Are You Guilty of Ego-based Blogging?

You may have noticed that I’ve slowed down with updates to Successful Blogging recently. Partly because I have a lot of client work to do but also because I’ve suffered from depression so I’m using any free time to nurture and learn about myself. Not forgetting going to see a shrink which is probably overdue by several decades.

It’s hard to know when and how to tell people the truth about yourself  but this is my truth and, although it’s not pretty, it’s okay. I’m might be depressed but you’d never know if you hadn’t read it here. I’m still writing daily, haven’t missed a week in my 52 Exercises Quest over on Get In the Hot Spot and love talking to people.

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How to Keep Blogging When Business is Booming

Whatever you’re doing with your blog, keep doing it because you’re business is red hot right now. The phone’s ringing, email enquiries come in every day and more people than ever before are hiring you.

Business is great but what do you do when your blog marketing strategy starts getting results, when business is booming and you can’t keep up with your blog any more?

Small business owners always want more business and because of the instability of self-employment we tend to take on all the work that comes our way. That’s because there’s often a fear that work could dry up in the future, and because most businesses have natural seasonal slumps so when business is good you’re grateful for it and happy to work hard during those times.

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The Beauty and Business of Blogging with Top Blogger Nikki Parkinson

It’s easy to fall in love with style and beauty blogger Nikki Parkinson because she looks gorgeous. But what I love most about her is that she’s a busy mum who works from home, updates her blog daily and has become one of Australia’s first professional bloggers.

Nikki’s dedication, work ethic and her fun writing style make her a great role model for new and not-so-new bloggers.

Nikki happens to live down the road from me on the Sunshine Coast in Australia so I’ve met her a few times and was thrilled when her blog Styling You won the first ever Australian Blogs competition in 2011. No one was  more deserving than her.

Blogging Success Stories is an interview series to help you learn from the best, stay motivated and send you away with actionable blogging tips so I’m excited to be interviewing Nikki today. I hope you enjoy her story as much as I do.

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