Content Marketing: A Cheat Sheet For Content Marketing Hacks

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An infographic and guest post by my colleague, Russel Cooke

Optimizing your work on social media means looking at the format of each of your platforms and making sure you are making the most of each.

It’s a good idea to post around the clock with the help of a social media scheduler so that people in different time zones catch your content on their schedule, rather than yours.

It’s also important to integrate all your social media platforms with each other as well as your website.

Each of your pages should ultimately point back to your website — and each piece of content ought to have share options available with widgets for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and so on.


Equip your website with this functionality as well — this ability is especially helpful for company news updates or blog posts because a viewer can see how many times the article was shared on various platforms.

Be your own publisher, and don’t be afraid to invest in paid advertising. Publishing regular original content is a sign to your audience — and search engines! — that you mean business and are worthy of their attention. Paid ads are also a great way to take advantage of algorithms on social platforms that only show select content to a small percentage of your followers.

The Digital Sales Funnel

Social Media Optimization comes down to likes and shareability. Not only should you be making it easy for people to find your brand and specific products, you should also be attracting them with attractive content in the forms of photo, video, and direct questions, to name a few. The key is to attract interest and then drive up engagement.

Engagement is a crucial step that leads to conversion and finally, a sale. For example, invite your viewers to interact with you on social media, with invitations to post a “photo of the day” or a call for thoughts on a new product release.

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Above all, it’s important to present a brand image that is interesting, personable and fun! Get your message heard along the guidelines of your company’s unprecedented brand and future goals, but don’t forget that interaction on social media, though it takes place via screens, is really conducted between human beings.

Check out this infographic for more ways to amplify your reach on social media.To get your own copy of the infographic, click on the “Download” image:

Russel Cooke is a business consultant and journalist who recently relocated to Southern California. Click here to follow him on Twitter.



7 thoughts on “Content Marketing: A Cheat Sheet For Content Marketing Hacks”

  1. Sue Anne and Russel,

    This is a great post with lots of helpful tips, but I was sad when I didn't get to see the infographic! For some reason the images on this post aren't showing up for me. Maybe it's on my end, but in case it isn't I thought I'd let you know!


  2. I can't help but agree more with you on the infographic and the few important points you raised, Russel.

    There's no such thing as a funnel, today. At least, it's not as straightforward as it used to be. As times changed, the funnel morphed into something else.

    Paid strategy is certainly a good one but no one's getting what they want until they step back and do what works. I still see hundreds ( maybe thousands, but I didn't count) of businesses not using landing pages for their campaigns. I have a client who's suffering from unstoppable payment syndrome on paid ads.

    Finally, SEO, social, link building, and everything else we do isn't about "traffic", "links", etc.

    It's all about people.

  3. Hi, Ryan,

    Totally agree about the engagement. I start asking my subscribers questions about themselves in the first email I send and I answer every reply. It's so crucial to be engaged and happy with what you are doing.

    Your happiness comes through every thing you write!


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