps facilitate the process.

  6. As a newer blogger, it was taking me many hours for each blog post. I made a challenge to myself for the last post I published to cut down on the amount of time. It worked and it was very satisfying to get another post out in the week. I usually like to write longer posts which is why it can take me more time. I like the idea of interspersing these long posts with shorter ones when I can!

  7. Hey Sue,

    Another piece with some really useful and practical take aways, thank you! It made me think a little about Seth Godin (who has, I believe, one of the most read blogs in the world).

    He blogs every day, without fail. When asked how he does it he has said in the past (and I paraphrase) that you should simply write as you talk. In doing so, not only does it flow better as a piece and you write with your own voice, but you're also far less likely to struggle with writer's block- I mean, you never hear of 'talker's block', right?!

    It's another thing I try to keep in mind when I'm trying to write efficiently and effectively.

    Many thanks again,


  8. Hello Sue, really this post gives me more knowledge in achieving smart blogging. As a new blogger everyday its really hard creating compelling contents. So it will be an valuable piece of information to follow.

  9. Hi Sue,

    I read your post, it is a very interesting topic.

    It is right that for every successful smart blogger their content is great.

    I agree with Anil that they outsource their content from the excellent content writers.

    I hope you like my words. Thanks for posting this.

  10. Nice tips for newbies in blogging. I totally agree with the point regarding inspiration. Reading other blogs in your niche and correlating one keeps you up to date with industry trends and brings you new questions and ideas what to write about, what your readers might want to hear from you.

  11. Really useful information in an entertaining way! The blog gives so much insight into the subject matter that it does not only become quite easy to understand the concept but to implement it as well.

  12. Hi Sue,

    I really appreciate the blog you shared.

    Content is the king in blogs

    I would love to say that I totally agree with you without compelling good content you want good traffic and also backlinks as well so it was really an amazing article.

    Again many thanks Sue for sharing such a amazing article

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