Best of Successful Blogging 2011

blogging-calendarJust because I’m having a wee break over the Christmas and New Year’s school holidays doesn’t mean you have too.

Here’s a round up of the most popular blog posts on Successful Blogging in 2011. Check out the posts you missed and reread your favorites then action the tips. That should keep you busy into the New Year.

Until then Happy New Year and happy blogging to you in 2012 from all the Successful Blogging team.

9 Twitter Tactics: What Works For You?

Confused by Twitter? Don’t be. These tips will let you work out what Twitter tactics will work best for you.

Personal Online Branding To Make You Shine Online

If you’re online your branding is already taking place but you need to put some thought into what first and lasting impression you want to convey with your branding.

Proven Ways to Write Killer Blog Content and Get More Readers

Every blogger wants more readers and they key to getting them and keeping them is great content. Find out how to deliver it here.

How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?

Helping you find a balance which works for you and your readers.

5 Reasons You Need a New Blog

Why I set up a second blog here and 5 reasons why you might need another blog too.

5 Ways Blogging Took My Business From Blah To Boom

Motivating, informative guest post by health blogger Kat Eden.

6 Twitter Tips For Bloggers

More twitter tips for bloggers who don’t know how to get started on Twitter.

7 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic Faster

The 7 keys to growing your blog faster and getting more readers.

How Not to Be a Victim of Your Own Success

Why I’m overloaded with work and what I’m doing about it.

9 Smart Ideas For Getting a Business Mentor

A mentor will help you grow your business providing tips and solutions for your unique situation.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU  7 Ways To Say Welcome To Your New Email List Subscribers

10 5 Secrets of Brilliant Blog Writing

Blog writing tips from the ever-popular Blog Writing Magic Series.

11 Blog Post Editing: 5 Steps to Take Before You Hit Publish

More writing tips from the ever-popular Blog Writing Magic Series.

12 How to Write Hypnotic Headlines That Drive People to Your Blog

Tackling the most important part of your blog post – the headline – in the ever-popular Blog Writing Magic Series.

13 16 Rules of Blog Writing and Layout. Which Ones Are You Breaking?

Blog post formatting tips from the ever-popular Blog Writing Magic Series.

14 Advertising and Sponsoring: My Personal Story

My forays into advertising and the start of blog monetization.

1 thought on “Best of Successful Blogging 2011”

  1. Hi Annabel,

    Just returned from my break 🙂

    I was intrigued by Smart Ideas For Getting a Business Mentor post, where it's mentioned.. Never, never, never ask anyone to be your mentor 🙂

    I've been blogging for a long time but I really "focused" on blogging "professionally" this year. About 7 years ago, I started my first blog just to promote my Master's thesis which followed by a hobby blog. Through it all, I continued to blogging. Back then it was just writing and publishing… now blogging is much much more…

    Will try out your tips for getting a business mentor…

    Best wishes for the new year….


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