5 Blogging Mistakes That Can Be Fixed [Right Now!]

Blogging feels so complex sometimes.

A lot of bloggers don’t have a plan to grow their blog or to create content or to gain more leads.

In reality, blogging is one of the finest ways to drive inbound site visitors and convert traffic into leads.

Want to know the best part?

All you need to understand is how to avoid these beginners blogging mistakes and have an easier blogging life.

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1. Content

When it involves running a blog, “Content is King”. Having a blog means posting regularly. Having consistent content keeps readers coming back for more.

And if having an engaged audience is what you’re after, then posting weekly or (at least twice a month if you are new) is crucial.

How to fix it:

Plan your content for a complete month.

Create an outline for a planned consistent content. Simultaneously, plan for the content you want to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Write in advance really helps. Making sure I’m a week ahead of my schedule really helps. This could help you when you may fall sick or want to travel unexpectedly.

You’ll be protected and you will have a plan in your hand even if you are busy with other things.

Many websites agreed that the reason they stand out was that they posted regularly. If you aren’t able to maintain a posting frequency, you’re bound to lose your targeted audience.

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2. Email List

One of the biggest errors some beginning bloggers make is not collecting e-mail addresses of their readers from the beginning.

With email addresses, you got a way to stay in touch with your readers and alert them to any new posts on the blog.

You’ve worked hard to get all these readers to your blog. So building your email list gives you a way to contact your readers (and put offers in front of them) and is a big plus for blogging for newbies.

How to fix it:

The most crucial element to keep in mind when keeping an e-mail list is to not bombard them, Unwarranted emails with no valuable information are another common blogging error that newer bloggers make.

Moosend is a free mailing listing service provider when you have less than 2,000 subscribers. If you’re ready to put money into, a good deal of advanced email marketing providers are available. I recommend that you switch to ConvertKit so you can “tag” your subscribers after you hit a 1000 subs on your email list.

3. Images

Using images you have no permission to use is a mistake (like just searching Google Images). My favorite free image sites are Pexels and Burst by Shopify.

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Also, consider the dimensions of the photograph as well. If you are using very large images for your posts, your website will take too long to load. I like to use tinyjpg.com to reduce the compression size of my images.

How to fix it:

The immediate fix for this problem is simple. There are many photo editing software programs like Canva, PicMonkey, and iPhoto available online. You can use them to resize images by importing them to any of the above software and resize it to make it equal to the width of your blog post column.

4. Engaging with Your Readers

Not interacting with your readers can be disastrous in blogging. If your reader takes out some time of their day to comment or compliment a post you’ve written, then you must take time to respond it.

Interacting with your readers is a great way to build a relationship with them. It will help to develop “evangelists” for you.

How to fix it:

Make sure you reply to every comment that is made on your blog and on your social media channels.

Improving communication with your readers leads to engaged readers. This will increase your daily visitors coming to your blog.

5. Promotion

Another mistake is the lack of promotion of every single blog post. You can have the finest content on your blog, but if you are not willing to promote that content, then no one will know it. And you won’t expand your audience.

While your content is the key to your blog, you also have to inform your readers and others about that post.

How to fix it:

  • Email your subscribers: If you have a good post, email your mailing listing when you publish it.
  • Cross promotion: You may have authors of blogs that frequently read all your posts. In that case, you can ask them to promote your blog. This will help you to gain more readers.
  • Social media: Make sure that you have a presence on one or two social media channels and promote your blogs on each of them. (Pinterest is doing great for blogging traffic right now).

Wrapping It Up

Fixing these mistakes will get your more traffic, more readers, and an engaged audience.

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54 thoughts on “5 Blogging Mistakes That Can Be Fixed [Right Now!]”

  1. Thanks for a great post. These mistakes seem obvious but are all too often missed, especially by the new blogger. I've made a few of these myself.

  2. Hey Sue!

    Very helpful tips along with these blogging mistakes.

    One thing that I like to do, and recently got into, is creating content for my blog ahead of time. I'm now taking weekends to create new content for my blog that I'll be publishing accordingly (in time). I've realized that doing this helps a lot with productivity. You must have a blogging plan and a content plan!

    Once you have all of the content for your blog (for the month or week) taken care of, you can focus a lot more on other important things like Promotion.

    Thanks for sharing this Sue!

    Cheers! 😀
    Freddy G. Cabrera recently posted How long should a blog post be?My Profile

  3. Engaging your readers is one of those prime fuels that makes your blogging engine go Sue. From responding to comments, to responding to emails, to engaging my followers and readers on Live video, to mentioning other bloggers on social media and via my posts, this is one of the easier ways – although you do need to hustle some – to build a rocking blog, and to eventually become a full time blogger.

    If you get that tip down cold, everything else will work nicely for you. Return traffic will be yourself. Your bounce rate will drop as you drive more word of mouth traffic. Your business will grow. Everything will expand but the key is to keep engaging, to bond, to befriend, to help, to serve and to generously give of your time and talents to connect with human beings, 1 to 1.

    Never forget that all successful blogging ventures are built 1 human being at a time. Bond 1 to 1, engage folks and you will turn around this way to common beginning blogger mistake of not engaging.

    Super duper tips Sue.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted Why You Should Never Build Your Blogging Business Through Social Media AloneMy Profile

  4. Hi Sue,

    Let me add some more…

    Only Focusing on Facebook for Promotion, Ignoring Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

    Not having content marketing calenders.

    Not buying any paid SEO tools.

    Not checking their Analytics and Search Console to find more keywords.

    And a lot more…

    Regards Nekraj

  5. This is really simple to know it but I would say this is the serious part that every blogger fails to follow and come up with a mistake. Thanks for the very helpful tips. I will collect this tips in my notes and will work it on on all my blogs. This practice will really slow down my bounce rate and make the blog content more engaging. Thanks for the tips.

  6. Hey Sue,

    Engaging with your readers is a crucial mistake – often overlooked by beginner bloggers.

    Simply creating content and promoting it won't suffice unless a blogger takes the effort to engage with his/her readers.

    By way of responding to comments, emails, social media updates – your readers get the assurance that you are listening to them and hence you will help them.

    Thanks for the wonderful post!


    Jane recently posted 5 Practical tips to boost the health of your email listMy Profile

  7. Your point about mistakes new bloggers make with content is apt.

    A new blogger is often overwhelmed. So developing a proper content schedule is often neglected. But this is vital. It allows him to plan his blog posts ahead and keep posting content consistently. It can also prevent the new blogger from giving up because he is so overcome with all the tasks that blogging involves.

  8. Great tips Sue.

    Not building an email list and not promoting the content well – these are the most common mistakes I see most people (even seasoned bloggers) make.

    If you're not building an email list, you'll be missing a lot of fun to help people and chances of increasing your sales.

    Also by networking with others and promoting your content can skyrocket your blog's growth (even if you're just starting out).

    Keep rocking.

  9. Thanks for a great post. These mistakes seem obvious but are all too often missed, especially by the new blogger. I’ve made a few of these myself.

  10. Thanks for a great post. These mistakes seem obvious but are all too often missed, especially by the new blogger. I’ve made a few of these myself.

  11. This post remains evergreen. I had to search for it again to have a read and then realised I never even said thank you. Thank you Sue for this awesome piece.

  12. Excellent tips, Sue. I wish I had seen this blog post when I first started my business blog back in 2011 because I would have used my posts to build my email list. I’ve corrected that mistake but imagine the amount of time that goes into finding and updating posts with relevant fab freebies.

    I work with monthly themes and I recently completed a set on Leadership.

    December will be blog post updates for the end of year season and lots of promoting.

    Season’s Greetings,

    • A lot of top bloggers also have made that mistake – don't feel bad. Just go on from here, like you have already done, Vatsala.

      Good work on the updates and promotion and I appreciate the comment!

  13. Thank you so much for the great tips. As a beginning blogger, I have wondered how others handle comments. Can I ask if you use a comment plug in (assuming you use WordPress)? Currently my comments simply disappear until I review and approve. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • Hi Micki,

      You need to "moderate' your comments then they show up in your site. Once they are approved, they pop up. I use CommentLuv but am changing over to IntenseDebate.

      Thanks for your comment.

  14. I have already noticed that my blog is not growing. I haven’t posting contents on the blog and the social media regularly.

    Thanks for this wake up call.

  15. Sue,

    Wow, this is another great post! I’m glad you wrote about these basics, because I’ve forgotten one or two of them.

    I did learn a new trick that has helped my blogging considerably. In the past, I’ve kinda ignored SEO other than doing keyword research and density. I recently read a post by a heavyweight blogger that had a solution to curing a problem I’ve had with high bounce rates.

    Turns out Google doesn’t care for high bounce rates too much, but there’s a cure for lowering them.

    How it’s done: place internal links at the beginning of your post to relevant posts that you’ve already written. This will invite readers to check out different posts you’ve written and keep them on your site more.

    Lower bounce rates mean slightly better rankings with the Google Gods.

    Once again, Sue, thanks for another sterling post!

  16. Thank you so much, Sue! for such a great informative article.?

    I have covered all the writing aspects to improve my blog.

    The problem I’m facing is the max load time of images in my article?. Can you please help me with that? thankyou!

  17. This is really a needy and informative post which really helped me out. I also write blogs for the websites but they were not getting the proper and quality traffic but now I have come to know these points which i would remember at the time of blogging.

  18. Hey Sue,

    Great suggestions for every new blogger.

    I have been blogging for 9 years and you won’t believe now I’ve utilized emails for my business.

    This is my biggest mistake ever in blogging that I regret.

    As they say “Better late than never.”

    I’ve started collecting leads and properly segmenting them as well so that I could deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

    Expecting some good results with emails.

    Thanks for writing about these blogging mistakes. Shared the post on Twitter.


  19. Hi Sue,

    Great tips. Creating and publishing quality content on a regular basis will surely take our blog to the next level.

    If we focus on start collecting email address from the beginning, then we will achieve our goals easily.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.


  20. Hi Sue,

    I am glad to read such a nice article. I read many articles on your website and this is also an outstanding. Newbie bloggers always commit these mistakes. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hello,

    Now a days, many people want to do blogging but they face many problems and they quit blogging. Your article would help many bloggers to continue blogging and also they can fix the problems whichever comes on their way.


  22. I’ve been blogging since 4 years which really giving any importance to the points you mentioned. I always wondered why my blog still lacks the attention it deserves. Thanks for the useful tips. I will incorporate them and look forward to grow my blog.

  23. Hi Sue,

    Your article is really informative and for beginners, who have just started blogging career. They should really read this article.

    Content will always be the king but today I think building an email list is the key to success.

  24. The blog is not only applicable to those who start their blogging but also accommodating for each and every blogger.

    Where every blogger focuses only on content and promotion for the blog, you came up with E-mail listing, where the blogger can stay in touch with readers.

    And adding images to the blog and providing the sites link.

    You have added that interaction with readers helps to develop Evangelists for blogger.

    The Blog comes up with more helpful pieces of information where bloggers can grasp the opportunity to get highbrow.

    Thank you.

  25. Hi Sue,

    Not building an email list is really the worst mistake any blogger can do. I mean, you are bringing the visitors with your hard work and you are not asking them to subscribe with you for future reads. What's the deal?

    I see a relevant point that you made there.

  26. As a Blogger, this article is very important for me.

    You've provided the info as well as the fixes for the mistakes and issues.


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