My Blogging Success Story by Carol Tice

blogging-tipsHow does a blog go from a sad, dusty thing nobody reads to a vehicle that provides a steady income? I have an opinion on that, as I traveled that road from 2008 to 2011.

Starting from nothing — I barely knew what a blog was — I ended up with a Top 10 Blogs for Writers award and more than 12,000 monthly readers.

Looking back, I see seven key moves I made that helped vault my blog from obscurity to become a viable business. Here are the steps to take:

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Video Book Review: Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

blogging-tipsUncertainty was published in September 2011 and when author Jonathan Fields emailed offering to send me a copy I nearly fell off my chair with joy.

But it never arrived so, since I am a big fan of Mr. Fields (here we are at BlogWorld in 2010), I picked myself up again and bought a kindle copy. But I really don’t like reading online so I finally got hold of a hard copy of Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance late last year.

Despite wanting to read Uncertainty I really didn’t expect to get much out of it.

You see even though I adore Jonathan I didn’t feel fear was much of an issue for me. After all, I try to do something scary every day and I’m the adventurous type anyway.

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Best of Successful Blogging 2011

blogging-calendarJust because I’m having a wee break over the Christmas and New Year’s school holidays doesn’t mean you have too.

Here’s a round up of the most popular blog posts on Successful Blogging in 2011. Check out the posts you missed and reread your favorites then action the tips. That should keep you busy into the New Year.

Until then Happy New Year and happy blogging to you in 2012 from all the Successful Blogging team.

9 Twitter Tactics: What Works For You?

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Who’s Your Ideal Blog Reader?


ideal-blog-readerYou’ll never succeed in blogging if you focus on the money but you can if you focus on the people.

I’ve tried to focus on being a hard-nosed business woman but it’s hard for me.

Too hard. You see, I don’t have a nose for business. That’s not really who I am.

What I love more than money and anything else is people.

I love finding out what makes someone tick, what motivates them and why they do what they do. I love connecting with and helping people.

I’m fascinated by people from all walks of life and I’m giving myself permission to indulge that because if you focus on people instead of money, succeeding in business is a much easier and rewarding path to walk.

Now, instead of trying to bend myself to the rules of business, I follow my heart.

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