If You Love Blogging Tools, You Should Read This

I LOVE tools – productivity tools, social media apps, planners, and blogging tools.

I have tried almost ALL of them out there and I have consolidated my 3 favorites blogging resources for you today. (And if you want to see my post about 85+ free and low-cost blogging tools, click here.)

So let’s get started!


blogging resources

Visual Notetaking

Milanote lets you organize your notes into flexible visual boards. It’s different because you can arrange your notes side by side on an infinite canvas to see patterns and connections.
Milanote lets you save much more than just notes. You can upload files, track to-do lists and tasks, save images, videos and much more. All of your content can live in one secure place, side by side.
  • Arrange your notes side by side with images, links and more.
  • Track your tasks with integrated to-do lists.
  • Upload any image to your boards. Milanote supports all common image formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG and many more.
  • Drag files into your browser to upload them.

Here’s a video I did for you that shows how to use Milanote to capture ideas, images and draft blog posts.

Adapts to your writing—from quick notes to long form writing

Some notes apps only work for quick ideas. Others when you’re writing longer documents. But Milanote’s interface adapts seamlessly as your ideas grow.
  • Notes automatically expand as you type.
  • Manually resize any note to any size.
  • Convert to long form when you need to write a blog post.

Collaboration on demand

Milanote boards are private by default, but with a few clicks you can share your notes with your anyone else to collaborate, get feedback or ask for input.

Instantly synced to all your devices

Every note you add to Milanote synchs to the cloud so you’ll never have to hit “save” again. And because Milanote lives online, all of your content is instantly available from every one of your devices.


TrafficWonkerMy newest, favorite Pinterest pin scheduler is TrafficWonker. You can sign up for a free trial at https://trafficwonker.com. 

The best part?

  1. It’s approved by Pinterest.
  2. Unlike other schedulers for Pinterest,  you just fill it once and never have to reload those pins. And adding new pins once a week takes less than 5 minutes (you heard me right – 5 minutes!).
  3. TrafficWonker pins 1 of your pins every 10 minutes for half the day (12 hours) by using artificial intelligence aptly called “Expert”.

As Andy Fling (the main guy from TrafficWonker) told me,

There’s no babysitting required. TrafficWonker reviews stats, plans your strategy, fills your queue, and posts pins automatically.”

It saves time and is perfect for beginning bloggers. And inexpensive – the starting plan is $8/month or $7/month if you pay for an entire year after your free trial.
PLUS, just by signing up for a free trial, Andy will give you a 60-minute Pinterest one-on-one marketing session.



Need to supercharge your productivity? Taskade, a task management application, to the rescue!
It’s a great cross-platform app that can get your life organized – and you can start for free.
It’s simple to use and you can start with templates to make it even easier. Like to BuJo? There’s a template for that!
blogging resources
You can use Taskade for tasks, notes and projects. It even includes boards (like Trello) and a calendar view. And the free plan has a lot of features. Plus, there are a lot of new updates coming out soon.
They are also on iOSAndroidChromeMac and PC.
I’m a productivity tool nut, so I’ll keep my eye open for you to see what would work for bloggers. In the meantime, tell me in the comments what tools and apps you like!

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