Here’s How Professional Bloggers Can Monetize Their Blogs

Most people don’t realize the amount of meticulous work that goes into making a blog successful. It’s a long-term commitment that requires consistent effort and a lot of patience.

Most bloggers struggle with finding a niche, creating a network of followers within that niche, keeping content up-to-date, and encouraging reader reactions.

Launching a new blog or getting an established one to grow is an uphill battle. It’s an incredibly competitive market and it takes a genuine effort just to stay ahead.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of being a blogger is getting us bloggers to monetize our blogs and generate income. Too many bloggers spend too much time creating content that attracts a fan-base. But translating internet fame into hard cash is not as easy as it looks.

It’s easier to meet this challenge if you treat the blog like a business and seek out its primary customers – digital marketing agencies. Like with any other business venture, a focus on the end-user is likely to boost your revenue. If you can attract marketing agencies you can create a sustainable revenue stream online.

To monetize a blog successfully bloggers need to think of their service from the perspective of digital marketing experts.

 What Are They Looking For?

The top-performing digital marketing agencies are constantly on the look-out for resilient communities. Basically, the blog needs to deal with a niche topic that the blogger knows intimately. Blogs that can capture the imagination of a certain group of people are the ones that can promise the best returns.

The priority of any blog marketing campaign is getting through to a target audience. Their job is to bring their client’s brand in front of people who are truly interested.

Digital marketing agencies are also tasked with search optimization, which means they’ll be focusing on the clout of your blog. Most professional agencies will put your blog through the scanner to see how well it will help them build links and optimize their client’s search results.

The very best will most likely use tools like MOZ, SEMrush, MAJESTIC, and Citrix, which basically audit and crawl your site to check its influence on the web. Think of it as a scientific analysis of your blog’s potential for returns.

Every digital marketing agency needs to seek out influence on the web. Their clients pay for getting the word out and the more influential the blog the easier this is.

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The best thing about the web is the amount of data that is available. Your competitors and customers are surely using all the data they can gather. It makes sense for you to use the same tools to up your game and boost your income.

How Do They Find You?

Once a digital marketing agency has benchmarked your blog against key metrics and decided to work with you, they’ll most likely email the blogger directly.

But a lot of digital marketing companies are trying to make this process more efficient by combining the two steps. Instead of running benchmark tests and approaching bloggers directly, they start their search through content distribution services.

Content distribution services offer a merged view of all the test results from MOZ, SEMrush, Citrix, and Majestic for every blog listed on the platform. Agencies can simply sort all the blogs in a niche based on key metrics and find the perfect fit.

If you’ve listed on such a service, you’ve made your blog a lot more likely to be picked up by a marketing agency.

What Can You Do? Bloggers CAN Monetize Their Blogs

As a blogger looking to monetize you can use these strategies to get your blog out there. Start by working on your blog’s score on the most popular tools. For example, experts consider a Domain Authority score of 20 at least on MOZ. Similarly, a traffic score of 1,000 on SEMrush and Trust Flow of 20 on Majestic is considered the smallest needed for blogs to monetize.

You can start by working on your blog till it meets these minimum requirements. Once you’ve done that, you can use a content distribution service to get your blog out to the best digital marketing agencies. Establishing relationships with agencies and building an online reputation for your blog will eventually lead to a massive boost in monthly revenues.

Creating income from a blog is a genuine challenge.

But if you take the time to do your research, make the right decisions, and use the right services, you could surely generate better income from your blogs.

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  1. In the end, consistency and power of endurance pay out as a blogger. I see more and more possibilites of blog monetization that have just been emerging (i.e. as native advertisement and influencer marketing evolves). Thanks for offering this free cheat sheet here, Sue Anne!

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