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List Building: Why You Should Make List Building Your #1 Priority

One of the most important things you’re going to do for your business is to build your email list. What's the bottom line? When people tell you that, “the money is in the list”, they’re not just blowing smoke or using keywords. They are telling you the truth. Think about the fact that when you […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why Great Images Are Vital For Successful Blogging

Blogging has been around the Worldwide Web for more than a decade. It started as a simple online personal journal where the author writes his/her personal experiences and hobbies, or opinions. But as the years' pass and technology evolve, blogging purposes widened. Now blogging is also a great way to share valuable information and spread […]

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How Strategic Use of Color in Web Design Can Increase Conversions

Conversions keep websites going. For many webmasters, anyone that signs up for their newsletter is a notch in the win column. When someone fills out a contact form is also a cause for celebration. And when a visitor buys a product or service they are offering, they must be jumping for joy because they just scored […]

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The Role of Guest Posts in Successful Blogging

People start blogs as a way to share their expertise on an important topic with a community of like-minded followers. Many bloggers are surprised how much time it takes to successfully write posts, promote them on social media, and interact with a community of followers. To spur growth and expand the conversation, the next logical […]

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog

Nowadays, everybody has a blog. And the number of blogs is at its all-time high, but this is not because blogging is the easiest thing in the world. No, no. Keep in mind that having a blog is not the same as having a successful blog. Most new bloggers make mistakes that prevent them from […]

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How to Create Your Irresistible List Building Freebie (before lunch tomorrow!)

So, I thought I've written all I could about Lead Magnet freebies. (Check out this post and this one). But there is SO much more! Why a Lead Magnet Freebie? You can get more traffic due to marketing the lead magnet, build your list from the readers that sign up for and download it, and […]

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