How To Start A Blog And Make Money

make money blogging

The Ultimate Guide Welcome to the Successful Blogging guide on how to start a blog and make money. This page is your starting point, designed to nurture you towards three key goals. These are: To successfully create and launch your blog To grow your audience through valuable, actionable content they’ll love To monetize your blog …

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The 4 Commandments for Designing an SEO Friendly Website

seo for bloggers

The undying rule in search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is that page ranking defines a business’s success. Even when you take the time to make an aesthetically pleasing website that serves as a hub to brand your business, search engine optimization is the most vital element for your website. SEO ensures that consumers find your …

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How To Nail A Welcome Email Sequence

email nurturing

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: First impression matters a great deal. That applies to new subscribers on your email list, too. When someone new joins your email list, you have a unique chance to build trust with them, show the value of staying in your community, and lead them towards a …

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Content Marketing Is King

content is king

Epic long-form content. A fascinating opening. A strong point of view. An emotional and inspirational close. You try to do this every time you write a post. You’ve read all about how “Content Is King” and we are all taught that we have to write high-quality content for our blogs to be successful. You feel …

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How To Monetize Your Blog: 7 Case Studies For Newbie Bloggers

monetize your blog

Your blog  is your breadwinner. However, just having a blog with some articles in it, using Google AdSense, and expecting paychecks to fly in while you’re asleep, isn’t quite how it works. Blog monetization is a bit like sculpting. You chip away useless endeavors and shape your blog by utilizing your strengths. You sculpt it …

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Why Every Business Should Blog

why blog

During this social media craze, blogging is not getting the attention it deserves! It is startling why many business owners are still failing to understand the importance of blogging for growth. They are still stuck with the question “Do I need to blog when I already have a high traffic website?” Blogging is one of …

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