Video Book Review: Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

blogging-tipsUncertainty was published in September 2011 and when author Jonathan Fields emailed offering to send me a copy I nearly fell off my chair with joy.

But it never arrived so, since I am a big fan of Mr. Fields (here we are at BlogWorld in 2010), I picked myself up again and bought a kindle copy. But I really don’t like reading online so I finally got hold of a hard copy of Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance late last year.

Despite wanting to read Uncertainty I really didn’t expect to get much out of it.

You see even though I adore Jonathan I didn’t feel fear was much of an issue for me. After all, I try to do something scary every day and I’m the adventurous type anyway.

Plus I am a recovering personal development book addict so I try to avoid reading them these days. I don’t feel as if I need advice on improving my modus operandi, I just need to take action.

But then I read the book and I loved it because it motivated me to do that.

Uncertainty made me realize the symptoms of fear aren’t just knocking knees, nausea and a sudden need to rush to the loo. Fear can manifest itself in strange ways and lead to procrastination, hundreds of hours wasted on Twitter or Facebook and a general feeling of frustration with life.

Fear can hold us back from achieving out business or creative dreams even when we don’t actually feel scared.

Uncertainty taught me a lot and has also inspired me to do many of the things I already knew I needed to do but had put off for years. Little things, like working smarter, focusing better and incorporating meditation into my daily life.

Little things that will make a big difference to my productivity and my creativity.

If there’s anything holding you  back in life, be it fear or something intangible you can’t quite put your finger on, Uncertainty will have some tips to set you straight.

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Here’s a three-minute video review to whet your appetite. I hope you can hear me speaking over the noise of the insects buzzing and the bamboo creaking.

Sounds interesting?

If you want to lay your sticky paws on Uncertainty you can pick up a print copy or kindle version on Amazon here.

Or subscribe to the Jonathan Fields blog for more tips and inspiration on everything from writing and blogging to business and life in general.

You might just end up loving Jonathan and his ideas as much as I do.

Happy reading and happy blogging!

6 thoughts on “Video Book Review: Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields”

  1. Your video inspired me to subscribe and download the free chapters. I'll probably pick it up soon. A little behind in my reading at the moment!

  2. I was thinking how this book is going to help on blog. But it's actually about the ways to achieve goals. Thanks I might get my hands on it later time.

    • Hi Ferb,

      Great to see you here. This book is brilliant for bloggers because blogging is creative and can be commercial too. The book will help you in both those areas. It will help you achieve your life and blogging goals:)

  3. Nice one Annabel. I Love this "… I don’t feel as if I need advice on improving my modus operandi, I just need to take action." Many self-help books will tell you that if you are to take mastery of your life, you must take possession of your mind. But how do you do that? You do it by making this a prime principle of your life: to think intelligently for yourself. Thanks for introducing me to Jonathan's work.

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