7 Untapped Ways to Improve Your Business Blog

Starting a blog for your business is one of the best decisions you can make. Years ago, blogs were nothing more than online journals but today’s age has seen them evolve into an incredibly powerful tool for your business. Once you’ve created it though, the process has only just begun, you have to continuously improve on it.

This extensive guide will teach you 7 new and exciting ways to improve your business blog. With these strategies in place, you will notice an instant rise in the traffic, conversion, and success of your blog and later your business.

There are many resources out there that will give you valuable blogging tips and information. The key is to seek out these sources and constantly experiment with various strategies that they suggest to find out what works best for you and your business.

Innovative Methods to Improve Your Company’s Blog

With over 60 million blogs on WordPress alone, it’s hard to stand out from the rest. That being said, there are plenty of exciting new ways to keep yourself in the know and on the path to success.

1. Grow Your Audience by Understanding the One You Have

business-blogOrganic traffic is great, but the secret ingredient to a successful blog that works with and for your business is attracting the right viewers to your content. You want people who stumble into the blog to be looking for that kind of content, otherwise they may not stick around and see what you have to offer. There are two ways of doing this:

  • Start by focusing on the customers you already have. These people have already bought from you, and you have their loyalty. Losing them is losing all chances of future success. Emotional bonds and brand recognition are huge in the blogging sphere. Appealing to them with special promotions and coupons will in turn attract not only them, but new customers as well.
  • Take this knowledge of your established base and use that as a stepping stone to attract new leads. You know what your current customers like, so find out how to extend those same characteristics to new leads. Collect data any way you can. Surveys, email lists, analytics, these things are great ways of collecting raw data that tells you more about your audience

 2. Provide Unquestioned Claims and Ultimate Credibility

business-blogPeople aren’t so easy to trust a post they read on a company’s blog unless they feel like the person who wrote it is an expert in their field. If you are, than great. Leverage that knowledge to write convincing and authoritative content. If you’re not an expert in a specific part of your topic, then find someone who is.

The secret here is that you don’t need a full-time writer. You can supplement the content you are familiar with by inviting experts in those areas to write guest posts. More and more blogs are encouraging people to submit their own guest posts because it provides a fresh perspective and it gives the other writer valuable exposure.

To further this point, always provide proof and sources for your claims. If you quote a book, reference another post, or borrow a statistic, place a link to your source or credit them at the end of your post. Your claims should be researched and relevant, but you can prove either of those things without leaving a link to the source.

3. Find Your Rhythm, Don’t Let it Go


Blogs are like a loaf of bread. Some people think that leaving bread out for a week won’t cause it to go stale, but people also thought the world was flat at one point, so take that for what it’s worth. A great business blog is one that stays fresh and up-to-date. Many people will try to post every once in a while, and they don’t stick to a schedule.

Readers, and people in general are creatures of habit. We want to know when your next post is coming. We want consistency, emails, and a schedule that we can count on. Keep this in mind, and don’t let your blog go the way of a three-week old loaf of sourdough.

4. Design Your Blog to Flow Naturally


Your blog’s design says more than your words ever could. Font choice, color, arrangement, images, these things work together to create an overall visual message that a visitor will pick up on immediately. Your actionable aspects should be brightly colored, attracting the reader’s eyes there first.

Your content should be written in paragraphs that are 3-4 lines long. Use bold and italics sparingly to drive home a point. Include numbered lists and bullet points to keep the readers engaged and give them something that is easy to scroll through if they’re in a hurry and need an answer fast.

Something filled with color and animations isn’t necessarily a well-designed blog. Make it functional, something that flows, and guides the reader towards a call-to-action at the end of each post.

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5. Engage Your Readers, Don’t be Afraid to Sound Human


You may be the CEO of a company, or you may be a writer they hired to maintain the blog. Either way, you’re a person, and people want to know that the blog they’re reading wasn’t crafted by a robot. This is something that many companies have yet to take advantage of and understand.

People don’t like buying from a brand, they like buying from people, from a company that has a face to it. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke every once and while, or put up a picture of yourself on the author page of the blog. These things help people trust and understand your content. If you don’t have an author page or a picture on the blog, change that today. When people comment, answer them too, and you will reap the benefits.

6. Bring on the SEO (But Don’t Let It Take Over Your Content)


A delicate balance lies within the confusing (and sometimes frightening) world of SEO. In the past, it used to be that keywords in all things was the answer. Not so in today’s age. Recent updates to major search engines like Google and Yahoo have changed their searching algorithms to better seek high-quality content.

The way you write, and the way you branch out into the furthest ends of your topic, that’s the secret to truly great SEO. Keywords need to be there, LSI keywords need to be there too, but they aren’t enough. You need to speak to the four corners of what you’re trying to say and expand to other relevant niches in that topic. Write your posts for people, not to for search engines and remember which views count more.

7. Remember That Social Media Matters

business-blogI don’t blame many businesses for shirking social media up until this point. Things like Twitter and Facebook didn’t seem like they were going to take off when they first started, but they’re here now and here to stay. To go off of my point above, these avenues can be used a means to spread the human element of your business.

If people look up your name, or your company’s name on Facebook or Twitter and see an active profile that engages customers and is constantly updated, they are going to be more inclined to further pursue that company.

People also spread great content through social media these days, so offer them a simple and easy way to do so by placing social media share buttons on each of your posts. A simple WordPress plugin can make this happen if you’re one of the countless people who use the platform.

If Content is King, Entity Salience is The Crown


That word above, entity salience, may give you a headache by just looking at it, but as you move into a better business blog, you should be fully aware of this concept. Cyrus Shepard discussed it in his article on advanced SEO, which I highly recommend you read. This future method of on-page content optimization is something you should be highly aware of going forward.

It’s quite simple, despite the name. The topics on your page are all entities, and they have relationships between them if you’re doing the writing part correctly. Search engines will soon start looking for these relationships and the level of cohesion that they have will dictate how relevant your content it.

This is more than just talking about colors and mentioning blue and read though. This is finding those deeper connections and pulling them into the fold. An example I like to use is the television station HBO. If we mention them, we can go further by mentioning shows they air like Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. I can go further than that by mentioning characters, actors, and actresses from those shows to further establish connections between the entities.

Final Thoughts

Creating a business blog that can stand the test of time is no small task. That being said, this tips and strategies will help you reach a wider audience, connect with them, and develop content that search engines love. Thanks as always for reading and be sure to tell me about your tips, experiences, and thoughts in the comments below!

Venchito Tampon is the sole author of Digital Philippines, a link building blog that publishes useful link building strategies and content marketing tactics for new and advanced content marketers. He also offers manual link building services to local and international clients from around the globe.

29 thoughts on “7 Untapped Ways to Improve Your Business Blog”

  1. Perfect tips, Venchito! Blogging is a fantastic way for a business to keep its audience informed and engaged, in a very cost-effective manner. Sadly, most start out with a bang, without a plan and end up with endless meetings on what went wrong. The lack of content strategy is usually the biggest problem because most of them think that posting it is enough. Another big issue is when they are constantly pushing their services and products – pretty much like extended advertisements.

    🙂 Still, it is better now than it used to be before.

    Thanks Sue, for always featuring excellent guests!

  2. I like the point you raised here that people want to buy from people or company not from a brand. I have seen many bloggers who just use this word "WE" but in actual they are alone. They never take responsibility of what they are saying. Also you have raised many other points that may help bloggers 🙂

    • Hi, Sumit,

      It always makes me smile when a blogger uses "we" instead of "I". I don't know if they are afraid to say it's just them or they feel that's how businesses do it.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Happy New Year Sue and Venchito,

    How is it been going with you this Jan? I'm sure this year will be more awesome than past years 😉 I' started by opening another money making channel on my blog – Premium posts. Initially, it doesn't look big but it can gradually build up to something.

    Now coming back to this post Venchito, I fully agree with your points. Point #1 should be the focus of every blogger. If you don't understand your audience, you won't know what they want. Everything else you try to do may fail because you may be talking to the wrong audience.

    If you understand your current readers, you will target and give them what they want. They will help promote your blog by telling others 'Come and see…'

    Excellent post for the start of the year.

    Do have a wonderful week ahead you bother

    • Happy New Year, Enstine!

      You are correct – understanding your audience is key to having an effective blog.

      Thanks for reading and commenting,

  4. Kumusta ka, Venchito?

    I have a tiny list and sent them the first simple e-mail with a gift, this last Christmas. I'm trying to increase my list but I also need to communicate with them regularly. Will be sending them something useful in 2-3 days and will also ask a one sentence feedback on the free e-book I sent them as gift.

    I think that when there are guest posts on a blog by someone who has a great following, the guest posts seem to lose traffic to an extent. Is this true? Whenever there's a post by the owner, the traffic skyrockets, again.

    I stopped posting on my blog, but now, will be posting once a month only. It doesn't have traffic yet, so I need to do more guest posting first.

    I completely agree with you about the blog design and how we write and format our posts.

    I'm glad I never worried about SEO.

    Social media is a monster. I deleted my FB profile and don't wish to re-create it. Twitter and LinkedIn are fine for me. I use them 10-15 minutes almost daily. Is this much time enough for social media? I know people who wake up and the first thing they check in the morning is FB. Certainly not a nice thing.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Hi, Raspal,

      I agree with you that usually the owner of the blog gets more traffic than a guest poster. But I would recommend being strong in your guidelines and editing of guest posts and they do much better.

      Posting once a week on your blog should be enough to get traffic if you also
      1) comment on other blogs (at least 2 a day)
      2) guest post on larger blogs
      3) do blogger outreach to get social shares from larger bloggers

      You are doing the right thing with your social media strategy. 30 minutes a day is perfect. (FB is a waste right now for most bloggers)

      Thanks for commenting,

      • Hi Sue,

        This year, that's what one of my side goals is — commenting on about two blog posts a day.

        Need to work hard on guest posting. Have two drafts already but need to make them shine and then pitch to larger blogs.

        Can you explain a bit about the blogger outreach, or point me to a blog post on the topic, to refresh my mind?

  5. Awesome post, Venchito! This high-level entity salience idea is important to me as I'm now moving to SEO considerations on my blog.

    I love the link-building guide you give away on your site too. Very helpful! 🙂

  6. Blog design is super important, Kaushik. It doesn't have to be "pretty", it needs to convert. So if you want email subscribers, put opt-in forms all over your blog on every page. A feature opt-in box, like I have, converts much better than a sidebar box.

    Thanks for commenting!

  7. Thanks, Vidya, for stopping by to read and comment.

    I'm stringent with my guest posting guidelines and I get the best people when I do that!

  8. Awesome post!

    You explain the most important things so simple, that everyone can get your ideas. I would definitely apply these tactics to my blogs.

    Btw, I'd highly recommend videos. As Matt Cutts said in he article where he discusses the most important quality factors of your site, I can say these things work great. Writing quality articles is a great strategy, but also adding a video over them with explanation of your most important points work great. It makes your blog posts much more engaging. I've tested that.

    Thanks again and keep the great work.

  9. Thank you Sue and Venchito,

    Most of your points I understand but being new to the whole business, I will save and hopefully study, your whole post at a later time.

    However, I will use the phrase 'entity sentience' at every opportunity, particularly when others are boasting over some aspect of their highly successful lives.

    Thank you and kindest regards.

    • Hi, Zarayna,

      I love that you'll use "entity sentience" at every opportunity! I never heard of it till Venchito wrote about it.

      Thanks for commenting,

  10. Hi, Ryan,

    You are very human when you write! I like your plain-speaking style – it's informal and friendly. Yet there is always a lesson in what you write that's important.

    You had a busy week this week, Mr. Married Guy! Congrats!

  11. [ Smiles ] I believe that the pointers you made will also be an asset for personal blogs too!

    This is another great post, Sue Anne.

  12. It is worth reading. It is very simple but effective theory just ” Search all platform which are related to your services or products and use it for promotion and also share knowledge or information on them, improve user engagement, do experiment. There are lots of options on internet interacting with users.
    Thank you for sharing this post…

  13. Hi Venchito,

    Excellent post.

    I'm glad I ventured here at Sue Anne's blog again, and found your post, because I'm preparing a guest post to encourage businesses to blog, and I thought that reading a post on such topic would be helping me with more ideas on the subject.

    The days when blogs were no more than simple journals are over, and today, any company that hasn't understood how blogging is important for their business would be losing out big time.

    Now, as you said with over 60 million blogs out there, they need to find their own voice and be unique. That's the hardest part, I think. But in order to do this, I finding that emotional bond and connecting with their readers (current and future customers) is the way to go.

    In blogging, expert content type that we keep fresh by blogging regularly on the same day or days each week is very important for readership. As you said, we are creatures of habits and people need to know that you're consistent and reliable in this regard.

    Thanks for the great info and nice meeting you here 🙂


  14. This article is so interesting I am completely engrossed. Really I appreciate the efforts you take for making these posts. Thanks for sharing with us such useful information

  15. Great tips. Venchito always delivers with his posts. Great of you to let him do a post here Sue.

    I think Ive been away too long, what happened here! This isn't your blog anymore haha!

    Love the new look Sue!

    • Hi, Dennis,

      Thanks for the compliment on the new look. The site still isn't totally finished.

      Venchito did a great post. I really enjoyed it also.

      Thanks for taking the time to come by, Dennis!

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