6 Crazy-Simple SEO Tips to Boost Your Google Rankings Really Quickly

Do you want more traffic from Google?

I know you do, everyone wants more search traffic. After all, getting more traffic from Google is the surest way to boost your online revenue.

Either if you are looking to get first page results on Google or increasing your website sales, you need to learn SEO. The good thing is that you don’t need to hire an SEO expert or become one to get the best rewards.

But how do you implement SEO that can bring massive results from search engines like Google? Here’s a detailed guide on using few really simple yet effective SEO tools to boost your rankings on Google quickly.

Let’s get started without much ado.

1. Build a List of Keywords

I agree that you should be creating content for your audience.

BUT you should also keep an eye on Google crawlers if you want to get more search engine traffic. That means you should be doing keyword research.

Instead of finding keywords before writing a new post, spend a week or two in creating a list of all the keywords that are relevant to your blog audience. That way you can save more time, money and efforts. Or you can always use a link building service.

While doing keyword research, keep one thing in mind: always target long tail keywords.

If you’re selling Yoga equipment or products to your blog audience, make sure to find relevant long tail keywords like “yoga products online”, “cheap yoga equipment for adults” etc.

As a rule of thumb, make a list of 50 to 100 keyword ideas so you can easily use them while creating new content or pages for your blog. It not only helps you increase your overall search engine traffic but also your website sales.

While doing keyword research, make sure to focus on long tail keywords as they contribute to 80% of search engine traffic. See the image below.

SEOHere are few powerful tips you should remember while building a list of great keyword ideas for your website.

  • Use Google Suggestions while building a list of keyword ideas. It really helps you find a lot of highly profitable keywords instantly. You can easily figure out what your target audiences are searching for by using it. You can see it at the end of the search page result on Google.
  • Come up with a primary set of keyword ideas. Start finding synonyms for them. That way you can start using a lot of those relevant keyword phrases while creating content. This really helps you write keyword rich content without keyword stuffing.
  • Use sites like Quora to come up with keyword ideas. Just enter any keyword phrase relevant to your topics and you will find a lot of questions and answers relevant to them. You can simply use those topics as your blog post ideas.
  • Use tools. There are free tools like UberSuggest, io, etc which help you quickly find lots of keyword phrases for your main keyword.
  • You can also analyze your competitor’s. Check out how they are optimizing their web pages for your targeted keywords. Make a list of all the relevant keywords that you can use in your upcoming blog posts or pages. It’s the quickest way to boost your search engine traffic and sales.

2. Develop a Solid Link Building Plan

Almost every SEO expert believes that backlinks are the #1 way to get massive traffic from search engines. Yes, Google gives top priority to any site that gets hundreds of links. But remember that not every backlink has the same value. Getting just one link from an authority site is better than 100 small sites.

Having a strong link building plan can help you attract hundreds of natural links from other sites. Just make sure you are not building all your links only to your homepage. Even while writing guest posts, link to your internal pages. There are so many ways you can attract quality links to your sites, here are few of them.

SEO for blog postsThat being said, if you are looking for quick ways to boost your Google rankings, here are few solid ways to attract quality links from other sites.

  • Start with your competitor backlinks. Find out if you can track their backlink sources. You can use tools like SEMrush to easily do a backlink analysis of any site. Check out if your competitors have any broken links. Email them with any relevant links pointing to your site.
  • Do interviews with influencers in your niche. They attract more buzz, social shares and links.
  • Frequently create compelling infographics for your popular posts. They usually attract a lot of links, give people easy ways to embed your infographics on their sites.
  • If anyone mentions your blog or content on social media sites, connect with them. Start following them and approach them sharing your best blog posts that might suit their interests. Ask them to link back to your best posts. If they find your stuff interesting, you will get links!

3. Proper On-Page SEO is the KEY

As discussed in the first point, keyword research is really important. Once you have a list of keywords that you can use within your content, you should give equal important to on page SEO optimization.

On-page SEO involves basically in the following things.

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Image alt tags
  • Body text
  • Links (internal, external links)
  • URL structure (keep it short and simple)

One thing you need to remember while doing on page SEO is you should stay away from keyword stuffing. Most SEO beginners think that on page SEO is all about coming up with a keyword and placing it all over their blog posts or web pages. But it doesn’t work like that.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  6 Storytelling Strategies to Snag Subscribers & Sponsors

In fact, Google penalizes the web pages that practice keyword stuffing so it’s always better to stay away from it. The best way to do on page SEO for your content is to use relevant keywords. You can also use tools like Google suggestion tool and use those keywords while creating content to get better rankings on Google.

That being said, here are few things you need to ask yourself while doing on page optimization.

  • Do I have a primary keyword to rank for? (ex: best fitness training online)
  • Did I optimize my images for the keyword?
  • Am I using an optimized URL structure?
  • Is my headline and meta description unique?
  • Have I used relevant keywords in my copy?
  • Is my content worth reading and properly optimized for Google without keyword stuffing?

By asking such questions, you will be able to always publish content that’s worth reading. Also, make sure to analyze how other top bloggers in your industry are creating their content and getting better rankings on Google. If possible, try to get as many quality links to your content as possible as Google gives top priority to quality links.

4. Conduct Site Audits Frequently

One of the BIG reasons your site might not getting enough results that you deserve because of SEO related issues. You never know if there are any duplicate title tags, lengthy meta description or missing image alt tags causing your site to get better rankings.

That’s why you should conduct site audits frequently to find and fix your site SEO related issues. One of the simplest ways to do that is to use SEMrush.

It helps you quickly find all the SEO related issues that your site has by giving your site a score. You can also use other free tools like Seoptimer to quickly audit your site for any website related issues.

While doing site audit, make sure to find out your website speed, browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness etc to know more about your site. The sooner you find and fix your site related issues the faster you can boost your Google rankings.

5. Track Your SEO Results

Tracking your SEO progress is extremely important. Find out how your keywords are performing on Google, check out how many links you are getting from other blogs and analyze how many visitors you are getting from Google every month.

You can use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, Google analytics etc to know more about your SEO data. Check out your average visitor spending time, bounce rates and pages per visitor. All these factors give you a better idea about what you can do to improve your SEO success.

6. Avoid These 5 Dumbest Mistakes at All Costs

We are not SEO experts so all of us make few mistakes. Some of them are silly and most of them can make your site sink in Google search results. So it’s always better to focus on what mistakes you are making to become better at SEO.

Here are few SEO blunders most bloggers make while trying to rank higher for their sites.

  1. Not fixing broken links: Use broken link checker tool to find broken links within your site. Make sure to fix your broken links as soon as you find them or it can seriously hurt your search rankings.
  2. Keyword stuffing: NEVER ever even think about using the same keywords repeatedly while writing content. Using your primary keyword in your title, meta description, image alt tags and URL is enough. If you want to rank higher, search for relevant keyword phrases and use them within your content.
  3. Shorter blog posts: Shorter blog posts like 200 to 300 words won’t give you any edge. They won’t rank on Google. You are not a Seth Godin – don’t try to get better rankings and social shares by writing shorter articles. So spend time in writing in-depth articles. Aim to publish articles at 1,500 to 2,000 words.
  4. Purchasing links: Few people go to Fiverr and try to purchase those gigs that say “100 backlinks just for $5”. NEVER buy such links. They all are spammy and won’t help you in getting better rankings. In fact, if Google crawlers detect that you are buying links from bad sources, your site might get penalized on Google search results. So beware of such black hat SEO tactics and avoid them at all costs.
  5. Slow loading times: No one likes slow loading web pages. Even Google penalizes the sites that take too much time. Did you know that if your site takes more than 3 seconds, you will lose your search rankings, traffic and sales? Yes, it’s true. So make sure you are using proper web hosting, optimizing images and using a CDN to speed up your sites.

Final Thoughts on Using SEO Techniques

When it comes to SEO, people often look for quick fixes. There’s nothing wrong in looking for quicker results but you should remember SEO is a huge ocean.

It usually takes some time to get quality traffic and rankings from search engines so be patient if you don’t get results fast enough. So stop looking for quick fixes and start focusing on what’s really missing in your site to get more out of search engines.

Use the tips mentioned on this page to boost your rankings quickly without hurting Google guidelines.

Do you have any more SEO tips to get better rankings? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

85 thoughts on “6 Crazy-Simple SEO Tips to Boost Your Google Rankings Really Quickly”

  1. Hey Anil,

    I cherish simple guides like you have in this post.

    What I hate most are the SEO blunders mentioned. Even though I've been successful at getting rid of all of them, slow loading time wants to become a headache.

    Link building? Hmmmmm: it's a lot of work.

    Thanks for sharing, bro.

    Francis Quarshie recently posted 8 Smart Steps to Start a Blog — Your Simple GuideMy Profile

    • Yes, link building involves in a lot of work.

      But if that's done right, it can send you loads of traffic, shares and sales. The only thing you need to remember while building links is NOT to focus on just links. Focus on relationship building as well!

  2. Many great points – thanks!

    About keyword stuffing, I find this perplexing.

    For example, Yoast won't give you a green light without using the keywords a certain number of times.

    I would tend to use the keyword a certain amount any way in a 1700-2000 word article, so it's hard to know what to do here.

    Then there are the issues of keyword variation. Sometimes I'm able to do this well, but I didn't bother with my latest post. The keyword is "Chinese poems." I could have put "Chinese poems about the moon," somewhere in the article to boost SEO, but there was no natural reason … though now that I think of it, I have memorized a Chinese song that has the word moon in it …

    Something for next time, I guess. 🙂

    In any case, since I started focusing on SEO during the last six months, I seem to have seen traffic growth. I'm hoping that it will grow over the long term along these lines, but I have been concerned that Yoast's prompting could in fact be detrimental.
    Anthony Metivier recently posted The Steps I Took To Memorize 3 Chinese Poems In 2.3 WeeksMy Profile

    • Great points!

      I would also recommend you to give a shot to writing 2000+ word articles. I've been doing it only my blog for over 2 years now and I'm seeing amazing results (both in terms of traffic and sales).

  3. Hi Anil,

    This is a very informative post you wrote. It is great to be able to take your time and do the SEO yourself vs paying someone a lot of money to do it and not really knowing if they are good or not. All of your information was very good because it told what to actually do in plain terminology where a person could just dive in and start doing it. Also many thanks to Sue Anne for putting your post on her website. She has always been a big help to me. Thanks again, Jack Venturi

    You can check out the work I did to my website. The page rankings have steadily been going up.

  4. Hi there Anil,

    It's hard to find these kind of amazing posts these days because people are just concentrating more on blackhat like PBN etc. You really made it clear for everyone, that we should still focus on white hat stuff, of course it is slower, but it is safe and at the end it will come joyful right? Btw I really liked the subheadings order, they really matched together.


    Clay Smith.

  5. Anil

    Wow, this blog was absolutely amazing. It was more like an ebook than a blog. Although I already do much of what you discuss, to put it all together in such an organized, clear outline…point by point, makes this blog into a guide for me.

    Your sections on Keywords, Link Building and Mistakes to Avoid I found especially helpful as you raised issues and made suggestions that I haven't yet come across elsewhere. I just looked at your website, and see that you have much to teach me.

    Thanks again for all the help!

    Howard Goode recently posted Online Therapy Jobs: Difficult Interview Questions (and Answers)My Profile

  6. [ Smiles ] Anil, I genuinely believe that long form is the best type of content.

    Long form content has lots of in-depth information.

    However, it is okay for a person to post short form content on their personal blog.

    I do not recommend short form content for business blogs.

    From experience, I can tell you that longer blog posts (those that are 2000 words and over) perform better on Google. An article that I published in February, 2015 entitled, “Bon Air Gardens, Arouca: Paradise In East Trinidad” is on the front page of Google.

    I wouldn’t discourage anyone from writing short form content. As a matter of fact, I post both short form and long form content on my blog.

    But, I am fully aware of the fact, that long form content ranks higher on Google.

    • So true. I agree that long form of content works well.

      It not only brings you more traffic and sales but it also helps you build great readership around your blogs.

      So make sure to take quality time to craft detailed contents over short form of articles if you want to become an authority in your industry.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi Sue,

    I have practised your tips for my local business website and Google have invited me on to the Google Love Bus with a seat right up front that gets me VIP Access to new leads.

    The feeling is great.

    If I were to add another tip it would be around site structure – the more pages you have with content relevant to what searchers might be looking for, the more signals you send to Google that your content is relevant.

    So the greater your chance of getting some Google Loving of your own.

    Thanks again Sue.

  8. #3 seems to be my top issue when it comes to SEO, I don't do my On-page very well; so this is a great wake up call, Anil.

    This article is super timely and so on point. You were also right about not being experts, experts themselves started as newbies. And with a well detailed article like this, there's no telling how soon we'll be "experts" ourselves.

    Thanks for taking your time to write this, and thanks to Sue for publishing it.


  9. Hi Anil, thanks for sharing this content. I strongly believe that SEO is best way to gain free traffic if done properly without gaming Google.

    I like your link building plan but you did not mention web 2.0, are they not relevant to SEO any more?

    The dumbest mistakes you mentioned are very important and they really have effect of website ranking, especially by link form fiverr in most cases can be dangerous as most of the people selling backlink don't have much experience on SEO.

    I have been checking my blog load time to ensure it does not slow and fixed all the broken links.

    Happy Black Friday.
    Anthony recently posted 6 Case Study:How To Get 50,000 Visitors To Your Blog Every MonthMy Profile

  10. Hey Anil,

    That's a fantastic list of things! I especially love #6 where you have listed some really dumb stuff – the most obvious ones and the easiest ones to fix, but most bloggers don't care.

    Things like broken links and page speed are stuff that we always need to keep an eye on. I also would like to add fixing crawl errors in Webmaster tools.

    Thanks for the wonderful article 🙂


    Jane recently posted 5 Things you need to become a productive content creatorMy Profile

  11. Hey Anil,

    Google is for what people crave. Everyone is thinking about getting higher organic traffic for which SEO of the blog should be better.

    Keyword research is one of the main aspects to boost the SEO of any blog post. Using the long tail keywords can really bring the heights.

    On page SEO is also important. Using the proper title, headings mark up and more.

    You have mentioned some great points here.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted How To Move WordPress To Another Domain Name Without Losing SEO?My Profile

    • I agree that both on page SEO and keyword research are crucial for SEO success.

      Make sure to learn one after the other instead of implementing every SEO tip under the sun. Slow and steady wins the race.

      SEO traffic and results usually take time so patience is the key here.

      Thanks for the comment!

  12. Hey Anil,

    We should be conscious of placing appropriate keywords throughout every aspect of our site – our titles, content, URLs, and image names. We need to think about our keywords as search terms, how would someone looking for information on this topic search for it. It’s important for every webmaster their website should be responsive for every browser and compatible with all devices because people can visit our website from anything maybe it can be mobile, tablet, desktop pc, or laptop so make sure of our website should be responsive with all browsers and compatible with all devices.

    People expect some unique stuff that is different from every blog if we will successful in providing unique content or unique product that is different from the others our blog or product will grow up automatically. Eventually, thanks for your great support with your wealthy informative post.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  13. Great Post Anil,

    Google is still a Giant Search Engine company and dominates the search market. You have to create a proper SEO strategy to get ranking in Google. I completely agree with all of your SEO tips. I also do weekly SEO audits for my blog to check any loopholes in my blog SEO.

  14. Hey Anil,

    Boosting our Google rankings is a dream of every IM/blogger.

    If you have a good tips of pro bloggers like you Anil then they can boost their rankings easily.

    Awesomely crafted post brother, keep it up!

  15. Awesomly written blog with the knowledge of blogging done right and the use of keywords. Google is still the best search engine and it uses the concept of keywords. It was a good read.

  16. I've tried many methods, apply tips and tricks – however, the speed of my website still around 5 seconds, according to the checking result of GTMetrix.

    However, when I try to load my website and its pages in the browser (Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox), it seems to load faster, about two seconds, as I calculate.

    So far, I've tried a faster web hosting, Amazon CloudFront as CDN, optimize PHP codes, optimize database, use Memcached.

    The result doesn't improved.
    Tony recently posted How To Fix Err_SPDY_Protocol_Error In Google ChromeMy Profile

  17. Thanks for this awesome writing. I have a question. Please make me grateful giving proper advice to overcome this. I usually work on my blog at least 10 hours per day but why I can't get proper traffic? I've performed a lot of ways of SEO like Blog commenting, Web 2.0 link building, Directory submission, Guestbook posting etc. But yet I've seen a positive result. Of course, I've used "White hat SEO" method while performing SEO. Although, I'm ignoring by Google. Why? Will I need to make long my working period than before?

    I am eagerly waiting for your kind reply.


    Sadhan Pal
    Sadhan Pal recently posted WordPress.com vs WordPress.orgMy Profile

    • I went over to your blog, Sadhan, and I believe you need a more professional looking theme with a new home page so that the blog isn't your home page.

      Email me at sue@successfulblogging.com and I will give you one of the studiopress.com theme. Check them out (don't buy!) and send me an email. My gift to you.

      • This is really kind of you Sue.

        I have not only loved the article by Anil but the comment section as well. I was going through it, and I forgot one of the questions I wanted to ask Anil.

        But the other one is, how are tags important (if they are) in blogging?

  18. Hi Anil

    SEO is all about providing your blog users with better experience in using website. If they can't find a good reason staying on the blog……no SEO tactics will get the page up.

    Technically, the page might get the push in search engine ranking, but what's the benefits if users can't find value in using the website?

    SEO = Quality content, competitive & realistic KW or key phrases, optimize your links and avoid spamming – simply the key to getting good rankings. Keeping the content fresh is really key. Also remembering to gain inbound links for specific pages and articles can really help.

    Taking care of these things you shared in this post will certainly improve website usability that will ultimately improve search ranking.

    Thanks for sharing Anil.
    Anuradha Chawla recently posted Interview with 15-year young talented blogger Judhajeet DasMy Profile

  19. Hello Anil,

    This is a great article I found luckily, thanks for this useful article.

    Yes you are right, on page SEO is the key to get higher search engine rankings, we should consider all things about on page SEO like unique title and good URL structure then at least keyword stuffing.
    Vijay Kumar recently posted Wajah Tum Ho Movie Download HD MP4, MKV (2016)My Profile

  20. Hi Tessa,

    On-page is really the key to more search traffic. Yes, often most people don't focus on it much.

    If you are struggling to increase your traffic from Google even after posting a lot of good content consistently, then you must find a primary keyword for each post and do proper on page SEO for each of your posts to get better rankings.

    One simple tip is install WordPress SEO by Yoast. It's free and by far the best SEO tool to do on page SEO easily!

  21. Hi Anthony,

    Good question… web 2.0 (aka off page SEO) is a crucial factor. Without content syndication and participating in forums and spreading the word about your content around blogosphere, it's really hard to increase your exposure.

    Also make sure to focus on repurposing your blog's content.

    Always find a way to get more exposure to your blog by churning out less content. You can think about turning your posts into infographics, eBooks, videos etc.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  22. Hi Amar,

    Well said about keyword research. Most people simply don't use LSI keywords while creating content and that's a HUGE mistake.

    If you are looking for ways to boost your traffic, make sure to spend time on keyword research. Find long tail keywords and make sure to use them properly by doing on page SEO.

    You can use tools like WP SEO by Yoast for on page SEO and you can use tools like SEMrush for coming up with excellent long tail keywords.

    Thanks for the comment!

  23. Hi buddy,

    Alexa ranking is a pure BS. Just don't focus about that ranking.

    That being said, Google penalty has nothing to do with the Alexa.. Alexa traffic stats are not accurate. If you really want to find out whether you hit by any penalty, go to Google analytics and see if there's any traffic drop.

    That's how you find out! Fix the site issues by doing an SEO audit and you will be fine.

  24. Hi Muthoni,

    Thanks for checking out the comment section. It's rare these days. Only at Sue's blog, people scroll down through to read them. That's a great job done by her.

    Coming back to the question.. tags are NOT essential but using them can bring more visibility to your primary keywords (so search crawlers can easily figure out what your page is all about).

    As a rule of thumb, use 3 to 4 tags for every post you publish.

  25. Hi Anuradha,

    Great comment. I agree with a lot of points with you here.

    SEO is all about users. The more value you add to them with your content, the better rankings you will get.

    Not only that, you will also have to build links in order to outrank your competitors.

    Make sure to do competitor research, on page SEO and keyword research while creating blog posts to get higher rankings on Google.

    Thanks for Stopping by!

  26. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. There's a lot of information that you have given us. Also, this can be very helpful for someone who starting out. And one of the things that you had mentioned about purchasing links from Fiverr is probably one of the most valuable lessons anyone can learn without doing it themselves. Do not purchase links from Fiverr, they will destroy your website!

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Thanks for sharing, and I really appreciate you helping others on their SEO journey.

  27. Awesome Article and nice points covered by you. Yes, Seo is a huge ocean and it is a very long term process. One should not look for short term result and stay consistent. One day you will get the fruit.

  28. Hi Anil,

    I have just started doing SEO and have found this article very helpful.

    Thank you for sharing this article .

  29. Anil you have covered all important factors for ranking a website in a easy and simple way…

    I want to know if you know any Keyword planner tool similar to Google's?

    I am not able to access Adword keyword planner tool.



  30. Of course, I want to drive more traffic. It's the best way to be known and be able to make profit. Question is, what would be best tool or strategy to achieve this apart from quality content and high word count?

  31. Hi, Anil

    One think I wanna ask, that is interlinking really helps to improve search engine ranking, I know it helps to decrease bounce rate but is it… Well, If I follow your above line to get higher search engine i.e.

    TItle, Meta Desc., IMG Alt, Content etc.. It should works to get higher ranking in SERP. Thanks Anil for the great article.

    Regards ~ Vijay Singh
    Vijay Singh recently posted Ninnindale (2014) Hindi Dual Audio UnCut 720p DVDRip 1.14GBMy Profile

  32. Hello Anil,

    Nice to see this post.

    I heard from most of the people after Fred Update manual linkbuilding like social bookmarking or blog commenting will not work is it true?

    Please reply

    Regards Sandeep sitoke

  33. Great stuff guys. It feels a little like overview to a guy like me, but for someone who doesn't really understand SEO but knows the need for it, this is a fantastic intro that's informative and actionable. Kudos for that.

  34. Thanks for a great post! I am surprised at how many bloggers don't bother doing any keyword research at all. They are missing out on tons of traffic.

    Love the mistakes you mentioned. They are so true. These days, finding those long tail keywords that correspond to user search queries in Google and writing long, value driven posts are the key to success.

    Thanks again

    Lisa recently posted How to Boost Google Ranking with Long Tail KeywordsMy Profile

  35. I have read somewhere that if you could rank for long tail keywords then short tail keywords rank automatically in the long run. is this true?

  36. You shared a very good article about how to increase website's ranking in google. I think these are very good techniques. But Directory Submission is also a very good technique to increase website's ranking. Web Directories also provide good quality of traffic as well as increase in DA. I know a good quality web directory personally, this is doing well. I submit my websites in this directory and i got good traffic from this directory. It is human reviewed and don’t approve all listings except quality one. It's name is "Leading Link Directory".

  37. Thanks Anil for your sound info.Your tips are highly appreciated.Your sharing gives me a constructive idea about SEO activities which ensures a higher SERP in search engines.Getting a stable position on SERP needs a real brainstorming for the best outcome.Your sharing has given me a very positive ideology which I can use for smoother experience.

  38. Hi, you write really helpful things about blogging. The most important thing a blogger should have is a unique and optimized website design. According to new google polices, google like those sites who have some unique and different style of blog. You could do this by changing your themes setting at some extend but, it would be better to hire some website designing experts like us for this task, because your one page and off page SEO work will be bosted if your website design is perfect. Many people focus on on page and off page SEO, but their forget about this tip that Google now a days like more to those sites with some new and unique design, other factors are almost same on all websites, you can see that websites with some unique design rank more easily on google fast. Thank you very much, your articles is also worth an appreciation.

  39. I agreed that the SEO is a skill that takes time and can sometimes make you little bored, but a quick research of keywords is right before posting. Getting how to implement SEO strategies correctly with your niche takes time and research. In case, talking about the benefits of SEO, search optimization is nothing but the Marketing, is to get your content availability & findability to users from search engines…

    Having the URLs to your site posts from the search is necessary, and its the purpose of SEO. You can’t just sit and expect for the world to come to your blog posts, rather you need to drive yourself to the world first so that it start to catch your content. I wouldn’t pay to much but enough time on SEO. All you require to think about the keyword research for PR, link-building to authority sites for DA. I prefer SEO optimized template, SEO plugins & still forcing SEO better up to the stage where I wish this word or that in the title of the post that'll cause more organic traffic.

    Once you study the SEO & its techniques, you then get used to thinking about posting with that. I notice it's more necessary to create quality content & build onpage SEO skills as you go. With SEO, you’re just delivering your content to search engines more user-friendly, and I recommended to stay to basic SEO tips, and your blog will be better for it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about SEO.
    Barakha recently posted 21 Tested Best Paying Google AdSense Alternatives [$25 FREE] [Nov, 2017] For Bloggers | Top CPC/CPM Ad Networks To Make Money Online From BloggingMy Profile

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