Where Blogging Can Take You (Live from Problogger Event)

live-bloggingToday I’m at the Problogger Conference in Melbourne, Australia where over 300 bloggers have gathered to listen, learn, and share blogging tips.

We’ll also be meeting, greeting and taking copious notes.

I’ll be sharing my notes here live from the event so, even if you’re not here in person, you can still get all the hot blogging tips instantly and share a bit of the excitement.

Let’s get to it.

Where Blogging Can Take You – Panel with Darren Rowse, Nicole Avery, Chris Garrett and Emma Merkas

DR: What’s the best opportunity that blogging’s opened up for you?

CG: The Problogger book. Moved from UK to Canada without any income problems thanks to blogging. Speaking engagements and new friendships.

EM: Has a column in MX a Melbourne paper and Emma has a weekly column in that. She got approached by them because the editor liked her blog. That column has led on to TV appearances, radio and other writing books.

NA: Her blog has led to getting a book published. Was contacted by publisher Wiley on Twitter. Nicole has a dedicated landing page for people who find her on Twitter.

DR: Did the ops come to you or did you chase them?

CG: Didn’t do anything intentionally as he had no idea of the possibilities.

EM: Has a passive aggressive approach. Recommends offline networking, asking people out for drinks but not pitching them aggressively. It’s who you know, not what you know.

NA: Doesn’t leave it to luck. Is careful with her personal branding and to give useful resources. Keeps an eye out for opportunities on media lists like Source Bottle (Haro for international readers – Annabel).

DR: How do you get media appearances on TV?

NA: Has a publicist who helped with that. Has appeared on local morning television The Circle.

EM: Sheer persistence. Then a friend recommended her, they liked her and now she appears every six weeks or so.

DR: How do you offer services?

CG: I was writing articles to answer frequently asked questions then they grew in popularity and more questions were asked. There’s a limit to what you can do free. Chris would say the info is all there free but people persisted and said no we want  you to come and help us in person.


Putting content out there that solved a problem demonstrated Chris’s expertise. If you have a solution to a problem someone has identified and they can find you its ideal.

Audience Questions

How do you prepare for a TV appearance?

EM: Go to the pub and have a chat with the producer. Build the relationship.

NA: They like the show to be funny and light.

What would you do differently?

CG: Constantly changing the site and abusing his readership with broken links and bad design. Being the free guy for too long. As soon as he started charging people he got complaints but wishes he’d built a list earlier.

Learn to ignore mean people. Let people drop off the list if they don’t want to ever buy products. The transition from free to pay was tricky but worth doing.

How do you meet people?

EM: Followed tweets of editors, see where they’re going and go along too. Talk to them. Introduce yourself.

CG: Think about why they’d want you in their network and articulate that. It’s not a business card collecting game. Make them want you.

What about pitching products?

DR: Tell people you’re nervous, you’re not sure how it’s going to go.

How can you sell premium content?

CG: Remember they are buying the thing you’re promising.

My Sponsor for the Problogger Conference 2011

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  1. In short, the big boys and girls have had (or maybe still have) all the problems us not-quite-so-big boys and girls have. Good to know!

  2. Great to see effective recycling of prior Blogs that still have useful information. Slowly enhancing our work at blog.continuumfp.com.au – and looking forward to a catch-up with you soon Annabel.


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